Do Apples Cause Weight Gain and Give Diarrhea to Dogs?

do apples cause weight gain

Ever since we got our dog, Scout, he has been eating a lot and going to the bathroom more than we would like. So we started thinking about what could be causing this and found out that apples might be the culprit. It turns out that apple peels contain an ingredient called sorbitol which can cause weight gain in animals and diarrhea for some dogs.

If you’ve noticed your dog’s stomach growling more often or they’re producing less of their droppings then they may have eaten too many apples!

In general, dog owners should avoid giving their dogs human food. While many people give their canines a stray slice of meat as a treat from time to time, providing regular meals of food intended for human consumption can be harmful to a dog’s health.

But what about natural ingredients like apples?

Apples are a sweet fruit with many vitamins and nutrients and can be the perfect treat for dogs.

It is not uncommon for humans to feed apples to their dog because apple is a replacement of candy and junk for dogs and they feel it safe for their dogs. But is it any good for them?

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Are Apples Safe for Dogs?

While apples can be an excellent snack for your dog, they should only be given to dogs in moderate amounts. Although there is no real danger of giving a small amount of apple to a pup, it is best not to do so more than once or twice a week.

On the other hand, it’s important not to give your pup the entire apple since this contains various nutrients and can cause stomach upset in some dogs. The seeds also contain cyanide which is harmful to dogs just as it would be for humans.

What about Apple Seeds?

Apple seeds usually have trace amounts of cyanide-and while this may not be much, you never want to feed these to your pets! Ingesting a large amount of cyanide can be fatal, so it’s best to keep the seeds away from your dogs and out of your pet’s reach.

Can Dogs Eat Apple Peels?

The good news is that even though apple peels contain sorbitol, which can cause diarrhea in dogs, dogs can eat them safely. It should only be fed occasionally since it has a high fiber content.

If you cut out the core part, there will be less risk of diarrhea for dogs than if they ate whole apples because the core holds most of the sorbitol.

Apple peels are great healthy snacks for dogs who love to munch on fruits now and then! But, of course, you have to cut out all seeds and cores to prevent diarrhea or constipation in dogs.

Are the Core and Seeds of Apples Poisonous for Dogs?

Luckily, apple seeds are not poisonous to dogs because they contain trace amounts of cyanide-which is harmful to people but not so much for our canine pals. But you have to remove the seeds before feeding the apples to your dog since it contains a toxin which can cause some problems like loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.,

On the other hand, the core of apples also has some harmful substances like sorbitol that can produce gas on digestion by intestinal organisms resulting in severe problems like weight gain and loose stools in dogs.

So better be safe than sorry when it comes to taking care of your four-legged friend.

The Health Benefits of Apples for Dogs?

Apples are a healthy treat in moderation. They have lots of fiber in them, giving dogs the same benefits that it has for humans! Apples can help with weight loss, better bowel movements, and regularity due to the high fiber content.

Fiber is excellent for your dog’s digestion, especially if they lack sufficient amounts in their regular diet. Fiber also helps keep stool bulkier, making it easier to pass through your pup’s system without causing blockages or injuring their digestive tract when defecating.

Your pet will be able to share some tasty apples with you as an occasional nutritious snack! However, it is best if taken away from meals since eaten several hours before or after food intake may cause stomach upset, gas and bloat.

Apple is sweet and easy to eat fruit for pets and humans too. Dogs love apples, and they provide many nutrients to their diet, but feeding them too much can cause stomach problems, so better know about a safe amount of apple for dogs before giving to your dog.

Apple as a Healthier Alternative to processed Snacks

Since apples are suitable for your dog’s health, you may want to consider other fruits too! Processed snacks have a lot of ingredients in them that can harm your pet.

For example, some processed treats contain corn syrup and sugars, which can cause obesity and diabetes in dogs. Dogs suffer from similar health problems as humans do when they eat too many sweets.

Apples are a healthier alternative to commercial dog treats because they are naturally sweet, but they have many nutrients. So try to offer your pup daily an apple slice or two, so they stay healthy and happy!

Do Apples Cause Weight Gain in Dogs?

Some dogs can gain weight or become obese when fed with too many apples.

If you give your dog an apple a day, it is not much, and they won’t get fat because one apple has only 80 calories in it. But if he eats like four apples in one day, that would make him over 400 extra calories, which could cause the dog’s weight to go up significantly.

So we think two or three small slices of apples per day should be enough for your pet! That way, both you and your canine pal can reap the health benefits of eating this healthy fruit.

How Much Apple Can a Dog Eat?

According to veterinarians, apples are safe for dogs to eat, but feeding them more than just a few times per week can cause stomach problems.

A slice or two of apple is okay if given once or twice a week as an occasional treat, but some seem to think it’s cool to feed their dog with some apple slices every day. Unfortunately, giving your pet this fruit every day may lead to diarrhea and other digestive problems too! So better feed your pup apples only on some special days, so he remains healthy.

Can I Give My Dog an Apple a Day?

You can give your dog an apple a day, but you cannot make it a routine because it can lead to excessive poop, upset stomach, and in worse conditions, you might have to deal with diarrhea.

Do Apples Make Dogs Pee?

Although apples are healthy for dogs to eat, please don’t give your canine friend too many because they contain high amounts of fructose. And one of the main things that can lead to loose stools is an excess amount of fructose in their diet.

So try to feed your canine with just a few slices once or twice per week, so he remains healthy and happy!

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