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You love to enjoy the camping tripe with your-legged friends and want to buy the best DIY dog fence for camping. That you can use to keep them limited to a designated area to avoid chasing and searching or to avoid any disturbance. It is also a safety measure to have a fencing arrangement for your dogs on camping site. But here DIY did not mean that you can make it without any equipment, so there are portable fences available that you can assemble and disassemble at your own or can carry different hardware to build a fence at your own. Here we prefer to buy a portable dog fence that you can assemble quickly and can use for various pets.

What are the Necessary Things to Consider while Buying Fence for Camping?

There can be dozens of but we discuss only the most important once that are:

Size of Fence

A fence that you are only buying for the camping must not be in a size that you can fit in your RV or a simple car. We recommend purchasing any size between 24” to 36” in height that is enough for a medium to small size dogs. Also, take care of length most of the portable fences are available with eight panels that are the right size for camping. With eight panels you can make a boundary at one side RV and can enjoy the stay with your dogs. Even this size provides adequate space for multiple pets. But if you want to mark the large boundary, then you can take more panels with you. With a single dog, you can depend on the four-panel fence. Make it sure the size is right enough for the dog to move freely inside.


It is an essential feature to consider, especially when buying the best DIY dog fence for camping. You need to carry the fence with your either on your ordinary vehicle or on RV. A highly portable product is easy to carry and take less space in car and in-store when not in used. Prefer to buy a product consists of separable panels so you can decide to carry less panel with you on your camping trip to space and reduce weight.

Usually, portable fences are durable, and service span is much longer as compared to the fences that fixed permanently. Moreover, a portable fence can be used for multiple purposes either on function or when you visit a water area with your dog.

Material & Finish

All materials like high-quality plastic, iron, steel, and polyester or synthetic mesh are excellent and long-lasting. Just make sure that the quality of material is good. When you are buying a Best DIY Dog Fence for Camping, you are investing in a product that serves you in many of the coming years. So, we advise looking only for a quality product that can serve you for life. We recommend you buy powder coated fence because it makes fence durable ad pet-friendly, and if there is any small loophole left during manufacturing, it can cover that.

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Door or not to door?

Small dogs are easy to pick up, so if you own a little dog then having a door or not is a not a concerning area for you. But if you own a medium or large size dog, then it is a feature to consider for you. Prefer to buy with a hinged door that can be secured with a lock when needed.

If you are buying a big DIY Dog Fence for Camping, then you must look for fences that have a door. You cannot lift your large or heavy dog all the time from the fence. You prefer to have a door. When you are buying an option that takes the time or hard to disassemble then prefer to have an entry in such a fence will bring ease for you.

When you own a small or tiny Yorkies, prefer to have a door with the little lip that Yorkies can cross.


Whether your pooch love lounging in the sun or not, but excessive sun exposure can invite some problem like skin issue. So, a share can be the best choice, especially on sunny days. You can buy one, but as per our experience most of the dog’s owners use fences in the late hours, in the evening or the night so there is no particular need of shade. If you think differently like you feel that there you may need to us fence in the day time, then you may consider buying additional shelter or a fence with shelter.

1. Tespo DIY Dog Fence for Camping

Best DIY Dog Fence for Camping
  • Featured with cable ties and anti-slip pieces
  • Can take any shape
  • Completely transparent to keep eye on pets
  • Easily expandable
  • Standard product cover 20 Sq Ft
  • For all small and medium-size dogs
  • Easy to assemble, lightweight to carry and compact to store

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Tespo DIY Dog Fence for Camping is a DIY expandable. This feature allows you to expand fence to more space to leave ample space for your pet to play and enjoy the camping trip. The clear view will enable you to keep an eye on the pets from any angle, and your pets also can see that helps to reduce anxiety. This product makes the first spot in our list because it’s most lightweight and easy to carry. It takes only a little space in the vehicle, and DIY installation feature makes it an excellent choice for even a single person, and top rated diy portable dog fence for camping.

Tespo Best DIY Dog Fence for Camping creates a world for your dogs by your own hands. It’s also good to make the boundary at one side of your camping to limit your dogs on that side. Can use to build a strong barrier for your dog cable ties included in the package that can hold the fence firmly when installing adequately. Do not consider it a camping fence only it can serve your indoor equally and to make it a perfect for indoor use anti-slip pieces added in the package.

The other feature that we like most is the extendable height you can make the height double, fix the second panel on the first one. It’s easy to install a product that comes with the complete installation instructions.

Drawbacks, Not suitable for large size dogs.

