3 Best Dog Grooming Combs of 2021

dog grooming comb

A dog grooming comb not only combs the hair of your dog. It is a multi-functional tool that can give you and your pet multiple benefits.

Now you would be confused about how a small comb can benefit you? A dog comb helps with grooming. If you have a long-haired dog, then a dog comb can help in shedding season, as you can find your pet’s hair in every corner of your house. The right dog grooming comb can help the owner and pets in multiple ways.

In this expensive world, it is hard to afford a trip to the vet every other month. Grooming can be made easy with the help of a dog grooming comb, and for your convenience, it’s time we review some for you.

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1. Andis Pet Steel Comb

dog grooming comb

Key Features

  • Lightweight The comb has a lightweight stainless steel material that makes grooming very easy at home.
  • Dual-sided It helps to keep your pet’s fur fresh and straight, giving a smooth experience.
  • It can be used with cats as well this product is designed to work for dogs and cats of all sizes.

Andis is something that will solve almost every problem with your pet’s fur. It is a product that has all the features you can demand in a dog grooming comb.

However, if you want to marvel at the exciting features of this comb, then read along.

The best thing about this comb is that it is a multi-functional tool that does not only work for dogs but also cats. So if you have a dog and a cat, you don’t need separate combs for them. You can use the same comb on both of them if they are not allergic.

Furthermore, it is made with lightweight stainless steel that makes it user-friendly. Most of the people who have pets with long hair find it very difficult to comb their hair with a heavy comb. The material used in this comb eliminates this issue and provides the user with the best experience.

The teeth of the comb are perfectly designed to give your pet a relaxed feeling. They are soft enough to keep your pet happy while you are grooming them. Moreover, it removes dirt and loose hair smoothly from your dog’s matt.

The coolest feature of this comb is that it does not have any age range. It can be used on all age groups of the dog so, if you have a small little puppy or big grown-up dog, you can buy this product and make your life easy.

It has 5 inch long teeth, making it universal to use it on pets of different hair sizes. The comb perfectly works on them as it is an authentic ANDIS comb.

Moreover, 90 per cent of vets recommend it. Therefore, there is no other option that comes even near to this comb.


  • the comb has 5-inch teeth that suit every long haired pet.
  • Made with stainless steel.
  • Easy to carry around.


  • Teeth of the comb might break if the holding position is not right.

2. Pet Comb Long and Short Teeth Comb for Dogs

dog grooming combs

Key Features

  • Enhanced grip The anti-slip design of the comb enhances its grip and makes it easy to use.
  • High quality the stainless steel design makes it more durable and robust.
  • Efficient design it takes significantly less time to comb your pet’s hair to perfection.

Dog grooming is a must, and for that, you don’t need to pay the hefty price to the vet. With the right dog grooming comb, you get the satisfaction you were looking for in dog grooming.

Compared to our first choice, Piepea might not be as good as Andis, but it is a handy tool. This dog grooming comb has a tooth size that cannot be used on all dogs. Andis is a dog grooming comb that can be used for both long and short hair. However, Piepea is the best option only for short hair dogs.

Another similarity between Andis and Piepea is that both are extremely easy to use, and they have a tremendous grip, which makes it easy for the dog owner to comb the pet properly.

One of the most attractive features of Piepea is that its round teeth are specially designed to massage the dog to keep its skin safe and healthy.

Your dog will definitely enjoy this comb owing to it’s massaging capabilities that are equally present in Andis.

However, unlike our first pick, it is not that durable. Although it is made with stainless steel that improves its durability, it is less stable if we compare it to the first one.


  • Handle made with silicone
  • Easy to clean
  • Unique design


  • Not for the long hair

3. SUMCOO Stainless Steel Pet Dog

best dog combs

Key Features

  • Perfect lengths of teeth it ensures that it can work best with all kinds of hair.
  • Smart design It is manufactured, keeping user comfort in mind.
  • Anti-microbial material It is made with a material that reduces microorganisms’ growth in your pet’s hair.

Our third selection is also one of the best grooming combs for dogs. However, the reason why it is on the third number is its functionality. It may not be as productive as number two and number one, but it is a handy tool.

Just like Andis, it has an anti-microbial material that ensures that no small organisms exist on your dog’s fur that can harm it. At the same time, it is a bit heavy, unlike our first two selections.

The comb’s design is very soft and helps to comb the fur of your pet very quickly, but at the same time, it is not made with durable material. It might not last as long as Andis.

However, it will give an extreme level of comfort to your pet. If you plan to groom your bed at home, this dog grooming comb then assists you in multiple ways, like Andis.

As far as the aesthetic is concerned, it looks like Andis because of the stainless steel material compared to the functionality; It is not that functional.


  • Two-in-one feature
  • Soft teeth
  • Elegant look


  • Not that durable.


Dog grooming is a sensitive issue. Your dog is likely to move around, and if you are not using the best dog grooming comb, it can hurt. A little cut can go a long way because it has the potential to infect your dog.

For the grooming purpose, it is always the best idea to go for something that is best in every regard. So our vote goes to Andis’ dog grooming comb. This one is the best in every way. It is our topic because it excels in productivity, functionality, and aesthetics.

Also having this dog grooming comb means having something likely to stay with you for years.

Get yourself, Andis, if you love your dog because this one is indeed the best dog grooming comb, you can ask for.

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