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Having a pickup truck gives a nice feel as you can keep your four-paws friends with you easily, and they can experience the drive the same as you. But it’s not a good idea to give your dogs space in the open cargo space behind when you are traveling in a pickup truck. Our four-legged friends also want to keep an eye on owners as they want to enjoy the driving experience while sitting near you. But dealing with their distraction is a real challenge, and it can be dangerous. And here needs the best dog barrier for pickup trucks to stop distraction and focus on the road to deal with any surprises. A dog barrier for truck also acts as a safety device for dogs.

The modern pickup trucks are equipped with luxurious interiors, infotainment systems, and comfortable seats with more space to accommodate more passengers. As a do owner, you may not allow your dogs to mix up with other passengers and to jump on the front seat of your vehicle. So, in such a situation, a dog barrier can keep your dog limited to the designated area and do not allow the dogs to squeeze into the front seat.

You can use a dog barrier in your pickup truck to keep your dog limited to the back seat. Modern barriers are just like interior pieces of vehicles. They are designed and made to become an integral part of your vehicle.

These barriers are pet-friendly and do not leave a mark on the interior of your pickup truck. A variety of options are available in the market that makes a choice difficult. To do your job easier, we review dozens of dog barriers for pickup trucks and finally make a list of the five best dog barriers for a pickup truck.

Our efforts help you to buy a top-rated product for your vehicle.

If you want in-depth information to support your buying decision, you can consider our Buyers Guide and FAQ to get the answer to any question you have in mind. Let’s move on to the list of best dog barriers for pickup truck:

1. Bushwhacker Pickup Truck Dog Barrier

dog barrier for truck
  • Made with scratch and tear resistance pet screen.
  • Tubular steel frame, lightweight and only 1/2 inches thick.
  • Easy to attach mechanism with front seats.
  • Frame covered with foam to leave no marks on the interior.
  • Keep your pet in the designated area to stop distraction.
  • Keep your and your dog secure during an accident.
  • Easy to install and clean.

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To prevent a dog from jumping to the front seat in a pickup truck, you need to cover ample space that is not easy. Bushwhacker Pickup Truck Dog Barrier is one that can cover from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, and make sure that no space left for your dog to squeeze into the front seat. It is made to last and durable enough to hold your most energetic dogs and all other pets. Chew effects and scratches cannot damage the screen.

Moreover, this easy-to-fix dog barrier leaves no mark on the interior as it fixes with the headrests of the vehicle.

The mesh design of Dog barrier for pickup trucks allows rear AC/heater vents to flow through the barrier, and you can interact with your dog, and he can see you through.

When your dog can see you when you are on a trip, it helps to control a dog’s anxiety. It comes in two variants the one 56 inches wise for large pickup trucks, and the other one is 50 inches wide to fit in the smaller ones.

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2. AUTOWN Pickup Truck Dog Barrier

pet barrier for truck
  • Stop distraction from kids and four-paws passengers.
  • The mesh design allows air and clear visibility.
  • Elasticity allows to stretch it to fit in any vehicle.
  • Good storage to organize your multiple items.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to install and uninstall.
  • Help to keep dog anxiety level in control.

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If you are looking for a solution that is budget-friendly and most easy to install and uninstall, as well as allow air and clear visibility, then AUTOWN Pickup Truck Dog Barrier is for you. It was made with durable material and came with four straps that can be fixed with the headrests and front seats. The feature that we like most is, it’s a storage device that you can use to keep your precious items and items that are hard to organize, like magazines, mobile, tablet keys, etc.

This dog barrier for a pickup truck is a truly universal fit that can use with any vehicle out there. It can stretch to any possible width between two front seats — a perfect barrier to keep your dog limited to the back seat.

Drawbacks, Only suitable for small and medium-size dogs. Not ideal for jumpers and large energetic dogs.

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3. Best Dog Barrier for Pickup Truck

truck dog barrier
  • Fully adjustable, designed to keep everyone safe.
  • Provides high visibility, no distraction from dogs.
  • Designed for easier and safer driving.
  • Smart design for a perfect fit.
  • Simple to install no special tools or holes required.
  • Compact to store.

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The original Zookeeper pickup truck barrier is a universal fit that moves with your seats, tilt, recline all with ease. These features are not available with any other dog barrier for a pickup truck. We recommend this barrier most because it’s easy to uninstall, and you can keep it installed as it provides clear visibility and does not block the rearview mirror. Moreover, you both can see each other and dogs can enjoy the trip as well.

It’s a smart design that can stretch up to 61 inches and leave no space for your pet to squeeze from any side. Made with durable material and have the capability to withstand the pressure of most energetic dogs. Designed for easy installation, and it will not leave any mark on the interior.

Drawbacks, not suite bale for tiny size dogs as they can make their way to the front seat.

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4. Walky Guard Adjustable Car Barrier

dog barrier for truck
  • Made to fit in any vehicle with adjustable headrests.
  • Expandable from wall to wall and can reach the ceiling.
  • Leave no space for dogs to jump on the front seat.
  • Made with high-quality steel to last for years.
  • Powder-coated finish.
  • Durable to withstand the pressure of energetic and multiple dogs.
  • Easy to install.

Walky Guard Adjustable Car Barrier for Pet Automotive Safety is one if you want a barrier that can fix sturdy can cover from wall to wall and reach the ceiling. It makes a spot on our list because it is made with steel, and its powder-coated finish makes an interior piece of your vehicle.

A universal fit because it’s adjustable on both sides, and you can fit it in any vehicle to keep your dog limited to the backseat or separate the cargo area from the passenger area.

Drawbacks, Not suitable for a vehicle with fixed headrests and seats having seatbelt box in the center.

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5. Kurgo Backseat Dog Barrier Best Sog Barrier for Truck

pet barrier for truck
  • Can be used for Cars, Trucks, SUV, a universal fit.
  • Easy to install.
  • Comes with a pocket to store belongings of your dog.
  • Mesh top allow the dogs to enjoy travelling experience.
  • Attaches to the back of front seat and do not create any challenge for drive and other passengers.

Kurgo is a trusted name. Every owner is familiar with this brand. Their dog barriers are trustworthy and made with high-quality material. This dog barrier will give you peace of mind. You can stay focused on your driving while your pooch can rest in the backseat. All of his efforts to come to the front seat and share the driving experience with you will be blocked by this barrier.

It will keep your dog confined to his designated area, so another human passenger on the front seat will also remain safe from his distraction.  Its mesh design allows you to see the dog backseat; While your pup also can see you, in the long run, it helps to manage the anxiety in dogs. Mesh windows allow the air to circulate freely.

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A variety of products available in the market can be used as a dog barrier for pickup trucks, but they are made to benefit the end-user. Our recommendation goes to the Zookeeper pickup truck barrier because you need clear visibility to see around the vehicle and at the back when owning a pickup truck.

This pickup truck dog barrier allows clear visibility, and you can keep an eye around, and it does not block the rear-view mirror. Moreover, it’s also pet-friendly. Your dog can equally enjoy the trip like you. He can see around and keep an eye on you, which helps him manage the anxiety.

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