3 Best Chew Proof Dog Blanket for Beds in 2022

chew proof dog blanket for bed

Your furry friend might like to chew. He needs a comfortable nesting and resting area after hours of play. For that, a chew-proof dog blanket for a bed is a necessity that can provide comfort to your dog and protection to your bed.

Does your dog chew through their bedding within the first week of getting it? And if your pup is one of them, you may be dismayed to find that they have a habit of chewing and destroying their bed. Are you getting tired of constantly replacing your dog’s chewed-up bed?

This might be time to consider investing in the best chew proof dog blanket for bed that’s durable enough to withstand destructive chewing while providing your pet with a cozy resting place.

If your pup is an aggressive chewer, it can be tough to buy anything for him without fear of it being shredded to pieces. Some dogs love to shred things from squeaky toys and lead to dog beds and food bowls, but talk about shredding money down the drain!

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How to Buy a Best Chew Proof Dog Blanket for Bed

Buying a very soft and cozy blanket for your pets may seem like the ideal way to keep them warm, but what happens if your pet decides not to be gentle with blankets and other soft materials? If you’ve ever had a destructive fur friend, you already know the drill by now! You buy a new blanket, bring it home, and within days or even hours – Fido will have chewed right through it.

It quickly becomes an endless circle of frustration and money loss, but the good news is that there are blankets made to resist sharp teeth and nails, and that will look great inside your home at the same time! 

You might find it harder to choose a durable blanket that will not be torn to shreds overnight.

Let’s take a deep dive to a look at some of the best chew-proof dog blankets you can find, all of which feature a thin material that is known to be chew-proof and far less tempting than the big poufy and overly padded dog beds on the market.

The best chew-proof blankets for dogs are soft but sturdy. They are made using several different materials. The most popular materials are polyester, microfiber, and fleece. Lightweight materials are preferable to heavy ones. This is because they are less tempting for destructive dogs to chew on, especially when compared to padded blankets.

Things to Consider While Buying a Dog blanket

When you decide on choosing your dog’s new chew-proof blanket, there are several elements for you to take into consideration. The material, ease of cleaning, size, and quality of insulation are important factors, and properly evaluating some of these qualities will help you make the most informed decision for your pet.

Chew-proof dog blankets are designed to discourage your dogs’ chewing behavior. Some are crafted from durable materials that dogs find impossible to chew. In contrast, others are made of thin materials that are less tempting for dogs to chew, especially when compared to normal poufy and padded blankets.

Additionally, others feature a double-stitch design for extra strength. Once your dog realizes he can’t chew on these blankets, he will finally cease his destructive chewing behavior.

Ever wondered why your dog simply couldn’t stop the habit of chewing everything? Destructive chewing can occur for several reasons, including boredom, stress, and anxiety. However, some dogs chew their beds simply because they enjoy it.

Although there are several countless brands of chew-proof dog blankets out there, you can still pick the best if you acquaint yourself with some of the very best options on the market. Here is an overview of the best dog blanket for chewers.

1. PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket

best chew proof dog blanket

It helps to get the most comfortable blanket out there for your pup, and this blanket is designed with total comfort in mind. The PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket is made with fleece and Sherpa, which is versatile, comfortable, and great looking!

With multiple colors and different lovely patterns to pick from, it was designed to provide absolute protection for your furniture from urine or accidental spills and your dog’s sleeping area and keep it safe from sharp nails and puppy teeth.

With a strong internal linning, it stops any liquid from seeping through. Made from pure microfiber polyester, this blanket is made lightweight but highly durable. It is notably versatile considering it can be used indoors and outdoors when you decide to spend a day at the beach, go camping, or inside the car during road trips.

It is one of the best chew proof dog blanket for bed.

This blanket is also great for both your sofa and bed, enabling your furry bud to snuggle right next to you at any time.

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2. PetFusion Premium Pet Blanket

chew proof dog blanket

There’s something so catchy about PetFusion Premium Pet Blanket: the reversible pet blanket catches any loose dog hair and prevents it from ending up in all your favorite furniture or from ruining your favorite couch or car seat.

Isn’t that so catchy!… If your pick is an ultra-soft and cozzie blanket for your pup irrespective of his size, this chew-proof dog blanket is a great pick. This chew-proof dog blanket for the bed is a top recommended product.

They are made with a special type of plush that will air dry quite easily after washing to keep it constantly clean and germ-free for your furry best friend. Designed from premium materials and featuring superior construction, the blanket gives your dog a super sense of security.

It further protects any furniture from clawing, scratching, and unwanted pet hair. 

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3. Allisandro Dog Blanket

best chew proof dog blanket

This exotic and super cute dog blanket is perfect for smaller dog breeds. This super-soft blanket is ideal for all dog breeds ranging from French bulldogs, poodles, Corgi, Bull Terriers to Scottish Terriers. It is one of the best blankets for dogs that are specially made for puppies.

The blanket comes in a soft, fluffy material that ensures it provides warmth for your little dog. With creative and awesome designs such as dog pawprint designs – it doesn’t get much cuter than this!  

It comes in very handy to protect your furniture from claws, pet hair, and chewing. On this note, it has a rough texture that makes it super strong to resist chewers.

It works multi-purposely as a bath towel for your dog with super water-absorbent capabilities that will help keep your pets dry and clean; it can jump in as a picnic blanket or a soft flannel for cold nights. It offers a comfortable and warm sleeping surface for pets.

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These are just some of the best, as there are still so many other great products out there you can pick from.

Wrap Up

Most dogs stop chewing excessively by the time they are a year old. But during the first 3 to 6 months, at this stage, they are teething, and the discomfort that results from teething can prompt them to chew. However, older puppies can stop chewing when they are 6 to 1 year old. Nonetheless, some dog breeds are terrific chewers, and they can chew throughout their lives.

For instance, sporting and hunting breeds are ever exposed to chewing and are unlikely to stop chewing.

Always try to redirect your dog’s attention to an appropriate item such as a chew toy or bone. Thereby providing mental stimulation and eliminating stressors that can help prevent aggressive chewing caused by boredom, stress, or anxiety.

Dogs are natural chewers, and they can chew on anything, including their blankets, or your work shoe might even be the next target. There are some approaches you can take to stop your furry friends from destructive chewing: Train him, exercise him regularly, use a chew deterrent, change his environment, buy him chew toys, or take him to a vet for a check-up.  

Are You searching Dog Blanket for Destructive Chewers?

If you’re finding it hard to get your dog off his destructive chewing habits, maybe it’s time you purchase a chew-proof blanket for him to ensure he continues enjoying the comfort of snagging on a blanket. When you head out shopping for an indestructible dog blanket for him, ensure the blanket is properly designed to withstand his constant bites.

Don’t forget to always factor in size, material, thickness, water resistance, and whether it is easy to clean when getting your next dog blanket.

Hopefully, our resource helps you find a suitable chew-proof dog blanket for the bed to comfort your dog and safeguard your belongings from the dog.

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