10+ Best Dog Blanket for Couch in 2022 to Protect Your Costly Belonging

dog blanket for couch

Dogs can stay warm due to their physical structure; they get heat from inside. But in extreme cold, they need shelter and a blanket that can protect them from extreme cold. Larger dogs need large blankets, and small dogs need small blankets; it all depends on the size and breed. When you allow your dog to sit on the couch there, a Best Dog Blanket for Couch is used to perform two duties. The first one is to protect the couch, and the second is to keep the dog warm.

We reviewed dozens of dog blankets, from expensive to inexpensive ones, to find the best. We considered the material used to create the blanket and the different sizes, colors, and patterns available, and the size availability. We noted additional options, like blankets that are waterproof, heated, and weighted and their durability. And, of course, we listened to the dogs’ reviews.

1. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Blanket

dog blanket for couch

Key Features

  • Self-warming blanket generates warmth naturally by trapping-in your dog’s body heat over time.
  • Sherpa fleece soft Sherpa fleece enhances your dog’s sleep experience by offering a snuggly and gentle surface to sleep on.
  • Electricity-free Your dog gets to enjoy a warm and toasty blanket without the hazards of electric blankets.

Durable, sturdy, and warm, the FurHaven dog blanket is an all-rounder for when you need something for the long-term. Made with Sherpa fleece, it offers all the warmth and comfort that your dog needs for a good night’s sleep. It does not rely on electricity for generating heat but rather self-warms with its enclosed thermal sheets.

The soft fleece features thermal sheets that reflect the heat generated by your dog’s body and keeps it warm throughout the night. Moreover, your dog will have a vibrant and snuggly surface to play with and cuddle-up on with a blend of soft plush lambswool and terry fabric on both sides. It is also relatively lightweight and can be easily placed in different places as needed.

Moreover, the firm and sturdy surface offer dependable protection to your couch. This ensures that your sofa doesn’t get damaged because of dog bites or scratches over time. It is our top recommended dog blanket for the couch.

Overall, the blanket is an excellent choice for such dog parents who want something they can use daily without replacing it anytime soon.

2. PetFusion Premium Pet Blanket

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Key Features

  • Machine washable   can be easily washed in the machine and also dries up quickly.
  • Polyester micro-plush   material used is silky smooth, and even dense enough to keep your dog warm.
  • Reversible surface both sides of the blanket are comfy and friendly so that you can change sides to the cleaner one for your convenience.

Finding the perfect dog blanket that will stay in place and protect your couch is no easy task. This problem is only furthered when you have a full energy and playful dog all day long.

The PetFusion Dog Blanket is specially designed with playful pets in mind. You get a reversible surface, ensuring that your dog isn’t unprotected when it constantly creases up the blanket. This reversible blanket is excellent for individuals with pets that are always jumping around and leaving their blanket.

However, even after finding a sturdy and well-weighted blanket, you often have to deal with constant shedding as you wash it over time.

In the long-run, your blanket only gets thinner and thinner, which means less protection for your couch and lower warmth and comfort for your dog. With this couch dog blanket, you can remain assured that it will remain easily machine-washable without shedding or thinning over time.

Overall, its polyester micro-plush surface is exceptionally soft and gentle towards your dog’s body.

3. PETMAKER Waterproof Pet Blanket

Key Features

  • Waterproof surface protects your couch from spillage and dog saliva.
  • Thick, weighted build I250GSM dense solid flannel and 230GSM thick Sherpa helps the blanket stay in place.
  • Soft and comfortable fur the fur on it is soft and comfortable, so your dog can lay on it for hours.

While couch protection is a significant consideration, it’s crucial to have a quick spread blanket. Having a thick blanket is great for chilly winter nights but not as helpful when you need something that goes under your dog’s body.

While the PetMaker blanket is moderately weighted and warm with a 250 GSM flannel and 230 GSM of Sherpa, it does not add to bulky weight. It is one of the best-rated dog blankets for the couch.

The material and fur are easy to fold and carry around so that you can switch up places many times during the day. The small weight makes it more manageable and does not put a strain on your body.

Even better, it is waterproof, which gives an extra layer of protection to your couch from any spillage.

Overall, the blanket is excellent for chilly nights as the soft surface is protective and cozy for your dog.

4. Pet Soft Blankets for Large Dogs

Pet Soft Blankets for Large Dogs, Fluffy Cats Dogs Blankets for Small Medium & Large Dogs, Cute Print Pet Throw Puppy Blankets 3 Pack

Key Features

  • Well-absorbent the blanket is highly absorbent, making it great for wrapping up your dog after showers.
  • Velvet fabric the soft coral velvet fabric does not absorb much dirt, and any dog hair can be easily removed.
  • Durable build you get healthy and sturdy seams that will not shed or become thin even after frequent usage.

The Pet Soft Dog blanket is made of a fluffy, weighted fabric that gives you just the right amount of warmth and comforts your dog needs. The blanket is well-absorbent, which makes it especially great for placing it under your dog right after a shower. The high-quality, durable material is perfect for individuals who want something that will live through rough and heavy usage.

