What to Do If My Dog Ate Cedar Shavings?

my dog ate cedar shavings

You’ve done it again. Fido has gotten into the cedar shaving you store in his dog house and now he’s throwing up all over your kitchen floor! Don’t panic, there is a solution for this problem.

Is it Safe to Use Pine Shavings for Puppies?

pine shavings for puppies

When you have puppies, your first choice is pine shavings. However, there are some myths that they can be harmful if a puppy eats it. This article will help you get more insight about the safety of using pine shaving for puppy hutch.

Is Cedar Chips Safe For Dogs?

Is Cedar Chips Safe For Dogs

Here’s what you need to know about cedar chips for dogs. If your pet has been diagnosed with health issues, it could be a good idea to switch his or her bedding.