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dog dna test

Dogs’ DNA testing tests allow you to understand your dog’s genetics better. These types of tests can tell you if your pet is very likely to be influenced by particular conditions or if they could pass on the genes related to these conditions if they are bred from. In case you are thinking about breeding out of the dog, then knowing more about their genetics helps you reduce the risk of generating puppies influenced by inherited conditions.

Knowing whether your dog conveys a distinct disease-causing gene will be able to help you understand what to search for in a likewise DNA-tested mate.

DNA testing for people is viral. But now, we could also check out precisely what genetic features that a fluffy feline or pettable pooch conveys in its DNA. We can determine what strains a pet derives out of or what area of the planet its ancestors evolved.

We could also attempt to forecast how the pet might act or what ailments it might confront some genetic risk of growing.

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How does Dog DNA Testing Works?

A dog DNA test is much easier than you might think! Mostly you can get the test online. Have a very simple cheek swab from the dog, put the swab from the supplied container, and email it right back into a prepaid envelope.

Every test comes in a box with bound cheek swabbing equipment and regulations about how you can collect your dog’s DNA perfectly.

Usually, each test urges swabbing your dog’s cheek for between 20 minutes and a moment before substituting the set at a test tube and mailing the sample to the laboratory.

When your Dog’s sample arrives in the lab, the Doctor manually extracts and processes the DNA on the cheek swab to people in their database system. A computer algorithm then makes a graph of how much of each strain your puppy’s DNA matches.

Once the lab determines the dog’s breed and any other information, the company creates a report that goes straight back to the customer.

Because dog breeds all belong to the same species, they could interbreed. This allows for the creation of designer breeds and fresh breeds by cross-breeding. Additionally, it suggests that numerous distinct dog breeds can partner over generations and make mixed breed dogs.

In a few weeks, you will receive a report which includes your dog’s DNA results.

Based on the business, you will observe the percent breakdown of your dog’s strains and dangers for creating some hereditary ailments.

Some companies also supply parentage testing and purebred and designer puppy testing.

How to conduct a Dog DNA test with a Portable DNA test kit?

A dog test is an important tool to authenticate the lineage of a pooch. The mind gets baffled by the critical sarcastic remarks such as,

Hey! Your mutt looks like a fox.

The groaning is unbecoming of a pure poodle.

Have you verified the parentage of this weird pet?

An easy dog DNA test with a portable DNA test kit is a ready-made solution to all such aspersions. Many brands are offering economical dog DNA testing kits online and offline. The procedure to operate the DNA kits is often mentioned in the user manual provided with the kits.

The process of conducting a DNA test of a dog is two-phased; firstly, a quick procedure on the user side while secondly, thorough, meticulous identification drills at the company’s laboratories.

Although, the procedure is universal and follows the same steps. Let’s have a look into it.

  1. Registration: First of all, you must be registered to the testing kit brand with your email address; the email addresses must be double-checked.
  2. Swab testing: Here, the real-time work kicks in; testing kits are equipped with swabs that have to be placed along with the periodontal mouth pockets of the dog. The swabs are used to collect the maximum amount of saliva from the gum line. This whole procedure is likely to take only 15 minutes.
  3. Dispatching the saliva samples back: Once daubed fully with the dog’s saliva, the swabs are taken back, rolled up into pre-given polythene sheets, and are sent back to the same company from where you have purchased the testing kit. The parcel is delivered back to the company through courier services, and usually, the postage is prepaid by the testing company.
  4. Laboratories’ evaluation: Then the second phase begins, the company analyses the samples of saliva in their labs and compiles a thorough report.
  5. The exciting results are ready for your kind perusal: The duly compiled report is sent back to you via the email address provided.

Medical ethics are considered in communicating reports and only provided to the verified email addresses. The result can be pure to the mixture of several breed lineages. Sometimes the results are depicted in percentages, ratios, and flow diagrams. The reports are non-technical and are drafter, keeping in view the base level of medical knowledge.

