50 Best Couch Protectors and Sofa Shields for Homes With Dogs

Dog owners love to sit with their dogs on the couches and sofas, especially when they are free in their living room, making a call, or watching a favorite tv show. It’s pleasant to have your dog near to you when you are relaxing, patting the dog, and sharing some valuable moments also improve the mood of dogs. 

But you know many times dogs create a mess or you have to deal with their accidents, on the couch, it can leave stains and may stick. If you try to clean that on your own, it takes a lot of time and effort while professional charges a lot. So it is better to take precautionary measures and start using a couch protector for dogs to keep the asset protected. 

A waterproof couch protector for dogs protects the couch from the dog hairs, dander, accidents, and messes that dogs can create; it acts as a barrier between unwanted elements and sofas so not stain or stinky smell can reach the couch.

A lot of options are available in the market to protect the couch, and everyone is not made equally, here is some detailed guideline to follow while buying a couch protector:

  • Get the right size: measure your sofa before buying helps you select the proper size.
  • Please pay Attention to Waterproofing: this is the primary purpose of buying a couch protector; I prefer to buy a multilayer waterproof solution. 
  • Buy Dark color: dark colors are effective against mud and need less washing, and stains do not feel prominent.
  • Must-Have Fixation Strap: adjustable fixation strap not only fixes and holds the back but also keeps the cover in the right place.
  • Side Flaps are Necessary: Side flaps will not leave any part of the couch exposed where your dog can start chewing and avoid wrinkles.
  • Inquire for Non-Slip Backing: it’s necessary because it is a feature that will keep the couch cover in place, so when the dog sits on it or take a nap, it stays in its place.
  • Look for Washable Covers: stains and stinky smells can be hard to clean without washing, and machine washable covers are easy to maintain.

These are some simple suggestions that you need to consider either buying from the online marketplace or a physical store. If you own a destructive dog, you need to train your dog to sit gently and do not create any mess around. Quilted or non-quilted is your own choice; there is no significant difference. Quilted offers more comfort but needs more time to dry when washed.

To make your selection easy, we list some of the best options here; hopefully, our efforts will help you to find the right product for your dog.


1. Easy-Going Sofa Slipcover for Dogs

dog couch protector

Easy-Going Sofa Slipcover for Dogs is ideally made for pets and kids; it’s fully waterproof and a reversible cover. A trustworthy option to keep your furniture protected comes with elastic straps and available in two different sizes and multiple colors. It’s easy to find the right size and color that match your interior style. Surprisingly the manufacturer also offers custom size. If you have a different sofa in your house, you can order a custom size to protect that from dogs and other pets.

This dog sofa protector’s thick microfiber and elegant texture make it a top-rated product in their category. You will like its fast colors and water-resistant feature. Longer arm flaps and elastic straps will protect every part of your costly couch, and two foam pips keep the side flaps and cover in place.

It will eliminate the need for daily wear and tear of the couch and protect it from tears, spills, and stains. We recommend this product most for homes with pets and kids. It’s machine washable, and every wash gives it a new look.

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2. RHF Couch Protectors for Dogs

best couch cover for dogs

RHF Couch Protectors for Dogs is a premium solution to keep the doggie stuff and messes away from the sofa. It’s a complete dog-proof couch that looks beautiful and will save you for any extra cleaning and maintenance jobs.  It’s available in nine colors, and its quality speaks itself. A reliable and trustworthy stitching and quality material convince thousands of dog owners to show satisfaction towards this couch protector.

It’s an extra-large sofa slipcover that will not allow any seepage and water to pass through and damage the costly couch. Prevent stains and ideal for homes with multiple pets. When it’s applied, you can allow your kids and pets to enjoy their time and make fun on the couch.

Moreover, it’s a two-sided solution; you will have a different style on both sides. Its machine washable and can be used in any weather condition.

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3. Sofa Shield Large Sofa Protector

sofa protector for dogs

Sofa Shield Original Patent Pending Reversible Large Sofa Protector comes with 2 inches strap to hold the protector cover in place. It’s the ultimate solution and the best couch slipcover throw for dogs, cases, and kids. It is available in dozens of styles and colors that will enable you to find a right to match your interior taste. A premium design that will make your home more beautiful.

From sofa to the loveseat, futon, recliner, chair, chaise, and sectional sizes are available with this manufacturer. Many satisfied buyers express that it’s a style addition to your home and a long-lasting solution that will serve for many coming years. When you buy the right size of this product, it will cover all of the products and leave no space from where spillovers go inside. 

