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best dog gates with cat door

Humans four-legged friends want excess to each and every corner of the house and they always follow the humans where ever they visit inside the house. It natural with them they want to stay near to the owners to show their love and affection for them. But we cannot allow all of them to visits every place especially the large ones who pant. The need for the best dog gate with cat door arises here.

The best dog gate with cat door acts as a temporary barrier for the dogs, won’t allow them to visit the other side (the sectioned off area) while the built-in small door permits the small animal like cats to pass through, easy to operate and allow locking both of doors to restrict access of all animals. 

10 Best Dog Gates With Cat Door

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Usually, in our homes, dogs and cats live together and they do not create any problem at all but there are separate limitations for both and everyone has some different criteria. Like you may allow your cat on the upper portion but not your dog and one may want to restrict the access of dogs in the rooms while wish to allow the cats.

A dog gate is a temporary solution that provides dogs more liberty to roam in a much larger area as compared to the crate. In the limited space, just like in crate, your furry friend feels more cramped.

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Why a Dog Gate with Cat Door?

We, humans, are more adaptive to cats as compared to dogs when it comes to sharing a home, especially bedrooms and kitchen. Yes, it’s fact; usually, cats are allowed to roam freely everywhere in the house while doge usually does not enjoy the same liberty.

The basic use of this dog gate with a cat door is to limit the access of dogs while permitting cats to access the area where dogs are not allowed. There can be multiple reasons like:

  • Section off Kids playing area and Restrict access of dogs: where you kids play you want to keep that sanitized and do not want to visit your dog and drool there or bring mud with their paws, A dog gate with cat door is an ideal solution to allow cats and restrict the dog from visiting kids area.
  • Use During a Party (Occasional Use): when you invite guests you definitely do not want your dog to bother everyone at the party. So, the products in the spotlight provide a perfect solution to keep them off.
  • Section off your kitchen of upper portion: as we discussed earlier you can section off an area where you wish to allow your cat to visit freely while not to dogs. Even the best dog gates with a cat door allow disabling access for both.
  • Needed for Stubborn and Untrained dogs: either you own a large pup or have a frou-legged friend who is not trained until now and can destroy your belongings then surely you need a gate that can particularly restrict access of your dog. 

In normal conditions such as a gate can be used for dogs, it not necessary to always use it for cats. You can lock the cat door and can use it as a standard dog gate. The amazing thing about these gates is they are available at the same price as standard dog gates. So even you are not required one particularly with a cat door you can buy one for future use.

Things to Consider While Buying Dog Gate with Cat Door

You may have multitude of reasons to keep your pup confined. It might be due to the safety of your dog, or you are concerned about the damage to fragile areas of your home. Not all dogs enjoy a good relationship with other animals; therefore, a dog gate is necessary to keep the animals safe.

  • Lockable Cat Door: A lockable cat door allow us to block the access of all small and large animals and make the dog gate with cat door multipurpose equipment.
  • Right Size: width and height of the gate matter a lot like if you are buying a gate for your toy breed, then you may not consider height, while on the other side, when you have great Danes, then you should consider height. Measure the width of your area where you need to install the gate so you can buy the right gate to fit there.
  • Material and Quality: Dog gates are made with a variety of materials; not all of those are the same and durable. Prefer to consider the temperament of your dog, then consider the material; for stubborn dogs, you need a sturdy solution made of thick steel bars or tubes. The aesthetic you are looking for also matter, wooden gates look more sophisticated as compared to steel or iron gates. They are more potent and costly, as well.
  • Security: A reliable locking mechanism that your dog cannot open on his own, look for heavy-duty gates for a large dog so they cannot leap over in a single bound. More secure gateways are better than the relatively wimpy gates.
  • Easy To install: we recommend buying gates that are easy to install without any tools, avoid those which need to dig holes in the walls or floor because later on, these will cause you additional cost on repairs.
  • Locking mechanism effectiveness: Along with a small door lock a good dog gate also needs a reliable lock for a large gate, that dog cannot open on his own and every time needs a human hand to unlock.

It is more important to consider where your gate will be used; we are of the opinion that different spaces will be required different types of dog gates with cat doors. Some gates listed below designed to section narrow doorways, stairs, and some made to section off huge chunks of rooms.

We always recommend measuring the space you need to section off from your dog; it will keep you safe from buying a gate that doesn’t fit right.

What do we recommend?

dog gates with cat door

When it comes to dog gates with cat doors, we strongly recommend “Adjustable-Tension Dog Gates” instead of free-standing gates, hinged fold-able dog gates, or walk-through dog gates. Because adjustable tension gates can hold firm, more comfortable to fit, and provide a substantial barrier, these types of gates are strong enough to operate small cat gates and will not shake or collapse.

To find the best dog gates with cat door, we review more than 50 products, and finally, we reach on the list of 10 best gates that you can safely use for dogs and cats. Our recommendation is based on the quality of materials, Ratings, and other considerations like ease of installation, color, overall aesthetic look, and ease of use.

