5 Best Dog Food to Prevent Gas (Cost-effective solution for all breeds)

For most of us, it’s hard not to laugh when thinking about dog farting. In reality, having gas means digestive issues and budding discomfort. If you are experiencing this problem, then it’s the best time to change your dog’s diet; this is the reason we review and list the best dog food to prevent gas. Investing in the best and limited ingredient food is a considerable solution to the gas problem.

1. CANIDAE Grain Free Best Dog Food to Prevent Gas

best dog food to prevent gas

  • First 5 Ingredients: Lamb, turkey meal, chicken meal, sweet potatoes, garbanzo beans,
  • Type: Grain-Free, Limited ingredients
  • Profile: Adult and Senior Dogs
  • Best For: All Breeds

Real meat is the number one ingredient; it is the best dog food to prevent gas, and the vet recommended it too. As per our experience, it is crafted to deal with gas and allergies, especially food allergies. Grain freed food tastes great, and it will solve all digestive problems. You will start getting results in a week. Omega 3 & 6, along with probiotics, makes it an excellent food for adults as well as seniors.

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2. Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food (Sensitive Stomach)

best dog food for gas problems

  • First 5 Ingredients: Brewers Rice, Chicken Meal, Whole Grain Sorghum, Cracked Pearled Barley, Pea Protein
  • Type: Grain Free, Limited Ingredients
  • Profile: For Adults and seniors 
  • Best For: All Breeds

Best for dogs suffering from digestive problems and skin issues, it makes the coat healthy and shiny. It is a highly digestible limited ingredient good with prebiotic fiber to support nutrient absorption and easier stool. Made in the USA with 100% natural ingredients. Vitamins, omega 6, and fatty acids provide all the energy that your dog needs to stay healthy.

3. Nulo Puppy & Adult Limited Plus Grain Free

best dog food for gassy dogs

  • First 5 Ingredients: Turkey Limited+ Recipe Ingredients – Deboned Turkey, Turkey Meal, Chickpeas, Sweet Potatoes
  • Type: Grain Free, Limited Ingredient
  • Profile: For adult and senior dogs 
  • Best For: All breeds

This recipe, crafted with the single source of protein that is turkey, the mic of turkey and salmon gives a taste that your god deserves. It is a high protein, low carb formula made to fulfill your dog’s needs and provide all the energy that your dog needs to stay active and playful—the best dog food to prevent gas that also fights allergies. Fresh ingredients from the USA are used in manufacturing.

4. Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach Formula

best dog food for flatulence

  • First 5 Ingredients: Nutrient-rich salmon, Rice,  Oatmeal, Omega-6 fatty acids 
  • Type: Grain Free, Limited ingredients
  • Profile: For Adults and seniors 
  • Best For: All Breeds

Nutrient-rich salmon, rice, and oatmeal are the essential ingredients, and all of these are easily digestible and a rich source of energy. It is a grain-free food that contains a different formula as compared to other limited ingredient foods. Consider a review of this product, and you will understand why dog owners love this food. If you do not want turkey or hen, then this is the best dog food to prevent gas.

5. Wellness Simple best dog food to prevent gas

best food for dogs with gas

  • First 5 Ingredients: Ground Rice, Salmon, Salmon Meal, Canola Oil, Vitamin A Supplement
  • Type: Grain Free, Limited ingredients
  • Profile: For Adults and Seniors
  • Best For: All Breeds

Sensitive stomach, Itchy paws, dry skin, ruff coat, and allergies are the problem that will never exit when you start feeding this simple dog food. It is not only named simple; in reality, this is the most uncomplicated food in the market due to its limited ingredients. It is highly recommended for senior dogs as well as for adults.  

Understand dog’s digestive system

When you are ready to solve the problem, you need to understand why it has come about. Gas in dogs produced as a by-product. Yes, it is a byproduct of bacterial fermentation in the gastrointestinal tract that needs to get out in the shape of farts that bother you.

It affects the companionship and needs to deal as you identify it. Gastric folds and enzymes, and acid helped a dog break-down food when it reached to stomach. During the digestion, process gas builds up the stomach and intestines, and along with food, it passes through the digestive system to the large intestine of the dog, from where it is released in the shape of farts.

Is swallowing air a cause of farting in dogs?

No doubt it can be a cause, air swallowed by a dog during the eating of food and drinking water or even during breathing turned into small pockets of air in the dog’s digestive system — the same breath released through farting and burping. In technical terms, this disorder is called Aerophagia.

Giant breeds, especially with wide skulls, are more prone to swallow air during eating and drinking its due to their positions of the nose. So, if you own a large breed like a bulldog, then you may experience it more.