It’s 100% machine washable and engineered to be useful as a sofa shield.

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4. PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket for Couch & Sofa

pet furniture covers for leather sofas

PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket for Bed, Couch, Sofa is made with high-quality waterproof material. As you know, it’s hardly impossible to get dog-proof furniture, but it’s possible to get a protector that will act as a barrier between your four-legged friend and couch. Such a shield holds all the doggie stuff above from the couch surface. Perfect for your pet, after having this product, you can allow your pet to rest in the lounge and nap on your sofa.

Fleece and warm sherpa make it an ideal solution for all-weather and indoor it can be a favorite blanket of your dog. More importantly, it’s a reinforced solution that serves your small, large, and extra-large dogs. Chewing, hairs, mud that your dog may bring ith his paws as well dander of your dog will become easy to clean. The urine of dogs that can cause strange smells in couches will not penetrate the couch.

It’s soft and comfortable and definitely keeps the dog cozy at night and keeps the unwanted elements.

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5. Gorilla Grip Original Slip Resistant Large Sofa Protector

pet couch protectors

Gorilla Grip Original Slip-Resistant Large Sofa Protector is a large couch slipcover throw for dogs. This dog couch protector will not slip and slid on your sofa, just like other cheap products. Its made with a gorilla grip; it will stay firm and make a strong grip on the fabric and leather. Ideal for busy homes with pets and kids. Featured with a wide 2 inches strap that is adjustable and will hold the cover tight to keep it in the right place. 

It easily repels liquids, dander, mud, hair, and other unwanted stuff and will keep the sofas like new. It’s fully washable, and every trip to the washer gives it a new look. You can feel its luxury with your hand, and your dog will spend most of the time on it because it features suede-like material on the top side that dogs like most and makes it soft, cozy, and comfortable.

It is stylish and inviting money on this product will add value to your interior; you can choose a look to complement your existing decor.

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6. Couch Defender Keep Pets Off of Your Furniture

waterproof sofa covers for pets

Couch Defender Keep Pets Off of Your Furniture is a solution to make the sofa pet-proof. It is a solution that will make your sofa pet-proof while blocking the dog’s access to the sofa. It can be an ideal solution when you are not near and you do not wish to allow the dog to sit and use a couch or sofa. Its compact in size and can be easily stored under the couch or behind the couch when not in use.

Slim design and lightweight make the use easy, equipped with a clip used to store it conveniently.

7. PureFit Reversible Quilted Sofa Cover

sofa shield furniture protector

PureFit Reversible Quilted Sofa Cover is a water-resistant slipcover furniture protector made from tear-resistant microfiber fabric. It’s a competent solution if you own an excessive chewing dog. Its non-slip elastic straps help it stay in the right place and be used for either pets or kids. It is a long-life and durable sofa protector as it consists of three layers.

It is quilted means it’s soft and cozy for dogs; it’s easy to clean and can be vacuumed for mud, hairs, and dust, easy to wash, and simple to use. It’s made to fit a standard size large sofas and keep you worry-free from sofas’ daily wear and tear. More importantly, it’s a two-color reversible design, and ideally, you will never experience any drinking, shifting, or slipping while napping on it.

Just drop it on and tuck the extra fabric in the gap, insert the non-slip foam anchors, adjust, and fix its strap; all done here, and you are ready to allow your dog to take his seat near to you.

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8. RHF Diamond Cover for Extra-Wide Couch

best couch protector

HF Diamond Cover for Extra-Wide Couch is another product that you should consider while making your final decision. It is furniture covers for the dog that will protect from stains and other doggies stuff. We like it most because of its construction and looks. Extra bright colors and quality stitching make it ideal for homes with pets and kids.

It’s fully waterproof and reversible means two sides can be used, and every piece comes in two colors that will help to match your style in a better way.

9. CHHKON Sofa Cover Waterproof with Anti-Skip Dog Paw Print

best couch protector for dogs

CHHKON Sofa Cover is a waterproof quilted waterproof furniture protector that is reversible and comes in multiple colors, making selection easy. You can match your style easily as compared to a normal slipcover the product in the spotlight has more features and perfectly a product that will stay in place when applied to a sofa or couch. It’s suitable for the easy style of furniture, easy to wash, and easy to clean.

Multilayers protector and sanitized protective finish make it an ideal shield to stop the smells from reaching sofas. It’s a non-toxic product, and it’s ideal for kids and pets; either it spills, fur, water, or urine it can protect from all and definitely will save you from tons of extra jobs that your kids and pets can create for you.