Precautions to be Taken while Conducting a Dog’s DNA Test

The following precautions need to be taken for an accurate dog’s DNA evaluation result.

  • Provide authentic email address The email should be provided correctly. An overlooked wrong address can deprive you of the report. In the worst-case scenario, the report can be landed on some mean elements.
  • Be careful with swabs Swabs must be placed properly as per the visual guidance printed upon the kit’s box.
  • Be kind with a packing box The packing box should not be crushed as the same parcel will be reused to send the swab sample to the laboratories.
  • Keep the dog cool A dog can break the swab into innumerable pieces; you have to keep the dog cool during the evaluation process.

The abovementioned is a universal and simple procedure of verifying the dog’s lineage which helps in breeding and assessment of innate qualities.

3 Best Dog DNA Testing Kits

It’s time to review some of the best dog DNA testing kits.

1. Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test – Dog DNA Test Kit for Breed and Ancestry Information

Key Features

  • The complete kit Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test includes 39 genetic trait tests, including coat color, pattern, duration, and feel; skin pigmentation; eye color; and ear kind, along with other traits.
  • Swab Security This Canine DNA Test comes with two swabs, and they will be replaced for free if they get damaged.
  • Quick Turnaround It takes a maximum of one to three weeks to get your Dog’s Result back from Wisdom Panel. You will be quite impressed with its quick turnaround.
  • Coverage Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test covers 99% of 350 breeds, types, and varieties.
  • Valid The Canine DNA Test kit offers 100 times more genetic information than any other DNA test.

Wisdom Panel 3.0 offers just about everything you might need in a dog DNA testing kit. The evaluations are detailed, the packing is professional, and the results are simple to comprehend.

More to the point, the results are somewhat constant, providing us faith that we can expect evaluation outcomes.

Wisdom’s glossy kit comes with two brush swabs you stick in the rear of your dog’s mouth between gum and cheek, swirl about to collect the DNA, let dry, and repeat three times.

The test looked at the dog’s genetic predisposition toward greater than 200 health ailments. It may recognize your dog’s carrier position for certain genetic disorders and test for over 25 different medical sensitivities, immune deficiencies, and bleeding problems.

The test also informs you of your dog’s projected ideal weight range according to its body features and lineage.

Wisdom Panel 3.0 comes with the closest to fitting Embark Dog DNA Test Kit exceptional packaging. Branded sheath slides after you split the shrink wrap, and the box interior retains the test.

The box can also be doubled as a bundle for returning your dog’s DNA samples to Wisdom Panel labs in Nebraska. Postage is included in case you are sending from inside the United States.

Using the test has been relatively simple, but you may read the instructions a few times before beginning. You must follow them to prevent contaminating the sample. As an example, your dog should not consume anything two hours before swabbing.

You may swab your dog, allow each to dry, put them in the enclosed sleeve and pre-addressed and postage-paid box, and then seal it up. 

You may also go to the website to activate your kit before mailing the box from the mail. Isn’t that simple?

Swabbing your dog’s cheek pouch might appear a tiny bit stricter using Wisdom Panel’s kit than using opponents because, unlike the other kits, which look like a few cotton swabs, these look like small bottle brushes.

It is possible to view a Wisdom Panel sample report online. After you send the DNA samples, you should not anticipate frequent progress updates. Also, it is not a very good idea to send a lot of emails.

When it’s ready, you will get an email with a link to the Wisdom Panel site outcomes.

Pet owners curious about their dog’s lineage might prefer the less-expensive Wisdom Panel, which informs you of the breeds in your dog’s history and explains hereditary traits such as perfect body weight. Overall, this DNA testing kit is a beautiful way to get to know your dog.


  •  Best for value against money
  • The Wisdom Panel 3.0 health screening test is of good value.
  • The result comes within one to three weeks through email.


