5 Best Dematting Combs for Dogs on 2021

dematting comb for dogs

Tangles in the long furry dogs look really bad. And you may feel bad when you find mats because they are hard to clear without proper great like dematting comb for dogs.

Your furry friend may get tangles while playing outside and even while enjoying physical activity with kids. But in most cases, it is the result of outdoor activity. But there is no need to worry about matting in dogs. It occurs even while you provide them a clean and neat environment to play.

We observe that swimming is the biggest cause; chasing is the second one; having a dematting comb for dogs means you can easily clear the matting.

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Why Dematting Combs Only

There are several reason we recommend using dog dematting comb instead of a general one, like:

  • Metal Teeth — They have strong metal teeth that can easily clear the tangle; these teeth have the ability to bear the pressure that you use to clean the tangles.
  • Strong Base — Strong base holds the teeth’s in a way that can allow to put more pressure and use the comb from different angles.
  • Ergonomic Handle — It provides a sturdy grip to apply pressure, but not all of the dematting comb for dogs have handles

Dematting comb for dogs made differently when compared to general combs and brushes. This is the reason we recommend these most to clear tangles. We also recommend only look for combs with a handle. It will provide you the ability to have a strong grip during the job, and most importantly, it will not slip from your hand.

5 Best Dematting Combs for Dogs

We consider more than twenty products in our review and 2000+ comments to finally make a list of the 5 best dematting combs for dogs. We can hope that our efforts will help you to decide between these combs.

1. Dog Comb for Removes Tangles and Knots

Key Features

  • Rounded Comb Teeth — Its teeth are rounded, which helps prevent any possible injury, remove not only tables but also the loose hairs.
  • Features Rubberized Handle — It comes with a rubberized handle that provides excellent grip, and its coating prevents slippery accidents.
  • Free eBook — in case you are not familiar with dog grooming, the eBook will let you know how to groom a dog.

The Shiny Pet’s dematting comb for dogs is equipped with stainless steel teeth, and an ebook is also included in the package that makes this investment really worthwhile. It’s designed for safety and ideal to groom your dog at home.

It is forged out of solid metal; this is the reason it stands against tugging. It is a one-time investment for dog owners, a single solution that serves you for many of the coming years. It looks good because of its design.

When it comes to your hand, you will find that de-tangling is easy to do the job that will not put any pressure on your hand. As well as do not harm your dog in any way.

Its securely fitted non-slip handle will not shake or slip, making it perfect for the poodle’s de-matting with stubborn spots. It also can be used on other furry animals, which is another plus of investing in this comb.


  • Ideal for long furry dogs.
  • Can be used for other animals.
  • Can remove loose hairs.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Improve overall pet health.


  • Perfectly designed for day to day use, nothing found not love.

2. Andis Pet Steel Comb

Key Features

  • Ideal for All Dogs — Designed to use for all dogs and cats, a single solution will serve you for all pets.
  • Light-weight — The material is quite lightweight; it is easy to hold this comb for a long time.
  • Real Large — It’s an ideal large size to finish the job quickly, available in two sizes.

If you are looking for a budget choice, then Andis pet steel comb is the right solution for you. It’s made of steel that means it will stay with you for years, and it’s long enough to be used on all breeds and other pets like cats.

It removes mats, tangles, loose hairs and is also known best to remove dirt and foreign elements from dogs’ fur. If you like to give your dog a new look every day, it can help you finish your job in a little time.

While you are grooming your dog at home, you can use this comb as a helping comb with the trimmer. So it’s a multi-choice selection that is cost-effective and dual-sided.


  • A single solution that can be used for all pets.
  • Ideal for perfect finishing and fluffing along with clearing tangles.
  • It also can be used with trimmers.
  • The comb is dual-sided with coarse.


  • Not suitable to clear the matting of dogs with thick hairs.
  • Physically it does not look like a worthy product.

3. Andis Premium Pet Steel Comb

Key Features

  • Three in One — simple comb that removes mats, tangles, and dirt along with loose hairs.
  • Sturdy Construction — It’s made of steel that means it will serve you for a much longer time.
  • Wide and Narrow Teeth — The design features wide and narrow teeth so that you will get both at a single cost.

Either you are missing a quality comb to clean your dog’s mats or one to the company the trimmer to give a fine finish to your dog. Whatever your case is, the Andis Pet steel comb is a multi-functional comb that will serve you in many ways.

We give it a position on our list based on its quality, durability, and price that is an important factor. It’s priced reasonably not to cost you much, and single spending will solve many of your problems.

It is good-looking that can rule out all funky combs and China-made flimsy combs. It’s lightweight and durable. More importantly, it is made to use for all pets at home.


  • Steel-made dog comb to clean mats.
  • Features narrow and wide teeth.
  • Made with plastic, no slipping grip.
  • Cost reasonably.


  • Design is not convincing to clear the mats from thick fur.

4. Poodle Pet Best Dematting Comb for Dogs

best dog dematting comb

Key Features

  • Easy Grip — Designed with the easy-grip that allows putting pressure to clear the mats.
  • Slip Proof — Ergonomic design is slip-proof, as you can see the texture on the grip.
  • Compact and Hangable — You can hang this comb and its compact, take less space among other accessories.

Your long fur dog can get mats daily if you allow him to roam freely outside and physical activities. In this case, you need a solution that you can carry with you that is good-looking and a durable one to clear the mats at any time.

The poodle pet comb is a viable solution that can be used as a dematting comb for dogs you can use to clear the loose hairs, clear mats, and groom your dog anytime.

Its ergonomic-shaped ridged textured grip is its specialty that allows spending more time grooming your dog with comfort. It ensures no more slippery accidents.


  • Comes with an n-slippery grip.
  • Strong teeth’s to clear tough mats.
  • Made from high-quality material.


  • Nothing found anything shaky but the space between teeth’s is not ideal for thick hair dogs.

5. Safari Dematting Comb for Dogs

Key Features

  • Wooden Handle — Wooden handle provides an easy grip, and it has a comfortable shape.
  • Rounded Teeth — Comes with rounded teeth that will not hurt the pet in any case.
  • Perfect for Regular Combing — Ideal for everyday use and made perfectly to clear mats and loose hairs.

In case you need to reduce the shedding and clean the loosened hairs along with dematting, you can choose the product in the stoplight. The natural wooden handle is a specialty of this comb that provides excellent grip and clear mats.


  • Comes with a wooden handle.
  • Long and short teeth make dematting easy.
  • Steel rounded teeth to keep the dog unharmed.


  • Not suitable for large dogs.

Final Words

In case you hope that tangles and knots will be cleared automatically, then it will not happen. When left unattended, they become worse, and you may need to remove all the hairs from that space. It will result in a terrible way while disturbing the style of your dog.

Getting a dematting comb for dogs is a competent solution; you may search more to find the best solution if the above-listed items do not seem appropriate to you. But it would be best if you got a solution to keep your furry friend easy and in good shape.