Can I Use Baby Shampoo on My Dog?

can i use baby shampoo on my dog

We all treat dogs as our babies, but that doesn’t mean that we can give them what we consume and apply as dogs have susceptible skin, so it is better to get products accordingly. There is no possibility of using our shampoo on dogs because of the ingredients. But if you are wondering can I use baby shampoo on my dog? Then stay sure you can use baby shampoo to clean your dog.

When we buy all the skincare products and shampoos for dogs, there is always this question. Why can’t I use my shampoo on them? What about baby shampoos? To know the whys and don’ts of shampoos, let’s dig into the topic in-depth. 

The answer is, yes. It is safe to use baby shampoo on your dog. There is no harm in it. One might say it a good alternative to dog-specific shampoos, but there is a catch. There are always extra precautionary measures involved when you utilized something that is not the intended use.

Hence, even when it is established that baby shampoo is safe, you need to be very careful. Exceptions are always there, and you have to keep an eye if your dog is reacting to the baby shampoo. Also, the duration and frequency of usage should be kept in mind.

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Why We Can Use Baby Shampoo on Dogs?

The Baby shampoo is user-specific, not a standard shampoo. Hence, it does not need to cover all the ground and requirements of all populations. It is formulated for babies.

It is a fact that babies have susceptible skin, and hence dogs too. Therefore, it is no rocket science to guess that the baby shampoo ingredients are harmless for dogs. The ingredients and the constituents in a baby shampoo are very gentle and mild. They are prepared for baby skins and designed not to cause any harm. There are no irritants or chemicals that can lead to rashes or inflammation.

Little humans are not very capable of bathing themselves. Thus shampoo is made keeping that in mind; most of the ingredients used in the making are eye-friendly. This means it would not be a problem if it gets into the eyes. The tear-free formula and there is no itching and irritation involved.

Dogs can be clumsy creatures. There are chances they will get shampoo in their eyes. Dogs do not sit still during the bath. For this reason, it is imperative to get a shampoo that does not cause any harm even if it goes into the eyes, and what can be better than a baby shampoo in this regard?

Thus all of these characteristics in a baby shampoo can be a safe alternative to standard dog shampoo.

Common Ingredients

There are several amazing ingredients in baby shampoos that make them a good alternative. Their many quality products for dogs also have the same ingredients; they are safe for dogs’ sensitive skin and eyes.

  • Glycerin – One of the constituents of baby shampoos is glycerin. It is a soothing and gentle moisturizer and cleanser that is not harmful to the dog’s fur. The cleansing effect does not strip off the moisture or the skin barrier. It is gentle yet gets the job of cleaning done. It also helps to repair the natural oil layer on the skin.
  • Amphoteric surfactants – Baby shampoos also contain amphoteric surfactants. These chemicals have excellent cleaning properties. They are a lot less harsh than sulfates and do not harm your dog’s skin. It’s a premium ingredient as an alternative to soda.

Baby products sometimes also contain additional ingredients that promote skin and hair health. This includes vitamin complexes and hydrating agents. These also add to the goodness of baby shampoos and make them suitable for dogs as well.

In addition to that, there are some of the missing ingredients that make them good. Baby shampoos are devoid of parabens or phytates. Both of these toxins are used in beauty products and pose some serious health risks. These are also toxic to dogs. Baby shampoos don’t contain these. Thus, they can be used on dogs are well.

When to Consider the Use of a Baby Shampoo on Dogs?

The use of baby shampoo is safe but is not a long-term alternative for your dog. Here are some of the times you can safely use baby shampoo.

  • Allergies and irritation: When your regular dog shampoo is not working to deal with skin allergies, you can use baby shampoo. Sometimes, regular dog shampoo can cause allergies and irritation. A standard dog shampoo has many ingredients, and chances are, these ingredients may not serve your dog well in the case of allergies. Conventional shampoos may contain some elements that might be problematic. Since most dog shampoos contain the same ingredients, it can be rather hard to identify the cause. In that case, it would be an excellent option to switch to baby shampoo for a short period.
  • Emergency alternative: When dog shampoo is not available and your furry gets home rolled in muddy water, you can use the baby shampoo to give a gentle bath. The chemicals that are not causing any harm at first can be irritating with long-term use. You can use it as an emergency alternative.
  • For Smell: Baby shampoos are beneficial for neutralizing smells. When the typical shampoo is not available, you can bathe your dog with baby shampoo to tackle odor. However, for the long run use, only such shampoos are specifically designed for dog smells.

Things to keep in mind while using the baby shampoo on dogs

Baby shampoos are safe to use, but you still need to be very cautious. There are things to consider before making the switch. Otherwise, the washing will cause more harm than good.

  • Do not use baby shampoo frequently: Always remember baby shampoo is not a long-term alternative. Hence, it should not be used frequently. Even the weekly use can pose a threat to the skin. Thus, never use it more than once every four weeks.
  • Always Double Check the ingredients: Although most baby shampoos are safe to use and contain all the mild ingredients, double-checking has not hurt anybody. Look out for any harmful components that might be present in the shampoo.
  • Because sometimes things are not marketed as they are: Thus, they might contain something dangerous that was not advertised.
  • Do not experiment: It is important to remember that different kinds of baby shampoos are available in the market. There is always a chance that one baby shampoo can be useful for your dog and another harmful. Make sure that you are not experimenting with different baby shampoos on your dog because it can lead to severe skin issues in your furry friend.

Why Not Use Baby Shampoo on Dogs permanently?

Standard human shampoo is made for the use of the general population. Most companies tend to use all the ingredients required in the same formula. Some of these are not made for dogs and are toxic.

It is important to remember that dogs have susceptible skin; therefore, every shampoo cannot be used.

Moreover, the skin Ph. of Dogs and humans vary a great deal. The ph. level that is normal for human skin can be very acidic to dogs. This can disturb the balance, and the result is skin rashes and irritation. 

Humans are fond of flowery smells and flavors. Dogs do not equally enjoy these. Moreover, the dyes and added fragrances are not to be used on dogs. They are poisonous and can lead to an adverse reaction. Thus, should not use standard shampoo at any cost. It can prove to be fatal for your dog.


In short, the use of baby shampoos is okay. But it should be done with caution. Also, there is no point in using baby shampoos when there are standard dog shampoos available.

In case of any emerging reaction or allergy, stop the application immediately. Reach out to the vet and get your dog the proper help. Do not continue the use for a long time. Nonetheless, the short-term use of shampoo is relatively safe and does not pose any threat. In certain cases, it can even be effective.

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