Why Your Dog Sleeps and Cuddles With You & NOT Your Husband?

dog cuddles with owner

Dogs are one of the few animals that sleep with their eyes closed, which is why it’s not unusual to find your pup snuggled up next to you at night. This post will explore some of the reasons dogs take comfort in close contact with humans – and why they’re more likely to cuddle up next to you than your husband!

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16 Potential Reasons Why Your Dog Prefers Sleeping with Only You

Here are ten reasons; if you want to address this habit, then you need to understand the reasons behind these; let’s explore the reasons:

#1. Familiarity

Unless your husband is a dog, chances are your dog knows and loves you much better than it does him.

Dogs spend multiples hours each day with their human families, so they typically have a much firmer grasp on who you are – especially if only one person cares for them.

#2. Primary Caregiver

You’re most likely the one who feeds and walks your pet every day. So even if you don’t feel like your husband is disengaged with your pup, chances are he leaves these tasks to you.

Dogs typically look to their primary caregivers for most things, so it’s only natural that they depend on you more than anyone else!

#3. Getting Used to a Stranger

Your husband may be able to win over your pup eventually, but it’s unlikely they’ll become fast friends.

Your dog will probably need some time to get used to your husband to feel comfortable around him.

#4. Matching Sleep Schedules

Since you’re most likely the one who sleeps with your dog, they’ve probably formed a habit of sleeping when you do.

If your schedule changes for whatever reason, it might take some time for your pup to get used to sleeping at different times than you.

#5. The Urge to Protect You

When dogs feel threatened or insecure, they may try to find a warm body to curl up next to for comfort.

Since they view you as their family, they might feel the urge to protect you in this way!

#6. Complementary Cuddle Positions

It’s possible that your dog loves curling up around you because it feels most comfortable that way – not because of any emotional need.

Dogs naturally curl up to keep warm, and if your pup wants to cuddle with you, then they’ll probably find a spot on your body where it fits best.

#7. A History of Aggression

If your dog is still getting used to your husband, it may be because he exhibits aggressive behaviors around the house.

Dogs are good at picking up on our emotions, so they’ll probably avoid sleeping or playing near someone they perceive as dangerous.

#8. Positive Associations

If your husband doesn’t play much with the dog, he probably still has positive associations with you.

Even if your pup is avoiding him, they might just be acting out of fear – not because they’re angry with your man!

#9. Emotional Intelligence

Dogs have a high capacity for compassion and empathy. In addition, they’re good at reading our emotions, so your pup may know you need them right now more than ever.

Have you been going through a tough time lately?

#10. A Matter of Smells

If you’re the only one who’s been bathing your dog, they may gravitate towards you simply because they can recognize your scent.

While this isn’t an emotional preference, it could still be a factor in their decision!

#11. You don’t dogs hog the blankets!

Ever had a cat tried to hog the blankets? If you’re like most people, then it’s probably happened more than once.

Dogs feel threatened whenever their humans are hogging something they perceive as valuable – and that includes your bed!

#12. Three’s a Crowd

If you have kids, there are probably times when they try to sleep with you in bed.

Your dog wants you all for themselves during these precious hours – so they might share their bed with someone else if it means keeping you all to themselves!

#13. You’ve Been Reading to Them

Studies have shown that pets benefit from reading time with their humans just as much as kids do!

Even if your pup isn’t getting a new story every night, they’re still probably enjoying the attention and affection you show them while you read together.

#14. They Love Your Warmth

To keep your dog from having to curl up with some stranger, you’ve been providing them with a warm body of their own for years.

Even if they’re not snuggling upon you right now, this is one reason why they might gravitate towards you in the future – especially if your husband isn’t giving them the attention they crave.

#15. You’re Funny

For whatever reason, you may find yourself more entertaining than your spouse – at least where your dog is concerned.

Since dogs are great at reading our emotions, they may enjoy spending time with you simply because you make them laugh or smile!

#16. You’re the One that Provides Treats

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference in our relationship with our pets.

If you’re the one who always provides them with treats, then they may be more inclined to stick around to cash in on their favorite pastime.

What You Can Do to Even the Playing Field

It’s time for you to take your relationship with your dog to the next level.

If what we said here rings true, then there are probably lots of ways that you can bond more closely than ever before – and all it takes is a little bit of commitment on your part.

Creating More Bonding Opportunities

Your dog probably prefers you to your husband because they spend more time with you as their primary caregiver.

It’s up to you to make sure that the bond is more vital than ever by getting involved in many different activities together – both indoors and out!

Entice Your Dog with Treats

As their caregiver, you need to make sure that your dog knows that they can trust you when it comes time to provide them with food.

Carry around high-value treats in your pocket whenever you’re outside together – and try them on different toys at home to create positive associations before it’s time for an actual meal!

Divvy Up Care Duties More Strategically

If your dog is spending too much time with your spouse, or vice versa, then it’s probably because you haven’t been taking this relationship seriously enough.

Now is the perfect time to create a schedule that works for everyone regarding feeding, exercising, and grooming responsibilities!

Give More Attention to Prevent Aggression in Your Dog

Change Your Husband’s Scent

If you’re trying to give your dog a reason not to cuddle up with your husband instead, then it’s time for you to focus on turning up the heat in that department.

Try rubbing yourself all over with a dryer sheet before heading off to bed so that your scent isn’t as prominent around the house – and let us know if it works!


Now you know just how much your dog loves you – and why they’re always up for cuddling with you, not your husband.

By following these tips, we hope that you can create a stronger bond than ever before!