It’s tough to find custom dog crates for cars, but if you know what you exactly need, then you can make it easy. Like at very first consider the size of your dog and then the purpose of the crate (the usage) and in the last the budget which is also very important. These three things help to find a right crate for your car, that can protect your dog and can keep his safe and secure in the car and during a crash. Crates also make it easy to live and carry the dogs, so look for lightweight options that can be fixed on any seat of your car. We consider a lot of crates and finally make a list of five best custom dog crates for cars which are:

1. AmazonBasics Pet Kennel

AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel
AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel
  • Top load pet kennel, top open to easily access the pet
  • Cab be placed on the seat of a car or in the cargo area
  • Made of high-quality plastic, lightweight to carry
  • Steel wire front door with the innovative lock

AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel makes the first spot on the list because of its innovative design. Its top open concept and its door lock both are designed well and built to provide maximum convenience and security. Design, material and color combination makes it an eye-catching crate for the dogs. It is the only crate in the market that offers easy loading from the top, made of durable plastic and newly designed spring-loaded latch for smooth operations.

Whether you own a tabby or a Yorkie, this custom dog crate for cars suits you well. It is lightweight and easy to carry. It is designed to keep your pet comfortable and safe when traveling. Ideal for routine visits either you are going to the park, to a hill station or to a visit to the vet, it can serve your well. In the car, it stops distractions from your dog while keeping him confined and keep him safe in a crash.

Easy entry keeps the dog comfortable with the less stressful experience, getting in for your little fluffy calmly into the kennel becomes a hassle-free job. Plastic is easy to clean; you can wash it whenever you want and can place a comfortable bed inside for your dog.

Drawbacks, nothing found not to love.

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2. A4Pet Soft Collapsible Dog Crate

A4Pet Soft Collapsible Dog Crate and Kennel with Leak Proof Bottom for Indoor or Travel Use
  • Made to use for backseat and cargo area
  • Collapsible and portable design with fabric and mesh
  • Allow dogs to see outside, and fresh air to pass through
  • Equipped with the pockets on both sides to keep treats and food
  • Good enough to use as a crate at home for well-behaved pets
  • Features leak-proof bottom, so seepage can make its way to the seat

A4Pet Soft Collapsible Dog Crate and Kennel is designed to be used in the car to keep your pet confined and allow him to enjoy the drive. Its mesh windows are designed to provide fresh air to the dog, and through these dogs can keep an eye on the owner that helps to manage the anxiety as well. It can be dangerous to keep the dogs free in the car. They can cause distraction and try to come on your lap that can be dangerous for the driver, pet and other people on the road.

The manufacturer is in this industry from the previous fifteen years and enjoys a good reputation in the market. Experience to make the pet product, this custom dog crate for cars is made with special care which is waterproof and can accommodate the dogs up to 50 lbs. This kennel can be used as a temporary cage for your dog at home when having some party at home and ideal to keep with you for camping and long travels.

The foldable and collapsible frame is made of steel, oxford fabric, ventilation mesh makes it durable and ventilated while the auto-lock zipper slider makes it a secure option. No tools required to assemble it, and it takes only a minute to setup. Kennel and cushion cover are completely washable. Do not leave your dog unattended in the kennel for a longer time period.

Drawbacks, good for medium dogs, not for extra chewers

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3. Petmate Sky Kennel

Best Custome Dog Crates for Cars
  • Made for the comfortable traveling experience
  • Safe and secure option with wire vents and lockable door
  • Made with durable plastic shell, non-corrodible wing-nuts
  • Provides 360° ventilation and clear visibility
  • It is an environment-friendly product made with recycled plastic

Petmate Sky Kennel is designed for secure and comfortable traveling. Wire vents allow your dog to see outside and enjoy the drive and its raised interior is comfortable enough for dogs. It comes with a securable lock that is made with steel and a mesh style. Your dog can enjoy the fresh air through the mesh design. It is a multipurpose custom dog crate for cars that can be placed on the front seat, floor, back seat or in the cargo area. It is strong enough to hold the most anxious and energetic dogs.

Designed with the wire vents which works in two ways, keep the crate ventilated and allow the dog to see the owner and enjoy an outside environment which helps him to stay calm. It comes with two pet ID stickers that you can use on different equipment as you want. It is the best custom dog crate for cars that you can use for medium and large dogs. It’s easy to clean, and you can wash it after every use for the next turn.

Drawbacks, Suitable for short trips, you may need comfortable bedding to place inside.

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4. A4Pet 27″ Pet Car Travel Crates Carrier

A4Pet 27" Pet Car Travel Crates Carrier for Medium Dog, Puppy and Cats
  • Made for medium-sized dogs
  • The door on two sides, you can access the pet from the right door or left door
  • Keep the pet hairs contained
  • Fully waterproof bottom
  • Durable mesh sides and top make it’s easy for the dog to get 360° view and provide fresh air.
  • Durable construction with attractive design

A4Pet 27″ Pet Car Travel Crates Carrier is the most stylish custom dog crate for cars that provide a clear view through its mesh design. The owner can keep an eye on the activities of the dog and doc an see the owner. It is hard to keep the dog confined when he cannot see anything, but this product solves the problem. It designed with the mesh on four sides that allow the dog to have a clear view of the environment around. Its bottom is fully waterproof, and the product is fully washable. Moreover, it’s a collapsible and foldable design that is easy to store in a cabinet and car, it takes only a little space. It is designed to provide maximum protection against the accidents.

It is equipped with the auto-lock zipper and attachable leash that can keep your dog restricted and prevent escape.

Drawbacks, not suitable for excessive chewers.

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5. Pet Travel Tube Car Crate Kennel

Pet Travel Tube Car Crate Kennel, Pet Containment Barrier Mesh Tube, Soft Pet Cage, One Large Size Fits All
  • Spacious, comfortable, safe and first-class accessory
  • Folds flat and take only a little space in the store
  • Can be used for one seat or bull back seat
  • Occupy all available space between front and backseat
  • Multipurpose kennel with a waterproof bottom

Pet Travel Tube Car Crate Kennel is a different concept that can be used one a single seat or full back seat. It is made to occupy all available space on the backseat and equipped with the two doors, one on each side that makes it easy for the owner to access the pet. It provides clear visibility to the dog, and the owner can also keep an eye on the dog. Its bottom is fully waterproof, takes only a minute to set up and folds into a compact size, and you can store it inside your car for next time use.

Pet Travel Tube Car Crate Kennel is an ideal for security purpose, equipped with the straps and buckles which can be fixed with the headrests to fix it sturdy and during a crash it keep the dog injury-free.

Drawbacks, only suitable for medium-sized dogs

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A lot of choices are available in the market as custom dog crates for cars, but we recommend most the Petmate Sky Kennel because it is made to last forever and it is a multipurpose kennel that can use used in any condition. Primarily made for the traveling purpose but it can be used inside the house to keep the pet confined for a short time frame. It’s ideal to use for traveling.

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