10 Best Under Bed Blockers for Pets in 2022

under bed blocker for pets

Your dog may love to sleep and rest under the bed and drag all of his toys and accessories under the bed area. It is normal with dogs, usually with medium, small, and tiny-sized dogs. They feel more comfortable and secure in such areas. But it’s hard to recover stuff from such a place, and cleaning also becomes a challenge.

If you are suffering from the same situation and tired of bending and kneeling, then the under bed blocker for pets is designed for you. It protects the blow the bed area from pets, prevents your toys from entering, and keeps the under-bed space free from dust and dirt.

It is an authentic solution, but unfortunately, minimal options are available in the market. We put our efforts to review some of the top-rated products and make a final list from which you can buy one with confidence. We recommend buying a product that matches the height of the area that you need to cover. Here is detail about our selected products.

Before moving forward let’s have a look at our top recommendations:

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9 Best Under Bed Blockers for Pets

Choices are very limited but our researchers find few trustworthy products which are made with BPA-free material and safe for kids as well as pets. Please measure the height of your bed or sofa properly before ordering any time to avoid future hassle.

1. UPSTONE Under Bed Blocker for Pets

Dog barrier for under bed

Key Features

  • High-Quality material, made with waterproof PVC
  • Easy cleaning, removable and washable
  • simple and elegant design suitable for every household furniture bed, sofa, etc
  • Furniture friendly, leave no marks on furniture
  • Fast and easy installation, cut able for gaps lower than 3″
  • Keep the under bed clean, and restrict dogs from entering there
  • Best under bed blocker for pets cons

UPSTONE Gap Bumper for Under Furniture saves you from the mess you create under the bed; it’s hard to reach under the bed to clean and collect toys and dog accessories. Many pet lovers and vets believe that dogs feel more protected under the bed, and they want to play there, hide there and rest there. But it creates a cleaning challenge that is hard to meet.

The ultimate solution to this problem is a gap bumper that can cover all the openings under the bed, make sure your dog cannot visit below the bed, and stop everything going under the bed like toys and other accessories.

A gap bumper for furniture is a great accessory to deal with the most common problems; and this one is our top recommendation as under bed blocker for pets.

The product in the post light is 3.2 inches high and comes n eight pieces of 16” length that is enough for a bed to serve as a beneath bed barrier. This couch gap blocker can firmly adhere to the hard surface floor like marble, vinyl, wood, etc. There is no match for this product it’s a unique furniture blocker for pets.

It can stop anything from going under the bed and sofa where you use it. It protects under-bed space from the dogs and dirt and dust when you cover all the openings beneath the bed with a gap bumper. It doesn’t lose anything underneath your couch ever again.

It comes with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied you can get your money back and keep you away from use of zip ties.


  • Easy to install without special tools
  • Available in different sizes
  • Fit perfectly on every gap
  • No extra cost of installation


  • Nothing found not to love

2. Bowerbird Clear Under Bed Blocker for Pets Carpet

under bed blocker

Key Features

  • Available in different heights to adjust with any furniture like bed, sofa, etc
  • Provide clear visibility under the bed so you can see what’s inside
  • Easy to install, fix on any hard surface
  • Featured with Non-residue tape technology that makes it easy to remove and clean
  • A perfect device for concealing which is washable and easy to clean

Bowerbird Clear Toy Blockers is made to deal with naughty dogs who love to remain engaged in the efforts to push their toys under the bed and then start scratching everything that comes into the way to get them back. The mess they create underneath is hard to clean even vacuums do not work well under the bed.

There is no need to take veterinary advice for using this blocker for pets.

You can cut the size to make it a perfect fit, and it’s easy to remove, like when you need to access the below bed area. You can remove this under-bed dog barrier and access the area; moreover, it provides clear visibility to see what is underneath. It protects the down the bed and sofa space from the dirt and dust and stops everything like kids’ toys.

If you are dealing with similar issues, you must install this hardware to avoid cleaning messes and collecting toys and accessories from beneath the bed obviously it’s a competent solution instead to steel frames.


  • No special tools required for installation
  • Environmentally friendly choice
  • Perfect solution for toys and pets
  • Fits with most beds under space


  • Pricey as compared to first recommendation

3. World Backyard ( Queen Size )

under bed blocker

Key Features

  • Keep dirt and dust away
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Non-toxic and safe for humans and pets
  • Made with BPA free PVC waterproof material
  • Provide 80-degree angle
  • Strong and reusable

It will keep you away from staining to get your pets back from under the bed and couches, and it also prevents your kids’ toys from going under the bed. The most significant opportunity is its reusable features; you can remove it from one place and can use it in another. Also valuable for other terms like it keep the dirt and dust from accumulating under the furniture.