  • Not found anything not o love
Buy on Amazon

2. Dna My Dog – Canine Breed Identification Test Kit

Key Features

  • Simple to use DNA My Dog Canine Breed Identification Testing Kit can determine the breeds in your Dog with the help of a simple Cheek Swab.
  • Quick turnaround this Canine Breed Identification Testing Kit results could be out in about two weeks.
  • Perfect Inclusions The test report also includes a determination report and Canine Breed DNA Analysis Certificate.
  • Good value screening test DNA My Dog Canine Breed Identification Testing Kit’s Health Screening test is of good value.
  • Swabs There are two swabs in the kit, and they can be replaced in case of damage.

DNA my dog breed identification kit is a wonderful way to get to know your dog’s lineage.

Inside the kit, you get an envelope with two longish cotton swabs. The procedure is simple. Swab your puppy’s teeth, let them drop them back into an envelope, and send them back in.

In a couple of weeks, you’re going to get a PDF emailed to you. The business breaks down the results in amounts instead of the proportions that Embark and Wisdom use.

The DNA My Dog test is purely customer-facing. The company isn’t researching the back end, such as Embark and Wisdom, but focuses on assisting dogs in a different essential way.

The results include a report on all breeds that can be found in your dog’s DNA by percentage, a custom certificate, and a report. It contains a breed determination report and a canine breed DNA analysis certificate.

The report also contains an outline of your Generic Health concerns and personality Traits for Each Breed Found in Your Dog’s Genetic Profile.

The kit allows you to acquire Genetic Breed Knowledge about Your Dog to help you be more Proactive Concerning your pet’s Wellness.

While there is no fancy interactive online portal site at press time, DNA My Dog does email customers a cute certificate with your dog’s picture on it, even if you would like a keepsake printout for your refrigerator.

As they possess the fewest breeds within their database at roughly 100, there is also a chance that your dog will comprise breeds of DNA My Dog does not test for.

Perhaps you’ve got doubts regarding your purebred since the characteristics do not match up, or worse, medical issues? Certain breeds are more harmonious with kids, others better for security, and some dogs have understood medical problems that may be treated if discovered early. In any event, if you want ancestors’ questions answered, there is help out there.

DNA My Dog has 96 breeds within their database, so unless your dog is blended with many others, they may give you an exact image.


  • DNA My Dog Canine Breed Identification Testing Kit is the least expensive of all the available kits.
  • You can get results in no more than two weeks.
  • Phone and Email Customer Service Available.


  • It only contains a maximum of 100 breeds in their Database.
  • There are several complaints about delaying results.
Buy on Amazon

3. Embark | Dog DNA Test | Breed & Health Kit | Breed Identification & Canine Genetic Health Screening

Key Features

  • Excellent packaging The kit comes with excellent packaging.
  • Broad Database Embark Dog DNA Test checks from over 350 dog breeds, varieties, and types.
  • High-rated kit it is the highest-rated dog DNA test in the world.
  • Fast turnaround The kit provides quick and trusted results in a maximum of three to four weeks.
  • Ancestral knowledge Dog DNA Tests can discover that your dog’s relatives share the same DNA.

An upcoming startup Embark makes the world’s most precise dog DNA test kits. The test utilizes 200,000 genetic markers and 100 times more genetic data than its rivals.

The good thing is that embark checks for more than 350 distinct breed types and 170-plus genetic health ailments, and it’s partnered with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. It is also a pioneer in customer genetics ‘Spencer Wells’ to unite cutting-edge science and pet care.

Knowing that your dog’s genetic history helps you browse possible health dangers, avoid medicines they might be sensitive to, and even help you determine how large a house you’re likely to require later on.

Embark’s packaging stands out against the competition. The kit arrives with concise and clearly illustrated instructions.

A card interior depicts each of the instructions, lists the URLs you see to trigger the kit, provides breed lists, teaches you how you can swab a puppy’s cheek to acquire a sample, and much more.

You can order the testing kit online, activate it, use the swabs to swab the cheeks of your dog, and then mail the sample back into the Embark laboratory in a postpaid return.

In just two to four weeks, you will obtain the results. If you are unsure how to swab your dog’s cheek properly, then you’ll find video tutorials on the website.