Additional pockets on both sides allow keeping your stuff arranged near you, especially the stuff you need while watching tv or enjoying your time with four-legged family members.

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10. Catalonia Waterproof Blanket

furniture covers for dogs

Catalonia Waterproof Blanket is a multipurpose product that can be used for many purposes. It can serve you to keep your couch protected, and the same function it can perform when used on the bed while in the cage can keep the dog cozy.

It is made of polyester and fully machine washable, and can be cleaned for minor stains and dust. But keep in mind its surface, which is made of fiber, is not waterproof, and but the last two layers are capable of holding water above the couch surface.

While having this plush microfleece side blanket, a long-lasting and durable repellent fabric, you do not need to worry about stains that your dog can leave on your costly couch.

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11. Easy-Going Sofa Slipcover Waterproof Couch Cover

couch covers for dogs

Easy-Going Sofa Slipcover Waterproof Couch Cover is made with a compound layer of waterproof that eliminates the chance of any leakage. It is a funnel-shaped design on the corner of sofas to prevent leakage from the side that can spoil the costly couch.

It’s large, durable, and long-lasting, as well as it has non-slip backing at the bottom and a wide elastic strap to keep the cover in the right place. It comes with foam pipes tucked into the grooves on two sides to stay in place better. 

A perfect furniture protector is made to keep your costly couch safe from the urine smells, mud, saliva, and other doggies’ stuff and messes. 

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12. Sofa Shield Protector for Seat Width up to 54 Inch

dog couch cover

Sofa Shield Protector can be an ideal solution for you if you want to dedicate a small size sofa that is up to 54 inches wide for your four-legged furry friend to sit near to you and enjoy watching your favorite serial or movie besides you. It is made to keep the doggie stuff contained, easy to clean, and machine washable. 

Available in various colors and designs that make the selection easy, you can find the right color and style for your home that matches your interior.

It is a high-quality product made with fabric and synthetic material, which ensures no spillover reaches the sofa. It will free you from many extra jobs like cleaning stains, dusting, and taking extensive care of your sofa. 

It is a most generous size to cover your furniture with a higher thread for an extra soft feel. It’s engineered as a most effective shield for sofas.

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13. H.VERSAILTEX Reversible Sofa Slipcover Quilted Furniture Protector

pet furniture protectors

H.VERSAILTEX Reversible Sofa Slipcover Quilted Furniture Protector is an ideal luxury reversible quilted sofa shield designed for high safety on kids and pets. It will not shed or face as well as its eco-friendly choice. It is quilted and made from plush cotton-like fabric and free from chemicals, making it an ideal choice for kids and small and large pets.

It protects against spillovers, a water repellent, provides strong defense from pet dander, stops the Furr from reach to sofa, and keeps your costly sofa free from stains. We recommend it most for homes with multiple pets and kids who cause a lot of mess. It will dress your home in sophisticated and ultimate elegance.

The quilted texture will fascinate you, and its lofty Polly full and microfiber give you a nice feel when site on it with your four-legged friend to enjoy your favorite show. This decorative home artist is luxurious and stylish.

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14. RHF Reversible Sofa Cover-Great for Home with Kids and Pets

dog furniture covers

RHF Reversible Sofa Cover is another top-rated product from RHF, made to keep pet parents comfortable and eliminate many common and daily arising jobs. Either pets, especially dogs or kids it can protect the couch from the messes that can devalue it and can leave footprints that are hard to deal with involve many additional jobs.

It’s not suitable for leather couches and sofas, but it’s ideal and specifically designed for the fabric stuff.

It can be used from both sides, which means you will get two colors and can easily match your style. RHF is making a variety of Sofa dog covers, and you can trust them to keep your asset protected.

15. PureFit Reversible Quilted Sofa Cover

dog sofa cover

PureFit Reversible Quilted Sofa Cover is a washable solution with strap and non-slip backing, available in many colors. This super durable solution is made of three layers of quilted fabric, which gives it strength and can stop all spillovers before reaching the costly couch. For extra comfort and give you a luxurious feel that you and your dog both can feel when sitting on it, it’s filled with Polly foam, making it soft.

It will keep your furniture protected and eliminate the need to wear and tear daily, and saves you from costly repairing, tearing off, and damaging due to spillovers. If you have a worn-out couch, you can use it to give your asset a new look as it will hide all the bad stuff and make your centerpiece pleasant.

It’s a dual-color reversible design that comes with an elastic strap to guarantee it will stay tight with no snag, no wrinkle, shifting, or slipping while sitting or taking a nap on it.

