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All of the human foods are not safe for dogs, but spinach is, while at the same time this is most controversial too. Dogs do not need vegetables, but in the old times when the meat source scarfs, they eat vegetables to get the required energy. We consider spinach the most beneficial source of nutrients, but on the controversial side, people think, the oxalates that it contains can cause kidney problems. But there is not proven or reported case until now. It is only a worry of people. Your dog can have spinach and especially in the growing age it is too beneficial and when your dog is active and consuming is food well there is no need to worry for the oxalates.

Your dog can have spinach to fulfill nutritional needs and iron needs; it is natural and nor harmful for dogs.

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What are the benefits of spinach?

This leafy veggie is a powerhouse for dogs of all ages and sizes. The benefits that are possible through this vegetable are not possible with other green vegetables. Like few of its benefits are,

      • It contains Vitamins A, B, C and K
      • It also includes some precious minerals; Iron, fiber, Calcium, Folate, Manganese, and Potassium
      • Surely your dog can have spinach as this vegetable contain twice as much iron as compared to other sources.
      • Your dog can have spinach because it helps to defend again inflammation and cardiovascular issues as well as cancer.
      • Your dog can eat this green leafy vegetable because it boosts and regulate the immune system of dogs and also increase energy level.
      • It provides support to heart health and vitality.
      • Vitamin A is supportive of the dog’s coat and skin and boosts metabolism.
      • It contains antioxidants, beta carotene, and roughages that is stimulate the digestive tract. Beta carotene and dietary fiber of spinach lessens the chance of constipation and regulates the bowel movement. Beta carotene is also supportive to avoid cancer.
      • Vitamin B Complex is supportive towards apatite stimulation, hair loss, eyesight as well as never control.
      • Vitamin C is a powerful ingredient to support and make healthy the immune system, while vitamin E contributes to healing and circulation.
      • If you are worried about blood clotting, then you do not need to, as vitamin K prevent it and also prevent hemorrhaging.
      • Spinach is also supportive of bones strength, and if you are offering it in the growing years that will bring outstanding results.
      • If your dog is suffering from anemia, then the spinach is a perfect food for him.
      • It also promotes cell production because it contains amino acids.
      • Zeaxanthin and lutein are both beneficial for your dog’s vision and eye health.
      • The antioxidants help with cell rejuvenation and aging, particularly of the retina.

It is a factory of benefits if you try to get these benefits from other foods you need to mix supplements in that food then you can challenge the spinach. This signal vegetable offers a lot of benefits and worth feeding your dog. 

can dogs have spinach

How to serve the spinach?

You can serve it raw as you can mix it with the other food like you are making a homemade recipe you can easily mix it, even you when you are offering kibble or canned food you can mix it with those foods while cutting it into small pieces. Your dog will happily accept this additional source of nutrients and will enjoy the meal.

Dogs like the taste of spinach so it easy to serve them as raw, but most the dogs like it cooked and mixed with other foods. If you offer it as a standalone item the prefer to use yogurt with it. 

What are the hazards of feeding Spinach to your dog?

Spinach is very rich in oxalic acid, which is known for the side effect of blocking the body’s ability to absorb calcium. That most of the time leads towards kidney problem. There are many theories which support this concept.

But if your dog is active and playful, that means he is consuming if food well and can also handle the small amount of oxalic acid and it will not harm him. Until not there is not reported cases it only a presumption, so there is no need to worry.

Some are in the view that excessive feeding of spinach can cause a problem, but if you feed with the break of one day or occasionally, then there is no issue.  

When the dog is healthy the kidneys can easily process a minor about of soluble oxalates, but only when you are not feeding on a regular basis. The damage can only be expected when you make include spinach in daily food.

Understanding Your Dog’s Digestive System

Spinach is a vegetable that can regulate and support the digestive system of your dog; we are well aware of the fact that dogs eat plants when there is no source of meat available. But there is another reality that household dog’s digestive systems are actually unable to break doe the leafy kind of raw vegetable.

But that does not mean your pooch cannot have spinach; you can feed the spinach to your dog in a semi-cooked way or mix in commercial food. When you decide to feed in raw shape at first test their digestive system while feeding small quantity. If they experience stomach upset and allergies stop feeding and in case they are ok with it means you can move on.

Final Thoughts

Limited and regular regulated intake will not have any side effect for your four-legged friend, definitely, your dog can have spinach. Always take care that your dog is in good health when you are feeding spinach if you find any unhealthy symptoms you Definitely need to stop feeding spinach. So until now we fully explore the answers to Can dogs have spinach and we think that now this controversial topic becomes clear for you and you can better feed your dog. We recommend reading the article World’s healthiest Food for further better understanding.

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