3 Best Dog Food High in Fiber to Keep the Dog Active and Healthy

Having a dog is like having a best friend. Just like best friends, they listen to you, care for you, and stay by your side no matter what. All they demand in return is a little bit of attention and care. When it comes to food, most pet owners do not realize the severity of an unbalanced diet in dogs’ cases. As a token of love, pet owners start feeding their dogs loads and loads of fats and carbs.

It is almost a common practice in all households. In the end, they start looking for dog food high in fiber to stabilize the health of the dog.

We believe that just because we can eat anything that can be used for dogs too. They do not understand that an unbalanced diet that does not contain other food components like fiber that are important for the proper working of the metabolic system can cause many health problems for your furry little friend. It can result in obesity which can cause further health problems that are caused due to high accumulation of fats.

To avoid this issue, the fiber must be fed to your dogs. If you own senior dog food, they prefer to get senior dog food instead of one high fiber.

Which Dogs Need Food High in Fiber?

Fiber is a nutrient in a balanced diet that dog owners often ignore. They believe that all a dog needs are a good amount of carbs and fats, but the reality is otherwise. While protein and carbohydrates will make up your dog’s muscle mass and physique, fiber will regulate the digestive system.

Fiber is surprisingly highly beneficial for dogs. It is not just important for one breed or one single type of dog; instead, every dog must have his share of fiber in his dog food.

It does not just aid in the proper digestion of food but also reduces the risk of colon cancer in dogs. Besides, fiber helps in managing a healthy weight. Those dogs suffering from obesity but their dog owners do not agree on decreasing the amount of food their dogs consume should be fed dog food high in fiber.

Because of it, your dog will feel full while consuming a meager amount of calories. Other than this, fiber also helps in keeping the blood sugar levels from spiking. If your dog is suffering from diabetes, then high-fiber dog food is the solution.

How to Calculate a Good Quantity of Fiber for a Dog?

Although fiber helps maintain your dog’s good health, if consumed in high amounts, it can lead to weight loss, diarrhea, flatulence, and certain other issues. That is why it is essential to calculate a good quantity of fiber for a dog. The first thing that you can do is observe your dog yourself.

If he is excellent, poops regularly, is not obese, you can give him dog food with a normal fiber amount. However, if he has gained a lot of weight, you can take him to the vet and ask for the amount of fiber you should feed your dog. Normally, your dog’s diet must contain 2% to 4% of fiber. High-fiber dog food usually contains about 10% of fiber.

If your dog is suffering from digestion issues, then you can switch to high-fiber dog food. At the end of the day, it is good to take your dog to a vet so he can make the right judgment. Mostly these people know what we don’t.

3 Best Dog Foods High in Fiber

There are many high-fiber dog foods available in the market, and each one is the best in its own way. Today we are going to talk about the three very beneficial dog foods that are rich in fiber.

After consuming these foods for months, you will see a change in your dog’s behavior and physique dog.

Nutro Wholesome Essentials

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Adult Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food, All Breed Sizes

Nutro wholesome essentials are ideal dog food for your dog if you want to provide him with a healthy diet that will keep his weight intact and improve his digestion. It is composed of ingredients like chicken, lentils, and sweet potatoes. Besides, it also contains vitamin E that boosts the immune system, and helps it fight foreign invaders.

Vitamin E is the vitamin that most dog owners ignore, and ironically that is the most important vitamin.

The best thing about this dog food is that it does not contain any artificial flavors. Just like human beings, dogs also need a diet that will help in their weight management. This dog food is best for this purpose. Your dog will not only enjoy it but will also look more handsome than ever after eating it.

If you are looking for one package that can be sufficient for your dog’s diet, that is Nutro.

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free dog food is specially made for your adult dog. The thing about it is that it is packed with real chicken. It helps in satisfying your dog’s continuous craving for meat. It follows the path of a grain-free diet, high in fiber, which helps stimulate the metabolic system of your dog and aids in absorbing more nutrients.

Besides, it contains sweet potatoes and peas, which help fuel a healthy lifestyle for your dog. The amazing blend of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, also known as BLUE’s exclusive Life source bits, helps strengthen the immune system and maintain a healthy oxidative balance.

If your dog is overweight and has trouble with digestive tracts, then this food can play wonders.

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Taste of The Wild Grain Free High Protein Dry Dog Food

Taste of The Wild Grain Free High Protein Dry Dog Food Appalachian Valley Small Breed - Venison

The taste of the wild is specially made for small breed dogs. This dog food follows a grain-free formula that is a source of balanced nutrition for your puppy. The wild taste is a blend of real and fresh roasted meat and vegetables and fruits. Just like other well-known dog foods, it also does not contain any artificial flavors. Also, there is no room for grain, corn, wheat, or filler in it.

Last but not least, it contains prebiotic fiber, optimal amino acids, antioxidants, and omega fatty acid blend.

All these ingredients contribute to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your puppy.

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Is There any Alternative to Fiber?

Fiber is a basic component of a balanced diet that must not be ignored. Every nutrient performs its specific function, and it is tough to find alternatives. The same is the case with fiber. Without proper fiber intake, your dog is prone to diseases that are caused due to its deficiency. That is why you should not ignore it. Fiber is perfect for digestion and metabolism.

It is a good ingredient for all such dogs who are having trouble with their metabolism.

Pros and cons of high fiber dog foods


  • Boosts metabolic activity and cleans the intestine.
  • It keeps the blood sugar level from spiking.


  • Too much fiber intake can decrease the diet’s nutrient value, resulting in weight loss and flatulence.


One thing that should be kept in mind when it comes to your dog’s diet is that it is important to maintain a balance—too much fiber results in disrupting your dog’s health and its lack. To keep things stable, try to follow a healthy diet that contains a little bit of all the essential nutrients required for your dog. 

At the end of the day, it is a balanced diet that keeps your dog healthy and fit.

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