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16. Sofa Chaise Protector

dog couch covers

Sofa Shield Original Patent Pending Reversible Sofa Chaise Protector is a different product from others. The manufacturer is making protection covers for a full sofa set, which means every piece of your furniture, you get a protector. The manufacturer is making different solutions. More then a dozen colors and styles are available to select from, that also makes it easy to find matching colors and style, even paw print style is also available that kids and dogs love most.

The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty because its product is made with the highest thread count and chest filling. It machine washable and easy to clean for minor stains. Its thick strap will allow you to fix it properly, and it will not leave its place when kids and dogs enjoy their time on it.

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17. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Mat

sofa covers for dogs

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Mat is a multipurpose product that can be used to protect your couch or sofa, bed and even be used as a blanket or a mat in the dog cage. When no towel is near, it can soak the water for you to keep your dog dry. So it an all-in-one product and it’s made to take any shape. When used on the sofa or bed, it can protect your asset and, at the same time, also will keep your dog cozy.

It’s a self-warming electricity-free solution to keep your dog warm; a thermal mat is encased within the interior layers of the blanket; just the natural body heat of your dog is enough to keep him warm.

Your dog will love its two-toned surfaces, which are soft for cuddling, and flee cover side can be used as a top over. We recommend this flaunts thick, luxuriously soft sherpa fabric, self-heating blanket for all ages and dogs. There is another reason for the recommendation that is its use; it can also be used inc ages and protect the seats of the car from doggie stuff.

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18. Sofa Shield Original Oversized Sofa Protector

couch cover for dogs

Sofa Shield Original Oversized Sofa Protector is a high-quality product made to cover the furniture; it’s a generous size that covers most of the furniture. Its thickest and plushest filling will keep the dog and you easy when you sit over it. Higher thread count and extra soft feel are some features of this product that dog owners love most.

It’s available in most colors and shapes. It is available for your sofa, loveseat, futon, recliner, chair, chaise, and sectional. It easy to clean, and every visit to the washer will give it a new life and make it fresh and new looking. It’s effective against spillovers and will not allow any seepage to make its way to the sofa.

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19. Pawsse Waterproof Pet Blanket

dog sofa covers

Pawsse Waterproof Pet Blanket is a solution to most of your common problems, its another multi-purpose product that can keep your sofa, couch bed, or rug protected from pee, urine, and other doggie stuff. It can take any shape, and it’s a two-sided product where one side is soft and plush while the other is plain and made of thick threaded fabric, which is also waterproof.

It is a liquid-resistant blanket that can be used for multiple pets to allow them all to sit and enjoy your favorite show with you. On the other side, it will protect your matters in the bedroom, and in your car, it will protect the seat.

It’s available in different colors and sizes, so if you own a single pet, you can choose the right size that can cover your dog as well as protect your couch.

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20. H.VERSAILTEX Reversible Loveseat Cover

couch covers for pets

H.VERSAILTEX Reversible Loveseat Cover is a furniture protector specifically made for olive seats. It will allow you to have your dog with you while enjoying a movie or your favorite show. The couch protector for dogs will protect your couch from stains, hairs, and urine as well as from much other stuff. It’s equally beneficial for kids and dogs. Available in different colors, so matching a style is easy with this product.

Instead of using dog blankets for the couch, this option gives you a more relaxed feel as when it’s applied correctly, your job ends there, and it will stay in its place until you remove it on your own. Its texture, luxury look, and thick back will definitely make your feel comfortable.

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Best Couch Protector for Dogs

dog furniture protectors

Sancua Stretch Spandex Sofa Cover is made with an elastic bottom to protect the living room furniture, it covers every aspect of your couch and will not allow water or other liquids to make their way to the couch inside. It’s water repellent and it’s easy to clean, no stain will reach the inner fabric of the couch, ideal for a home with multiple pets and kids as well.

Available in different colors that will help your select the right design and color for your living room, while having it you can stay worry-free if your dog uses your couch to relax then his messes will not spoil your investment.

It is made with highly stretchable material, which is why it can be the right fit for any style. it will completely wrap your sofa and protect it from stains, scratches, and baby’s poo as well other images that especially dogs can create.

MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Reversible Large Sofa Protector

couch protector for dogs

MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Reversible Large Sofa Protector is different from other competing products. It’s soft and feels like printed because of paws on it. If you love to spend time with your dog, then you will love this beautiful and stylish couch protector as it’s made for a new look, and everyone will notice your love for four-legged family members. It’s reversible and allows double use as well as it will give your furniture a new look.

