Can Maltese Eat Cheese, Is it Healthy For Them?

can maltese eat cheese

Maltese are small dogs that typically weigh between four and six pounds. They are known for being playful, friendly, and loving. Maltese owners need to be diligent in their dog’s diet to ensure they remain healthy and energetic.

Cheese is a typical food that people often wonder if it is safe for their dog to eat.

When given to your dog in moderation, cheese can be a great addition to your Maltese diet. However, just like humans, cheese contains high amounts of fat and saturated fat. If not carefully monitored, these components can lead to serious health complications for your pet, including obesity and weight gain.

Let’s dig into deep and find our can Maltese eat cheese?

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Feeding Cheese Safely to Your Dog

One of the safest ways to feed cheese to your dog is in moderation. Vets recommend giving your Maltese no more than one ounce of cheese each day. Also, when giving your dog cheese, you mustn’t provide them with cream cheeses or aged cheeses.

Pick aged and hard cheeses if you would like to try some cheese. For example, cheddar cheese and parmesan cheese often make safe choices. When trying new types of cheese for the first time, it’s essential to monitor your dog’s reaction and give them tiny servings at first.

Maltese can eat other types of dairy products as well, such

Benefits of Feeding Cheese to Maltese

Cheese is a nutritious food that provides your dog with healthy fats, calcium, vitamin A and D. Cheese also contains protein which can help maintain lean muscle mass in your Maltese body.

Cheese is also good for your pet’s coat—the fat found in cheese coats the fur, which helps it appear shiny. In addition, the added protein will help ensure their coat stays strong and free from tangles or mats.

What Kind of Cheese Can I Give My Dog?

Since cheese is high in saturated fat, owners should carefully monitor how much cheese they feed to their dogs each day. It is still possible to include this treat into your Maltese diet, but you should choose low-fat cheeses like cottage cheese or mozzarella.

If you want to include higher-fat cheeses like cream cheese or brie in your dog’s diet, give this food in moderation and combine it with other healthy foods for dogs.

Will cheese Constipate Maltese?

Yes, cheese can cause constipation in your Maltese if they have too much of it. If your dog eats more than one ounce of cheese each day combined with other potential causes for constipation like dehydration or lack of fiber, then you might need to start giving them cheese in smaller amounts or not at all.

Does cheese give dogs diarrhea?

The answer to this question depends on the type of cheese you feed your dog and how much they eat. Cream cheeses, brie, and certain other types of cheese can lead to diarrhea in dogs. So again, it is best to stick with low-fat dairy products like cottage cheese or mozzarella if you want to avoid this side effect.

Is cheese bad for Mature Maltese who have joint problems?

Yes, cheese can be very difficult to digest for older dogs. The same goes for any other type of dairy product or fatty food. Make sure your dog is over the age of one before giving them any dairy products.

What Cheese Maltese Can Not Eat?

As mentioned previously, avoid giving your Maltese cream cheese, processed cheese with added ingredients or aged cheeses. You should also avoid yogurt and other dairy products because these foods may contain ingredients that are toxic to dogs.

Does Cheese Cause Constipation to Maltese?

Cheese CAN cause constipation in your Maltese because it has a high-fat content. The same goes for other fatty foods like fried chicken, bacon, or sausage.

If your dog is obese or overweight, then cheese should not be part of their diet at all. Feeding your dog less than the recommended ounce per day will prevent them from getting too much-saturated fat and can help keep them regular.

How About Cottage Cheese Can Maltese Eat It?

Yes, you can give your Maltese cottage cheese as a healthy treat from time to time. However, make sure that the cottage cheese is only made from low-fat dairy and is not flavored with added ingredients.

When Not to Feed Cheese To Maltese?

If your dog is lactose intolerant, it should not be given any dairy products. Also, keep your dog away from cheese if they have a history of pancreatitis or other health problems involving their stomach or intestines.

Also, limit the amount of cheese you give your Maltese each day to no more than one ounce. Dogs that eat more than this amount; risk getting too much saturated fat and other ingredients that can cause problems in the long run.

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When given in moderation, cheese is a safe snack for your Maltese and combined with other healthy dog treats. However, keep in mind that cheese is high in fat and may cause digestive problems if given to your Maltese too often.