When you have a big vehicle like Jeep Grand Cherokee, it’s easy to keep four paws passengers with you. But having excited dogs in the car invited some of the most common problems like dogs to distract the driver and create a problem for other passengers and can damage the interior of the Jeep. The ultimate and straightforward solution is a dog barrier. Dog barrier can separate the dog from passenger and limit him only to his designated area; In Jeep Grand Cherokee cargo compartment is a preferred area to keep your dog separated. We review several dog barrier that helps to deal with the situation and finally make a list of 5 best dog barrier for Jeep Grand Cherokee. Hopefully, our efforts make your job easy. Here we also list five best available barriers for jeep Cherokee, our list includes:

1Travall Guard Compatible with Jeep Grand Cherokee
2Bushwhacker Cargo Area Dog Barrier
3Adakiit Adjustable Dog Barrier
4Guardian Gear Pet Vehicle Barrier
5Arf Pets Dog Car Wire Barrier

Keep in mind when a dog distracts driver, he becomes less focused on the road and cannot respond in timely manners to any surprise on the road. Usually, the driver uses their arm to keep the dog away, and that is the root of the problem. The best jeep grand Cherokee dog partition keeps the dog away from the driver, so the driver can focus on the road, which is necessary for the safety of the driver as well as the four-paws passenger.

There is another benefit, a barrier can save you from any object from behind in case of accidents. We advise buying a dog barrier for Jeep Gran Cherokee that can fit snuggly and can withstand against the pressure of your energetic dog.

If you want to know what are the necessary things to consider while buying a dog barrier? Then please find our best dog car barrier buyers guide, and FAQs help you to get the answer of common questions you have in mind.

Best dog barrier for jeep

We reviewed multiple options like a barrier that can permanently fix to separate your cargo area and one that you can use with front seats as well as in the cargo area. Let move on to list to dig out more:

1. Travall Guard Compatible with Jeep Grand Cherokee

dog barrier for jeep grand Cherokee
  • Innovative design
  • Removable cargo section dog barrier
  • Perfect rattle-free fit
  • Made with stainless steel, powder-coated thick wires
  • Made for snug and precision fit
  • Easy to install no drilling or vehicle modification required
  • Supplied with fitting kit

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We always love to review and recommend the products that are made explicitly for a make and model, because such a product is made with super precision and leave no question behind. Travall Guard Compatible with Jeep Grand Cherokee is the best jeep grand Cherokee dog accessories because it’s specially made for it. It supports all under-listed models”

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 (2010 – 2013)
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 (2013 – Current)
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT (2011 – 2013)
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT (2013 – Current)

Travall made it for snug and precision fit, and high-quality stainless steel used in its construction. More surprisingly no need of drilling to install this innovatively designed dog barrier in your Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is made to bear the pressure of large size dogs, so once fixed, even your energetic dog cannot squeeze through this dog barrier.

Its installation is different from other traditional dog barriers; a separate installation kit included in the package. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty that can ensure your investment remains safe for life.

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2. Bushwhacker Cargo Area Dog Barrier

dog barrier for jeep grand Cherokee
  • Scratch and tear-resistant
  • Durable metal tubing frame
  • The new mesh is made to last
  • Easy to install
  • Can Keep your car and pet safe, secure and clean
  • Virtually indestructible by energetic dogs

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Bushwhacker Cargo Area Dog Barrier is one that does not touch to your interior other than the seats. It is made to fit the headrests and come with straps that can be used to install it snuggly. Its frame made with half-inch metal tubing that supports the screen withstand against the pressure of energetic dogs.

This is a non-universal fit and can be used for Jeep Grand Cherokee but before ordering measure the size of your vehicle and make it sure you are buying the right size for your vehicle.

