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dog gates for stairs

When it comes to stopping your dog from visiting the upper or lower floor of your house, the only solution that comes into mind is dog gates for stairs. These are made of iron or steel and available in many colors, widths, and heights to match your style and requirement. You cannot train your dog to stop visiting every corner of your house; literarily, they want to be everywhere with every family member.

Puppies are just like young humans; they often negotiate to go upstairs or downstairs but cannot manage to come back safely. Sometimes it led to injury, especially in case of when stairs are made of concrete or iron. Older dogs also share the same risk. They can fall off the stairs because they lack energy, and their in-firmness can lead to an accident.

The best dog gate for stairs comes in right height that a dog cannot jump, equipped with a secure lock that needs a human hand to open, painted with non-toxic material, durable finish as well as wide enough to cover the whole stair width as well as sturdy enough to bear the pressure of pups.

A dog gate is the most authentic solution to a section of an area where you do not want your dog to visit. We take it as a permanent solution to restrict the access of the dog. A variety of dog gates are available for stairs, but not every gate is made equally.

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Things to Consider While Buying a Dog Gate for Stairs

A lot of things matter when it comes to buying the right dog gate for stairs, we discuss the only important things that you cannot ignore; these will help you to find the right fit for your need.

  • Right Width: This comes into first, measure the width of your stairs where you are in plan to install the gate, so you can know that what width exactly you need; either you find a gate, or you need a gate with extenders to fit into that space.
  • Height Matters: If you have small dogs or medium-sized dogs, you can buy a gate with a height of anywhere between 20 to 24 inches, but when it comes to large pups, you need more height so they cannot jump the gate.
  • Know the Temperament of Your Dog: Assess “how hard it is to stop your dog?” if your dog puts pressure on the gate and gives it the challenge to break the barrier, then you need to consider only the most sturdy option. At the same time, if your dog is a well-behaved one, then you can buy any ordinary gate.
  • Securable: The best option must be equipped with a lock that dogs cannot open independently; this will ensure only you can allow the dog to get access.

While buying a dog gate for stairs, you need to keep in mind it’s not the only dog who needs this gate. It’s humans too. Yes, family members need to pass through the gate to access the sectioned-off portion; for this purpose, they need to open and close the gate so often. So, select one that is easy for humans, like one with a lock on the top side, is quite easy to open for all family members, no bending required to open the lock.

We review more than 30 dog gates for stairs and finally make a list of the ten best dog gates; thousands of dog owners already trusted these solutions for their pups. Let’s move to the products review:

1. Best Dog Gate for Stairs


  • Easy swing and lockable gate.
  • Elegant bronze finish.
  • Fully adjustable for a variety of spaces.
  • Vertical sturdy steel bars.

Toddleroo by North States is ideally made for the kids, but it is an ultimate solution that can be used for kids and four-legged friends, either the large one or puppies. It’s an ideal solution for wider areas and stairways. Its hardware is designed to fit anywhere between 28.68” to 47.85” while 31” tall. So ideal you can fit it anywhere.

  • Multipurpose Gate: Surely, it’s a multipurpose gate that can use anywhere in the house and a single investment that will overcome most of your common problems, equally beneficial for kids and dogs.
  • Made of Superior Materials: Best raw materials are used in its construction; it’s safe for all family members as well as for all pets in your home, non-toxic, and there are no sharp corners that can harm the kids and pets.
  • One Hand Operations: Allow easy walkthrough you can open the gate with just one hand, and click require a little and nice push. No threshold and extra wide door allow to pass through easily.
  • Hardware Mounted Gate fits with the proper wall mounting hardware that holds it sturdy in its place; it will not slip in any case and prevent accidental crossings.

We recommend this durable and sturdy solution as a single solution to a section of one floor or prevent kids and pets from restricting their access to the staircase. Its height makes it difficult for dogs, even the large ones, to jump the door. Heavy metal and vertical bars keep your loved ones secure—ideal for large openings and wide staircases.

We recommend it most and keep it on the first spot because it does not have a threshold, so there is no tripping risk, and due to permanent hardware, the gate will not swing over the stairs. It swings only in one direction; this feature makes it more secure and safe.

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2. Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate


  • Features a small lockable pet gate for cats.
  • Easy to fit without any special tool.
  • Chew-resistant and non-toxic finish.
  • Adjustable and sturdy metal frame.

Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate with Small Pet Door is a pressure mount solution that does not leave any mark on the walls and prevents future repair. It comes with two options, one pressure mount kit, another wall mount kit, and a 4” extension kit, which is also included in the package. Its core features are;

  • Safe for Pets: it includes multiple safety lock features that make it perfect for small to medium-sized dogs, and it’s certified by ASTM and JPMA standards.
  • Completely Secure: Pressure mounted design not only makes it quick and easy to fix but also makes it sturdy enough to stay at its place.
  • Multipurpose Extra Wide Dog Gate: It can be used at doorways, bottom and top of stairs, and hallways.

It can fit in an opening of 29” to 36.5”, so measure the place where you need to fit it. Measuring your opening before purchase will save you from future problems. When you use a wide extension, that total width will become more than 40”.

We recommend it for small and medium-sized dogs as they cannot jump over its height of 30.5 inches. And your cats will not bother this door because you can keep the small door open for them, so there will be no sectioned-off area for them.

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3. Summer Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate


  • Decorative walk through the gate.
  • Ideal for stairways and doorways.
  • Equipped with removable door stoppers.
  • Easy to install and maintenance-free.

Summer Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate makes its spot on our list because of its adjustability and style. It allows an easy walkthrough, and it features a gate stopper that prevents the gate’s opening on stairways. Its finishes and narrow steel bars make it an attractive dog gate that can fit anywhere in your house from 28.5” to 48” in width.

  • Ideal for Large Dogs:  Dogs can easily jump up to their heights, but when it’s 36” inches tall, even the large pups cannot jump this gate.
  • Safe and Non-Toxic: safe for kids and animals when used as the baby gate, you can stay sure that; there are no sharp edges, and its paint is non-toxic.
  • Features Auto-Close Door: Its door needs a push to get locked; leave it nicely, and it will be locked itself.
  • Easy to Install: No drilling is required to install this dog gate; it fit sturdy with pressure mounting points and can hold the pressure of large dogs.

We recommend it because it can hold your large pups, a true multi-purpose gate that can be used for small dogs and babies. So, it’s a one-time investment that will solve most of the common problems. Metal with a bronze look gives it a real beauty that will increase your house’s interior look.

Pressure mounting adjustment allows using the same gate at a different place in the house when required, and amazingly no tools are required to set it up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why have a dog gate for Stairs?

It serves multiple purposes like its core function is to prevent the dogs from going upstairs or downstairs while at the same time it also can restrain dogs and keep them on patio or balcony but only when your dog is not large enough to jump the gate.

Which dogs need the stair gates most?

Puppies, old dogs, and untrained dogs need the gates most of the time; in puppies and old dogs, use stairs can lead to injuries.

As puppies are not able to negotiate step while the old four-legged friends might be visually impaired or suffering from physical health issues.

Our dog gates different from baby gates?

Broadly seeing both are same and made to the section off, the areas but when we dig into deep, we find that baby gates have some distinguishing features like lathes, narrow bar space so a baby cannot insert hand in between them.

Most dogs chew a lot, and that why dog gates are made chew resistant while baby gates not.

How to select the best dog gate for stairs?

As we discussed earlier, the temperament of your dog matters a lot in the case of chihuahua or toy poodle size breed; you can buy any light quality dog gate.

But for powerful dogs who can challenge the barrier that you set to limit their access to a particular area should be strong enough. Small dog gates need small mesh, while for large breeds, it is not a concerning area.

Are hinged dog gates better than freestanding barriers?

Again, the temperament of your dog and breed will matter; freestanding gates can act as a good barrier only for XX small breed and puppies, while those who can put a little pressure on free-standing barriers cannot stop them.

Hinged gates are secured with walls and do not give away to pushing; even rough and tumble play cannot displace them.

What’s the best material for a dog gate?

Dog gates for stairs which are made with wood or composite material, are heavy in nature as well as cost three times more when compared with metal-made gates. Metal-made gates are more adjustable and available in a variety of colors and designs.

I prefer to buy one with a narrow space between the metal bars instead of mesh because the dog can damage the mesh easily with their paws.


Dog gates for stairs are available in many colors and styles; it’s easy to match your interior style; moreover, every manufacturer is offering multiple sizes that you can choose while keeping in view the size, breed, and temperament of your dog.

A strong and large gate can be used for all four-legged family members, while a lightweight gate can only be used for puppies and small dogs. In case you have multiple dogs at home, prefer to buy a sturdy and large gate so every dog can be stopped downstairs or upstairs.

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