3 Best Dog Combs That Cuts Hair

dog comb that cuts hair

Not only is a dog’s fur beautiful, but this hair coat is also a protection against outside ills. However, this revelation may be strange for many pet owners that the same wholesome fur coat is also the top cause of falling mutts ill. Today we are going to discuss the dog comb that cuts hair.

According to a recent Animal Care Group study, “the untrimmed dog hair is the top cause of unnatural deaths” (NY Times). Why let this fur blessing be a hydra-headed monster.”

The dog’s hair’s rapid growth is a harbinger of good health, but to keep the dog in sleek shape and better health, you need to sharpen the hair regularly.

Professional groomers’ appointment is itself an uphill task, and it becomes challenging to commute far and wait long. The 21st-century choice is dog combs that cut hair. This wonderful little tool helps you with the in-person trimming of your dog at home. With regular trimming, the dog remains in good health and shape.

After an in-depth market analysis, we have opted for the Yingte hair-cutting dog comb as the best one. Let’s evaluate the underlying currents of our pick.

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1. yingte Dongxing Pet Comb

combs that cut dog hair

Key Features

  • Multi-Purpose Yingte hair combs two sides to perform two different functions. One is for detangling, while the second one is for thinning the hair.
  • Removable blades the hair-trimming dog comb comes with an option to remove cutters as per your need and choice.
  • Fashionable design The cutting-edge design with black luster is indeed a design wonder.

Yingte is selected as the best dog comb that cuts hair. The comb is a versatile razor to both trim and slim the hair. Both sides perform state-of-the-art functions of equalizing the dog’s hair.

Tangled knots are hotspots of dirt and dust, while the longer fur depicting the dog as Godzilla Yingte proves fatal for both menaces and wipes away the arising fears.

Besides, the looks of this razor comb are aesthetically pleasing. The nifty item comes with a dashing black and fashionable design. The comb is the perfect high-end choice for your royal dog.

The best thing about Yingte is its user compatibility, as this comb is a simple tool. What you need to do is to move the razor upside and downside all over the dog’s body, and the dog is ready to present.

Yingte comb is provided with a free set of blades. Upon usage, the same blades can easily be purchased from a local brick-and-mortar store. Whenever you feel that the blade has lost its charm and swiftness, you just need a quick withdrawal of the withered blade and insertion of a fresh one.

Yingte is reusable; furthermore, this comb does not become a liability like the time-bound combs that you have to chuck out wholly if the blade gets damaged.

The extra blades are gifted with a Yingte comb. The given blades are sufficient to be applied to a single dog for up to six months, while the blades’ fixation is comfy and easy.

Another glittering aspect of this dog comb that cuts hair is its silken touch to the tender dog’s skin. The comb does not prune the hair brutally; instead, it caresses and fondle besides accomplishing the real work of hair trimming.

Haircutting by Yingte is a loveable experience for the dog, and the quick trimming does not leave any bad scars on the mutt.

Yingte values your precious time; hence, this razor comb provides you with the utmost agility to hit the target. The whole 70 pounds dog can easily be refurbished within five minutes. After five minutes, the end product is not a dog pruned by a dabbler but by a professional groomer.

Also, the Yingte razor comb is hassle-less. It is suitable for the kid, adult, and aged dogs. The fur quality varies as per the dog’s age, but the hair-cutting comb is equally beneficial for all and sundry.

Fortunately, the teeth of the comb are rounded at the tips, thanks to ergonomic design. The ergonomic design helps in relieving the dog and handler worries. At the same time, this sage manufacturing has minimized the possibility of pruning related incidents up to a minimum of zero.

Handling a voluminous dog grooming kit has always been a challenge for the pet owner. Yingte has solved this dilemma by providing a comb and cutter under an umbrella brand name. Both qualities are merged after a host of deliberation and evaluation. The extra mile by Yingte has also contributed to its number one tag.

In contrast, it is affordable and economical. The price is far lower if you compare it with the accumulative cost of a comb and electric razor. This one-size-fits-all razor comb is equally popular among commercial and home-feeling pet parents owing to its exciting features.

The overall protection of the dog comb that cuts hair is satisfactory.


  • With this dog razor comb, you can untangle the knots, straighten the hair, and curl down the grown one.
  • The cutter is reusable and can be used for a long time.
  • This nifty product is time efficient and value-for-money.

2. Symak Sales Co Pet Dog Cat Hair Trimmer

dog comb that cuts hair

Key Features

  • Beautiful design Symak comb is available in beautiful design and texture.
  • Dual blades the comb is presented with dual blades. This gives double the power to the hair thrashers.
  • Ergonomic design This dog comb is built up in nice dimensions, looks, and shapes. Every aspect calls aloud for its ergonomic design.

When it comes to looks anyone can marvel at the beauty of Symak. The dog comb that cuts hair is a nifty and beautiful item with glittering looks. On the other hand, Yingte is also a silver beauty with an ergonomic design.

Furthermore, Symak is a one-time usage device, and the blades are not replaceable. In contrast, Yingte can replace the blades if the handler perceived the decreased efficiency of the razor comb.

Likewise, Yingte, Symak is also a safe choice to apply to different dogs’ delicate skin types. This makes them both super popular in professional dog grooming circles.

Lastly, Symak cut down the dog’s hair efficiently, but the dematting or combing functions cannot be placed by this, while Yingte is a versatile king.


  • Easy on the skin of Dog.
  • An ideal choice for home groomers.
  • Perfect size.

3. Tiffy Rub Cool Pet Dog Cat Hair Trimmer 

pet comb that cuts hair

Key Features

  • Disposable blades Tiffy is a blade holder to clear the grassy terrain of the dog.
  • Two-in-one It is a two-in-one package. Not only it has a hair trimmer but also a comb.
  • Vibrant color The comb is available in a unique range of primary colors basket.

Tiffy color selection is of primary type, and the design is comparatively dull compared to the Yingte’s fashionable stints, yet it is a handy tool. On the other hand, Yingte has selected a glittering black color for its razor comb.

Both Tiffy and Yingte dog combs that cut hair are handy to use and have blade replacement options. The blunted blades can be replaced with a new one, while the required edges are commonly found worldwide.

The ergonomic design of Yingte gives it an upper hand over Tiffy in terms of effects on the dog while trimming. Tiffy PET might be a difficult option for the dog. Ying razor comb is also comfortable for the user and does leave a stain on the hand.

The functionality of Yingte and Tiffy combs is more or less the same. Both leverage sharp edge blades to mow down the unwanted bushes of the dog. The blade is a traditional hair cutter, and the responsibility lies on the shoulder of the tool to exploit this good-cum-bad thing optimally. Both Yingte and Tiffy ensure the safe application of blades on the dog’s skin.


  • Enigmatic design that is handy to use.
  • It is effective on the dog’s skin.
  • Easy to use.
  • One of the best dog comb that cuts hair.

The Final Judgment

Although Tiffy and Symak comb are good choices, keeping in view good quality and durability, Yingte goes the extra mile. The extra mile became an underlying factor to tilt the balance in Yingte’s favor.

The striking features of the first dog comb are too useful for words, and that makes it our top choice. We can hope that our resources help you to find the best dog comb that cuts hair.

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