The velvet fabric makes the blanket relatively easy to manage and fold up. You don’t need a lot of space, and it can be taken along your travels whenever required.

Moreover, dog hair is a massive problem with fur blankets, and it can be hard to remove all the dog hair after a long day of use. The soft coral velvet fabric ensures that you don’t have to face these issues again.

The smooth surface does not absorb much hair and makes cleaning relatively easy with only a light brushing.

5. Softan Pet Blanket, Soft Dog Bed Blanket

dog blanket for couch

Key Features

  • Extra-Large size the blanket is designed for large dogs such as Labradors and Huskies to ensure broader coverage.
  • Tough-quality seams dog bites or scratches – will not rip or tear the blanket thanks to thick seams that can be hard to cut through.
  • Lightweight   making it great for mobility as it is easy to pack and carry along. 

Lightweight yet toasty, the Softan Dog blanket is an all-rounder for pampering up your large dogs. If you have a large dog, then you always need something unique and extra for it. Regular blankets don’t offer as much coverage and protection for your large dog as those designed with their size in mind.

It is made with a highly sturdy and dense fabric that keeps your dog protected from the cold surface. The fluffy flannel fleece feels soft and toasty against your dog’s body and ensures a warm and comfortable sleep.

Moreover, its sturdy seams are especially useful for couch protection. Your dog’s bites or constant scratches won’t be transferred to your couch in any way. It is the most durable dog blanket for the couch.

Even better, fleece fur holds an excellent grip on your couch and does not quickly move out of place, which further ensures couch protection.

6. Bone Dry Embossed Bone Print Pet Blanket

Bone Dry Embossed Bone Print Pet Blanket, Blue

Key Features

  • Detailed stitching  sturdy stitches on the side increase the blanket’s longevity and do not come off after washing it.
  • Polyester Microfiber Build — the blanket is not too warm or thin, making it great for lightly cold nights or the autumn season.
  • Low-maintenance easy to care for as the material does not crease-up or needs to be washed frequently.

Dog blankets can be hard to care for and maintain. It is not feasible or even practical to wash and dry-up a blanket every other week. This is why Bone dry Pet Blanket is so attractive to dog owners. The blanket is relatively low-maintenance and does not demand much care or washing.

The Polyester microfiber does not absorb much dirt or dog hair and will remain reasonably clean on its own. Moreover, the tough-quality stitching on it ensures a long durable, and reliable use. You can stay assured that its stitching will not wear out upon washing.

It’s made with polyester microfiber, which ensures that you can place it on your couch for all four seasons without worrying about warming up your dog more than needed.

Overall, it’s soft and lightweight and offers just the right amount of warmth and comfort that your dog needs when indoors.

7. AIPERRO 2 Pack Premium Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket

dog blanket for couch

Key Features

  • Couch-Protection thick and dense surface does not transfer scratches or dog bites to the couch or other surfaces where they are placed.
  • Dense and weighted a well-weighted blanket that stays in place and does not crease upon movement by your dog. 
  • Easy to care for Because of the ease of washing it in a machine.

AIPERRO dog blanket has a very dense and weighted build. Made with Berber fleece, the blanket offers an impressively warm and cozy surface for your dog to cuddle upon. The chunky fur on it ensures that the heat from your dog’s body remains within the blanket. These also help with warming up your dog more and more the longer they lay on it.

This thick blanket is handy for too chilly winter nights or extreme weather conditions. If you need that extra level of warmth and comfort for your dog, this big, chunky blanket is the perfect solution.

Moreover, because the blanket is quite weighted, it can be hard to move for your dog. This ensures that your playful dog does not crease-up your blanket as it moves and jumps around. It is a cost-effective dog blanket for the couch as it comes in a pack of two.

It is also useful for dogs who like to sleep on the floor or lay on the floor for long periods.

You can let your dog have fun on the floor for as long as you want as its thick, mat-like structure does not transfer any cold from the floor.

8. Comsmart Dog Blanket

Comsmart Dog Blanket, Pet Puppy Blanket Cotton Fluffy Soft Throw Blanket Kitten Mat Pad Bed Cover for Dogs, Cats, Animals -37.4 x 31.5 inches (Brown)

Key Features

  • Shu Velveteen material enhances longevity and comfort manifold.
  • Fluffy texture surface makes your pet sleep peacefully.
  • Protected feel Because of the velveteen material.

This one is great for floors without a mat as its smooth, dense surface covers up for it. It is made with Shu velveteen material, which is impressively warm and protective. You can take it along for outdoor areas as well to shield your dog against the cold floor.

If you want something that your dog will love to sleep on, this is a great choice.

Its chunky, textured surface contours to the dog’s body nicely and allows them to wrap it inside for a warm and cozy sleep at night. When you have a small puppy, it can be challenging to find a chunky and weighted blanket and not bulk up your dog’s little body. Its size and weight are especially perfect for small-sized dogs such as Chihuahuas or Yorkshire Terriers.

