10 Best Decorative Dog Food Storage Containers of 2022

Do you always want to buy something different for your dog? Are you a person who thinks good-looking dog equipment also adds value to your house? Are you looking for decorative dog food storage to keep the food of the pooch safe? 

Or a dog food container that you can be proud of? We believe that it’s hard to find a large decorative dog food storage container because no manufacturer is making such containers for food storage. 

But yes, small and medium-size options are available in the market that can be used for small and medium-size dogs and store treats of your dog. We find dozens of products, but most of them were very small that cannot be used for food storage. 

Decorative food storage not only keeps the dog food safe and fresh but also gives you the feeling you love your dog most and look beautiful inside your house. Many come into the shape that you can proudly keep on the counter of your kitchen, and definitely, others will notice it. 

Our efforts paid off, and finally, we make a list of the ten best decorative food storage containers themed for dogs especially, and our top three recommendations are:

These products will definitely add some value to your house and also can keep the food of your four-legged family member safe from air, moisture, and bacteria so you can use the same food for a long time, and your dog will get fresh food every time. Recently we review some of the best dog food storage containers; please consider one from those if you want a standard size food storage container for your pup.

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Best Decorative Dog Food Storage Container

Attractive Design with Flat Back: specially made for dog lovers who want something special for dog food storage, flat back makes it easy to place it in the rack or any convenient place.

  • Air-tight and Pet-Friendly: the top lid is entirely airtight that will not allow air, moisture, and bacterias to make their way inside. More overcapacity is ideal for small and large dogs.

Paw Prints Food Bin Wordplay is a uniques design with quality that can keep the dog food fresh inside for months and is crafted to bring ease in the dog owner’s life, once you put food in and close its top lid. Nothing can make a way inside, which means it’s not only a decorative dog food storage but also a food storage solution to keep your dog food safe.

Like open food may go stale and cost in your pocket. But once you buy this cost-effective solution and use it to store your dog food, it can surely keep that safe.

It looks great, and everyone who sees it will recognize your love for the dog.

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Copper Dog Food Canister

unique dog food storage containers

  • Metal with Copper plating: it’s made with durable metal, and to give it a beautiful look, it’s finished with copper plating that also makes it long-lasting, durable to serve you for years.
  • Handmade: it’s completely handmade and designed in India; the top lid is airtight that will keep the food fresh inside, and an eye-catching design that will suit every dog owner.

Amici Pet XL Copper Dog Food Canister is entirely different from others. Its handmade and metal is used in its construction, which means it will remain in service for many of the coming years. Copper plating adds value that makes it’s worthwhile. It’s an item that others will notice and inquire about it.

It’s not too big but can accommodate enough dog food and also prevent from turning rancid. Easy to use and convenient to open and close multiple times a day.

Dog food printing makes it a unique item that will show your care for your pup.

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Decorative Dog Food Storage Bin

decorative dog food storage containers

  • Dog Paws and Wooden Cover: lattice with paw print goes well with any home décor, and wooden cover adds real value to the beauty of this dog food storage jar.
  • Safe Ceramic: it’s made of ceramic, airtight cover keeps the food fresh inside, it’s compact to place in any cabinet, you will be amazed to know that its dishwasher safe.

Bone Dry DII Lattice is for those who always want to buy something stylish and different. It’s purely made with ceramic, but that does not mean it lacks functionality. Its wooden cover makes it airtight, an ideal canister to keep the treats and food of your dog safe.

Moreover, cleaning this food storage is easy; it’s dishwasher safe; you can clean the lid with a damp cloth while the jar can be placed in the dishwasher.

The paw printing, which gives it real life and beauty, is durable enough and will not fade with time.

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Decorative Pet Food Container

decorative dog food container

  • Red polka: a container with matching bowls which is ideal for small dogs and other animals,  decorative container, bowl and scoop comes in similar style and color.
  • Keep the food fresh: its design as an airtight container with a tight and robust lid that will keep the food inside clean and healthy for a more extended period.