We recommend it because it can be used on any surface, either marble, tile, or vinyl. It firmly sticks to the floor and prevents large and small objects from going under the bed. Surprisingly it will not leave any mark on the floor when you remove it.

Safe for pets and kids as there are no sharp edges and burrs so that you may use it in your kids’ room. It is 4.7 inches high and can be used on surfaces with a gap of seven inches. Due to these features, this under bed blocker for pets makes a spot on our list.


  • Easy to install without special tools
  • Perfect solution for toys and pets
  • Matches with all furniture types
  • Amazing DIY solution to cover gaps


It long run not remain in color

4. QIYIHOME Under Bed Blocker

stop dog from going under bed

Key Features

  • Made with durable materials
  • It can be used on multiple surface types
  • Waterproof and dust resistant
  • Easy to clean and install
  • Effectively block pets, balls, and toys

A different but reliable solution to prevent dogs, toys, balls, dust, and rust from going under the bed. Useable on steel surfaces, tiles, etc. Easy to assemble and highly moveable, you can use it one day in bed and on another day on the couch. Likely you can use where your dogs and kids play most.

It is not entirely transparent, but one can see it on the other side while sitting near it—no more bending and kneeling to get stuff and pets that roll under the bed or couch. No use of zip ties with this product.


  • No special tools required for installation
  • Available in different sizes
  • Suitable for kids room
  • It’s water resistant


  • Only suitable for small pets

5. Zodight Dog Barrier for Under Bed

under bed pet blocker

Key Features

  • Stronger toy blocker
  • Residue-free and high sickness
  • Easy to use, install and cut
  • It comes in a pack of 8 and 5
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee

It’s made of premium PVC material which makes it durable and gives a longer service life. During our review, we found it durable and flexible. It can bend and fits easily and cover a 3.3 inches gap, which is a little bit less than our top recommendations.

Traceless tape with double-sided solid adhesive helps to fix it properly. It’s easy to remove, and its adhesive tap is good to use on any type of surface. It will not leave traces on the floor. Surely you do not need to take veterinary advice for using this blocker for pets.

You can cut it as per your required length and then tap to install it in the package. A novice can install it without the help of an expert hand and without using any tool, but yes, you may need to cut to get a proper size. So no more pipe insulation to cover furniture gaps.


  • Clear blocker ideal for larger breeds
  • Environmentally friendly choice
  • Matches with all furniture types
  • Designed by animal lover


  • Stickiness is not reuseable

6. World Backyard Tall Under Bed Blocker

Key Features

  • Available in different heights to fit in any furniture
  • Protect the under bed area from dirt and dust
  • Made with durable PVC sheet
  • Flat with a nearly 80° angle
  • Transparent and powerful to stop anything
  • Fix sturdy with residue tape
  • Easy to clean and wash

World Backyard Furniture Dog Barrier is a unique furniture blocker for dogs and toys. If you are tired of cleaning frequently and suffering from kneeling and bending, then a dog furniture blocker is made for you. It’s the right solution to the most common problems. Easy to set up, and it keeps dirt and dust from accumulating under the bed and sofas.

This couch defender for dogs is stable, fixes on any hard surface, moveable and washable, and strong enough to hold your small pets to visit the under-bed area. It is featured with the non-residue tape technology that makes it strong enough to act as a couch defender for dogs.

We recommend it most because PVC technology is powerful enough to hold the small energetic dogs, and you can cut it to fix to any size. Remember it’s not a furniture bumper.


  • Amazing DIY solution to cover gaps
  • Perfectly stop pets from going under the bed
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Easy Installation no need to be tech geek


  • Dirt and dust stick to it

7. Vapaa Under Bed Blocker for Pets

Key Features

  • The clear plastic barrier blocks kids’ toys, small pets, and dog balls as well as dust and dirt
  • It doesn’t leave damage on the floor and furniture
  • Highly customizable great for beds and sectional couches
  • Washable and easy to install with residue tape technology
  • Strong enough to last for many years, made with PVC sheet

Vapaa Under Couch Toy Blocker helps deal with the small dogs who love to be trapped under the bed. It can block the dog balls, accessories, and other toys from being trapped below the bed and is practical to keep them dirt and dust-free.