Moreover, the blanket is also easy to manage and does not require much cleaning. You can easily wash it in a machine, and it also dries up quickly.

Overall, it holds a very durable and reliable build, ensuring that your dog will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

9. Furrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket

furrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket, Soft and Warm Pet Throw for Dogs & Cats (Small (2432"), Blue Blanket)

Key Features

  • Floor protection It can be placed on the floor, so the dog does not scratch it.
  •  Stylish nature makes it a viable option for outdoor activities.
  • Minimalistic look Because of the design.

The Furrybaby Dog blanket is not only fluffy and very warm but also reasonably stylish. Designed with couch and bed protection in mind, it incorporates a relatively modern and visually pleasing build. Its color and stitches are minimalist, ensuring that you can keep it on your couch or bed for protection all day long.

Many dog blankets can be unsightly and come in textures and colors that contrast with your home’s aesthetics. This one helps you avoid this problem and comes in simple and subtle colors that will offer a great contrast with your room’s styling.

Coming to its quality, it is made with Berber fleece fabric, which incorporates a lot of fluffiness and warmth for your dog. It is the most soft dog blanket for the couch.

You can use it on a chilly night, and it will do its job correctly with its thick and reliable build.

10. PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket for Couch

PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket for Couch, Sofa | Grey Waterproof Sherpa Pet Blanket for Large Dogs, Puppies | Super Soft Washable Microfiber Fleece | Reversible Design | 50 x 40 (Gray/Gray)

Key Features

  • Premium microfiber polyester – makes the dog couch blanket lightweight and durable.
  • Warm – The microfiber fleece and Sherpa lining make it warm and comfortable.
  • Value-added – beautiful gray color adds a lot of value to the overall space.

Dogs throw a lot of tantrums. You cannot ask them to rest on whatever you like. Dogs like to sit comfortably on something warm enough in feeling. For dogs, a couch blanket is a viable option, and PetAmi never disappoints.

The most beautiful feature of this dog couch blanket is its waterproof characteristic. Waterproofing protects the couch from urine and accidental dog spills.

If a kid sleeps with you and wants separate bedding for your dog, this is what you need. Having this couch blanket means your furry friend can beautifully snuggle beside you without bothering you with fur and urine.

If you are such a pet parent who likes taking your dog in a car, this couch blanket is the best choice. Just place the blanket on the car seat, and you are good to go.

Warm Sherpa and fleece, make sure that the veil is comfortable enough for your pet friend. It is warm, comfortable, and highly versatile.

11. Furrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket

furrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket, Soft and Warm Pet Throw for Dogs & Cats (Medium (3240"), Beige Blanket)

Key Features

  • High-quality fleece and polyester makes it calm and comfortable.
  • Machine washable and there is no issue to dry it on tumble.
  • Protects a mattress from fur, dirt, scratching, and dirt.

Dogs love to rest on something fluffy and plush. Also, dogs are likely to enjoy good health if their resting places are calm and comfortable. You can put your trust in a furry baby dog couch blanket because it is the best of the best.

This couch blanket is available in three sizes, and you can get one according to the size of your dog. In case you don’t want any unnecessary fur, scratching, or urine in the house, you can ask the dog to comfortably place itself on this blanket.

It is warm and comfortable, and your dog is likely to love every single thing about it. In case you like colors, then it’s definitely the right dog blanket for the couch.

Also, it is made of soft, comfy fleece that helps in making dogs comfortable in the winter.

12. Waterproof Blanket for Dogs

dog blanket for couch

Key Features

  • The highly protected two sides — made of Sherpa plush and fleece to make the dog extremely comfortable.
  • An ideal gift for the dog in the winter season because of the extra comfy touch.
  • Waterproof a blanket for the protection of the couch, sofa, or blanket.

Dogs are most healthy when they are happy. One way to make your dog happy is to give it something comfortable to rest on. When the dog is not resting, it is scratching the furniture or separating the dust. The way out can be a beautiful dog couch blanket, and Pawsse can serve you better.

The different thing about this blanket is it’s two different textures.

One side is made of 100% waterproof Sherpa plush fabric, and the other side is made out of Sherpa fleece. Both sides will make sure that no urine or accidental spill gets to your couch or bedding.

The waterproof blanket is exceptionally comfortable and lets the dog snuggle beautifully on it. Also, it makes an ideal choice for the couch, sofa floor, or even cars. Once the dog is comfortably settled on a blanket, it won’t feel the need to scratch the furniture around.

Therefore having this blanket means having protection from dog scratching.

Final Words

It is a fact that blankets are necessary for four-legged furry friends and of utmost importance to keep them in their place in the right way as our dogs cannot arrange that on their own, and without a proper blanket, they might suffer from cold.

Furhaven Pet – ThermaNAP Self-Warming Quilted Blanket is our first recommendation as a dog blanket for a couch because it’s self-warming, and it offers all the benefits that dogs need on cold nights. It’s easy to wash, and it’s also easy to use.

While other options are also trustworthy and can be used without any doubt, we recommend reading our review incomplete before making your decision.

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