We start narrowing the list of products based on the above-discussed grounds and sharing the top 10 products with you. Keep in mind dozens of products are available on the online marketplace, but all of those are not made equally. Here is a list we can hope that you find one solution for your dog and cat:


1. Best Dog Gate with Cat Door

Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate with Small Pet Door is 30.5 inches high, and its maximum width is 36 inches approximately. The package comes with a 4-Inch Extension Kit, Pressure Mount Kit, and Wall Mount Kit that make installation easy and make it comfortable to fit from anywhere between 29 inches to 36.5-inch-wide area or passage.

The patented small pet door measure 8 X 8 inches that allow cats and small dogs to pass through to access the area restricted for dogs. It’s small and large; both doors are lockable. Ideally, it’s designed for doorway, hallway, and bottom of stairs; you might use it temporarily anywhere in the house.

It’s easy to install and quick to remove; it takes only a little space in your store when not in use. It comes with a non-toxic finish that makes it perfect for inside use, safe for human beings, especially for kids and pets. The chewing habit of your dog will not damage it.

Everything required for installation is included in the package, like wall cups, pressure mounting spindle rods, extension kits to fit in wide areas, and screws. So, you can fit the right way you receive your package.

You can open this walkthrough gate with just one hand. This feature makes it useful, especially if you are wrangling small children or often have your hands full. Its locking mechanism makes sure your four-legged friends won’t be operating it. We believe that it will be difficult for your furry friends to open this metal gate without opposable thumbs.

You can stay sure your dog will not visit an area that is sectioned off, no matter how smart he is. This gate’s installation features make it semi-permanent while your wall remains safe from heavy drilling and scratches that can add to repairing cost.


  • All metal frame, a sturdy structure which is built to last.
  • It can be used for large pups.
  • Equipped with multiple lock features.


  • Not suitable for toy breeds.
  • Excessive chewing can damage the plastic bolts
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2. Top Rated Dog Gate with Cat Door for Large Dogs

Tall Walk Through Pet Gate with Cat Door is and durable and reliable solution for large dogs and small pets like toy dog breeds and cats. It is 36 inches tall; this height makes it impossible for large pups to cross the barrier. It comes with 4 inches extension kit, 4 packs of wall mounting kit, and 4 pack pressure mounting kit. All of these installation accessories will make installation a hassle-free job.

The cat door allows being opened on both sides and equipped with a small and smart lock that can be used to impose a curfew on cats too.

Weight is a good indication of structural integrity when it comes to metal-made products; it weighs more than any other product in the market. Other pet gates ranged anywhere up to 15 lbs, but this is nearly double in weight.

If you have large pups like great Danes or hounds who like to lean upon the gate, you may want to lean towards this more massive model. It is made to bear the pressure of a large dog, and it installs sturdy so it can act as a strong barrier for all dogs.

Its bottom side sits flat on the ground, which can bear the pressure of a large dog and get more fraction to avoid slipping when it’s in use.


  • Completely scratch and bite proof.
  • Non-toxic and pet-friendly design.
  • Scuff mark resistant and made to avoid discoloration.


  • Not suitable for small dogs or for homes where kids operate dog door.
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3. Budget Buy – Dog Gate with Cat Door

Design Studio Home Decor Walk Through Pet Gate is another beautiful dog gate with a cat door that will give your interior a new look. Its high-quality paint and durable materials will all value your interiors as it is made with fashionable cherry wood accents with a black finish. We give it a spot on our list because it deserves to be included.

It is almost 30 inches high and comes with a small cat door right in the lower middle of dog date that allows cats to access the area and can be locked to block the access.

While reviewing these dog gates with cat door, the one-touch release safety lock was our biggest concern; we closely look into whether either dog can open it or not? We found that only human hands can open this lock with just a press of a button.

An ideal pet gate for hallway, doorway, open spaces, and bottom of stairs folds flat for easy storage, and extensions are available for this model. It is free from normal wear and tear, easy to clean, and has sturdy fame. We test the frame’s rigidity by squeezing bars as hard as we can do and find that it’s strong enough to bear the heavy pressure.


  • Reinforced and strong joints.
  • All metal frame with one touch release safety lock.
  • Expandable and no tool required for assembly.


  • Logicality of plastic parts in lock can be a issue if used roughly.
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4. Expandable Dog Gate with Cat Door

Tuffy Metal Expandable Pet Gate is a product of Carlson Pet Products designed to fit into the 26 to 28 inches wide openings, either in stairways, hallways, or any other area. Amazingly no tools are required to set it up; a human being can set it with just one hand, thanks to its single rod unique pressure mounting system.

The small pet door’s ideal size only allows tiny breeds and cats to pass through the gate while keeping everyone else out. We like its simple locking feature yet an effective solution against smart dogs.  

Just like other pressure mounting gates, the no-hassle installation process. Hardly will it take five minutes to set up.