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3. Adakiit Adjustable Dog Barrier 

5 Best Dog Barrier for Jeep Grand Cherokee (Reviews) in 2019
  • Flexible strap design
  • Restrict your pet safely in the vehicle cargo area
  • Keep you safe from objects behind in case of an accident
  • Universal fit and fully adjustable
  • High-quality steel and durable Nylong straps
  • Easy to install and remove

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If you want a pet barrier for jeep Cherokee that does not touch the interior from either side and can stand firmly against your energetic dog then Adakiit Adjustable Dog Barrier is for you. It comes with nylon straps to attach it with the headrests and with metal grips the combination can hold it firmly and avoid any falling off.

It can deal with the pressure of multiple dogs and can keep them safe. There are no sharp corners to cope with, finished with round corners and your dogs remain safe with it. More importantly, it covers all open space with its sliding sides, and your dog does not get any space to squeeze around.

It ensures no distraction from the dog, saves you from any object from behind in case of an accident. It adds an extra level of protection for you, other passengers, as well as for the dog. It is a universal fit that can be used with any vehicle out there and its adjustable sides work with all makes and models. It’s easy to install; you can fix it without any tool, well if you have multiple cars, it is the best solution for you.

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4. Guardian Gear Pet Vehicle Barrier

5 Best Dog Barrier for Jeep Grand Cherokee (Reviews) in 2019
  • Its new model equipped with a gate
  • Keeps dog safe in the cargo area
  • Easy to install pressure mounted dog barrier
  • Made with powder-coated tubular steel
  • Rubberized feet to prevent marks on interior
  • Highly adjustable on both sides to leave no space for squeezing to the front seat
  • Comes with easy to use thumb screws
  • It can hold the dog in cargo area even if you fold the 2nd-row seats

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Guardian gear pet vehicle barrier is the best choice as a jeep grand Cherokee pet barrier because it is adjustable on both sides and its bars make it possible to cover all open space. Its extendable legs give it a height that can fix its floor and ceiling. The good thing that we like most about this model is, it makes no noise when the vehicle is on the road — made to fit in all types of vehicles with the cargo area.

It is easy to fix with its knobs, and it measures 35 to 31 inches in width and 26 to 44 inches in height. Its flexibility makes it a universal fit.

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5. Arf Pets Dog Car Wire Barrier

dog barrier for jeep grand Cherokee
  • Keep pet away from drivers and passengers
  • Adjustable to fit in most the cars
  • Rubber tip feet and header to protect the interior of jeep grand Cherokee
  • Durable steel wire construction
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Comes with the satisfaction guarantee

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It is another option to keep your pet in the cargo area; it is a budget-friendly option that made with high-quality steel wires. It is a universal fit and adjustable to fit in any car out there. Moreover, it comes with the 100% satisfaction guarantee so in case you are not satisfied with the jeep grand Cherokee pet barrier then you can ask for a refund.

It is featured with rubberized caps that protect the interior of the vehicle when fixed and also helpful to eliminate noise. We recommend this product for medium and small size dogs.

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Keep your pet secure with a reliable barrier

In the USA millions of dog owners travel with their pets and many of them admit to not restrain that. This could potentially pose a problem as during crash pets and other passengers in the vehicle could get injured severely. By installing a good quality jeep pet barrier you can make your grand Cherokee safe for your four paws passenger and others traveling with you. With quality and adjustable options, you can firmly keep your dog confined in the cargo/specific area, away from passengers that will keep your dog safe and reduce the likelihood of injuries during emergency stops.

A good quality jeep barrier attaches to the floor and ceiling directly behind the rare seats and creating an effective partition between the cargo area and passenger. Such partition creates the ultimate solution that prevents the dogs to jump into the passenger seats, result in no distraction that minimizes the accidents. Keeping pets in the cargo area safeguard the passenger area from pet hair, odors, and stains as well as reduce wear and tear costs.


The variety that is available in the market always make to choose a right product difficult. We still prefer to recommend the products specifically made for a make and model because the benefits possible with such products are not likely with other traditional options. We recommend Travall Guard Compatible with Jeep Grand Cherokee as the best dog barrier for Jeep Grand Cherokee. Because it’s made for it and its fitting choice is unique that make its snug fix, and large breed energetic dogs cannot make their way through it.

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