The Embark dog DNA test can be a little expensive at $169, but its advice is worth it all.

All in all, it is a fantastic tool and something most dog owners will most likely be eager to find out about.

Pets would be slobbery, warm-bodied, loving beings that occasionally care more for you than they do for themselves. Figuring out a little more about how to return that love and care is an exciting new prospect.


  • The kit provides a genetic age estimate.
  • The kit comes with excellent packaging.
  • It offers full and raw data.


  • It is costly compared to other testing kits.
Buy on Amazon

Benefits of knowing the DNA of your Dog

dog dna testing benefits

Testing and assessment of your dog’s DNA is not an unrewarding task. It has a whole lot of concomitant benefits attached. This once in a life testing helps you in many ways. We will discuss some of the prime benefits of having your dog’s DNA tested under this heading. Let’s delve into the benefits:

Know Your Dog

Suppose you have adopted a stray dog. You must know the lineage of the new sentient addition into your family. Without knowing the pedigree, you cannot provide the necessary comfort to the orphan pet.

DNA testing is recommended for the former stray dogs to align them in a domesticized environment prudently.

DNA testing also helps in understanding your dog’s behavior, mood, response, and innate instincts. Once you get into this, you will master the skill of keeping your dog happy ever. You would automatically know, what it demands, likes, or dislikes.

DNA testing of your dog is just like reading a book and comprehending the contents. At least in one lifetime, you must read this encrypted data running in your pet dog.

Breed Confidently

A DNA test is recommended to take before breeding season. Once you get confirmation about your current dog’s true blood lineage, you can breed and interbreed confidently. Breeding with mismatch species arises hereditary and genetic issues. Flop breeding ideas come up with infertility or, in the worst case, immature birth.

Veteran vets advise this practice rigorously and now you can do this within a day by portable home DNA testing kits. 

A little effort before breeding would ensure the healthy blossoming of the progeny.

Identify Genetic Issues

DNA testing of dogs helps in the identification of hereditary diseases. Their ancestors gift many genetical diseases. In comparison, mixed-breed pets have higher chances of having deadly pathogens in their nerves.

You get to know about the behavioural swings of the dog and may fix the physical disorders long before visiting the vet.

The diseases like MDR1 sensitivity, von Willebrand, and PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) can be detected, or their chances can be diminished after DNA knowledge.

Just like human hereditary diseases, dogs are also bestowed by the same genetic inheritance. The inheritance is both good and bad. On the bad side of this gift, the dog bears the cumbersome burden of innumerable pathogens. Simultaneously, the good part of the gift contains pure dog qualities of agility, loyalty, companionship, and hardship.

Once genetic issues are identified, the same can be rectified via gene therapy and prescribed medication.

Identifying the Life Validity

Death is inevitable to both man and the dog. Nonetheless, we have some rough sketches in mind, such as a man hopes to live full 70 years before kicking the bucket. The same is the case for our animal companions.

We know the certainties of their ages, uncertainties apart. It is said that a human has seven ages of dog, but it is partially true at best.  Not all dogs have a similar lifespan.

Some have less; some have more. With DNA testing, you get aware of the life expectancy, class and then you have a solid crude idea about your companionship with the pooch.

Mastiff and Swiss Mountain dogs have a shorter eight-year average life expectancy in stark contrast to the Australian cattle dog that enjoys vibrant life moments as long as 29 years.

The difference is awful.

Helps in Training

dog DNA testing helps in training

DNA testing certainly helps in training your dog for a certain purpose. Such as some dogs are hunters, some see herders, and some are domesticated. You cannot train a German shepherd, overt or covert, to act like a bulldog. Military dogs are of higher standards and cannot be interracial.

The military conducts essential dog DNA testing before recruitment.

Border Collie, Poodle, and German Shephard are naturally foot soldiers and pick up the institutions at an optimal level. While Afghan hound, Basenji, and Bulldog, and Chow Chow are some of the dumbest ones.

The interracial breeds can have variations in intelligence, competence, and obedience. DNA evaluation is necessary for getting a dog ready for training.