It is a great choice for partitioning your pet from unwanted spaces, but at the same time, the owner will not feel confined, as this gate allows for walking through comfortably when needed. It is a clean design that does not have any extra framing for pressure mounting to maintain rigidity.

Rubber contact points on each side help to get the fraction that needs to make it sturdy in its place and make it non-slipping. It’s non-toxic; its iron frame and paint are safe for adults, kids, dogs, and cats.


  • No need to patch holes into your wall.
  • No accidental tripping.
  • Simplistic design no setup out of the box required.


  • Extension Kits do not work with this model.
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5. Extra Wide Pet Gate with Small Pet Door

MINI Expandable Extra Wide Pet Gate with Cat Door MINI Expandable Extra Wide Pet Gate with Small Pet Door is an all-steel design that is durable and convenient, comes as a quick-fit patented system for perfect installation. It’s small in height as compared to other standard height products. Maximum it reaches 18 inches that make sit perfect for small and toy breed use.

No tools are required to install it, and it is equipped with an 8 X 8 inches cat door that will let the small pets pass through while keeping the dogs out. It is a pressure mount design that includes a safety lock and a non-toxic finish.

It provides solid functionality, but the white color also provides an elegant look, and the overall frame makes for a very charming look. The metal framework’s built-in door is a secure and reliable solution for cats for letting them access the sectioned-off area.


  • Equipped with multiple safety lock features.
  • Certified by ASTM and JPMA standards.
  • It fits openings between 27″-31″ wide.


  • The small door’s Spring handle is not a reliable lock, especially when the dog learns to open it.
  • It is not ideal for medium and large dogs as they can jump over it.
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6. Super-Wide Dog Gate with Cat Door

Extra Tall Walk Through Pet Gate with Small Cat Door is a pressure mount design with an extension and a complete installation kit. Optional hardware is also available for this gate, allowing you to add more flexibility for long install—designed for effective use of all families.

Buyers love this product because of its durable construction and trustworthy lock mechanism. It will be a perfect match for décor; you will at least minimize the color clashing due to its color tone.

Thousand of dog owners trusted this model and showed their complete satisfaction with this product. We recommend this high-end finish design from medium and large dogs. You can expand this barrier for an exact and perfect fit; it is a size that fits in most homes, especially the stairways, passage, and hallways.

You can trust this dog gate with cat door to customize your home for pets.

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7. Tall Walk Through Pet Gate with Small Cat Door

Whether it be protecting your visitors, guest, or family member from an overzealous four-legged furry friend or keeping the pup protected from the toxic cleaner that you use off and on, which might be dangerous for your pet, or to section off the kids playing area where you want separate restriction options for dogs and cats, the above-listed product is a single solution for all of these problems.

We believe that a dog gate with a cat door helps you and your four-legged family members adjust to life together. Separate doors for dogs and cats in a single solution will enable you to block your buddies’ access as you want, either permanently or temporarily.

A gate that allows your cat and dog to see through still fine as they feel they are involved, not isolated, the product in the spotlight is one that you get to solve all the above-listed problems; it’s a solution that will keep everything and everyone protected.

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8. Best Looking Dog Gate with Cat Door

You might still need a dog gate with a cat door when your dog has free reign in your home and guests. Because the time may come when your dog feels that they need to explore more or he becomes angry with any guest due to a wrong act and leave some bad impression. Always using a gate for cats and dogs did not means that you are not limiting your guests to see your dog.

We all know that there are people who fear dogs or there is another kind who gets allergic to dogs, especially the old ones. They want to keep all the furry friends away, and in such a condition, the product listed above is an ideal solution because it can restrict both access.

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9.  Design Paw Extra Wide Pet Gate

A dog gate with a cat door becomes a necessity, especially when you live in a house that doesn’t have any layout for a traditional indoor dog gate. Yes, there are such homes, and many buyers refuse to buy them because they consider them as lacking. The above-listed product is an ideal candidate for such homes.

While using this dog gate, you can allow your roam to roam freely and impose restrictions on the dogs. The good news is this gate suits any setup; either you need to clock the room’s access or need a general gate for pets.

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10. Large Dog Gate with Cat Door

When it comes to deciding for permanent or not? We are in the view that you should choose a moveable dog barrier with a cat door, which can be occasionally or permanently, easy, and durable enough to bear the pressure of your dog. The ability to walk through is another intention; a high comfortability is always appreciated and required.

The above-mentioned product is an excellent solution that comes at a reasonable price; yes, it’s really reasonable price that every dog owner can afford. Its pressure mounted and will not cost you even a single penny on installation and further repair your walls.

You can transport it anywhere and it can be used to section off any part of your house.

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Final Words

The best dog gate with cat door is a solution to many of the common problems that pet owners usually face in their homes. When it comes to section off a particular area and you wish to get separate control for your cat and dog then all of the above-listed products are best enough to consider.

We list our top ten recommendations and recommend measuring your area where you need to install a dog gate to avoid any future hassle and get a perfect fit. Hopefully, our efforts help you to find the best product for your pets.

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