Some dogs get too excited about the meals, especially when the dinner bell rings, and, in that time, they inhale their food without chewing or breathing. As a result, they ingest air that makes its way to the digestive system. If it is not due to the excitement, then there may be a reason for another dog in the house. That becomes a threat to the meal ad dogs starts eating with induce speed.

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Reasons behind constant smelly gases

Health conditions of the dog

Suppose your dog is unwell and suffering from several health issues that can result in frequent farts. Tumors, inflammatory bowel disease, or any other problem can be a reason for frequent farts—most of the time, it is connected to the stomach.

Food allergy

In many cases where owners are feeding the same food for a long time, that causes a problem, and even a change of food with different ingredients also becomes a problem. Nowadays, the majority of dogs have an intolerance to grains, which seriously causes digestive upsets.

Some dogs are allergic to common protein sources, and there is a need to switch to food containing other protein sources. Switching the protein source is an excellent solution to these problems.

In some dogs, lactose intolerance can be a cause of gastrointestinal issues. In this case, occasional treats are responsible for the subject. If your dog is compassionate and only changes a few ingredients, invite problems. In this case, you need to remove the few offending elements only, most probably the new additions.

Poor quality diet

Sometimes we choose to feed poor-quality food because of our budget issue; such food contains byproducts that are a poor protein source that intensifies the flatulence in dogs.  Vets found that ingredients of such foods are hard to digest for all dogs that result in fermenting in the digestive tract due to undigested food. Some of these ingredients are Soybean, carbohydrates and starches, corn, and peas.

Bacterial Imbalance

Some are good, and some are bad, but these bacteria are present in the gastrointestinal system. There can be an imbalance between good and bad bacteria that start causing the problem of gas.

Why is my dog so gassy all of a sudden?

Occasional treats can be a cause if your dog suddenly develops gas. It is a reaction to the specific ingredient that your dog recently ate. Like if your dog eats something greasy from the trach, that can cause a gas problem.

Just consider what you offer to eat, and if you change the diet recently, that is a problem. If you decided to change the food of your dog, then make it slowly over two weeks.

What breed of dogs fart the most?

Any dog can be affected because of digestive problems, but some are more prone to it like

      • Mastiffs
      •  Boxers
      •  Pugs
      • Golden Retrievers
      • Bulldogs
      • Pitbulls
      • Rottweilers
      • Boston Terriers
      • Beagles

It did not mean all the time these breeds fart, but these do. When you feel that they are consistently doing it, that means they are suffering from the problem. When they are healthy, you cannot detect their farts.

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How do I get rid of my dog’s bad gas?


You need to arrange an exercise session regularly. It can be a good thing for gas as well as a healthy brain and digestive system. This is the very first piece of advice that every vet and dog owner thinks. As per our experience, walking, running, and playing with dogs help a lot. It encourages your dog’s body to digest more and support healthy bacteria as well. Moreover, during the exercise, gas released in the open air will not affect you.

Gentle exercise for senior dogs

Seniors fart more as compare to young and energetic dogs. With time their digestive system becomes slow and less capable, which results in more farting. In old age, mix probiotic supplements in their food and offer them gentle exercise, maybe a walk only.

Carefully select occasional food and treats

If you find once that meal is not performing well and it can gas, then do not offer it again and search for better alternatives. Sometimes when we make food for dogs at home and add healthy supplements, that becomes a cause, so stay careful and stop feeding the same treat and food.

Grain-free good

It is the ultimate solution to switch the diet to grain-free, and in a matter of two weeks, you will get results.

Dietary supplements

Buy dietary supplements and add in the food of your dog. You also can buy these from the local food store; these can help a lot to regulate the gas problem.

Try with small meals.

Split the food and increase the intervals like you can increase it to six to boost the metabolism and fight with gas problem.

Buy a slow bowl

It is also a practical solution, especially when you identify that your dog is eating with dense speed. With a slow eating bowl, your dog can eat slow and will swallow less air.

Low fiber limited ingredient diet 

it will cost you more, but an effective solution, all the foods listed in our resource best dog food to prevent gas are low in fiber and limited ingredient and premium protein source foods.

Final Thought

As a dog owner, it is necessary to remember that a daily fart is normal in dogs, and most of the time, it did not smell strange. Never shout at your dogs when they release stink bomb because they didn’t realize they did it, your shouting will be a waste at that moment.

On the parping issue, no dog deserves to be banished from the house, walk, or car trips. Hopefully, our best dog food to prevent gas resources will help you a lot to deal with the problem. If you get any new way to stop it, then please share that in the comments.

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