Once in a Lifetime

Your dog’s DNA does not mutate or change overnight. It is a fixed inherited feature. This is a dark secret which you should know about the pet you tender affectionately. This one-time investment helps in soldering the comradeship with vibes of love.

DNA swab test can be taken at home in a hassle-free manner and does not cost exorbitantly. The test is also majestic fun itself. It would help if you tried this wonderland.

Determination of Risk Factor

Gene assessment and DNA evaluation help you in understanding the intricated genetic designs. According to a report published in the research journal Nature, One out of every three dogs is the genetic fault line owing to imprudent breeding.

The DNA assessment helps you in understanding the risk factor and taking proactive measures.

Once getting acquainted with the gene disorders, it becomes easier to rectify the fault lines and take proactive measures like exercising mobility and prudent food choice.

Enhances Market Value

Suppose you are looking to get some financial benefits or eyeing commercial breeding. Then a certified DNA report can help in the swift selling of pubs. The buyer would also be satisfied and buy with full confidence.

The DNA certification is a new normal, and upscale markets are brimming with high-end commercial marketing of this sort. The businessmen can do it at farms independently by swab testing kits or may consult professional testing services.

What are the essential things that you learn from a dog’s DNA test?

A dog’s DNA test is a lifelong experience to evaluate, assess, and control your pet dog’s behavior. This fantastic experience goads you into a plethora of learning curves. You probably have no idea, but you can learn a great deal about your dog once you go through dog DNA testing.

Since its inception in the early 2000s, the dog’s DNA testing has a long list of personal, sentimental, and nostalgic stories. Some of the crucial takeaways from the dog’s DNA testing are discussed below.

If you want to know what you can learn from a dog’s DNA testing, you need to read along.

To Know Who is my dog?

You want to know about your dog on a deeper level, but there is no way out into this without a dog’s DNA testing. A dog DNA test helps you in evaluating the inner self of your pet dog. You get to know about the hidden instincts of the pet. This helps you in finding an angel or a beast hidden deep inside your pet dog. Identifying your dog is the stepping stone to laying down a vital affectionate man-pet bond.

Once you get to know your dog’s personality mix-up rationale, it helps you in many ways. A few traits do not seem odd to you when you are aware of the lineage map.

This infuses empathy into your relationship, and you know well the weaknesses and qualities of your puppy.

Not all the Dogs are Same

all the dog are not same

The vital perspective we learn after the dog’s DNA assessment is knowing our pet dogs’ needs and requirements. Not all dogs are the same and need customized care.

The food, kennel, and breeding choices can be varied with the diffusion of different breeds. The system is complicated for a layman without a DNA test.

The dog’s DNA test has made the way of processing our dog’s must-needs easier. After the authentic DNA test, you treat the dog humanely and at par.

Counter the Morbidity Proactively

Genetic testing helps us in evaluating the health fault lines of our pet dog. DNA’s detailed synopsis reveals the dark inner secrets and foretells the chances of being affected by a particular set of pathogens. The vets could prescribe medication, keeping in view the past mixtures of breeds in the subjective soul.

DNA’s assessment has changed the culture of over-medication and stop-gap suppression. The morbidities are evaluated and healed with deep knowledge about the gene patterns.

This makes it simple to nip many potential would-be diseases in the bud and keeps the dog healthy and alive.

Breeding predictions are no longer conjectures

A well-taken dog DNA test helps us in breeding predictions. You get to know beforehand that your pet dog will beget which types of puppies. How long will the hair, fur, thickness, tail style, and also the innate instincts?

DNA tests precisely answer long before copulating. If you are doing commercial breeding, the DNA test helps you double the profits and ensures a healthy dog progeny. Dog’s DNA test is almost a must if you are into commercial breeding.

A Dog is a Programmed Creature

The confusion that clears after the dog’s DNA test is that the dog’s dark side is not the fault of the dog itself, but the anomalies arise due to shabby genetic programming. In case the dog is procrastinating, overeating, and indifferent to training sessions.