All of its features make it the best dog barrier under the bed, which can serve you for a much longer time. So no more pipe insulation to cover furniture gaps.

If it’s hard for you to retrieve your lost items and worry about kneeling every time, then the gap bumper from Vappa is the solution you need. We know that it is hard to lift your heavy furniture item every time to get your pet out and recover toys and other things. It is a reason we recommend installing it under the bed dog barrier.


  • Clear blocker ideal for larger breeds
  • Super Sticky bottom
  • Fix sturdy on hard surfaces
  • Fits with king size bed


Everything is up to standard

8. Generic Under Furniture Gap Bumper

Key Features

  • Made with steel, rubber, and polyester
  • 10 Footlong 2.5 inches wide barrier to use with couch and bed
  • Easy to install only take a minute to setup
  • Wrap around any size of furniture
  • Easy to clean and machine washable so you can refresh it when required
  • Highly scalable

Generic Under Furniture Gap Bumper is a most budget-friendly solution which is flexible enough to use with any furniture. Once installed, it is strong enough to hold the dogs and other stuff outside. The gap bumper creates a strong shield for the gap between the bed and floor. Designed for hard surface floor.

The combination of stainless steel and rubber makes a perfect grip around any size of furniture legs without measuring, cutting, sticking, or tools. We recommend it because it is a portable solution that you can install and remove easily and perfectly to stop the kid’s toys from skating below the bed and couches.

If we compare it with upstone under the bed blocker it can cover more area in a single row and it’s an alternative solution to steel frames.

It saves well to keep your dog away from the bed under area and is also good to use with the Kitchen Islands, armoires, dressers, nightstands, couches, recliners, and any other type that you may have. It is also helpful to prevent accumulating dust and dirt under the bed area.


  • Fix sturdy on hard surfaces
  • Can be used for other pets
  • Perfectly stop pets from going under the bed
  • Designed by animal lover


  • Only once useable on carpets

9. Prevents All Pets & Toys from Getting Under Furniture

Key Features

  • It comes in one piece
  • Easy to set up under sofa’s beds and any furniture
  • Soft and non-scratching
  • Block the objects, toys, balls, and dust from being accumulated beneath furniture
  • Anti-dust material is easy to clean
  • Easy to store when not in use
  • Soft and comfortable to touch

Blockers Prevent All Pets & Toys is a new and authentic solution that can prevent pets and toys from going under sofas and other furniture. It’s a flexible solution that can prevent barking and scratching for the lost toys, and you can expect no more urine under the couch or bed from the pets.

If you allow your dogs to play inside with toys and suffer from strange smells every time you need to go to your knees to recover a toy, you surely need this solution. 

In case you are searching, how to block off under the bed? Then the product in the spotlight is an exact solution for you. It is priced reasonably and its easy installation makes it a hot favorite. Keep in mind it’s not a furniture bumper. So no more pipe insulation to cover furniture gaps.

It will prevent chewing through cords from the small pets and surely save you costly from scratching that dogs usually cause to get a toy back. While on the other side, it’s also a good toy blocker for kids and can keep the bed under space free from dust will result in less dust meaning less cleaning.


  • Super Sticky bottom
  • Suitable for toys, dogs, and other pets
  • Manufactured with high quality materials
  • Fits with king size bed


  • It might not be easy installation for novices
  • Only suitable for tall furniture

How to Keep Dog from Going Under Bed?

We like heightened furniture that sits above the floor with its feet that usually comes 4 inches or six inches in height. The dark side is, that the furniture manufacturer does not make any accessories to cover the sofa and beneath-bed spaces. It becomes an ideal house for toys either that belong to your kids or dogs. Dogs usually love to hide in that space and they also learn to keep their stuff underneath.

Your homemade trick and tips may not work as dogs quickly learn how to deal with them and again get access to their favorite space. All the products which are listed above are designed to stop such open spaces and prevent dogs to access them. Upstone under-bed blocker is our first recommendation to stop dogs from going under the bed.



The best under bed blocker for pets is a lifesaver. It can save you from bending and kneeling; whether you use it for dogs or kids, it’s a solution to most the common problems. We recommend UPSTONE Under Furniture Gap Bumper because it’s durable, easy to install, and a practical, and robust barrier that can hold your small energetic pets outside the bed area.

It is useful to prevent dust and dirt, and you can remove it whenever you need to access the area. Moreover, it provides clear visibility so you can see the stuff inside. And, of course, it stops stuff from dogs and kids outside.