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2. Tenax Mesh Dog Fence for Camping

DIY Dog Fence for Camping
  • Pet-friendly border fence
  • The complete portable solution
  • Can be reused many times.
  • High Strength round tensile structure for better fencing
  • Made to hold the dogs inside or outside of the fence
  • DIY fencing solution for camping
  • Easy to roll back
  • Take little space in the cargo compartment and your store
  • Extendable to infinity

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Tenax Mesh DIY Dog Fence for Camping is a DIY fencing solution that is made to use at any place. Well, you are looking for a fencing solution for your camping and nothing can be better than Tenax Mesh DIY Dog Fence for Camping. It is made with the durable material, and it’s a mesh that you can use over and over, and it easy to roll back. It is a weather resistance product water, and extreme weather cannot damage this product, even mud, and dust.

Drawbacks, you will need poles and ties additionally which is not included in the package

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3. PetDanze Portable Outdoor Fence

DIY Dog Fence for Camping
  • Portable dog fence
  • Flexible to take any shape
  • Can be used as one sidewall
  • Easy DIY panel arrangement with metal stakes
  • Extendable to large areas
  • Compact when disassembled
  • Can reduce size while using few panels
  • Perfect for camping trips and other adventures
  • Powder-coated rust-resistant material
  • Easy to store and carry

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PetDanze Portable Outdoor Fence featured with a hinged door which is fully securable, and you can allow your dog to use that door when required to make a way in and out. The feature that we like most is its shape, if you have kids and dogs then buy to cover a large area to mark a boundary for your kids as well as dogs on camping.

Metal stakes make it easy to install panels with each other; you can push the stake in the ground that can sturdily hold the fence. Powder-coated black vein finish makes it durable and rustproof; it can withstand harsh weather.

Drawbacks, to use it as a wall you will need some additional anchoring hardware.

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4. AmazonBasics DIY Dog Fence

AmazonBasics DIY Dog Fence for Camping
  • Portable Solution
  • Made for outdoor/camping and indoor use
  • Rustproof Iron material with nice black finish
  • 8 panels that can take any shape
  • The complete DIY solution, no special tools required for assembly
  • Comes with the ground anchor that support to stay firm on the ground
  • Comes with one-year limited warranty

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AmazonBasics DIY Dog Fence for Camping is a necessary equipment that can help you to designate a specific area for your dog in your house or outdoor. You can keep this equipment with you on your camping trip and use it as a boundary for your dog and kids as well.

The powder-coated black finish makes it a more magnificent piece for your indoor and outdoor use. Durable enough o serves you in many of the coming years. It’s compact when not in use, its compact size and lightweight feature make it easy to install, carry, and store. It comes with the stakes that you can push to the ground; these stakes hold it firmly on the ground. It is made with extra care with no extra edges and sharp corners; these features make its kids friendly too. Easy to install diy portable dog fence for camping solution that takes only a few minutes to install.

Drawbacks, Need additional anchors to use as wall and only for small to medium size dogs.

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5. IRIS Portable Fence for Dogs

 IRIS Portable Fence for Dogs
  • Portable, safe and convenient to use outdoor as well as indoor
  • Perfect to keep with you for camping trips
  • 8 commercial grade plastic panels
  • Hinged door with steel latches
  • Compact to store and lightweight to carry
  • An easy DIY installation

Shop now at Amazon

IRIS Portable Fence for Dogs make a spot in your list because of its material and construction, its equipped with the anti-slip pads on the bottom that can keep it firm on the floor when used inside. It will amaze you because it weighs only a few pounds. You can pick it up with just one hand and not need to disassemble all of the panels you can fold it to keep in your store or to carry it another place.
IRIS Portable Fence for Dogs is a perfect camping material that can be

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Is Fence fully secured for dogs to leave unattended at night?

When you are on the camping site, you can use fences to restrict your dog, but it’s not secured enough to leave your pet unattended for the night as a wild animal can make his way in with a jump and even dogs bigger than yours can make their way.

If you want to leave your dog unattended for the night on the camping site we recommend buying fence with at least 4 feet of height, it can protect your dog from other aggressive and energetic dogs as well as from the wild animals.

Can I use camping fence inside the house or in the yard?

No doubt you can use it inside the home or in the yard to mark the boundary for your kids or pets. All of the items listed above are precisely multipurpose that can be used at either place.


In case you want a complete best DIY dog fence for camping then we recommend buying Tenax Mesh DIY Dog Fence for Camping. It is a perfect and long-lasting solution that can hold your dog sand kids within the designated area. You can use a single role for a long time as it’s reusable, you need to rollback the mesh and store for your next camping trip.

Secondly, we recommend PetDanze Portable Outdoor Fence. Because it offers all that you need on camping like you can increase or decrease the length and its easy to assemble. Moreover, its made to last for years, and with one-time investment, you get a product that serves in many of coming years. Extreme weather conditions and dogs cannot damage it. Always look into your requirement into depth and then choose the best DIY dog fence for camping.

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