This has nothing to do with the breed and outer countenance. The real gist lies deep inside the dog.

There are a lot of things that cannot change. Nature is authoritative and has the final say. You don’t know about this all without any dog DNA testing.

Dog DNA testing gives us an insight into our fluffy fellows. Not only do we get to know about the genetics of a dog through DNA testing, but we also get to know about its inclinations. This helps us bond with your pet on a deeper level.

Are all Generic Health Kits Same?

are all dog dna test kits same

The answer is both affirmative and negative at the same time. Yes is from the user’s end and No from the company’s end. Generic health kits come with swabs. The swabs are then daubed into the dog’s saliva and then sent to a DNA testing service provider via postage and courier.

The process till here is universal to almost all of the contemporary DNA testing kits.

Now comes the second phase, which answers the asked question in negation. Let’s discuss the difference between the different DNA testing generic health kits.

Database Broadness

There are many old and new companies providing DNA testing services in online and offline markets places. The accuracy of the result depends upon the availability of samples in the company’s database archive. The broader the database, the more accurate the results would be.

What works behind the curtains needs your kind attention?

When sent, the saliva dipped swabs into DNA testing serving providers. The company matches the given sample with a vast archive of DNA samples into its data bank. The dog has four sets of chromosomes.

Each pair is from the paternal and maternal sides. The company analyses both pairs and extracts out the familial relationships. If the company does not have an expanded database, there are higher chances that the chromosomal thread will not be matched or possibly matched clumsily.

Amazingly, the company never tells you about this shortcoming and tries to fudge the figures into the technical verbosity or misinterpretation of facts.

Swab Tips Quality

DNA testing swab sticks are made up of either cotton or polyester but the quality matters. In case the swab stick is not qualitative, it may break down during samples, hence causing oral injuries to the dog.

Ineffective swab tips also dry up quickly and provide partial results in case of excess heat or delay. So the difference lies in the quality of the swab tips.

Credible brands usually use a durable material because the whole DNA testing lies on this single stick. Substandard swab tips spoil the entire procedure of DNA testing.

Delivery Time

The saliva-laden swabs are recommended to reach far-flung laboratories at the earliest. The swift dispatch of the saliva samples ensures a transparent and authentic result. Good reputation companies try to devise approaches to send the samples to the laboratories as soon as possible.

Some come up with special courier services rather than routine postage. This feature makes the testing kits distinguishable from one another.

Qualitative analysis

An authenticated test requires qualitative analysis by virologists. In laboratories, they extract the different genes, research them, and match the preexisting samples in the database. This qualitative analysis helps in the formation of an expected result.

The labs are the fundamental pillar of the whole DNA identifying process.

Before ordering a dog DNA testing kit, you must do some homework on the company’s labs’ condition, whether the former is at par or else. Some imposters have also jumped into this dog-eats-dog business venture to milk the monies.

Sham companies do not have qualitative labs and do not have any at all in the worst case. In-depth research on this aspect is recommended.

Compilation and Delivery of the Result

There is also a difference between the compilation of results. A well-compiled result must incorporate the following features:

  • Customer baseline technical know-how.
  • Graphical representation.
  • Data flow diagrams or charts.
  • Concise and pithy summary.
  • Impeccable content jotted down by a grammar Nazi.

Excellent market names always compile professional content writers’ reports making a good impression and effectively delivering the message.

The second important thing about the final report is confidentiality. Medical ethics always emphasizes the Hippocratic Oath. The code of conduct instructs delivering medical reports with utmost secrecy. This honesty enhances the trust between health service providers and patients.

The modicum of report delivery also varies from company to company.

The best are those who adopt a zero-tolerance policy about the report’s confidentiality. The modicum is different; some companies adopt sending reports to verified email addresses while few opt for outdated manual mailing systems. Both systems have risks involved. Hackers and sneakers are an ever-existing threat.

Nonetheless, the company succeeds in providing foolproof secrecy finally wins the confidence of the customers.