The PetSteel – Red Polka Dot Dog Decorative Canister with Bowl and Scoop is a durable and long-lasting alternative to bulky plastic food containers. You can stop using the bings that need to be hidden in the pantry, this design allows you to display on your kitchen counter happily, and visitors will notice this love for dogs. You can expect a compliment from friends and family members.

The securable lid protects against outer circumstances and keeps the dog food fresh and healthy to use for a more extended period. 

We recommend this product for small and medium-sized dogs, and you can use the scoop conveniently to serve food to your pooch, so not need to wash your hand after every serving.

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Decorative Dog Food Container

unique dog food storage containers

  • Large Capacity: it can easily contain 15 pounds of food or treats it airtight lid design and silicon seal keep the food healthy inside and its made from metal, which makes it long-lasting and durable
  • BPA free Material: you can stay sure it’s made with BPA free food-grade material, which is safe for the dog and known best to preserve the food

Paw Prints Tin Food Bin Wordplay is made with metal side handles that make lifting easy, and anyone can lift it in a balanced way while its top lid is made of metal, which is durable and can protect the food inside from outer circumstance. The decorative container is an elegant and durable design, and the weather and washing will not damage it.

We recommend it because it’s a one-time investment. The durable container will serve for many coming years.

It’s a tine construction that may look light, but it’s made for rough use and also have a tight-fitting lid to keep odors in and wet noses out.

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Large Decorative Dog Food Container

decorative dog food storage containers

  • Rustic Style wood printing: it’s a unique design; its printing is long-lasting, weather and washing cannot damage it, an ideal piece to keep on kitchen top of the kitchen counter.
  • Home Decore: it will be a great addition to your home that everyone will notice, and your pup also will come to know that his treats and food are placed in a secure and suitable place.

Primitives by Kathy Dog Treat Tin Canisters are made of tin, but they are made of wood and printed with some unique scheme. It comes in two sizes; the large one can be used to keep dog food, and the smaller one is used to keep the treats.

In this package, you will get both, and it will be an excellent buy that will serve your dog and keep you worry-free from many common problems. Food and treats will never turn bad again when place inside containers.

The top lid is equipped with a seal that maintains the freshness of food.

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Dog Food Container Decorative

dog food canisters decorative

  • Black & Gold Hobnail Texture: the stunning look makes this food container a decoration piece that you can place anywhere in your house; everyone will notice this beautiful piece.
  • Metal lid for Safety: metal with an airtight seal keeps the freshness inside and makes it possible to serve every bite fresh; it’s durable and easy to clean as well as fully washable.

Amici Pet Woof Gang is a new concept. Before researching this topic, we were not aware that some exciting and beautiful pieces are available to store dog food and treats. It’s a container made with steel, but its color and texture make it an ideal piece. Hardly will you find any other similar product in the market. 

It cannot hold much food, but it’s large enough to accommodate a few day’s supplies of your small dog.

A small amount of food and small boxes are always great and bring a lot of convenience of carrying.

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Large Decorative Dog Food Storage Containers

decorative dog food container

  • Made of Ceramic: it’s safe to clean in the dishwasher and put in the microwave when there is a need to store and heat the wet food, easy to clean, and durable.
  • Lattice with Paw Print: makes it good-looking and elegant so it can be placed anywhere, but preferably on your kitchen countertop, it will look nice.

Bone Dry DII Ceramic Pet Food storage container is one of our favorites because we love to recommend ceramic-made products. Because these are durable and made to last until broken accidentally. The printing on the product that is in the spotlight is durable enough to last for many coming years. You can conveniently wash the jar as well as its cover.

As we wrote earlier, it’s dishwasher safe and microwave safe and used either for dry food or for wet food.

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Final Words

It is a good idea to buy a decorative dog food storage container and keep your dog food visible, like on the countertop of your kitchen. These containers are a little bit costly as compare to normal dog food storage containers but they can really add value to your love and you can access the dog food easily when it’s near to you in the kitchen. 

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