Spills and stains will be no more an issue, its a mess resistant and perfect for the homes with active dog sand multiple pets.

ACOMOPACK Premium Velvet Sofa Cover for Dogs

best couch for dogs

ACOMOPACK Premium Velvet Sofa Cover is super soft, and velvet fresh will give your couch a new life and look; it is a much-have item for families with dogs. It features plastic tuckers and easily tucks into grooves and, as a result, makes the cover more smooth to sit and enjoy as well as helps the cover to stay in place, and it will never wrinkle when you sit and spend time with your dog on the sofa.

Pockets on the side allow the keep the small things arranged, and even you can use these pockets to keep the dog stuff that you want to access conveniently.

Its three-way stretching makes it easy to apply and remove as well as any odd size will not a problem; it machine washable and can be cleaned with a damp cloth for minor stains. Most buyers like its elastic bottom fit that is really admirable because of the feature that fits it and keeps it fixed on the place.

It’s available in beautiful colors, and it’s super for where 95% of its material is polyester and 5% spandex.

Brilliant Sunshine Gray Heart Love Patchwork

dog sofa protector

Brilliant Sunshine Gray Heart Love Patchwork is a faux cotton soft microfiber sofa protector made with triple layers and a patchwork style that will give your couch a different style and look that every visitor will definitely notice. It will keep the furniture protected from spillovers and other messes that dogs cause in real.

It looks amazing, vermicelli quilting, classic, elegant, and unique.

While on the other side, its reversible feature and gray polka dots make it dog-friendly and unique to enhance the record. The matching color wide strap is featured to keep the couch cover in the right place and support no-skidding.

PAVILIA Waterproof Blanket

best couch covers for dogs

PAVILIA Waterproof Blanket is the soft and plush solution to keep the baby and doggie stuff away from the couch. Spillover and messes will not become a problem anymore while having this blanket. It’s a multi-purpose product that can be used either on the sofa or bed and maybe at any place you want to protect from the doggie messes.

Plush fleece and sherpa linking will give your peace of mind and comfort to your dog.

RHF Geometrical Sofa Cover

dog couch protector

RHF Geometrical Sofa Cover is a straightforward solution that is simple and comes as a multipurpose solution, as you can see in the picture; it just looks like a bedsheet, but it not. It’s thick, and it completely waterproof. Either it would help if you had a solution for a two-seater or a full large size sofa, it can take care of all and protect against all threats and keep the doggie stuff contained.

This gorgeous textured cover is made for the ultimate decore and also can be used for beds.

MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Reversible Large Sofa Protector

best couch cover for dogs

MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Reversible Large Sofa Protector is made to transform the look of your living room. If your dog already damages your couch, then this couch protector for dogs can hide that damage and gives our couch a new look, and allows the kids and dogs to play freely and enjoy their time on the couch as they want.

It beautiful and stylish, available in multiple colors, you can easily choose that best complements your existing decor. Made from thick and durable material which will keep your couch safe from chewing and spillovers (not fully waterproof, spills should be removed immediately)as well as from dust and mud.

MOYMO Reversible Couch Covers

sofa protector for dogs

MOYMO Reversible Couch Covers for Dogs is another water repellent that is specifically made to protect the couches from dogs. Dogs can create many messes, and many from those left permanent stains on the couch, which are hard to clean and even sometimes impossible to clean. It is a solution that will cover the sofa and will prevent any spillover from reaching the couch surface.

It’s soft and thick, made of multiple layers. This 100% waterproof sofa cover could fit too most types of sofas, whatever thick backside is. Its strap buckle will hold the cover firmly and prevent wrinkles.

Furhaven Pet Furniture Cover

pet furniture covers for leather sofas

Furhaven Pet Furniture Cover is a simple and small solution and comes in bed style so that a dog can easily recognize that it’s his resting place, and he will definitely sit in the designated place. It comes in different colors and different sizes. It is a furniture protector that can be used on couches, sofa, beds, and even on single-seaters, made with fabric quilting, and it’s fully water-resistant.

Its additional padding for lounging comfort will keep your four-legged friend easy, and it will provide quality protection against spillovers and accidents as well as from debris.

Its dual color scheme and fluffy filling are the features that you will definitely like to have for your furry friend; reversible sides allow you to match with an existing interior home record. Cushion anchors help to fasten it properly with the furniture.