What are the Limitations of the Dog DNA Testing?

limitations of dog dna testing

Like many other medical tests, there is always a spacious room for improvement in canine DNA testing. Since its inception in the late 2000s, the product has gone through a circuitous process of evolution.

In nebulous form, the DNA identification tests were conducted through a painful process of blood sampling, then PCR, and finally, the innocuous way of cheek swab sampling is in vogue. Let’s discuss the limitations of the current regimen.

Dog DNA’s test is not verifiable:

According to the USA’s National Veterinary Care Association, there is no mother verifying agency for checking the results produced by privately-owned laboratories. You have to rely solely on the declaration of the labs.

Some substandard service providers fudge the results using loquacious technical jargon to give a fizzy picture, hence covering the shortcomings in testing.

Counter-checking from a different laboratory will not work either. You will be confused between the gap in figures between the two results, eventually ending up on the third laboratory doorstep, which may come with a brand-new result.

One little piece of advice in this regard is to always go after credible names in the industry. Newbies may disappoint you with shocking results.

Not an Instant Result Provider

“Portable dog testing kits” name itself is alluring, and you might have been thinking of extracting the saliva sample from your pet’s jaw pocket, putting it into a gadget, and the result twinkles into the screen. This might be a scene from a sci-fi novel, but this is not the case in reality. The name itself is deceptive.

The only thing you can do with a portable dog testing kit is to take a saliva sample with the help of a swab. Then you will have to send the sample to the company for a deep check-in in their laboratories. The process includes safe transportation of samples and then feedback of results via email.

This might take a couple of days to the whole week, and till then you have to hold your breath.

High-end Product

The price range of an average dog’s DNA testing kit varies between $70 to $180. This one-time investment is unaffordable to many pet parents. They can not satiate curiosity owing to financial constraints.

This is a limitation that could be mitigated by jumping new zealous entrepreneurs into this less-trodden industry.

According to the NEO-capitalism theory, cut-throat competitiveness will rouse the market forces to adjust themselves. Up till now, identifying your dog’s blood lineage has been a tedious task with a little dent in your monthly budget.

Fissures into the Man-Dog Bond

man dog bond

What if you come to know that your supposed pure German Shepherd is 30℅ Afghan Hound and carries 20% traits of Bull terrier. Per an old adage, excessive knowledge is a curse. The maxim fits into you. Your confidence stoops lower, the dog’s training sessions are halted, the dog may be ignored, and in some cases, you may consider your pet crap and think of abandoning or handing over the poor soul to the crèche.

But what is the fault of the dog? It is still the same, which you loved and admired. Only the thinking perspective is changed, and just by changing the critical lens, the whole world turns gloomy from glossy.

The fault is not yours; this is inherently built in the man’s DNA. If you are not ready for an untoward outcome and have the least stress management skills, then do think twice before conducting the dog’s DNA evaluation.

You must have a golden heart to assimilate all the secrets between you and your pet.

Security loopholes

A coterie of cunning hackers can easily fetch all the personal details about your dog by skimming into your email address. The same is the case for manual postage, which can be replaced, burnt, or stolen. In an apocalyptic scenario, black hat hackers can run down the tower of a data bank.

Thus leaking all the details of millions of dogs around the globe. This secure lacuna cannot be fixed until the composition of sophisticated portable home testing kits, which do not require samples to be sent to and fro. At home, you would test, analyze, and restrict the report to yourself.

Despite the limitations, the benefits of dogs’ DNA testing overshadow the restriction. However, it is entirely up to the owner to decide what he considers best for his dog at the end of the day.

Final Verdict

Dogs’ DNA testing is beneficial, and it is worth it if you are into commercial breeding. There is a lot of information that you can get out of the dog’s DNA testing. We have reviewed some of the wonderful kits that are available on Amazon for dogs’ DNA testing. You can quickly get a dog’s swab at home only to get wonderful results in a week or two.

In recent days it was also covered by the ABC news as this topic now a broadly discussed one among dog owners.

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