5 Best Dog Enlarged Heart Natural Treatment (Heart be reversed)

Dilated Cardiomyopathy, which in short is called DCM, is a disease of heart muscles that results in the poor pumping ability of the heart. As the DCM disease progresses, the heart increase in size mainly the chambers become enlarged, valves may leak, and CHF signs (Congestive heart failure) start appearing. Dog enlarged heart natural treatment is a way to fight back with this disease and recover your dog’s heart.

In most cases, this disease’s real cause remains unclear, but there are some breeds with the inherited predisposition. Nowadays, it is a common ailment in dogs, either a small breed or a large breed. The good thing is it never turns into chronic and provides us a chance to look for Dog enlarged heart natural treatment. It never turns to chronic, which means not a heart attack, so dogs remain away from a sudden heart attack.

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What are the signs of this disease?

You may remain to fail to detect any sign in the early stage because your pooch is a good athlete, and you never care for the overall look. But when he suffers, he will lose the tolerance to exercise, and under listed signs may appear:

      • Lethargy
      • Anorexia
      • Heart murmur
      • Abnormal heart sounds
      • Labored breathing
      • Panting
      • Coughing
      • Abdominal distension
      • Sudden collapse

With time the ability to pump worsens, which results in increased blood pressure and veins. In such conditions, lung congestion and fluid accumulation may develop in the left ventricle/atrium. With congestion, edema, and effusion, heart failure is possible, and this worsens the situation.

What is the Dog Enlarged Heart Natural Treatment

We know that it is a bit serious when you search for a remedy to recover your four-legged friend from the increase in heart disease. But unfortunately, there is no such medicine available in a single form. But there are proven natural ways to support the recovery process and extend the life span of your dog. Under listed natural supplements are very beneficial in heart disease:

      1. Dandelion
      2. Hawthorn
      3. Motherwort
      4. Astaxanthin
      5. Colostrum

Five More supplements that are beneficial in Dilated Cardiomyopathy

      • Green Lipped Mussels
      • Eggshell Membrane
      • Phytoplankton
      • Green Tea
      • Larch Arabinogalactan

When the disease is diagnosed, you need to switch your dog’s feed on an immediate basis and move on to an unusual food that is made to support the kidneys. Secondly, if you want to move a step forward, then under-listed natural remedies can encourage your dog to recover from this disease,

Include Vitamin B1 in your dog’s diet

It can help a lot because Ba plays a vital role in nerve functions. The deficiency of B1 leads to nervous system problems and can result in an enlarged heart and even heart failure. You can include under-listed in your dog’s food to meet the B1 requirement. These are foods rich in vitamin B1.

      • Brussels sprouts
      • Nuts
      • Lentils
      • Broccoli
      • Tomatoes
      • Beans
      • Cauliflower
      • Asparagus
      • Spinach
      • Cereals
      • Lean meat

Offer Potassium rich food

To regulate the heartbeat of your dog, you need to feed him more potassium-rich food. It strengthens the heart muscle and regulates the heartbeat. You can depend on under-listed potassium-rich foods.

      • Dried fruits
      • Spinach
      • Tomatoes
      • Potatoes
      • Bananas
      • Avocados

Lower the Sodium intake of your dog

It will help prevent fluid retention, but when you focus on a low sodium diet, most of the diets also do not contain protein, which is a necessary ingredient to stay healthy. But a new form of foods from a few manufacturers is available that can help you maintain low sodium, and you can offer an under-listed menu that is rich in protein and contains minimum sodium.

      • Fresh meat
      • Eggs
      • Fresh vegetables and fruits
      • Sweet corn
      • Dried fruits
      • Oatmeal (not instant)

Final Thoughts

A natural remedy is not available in the shape of a single medicine. Supplements are available to support your dog in recovery. But a lot of natural supplements are available to speed up the recovery process, and even special natural diets are also in the market for the same purpose. We advise feeding any supplement but with the vet’s advice as it may contradict the medicine that your vet advises for your dog.  

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