Dog-Friendly Cottages: A Compact Guide For Fur Parents

Dog-Friendly Cottages A Compact Guide For Fur Parents

Going out for a retreat or a vacation can really be exciting, especially since you could get closer to nature. However, if you have a dog with you, leaving them and allowing other people to take care of them might just make you worry the whole time, especially if both of you are inseparable. Luckily, there are dog-friendly cottages that you can bring your furry friend with you.  

Looking for the best dog-friendly cottages might be challenging, especially since there’s a lot to consider. When looking for the best one, consider their ratings and customer satisfaction to see if actual customers enjoy their services and location. You can check out Dog Friendly Retreats or any other cottages that you’d see online. 

Now, before you pack your things and travel to your selected dog-friendly cottage, below are some guidelines that you should prepare for: 

Consult Your Vet First 

Before you book a dog-friendly cottage, it’ll only be wise if you could consult with your vet first to see if your dog can travel and would go well with different climates and temperatures for an extended period.

This will help ensure that your dog is safe and comfortable the entire trip, or you might only end up cutting your trip short because your dog is feeling unwell.  

As you consult with your vet, they might give additional medication or advice about what they should avoid, especially if they’re most likely to wander around the woods.

Moreover, a vet would also give you a clearance about your updated vaccine records as some dog-friendly cottages require a full vaccination record for every dog to guarantee the safety of everyone.  

Prepare For Emergencies 

Even if the thought breaks you, you should always prepare for any possible emergencies once you’re traveling with your dog. This will help guarantee their safety and avoid any potential complications as you travel.

Apart from knowing your local vet’s contact number, there are plenty of things that you should carry with you. 

Ideally, you should know where the nearest vet is. Apart from knowing the directions from the cottage, you should also know their contact numbers so you can inform them right away that you’re coming.

Additionally, you should also pack an emergency kit so you can do some quick first aid solutions yourself, even if the cottage can offer one. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry.  

Pack More Than Enough Snacks, Food, And Water 

When traveling with your dogs, packing snacks, food, and water is an absolute must on any trip that you’re going on. Treat them like a child that’ll frequently eat, especially when they feel uncomfortable.

However, avoid overfeeding them as it could harm their health, especially if they follow a strict diet due to a medical condition.  

While you can always pack enough food and water for your dog, most people would suggest packing for an additional two days, just in case something goes wrong during your trip and you’re not able to go home on time.

This will help put trouble away as you try to look for dog food and snacks suppliers in your area.  

Bring Various Clothing 

As you bring your god to a new environment, you might expose them to a different temperature they’re not used to being around. To allow your dog to be comfortable during the entire trip, bringing dog clothing will help to keep them warm or cool for the whole period.  

To lessen your dog bag, you should check first the temperature you’re expecting to have in your dog-friendly cottage and bring enough clothing according to that.

Moreover, as you pack your dog clothing, try to get at least two pairs of alternate temperature clothing, just in case the weather turns differently on that day. This will help prevent any frustrations as you look for ways to make your dog feel comfortable.  

Label And Identify Your Dog 

Dog-Friendly Cottages
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With a dog-friendly cottage, expect that you’ll be around with plenty of dogs as well. While interacting with different furry friends sounds like a great idea, there might be a tendency for your dog to get lost as they wander around the area as they play with their furry friends.  

To lessen the possibility of losing your dog, you should make your dog wear a collar with a label on it. On their identification, you should include your name and contact number so they can easily contact you.

Ensure that you bring that phone with you and guarantee a strong signal around the area.  

Remember To Bring Comfort Toys 

Going to a new environment might not be for everyone, especially if your dog isn’t much of a fan of changes. While you might enjoy bringing your pet, your dog might find the entire trip uncomfortable, especially since they’re in a new place and with plenty of strangers.  

To help your dog feel comfortable and secure, you should bring them their comfort toys to ease their anxiety.

You can also use these toys to let them pass boredom if there’s not much activity around. Moreover, you can also let them play with their toys if you want to keep them busy as they might keep on loitering around the area.  

Bring Doggie Bags 

You can’t expect a dog to sit on the toilet to do its business. However, with a new environment, your dog might be confused about their potty training as their usual potty spot would be missing.

Moreover, if they found a potty area around your cottage, you should be a responsible dog owner and pick up after your pet.  

Wherever you’re going with your dog, you should always bring a doggie bag with you. This will help prevent any messes and inconvenience to other pet owners around you.

Moreover, you can also get wet wipes for watery stools and wash your dog, especially if their poop is messy.  

Exercise Regularly 

As you go to a new place, your dog might like to wander to different places as the area is wide, or you might involve them in physical activities to keep them running and happy.

However, if your dog isn’t active back at home, you might quickly see them lying around the floor with exhaustion.  

To prepare your dog for a dog-friendly cottage adventure, you should encourage them to exercise regularly. You could take them for a walk or a run or even play with them in your yard.

Ideally, you should prepare their bodies at least two weeks before your trip.  

The Verdict  

Dog-friendly cottages are one of the best things that could ever happen to every dog owner. Not only that they’d be able to take a quick vacation, but they could also bring their furry friends along with them.

However, you need to prepare thoroughly for an extraordinary trip that everyone would enjoy.