PETMAKER Furniture Protector Pet Cover with Bolster Collection

pet couch protectors

PETMAKER Furniture Protector Pet Cover with Bolster Collection is a furniture savor and a couch bed for dogs. It’s a dedicated solution that your dog can recognize and will definitely start sitting on it after a short training. It’s designed to protect the furniture and be used either on a two-seater or the bed.

Its water-resistant bottom layer provides extra defense against damage and stains while the bolster protects the furniture seat back and arms.

PETMAKER 100% Waterproof Furniture Protector Pad

waterproof sofa covers for pets

PETMAKER 100% Waterproof Furniture Protector Pad is a waterproof quilted solution to keep the costly furniture protected from dog messes. Its non-skidding bottom keeps it in place, soft and luxurious, a simple and small solution that is easy to clean, and it’s machine washable. 

It’s an attractive design that will improve the overlook of your furniture.

CHHKON Sofa Cover for Leather Couch

sofa shield furniture protector

CHHKON Sofa Cover for Leather Couch is perfectly made for costly and extraordinary furniture. It’s among few solutions which work best with leather couches. For ordinary products, it’s difficult to make a grip over the leather, but the product in the spotlight comes with a backing that can make a firm grip over the leather couch and protect that from stains and spillovers and accidents.

It’s crafted from unique fabric and special technology which is effective against spills, pets’ fur, stains, normal wear, tear, or any possible mess and accidents.

Reversible Couch Protector for Dogs

best couch protector

Reversible Sofa Protector by Turquoize is another ideal solution to protect the couch from the accidents and messes of dogs.

It can fully protect the couch as it will cover every aspect of the couch and will never leave any space behind from where the dog can access the fabric of the couch for chewing as well as while sitting and on the couch and creating messes on it will not damage or affect the real couch fabric underneath.

H.VERSAILTEX 100% Waterproof Couch Cover for Dogs

best couch protector for dogs

H.VERSAILTEX 100% Waterproof Dogs Couch Cover is an ideal solution for all types of couches. Either you have a fabric finished or a letter couch; it can protect them all from accidents and spillovers. It’s chew resistant and can stop the water from reaching to costly couch surface.

No more worries that your couch may get a stain if used by your dog and stink. It’s easy to wash solution, and it’s quite easy to clean and comfortable to sit for dogs and human beings.

Ameritex Couch Sofa Slipcover for Dogs

furniture covers for dogs

Ameritex Couch Protector Slipcover for Dogs is suitable for various sofa types; it anti-skid as compare to the average and cheap sofa covers; its innovative backing has more highlights and will keep the cover in place. Your dog and your kids will love the puppy paw design that looks elegant and suitable for every interior type. It protects without sacrificing.

We recommend it mostly because of its sanitized protective finish and quilted feature.

Gorilla Grip Original Velvet Slip Resistant Large Sofa Protector

couch covers for dogs

Gorilla Grip Original Velvet Slip Resistant Large Sofa Protector is a stylish addition to our list, most of its colors are elegant and fast that look beautiful and eye-catching.

When you apply it to your couch definitely every visitor will notice it, without any doubt it will keep your couch protected and will never allow the unwanted elements to reach the surface of the couch. its thick and wide adjustable strap keeps it on the place and it’s made to provide a cozy feeling to dogs and other family members.

Easy-Going Futon Sofa Slipcover for Dogs

dog couch cover

Easy-Going Futon Sofa Slipcover for Dogs is a large solution to cover every side of your sofa so that your dog will not get any chance to reach the surface of the couch to spoil it. It is fully waterproof and made with multiple layers to ensure that liquids cannot penetrate through the cover and the couch under its protection remain fully safe.

It will keep you free from daily wear and tear jobs and make cleaning easy for you. Its machine washable and can be clean or vacuumed for minor stains.

Argstar Couch Cover with Storage Pockets for Dogs

pet furniture protectors

Argstar Couch Cover with Storage Pockets for Dogs will be a stylish addition to your interior, along with protecting your couch from the messes for your dog. It also allows you to keep your most needed item near to you in an organized way. It’s waterproof and can large, can cover all of your couch, as well as easy to wash and clean.

It is available in different colors and styles that will make selection easy for you, and you can select the right matching color.

NEKOCAT Sofa Cover

dog furniture covers

NEKOCAT Waterproof Sofa Furniture Protection from Dogs is another straightforward yet effective design that will keep the hairs, spillovers, dander, saliva, mud, and another dog messes away from the couch surface is hard to clean and much time need professional cleaning service to get rid of stinky stains.

This cover can protect your assets from all the unwanted stuff and messes that your dog can create.

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