20+ Best Professional Dog Grooming Shears (Scissors Review of 2022)

Professional Dog Grooming Shears

Having a dog as a family member is not that easy as many new dog owners assume it. Especially when it comes to grooming, most of the dog owner does not include the cost that incurs on grooming from month to month basis. Visiting a professional groomer every month can add up a significant amount of expenses. You can save this expense while buying professional dog grooming shears.

A best professional dog grooming shear is made of high-grade steel and designed with the grips that do not tire the hands, a lightweight, and a durable shear that comes as a one-time investment. It allows to trim the hairs on the belly, legs, and even on the face.

Here are our top recommendations:

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Grooming your dog at home is a great way to save money on the grooming of your dog and lower your bills. But keep in mind, to groom your dog at home, you need the right tools. This is why we suggest investing in the best quality dog grooming scissor that is specifically designed to trim the thick fur of dogs.

There are hundred of scissors manufacturers who claim that they are producing the best ones for domestic and professional groomers. Still, in reality, there are only a few from these hundreds which make quality scissors for dogs.

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20+ Best Professional Dog Grooming shears

To list the best products in this resource we consider more than 150 products and 5000+ comments and buyer reviews. We also consider functionality, affordability, and quality as well to narrow down our list, and here are our top selections.

1. PetQoo Dog Grooming Scissors Kit

Key Features

  • Best investment Having this long-lasting scissors kit means making the best investment.
  • Suitable for all breeds Allow to easily trim the hair of all species.
  • Sharp but safe Sharp but safe to use, do not need to be sharpened for a long time.
  • Length Each scissor is 6.7 inches long.
  • Material Made out of stainless steel.

The first thing to do is invest in the best dog grooming scissors kits, which may fit your budget.

Great for beginners, PetQoo Dog Grooming Scissors with Safety Round Tips is an excellent selection of first-time dog groomers only beginning at home.

This shear package comes with high-quality stainless steel equipment along with a puppy grooming comb, cat curve scissors, canine thinning scissors, and canine area scissors.

These professional dog shears are crafted from terrific stainless steel. Every dog hair scissor blade is sharp enough to trim your pet’s hair readily. These scissors perfectly cut long and short hair for big and tiny dogs or even cats.

These grooming scissors for dogs have circular end tips that may provide security protection when trimming sensitive areas like dogs’ faces, ears, eyes, nose, and paws.

The rubber rings on the handle of pet grooming scissors may prevent damaging your palms and avoid slipping, making it comfortable to grip.

The screw in the middle of your dog scissors could be adjusted to loosen or tighten to your usage. There’s also a silencer pad to the clasp so that your pet won’t be as fearful as digital clippers.


  • Easy to use.
  • Comfortable on the skin of dogs.


  • Nothing found not o love.

2. Sweetsweet Pet Grooming Scissors

Key Features

  • Perfect for grooming Excellent for grooming, even for beginners.
  • Suitable for all types Good enough to trim all kinds of dogs.
  • Easy to use There is nothing technical about these scissors, they’re easy to use, and they’re convenient.
  • Length Each scissor is 6.7 to 7 inches in size.
  • Material These are made out of chrome steel.

Grooming your dog in your home is a great way to save some money. However, it is vital to make sure to have the perfect tools for your job. That is why we advocate investing in a set of high-quality dog grooming scissors that are specially made to trim your pet’s fur.

The Sweetsweet Pet Grooming Scissors is an excellent desire for any dog searching out an effortless set of sources to trim their puppy’s fur. The high-quality kit includes two pairs of scissors: a more pair with sleek blades and a bigger pair with micro-serrated blades. 

Collectively, they supply the best answer for trimming fur and sensitive areas in your pet’s face and paws.

The scissors feature surgical chrome steel blades with rounded recommendations for delivered safety. They also come complete with cushioned handles and other finger rests for optimum comfort during extended grooming sessions. These are the reason we give it a spot on the list of professional dog grooming shears.

Investing in these scissors means investing in high-quality work for years of accurate trimming – Sweetsweet Pet Grooming Shears Set’s blade is razor-sharp and made up of some of the best-quality, robust stainless steel. Flexible screws make it super simple to fine-tune the tightness of the edges with no hassles.

With the convenient carrying case, your scissors will probably last for many years. The carrying case also keeps the set comprised, so whenever you’re ready to tend to your pet’s hair maintenance, the kit is prepared with scissors shielded indoors.


  • Suitable for all dogs.
  • Easy on the skin of pets.


Perfectly designed without any flaw.

3. TIJERAS 8.0” Professional Dog Grooming Scissors

Key Features

  • Easy to use – Either it’s small or large dogs, it ensures a productive finish.
  • Length The land is around 8 inches.
  • Material The blades are made out of hard material, and the scissor is all stainless steel.
  • Features Superior Grip — Has a superior grip and won’t slip during the grooming session.
  • Curved blades Blades are curved to ensure precision while trimming.

Grooming dogs at home is becoming increasingly popular, explaining why you need to invest in the best pet grooming shears if you’re a pet owner. The shears are flexible, making them appropriate for all sorts of pets such as dogs, cats, and many others.

TIJERAS Dog Grooming Curved Scissor is safe, well designed, and easy to use. The scissor has a boast sharp seven-inch curved blades that are great for precision trimming. It also features a comfy cushioned grip.

Other key features of the reliable grooming scissors include an adjustable tightening screw, high-quality stainless steel structure, and a dull blade finish for superior security. Experts say that the scissors are simple to use and work nicely.

As a curved scissor for dog grooming, 8.0-inch curved shears may be used for a large pet body. Dog thinning shears are a silent alternative to electrical clippers for sensitive pets. The cutting edge shear is ideal for novices, professional pet groomers or at-home DIY groomers.

It has a User-friendly handle and two finger-rests to quickly switch the scissors on your left and right hand. Silicone coated handle prevents unintentional clamping of palms and prevents damaging your hands once used.


  • Lightweight and Comfortable to hold.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Available in various styles.


  • Designed without any flaw.

4. U-Sky Professional Small Round Blunt Tip Dog Grooming Scissors

dog grooming shear

Key Features

  • Professional grooming Designed to give professinal experience.
  • Quality work If you are into quality, there is no better option than these wonderful scissors.
  • Easy to use Trimming and grooming with these scissors is so easy.
  • Length Around 7.5 inches.
  • Material The scissors have stainless steel.

Over the years, many pet owners have adopted grooming their dogs in the home. This is most likely due to the immense costs associated with visiting a professional dog groomer. Furthermore, an at-home grooming session gives a convenient bonding session between you and your pet.

U Sky Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Kit for Pets is ideal for grooming dogs in sensitive areas like ears, paws eyes due to the round blunt and round tip. So it’s one of the best in professional dog grooming shears.

The set comes with a pair of scissors, thinning shears, along with a packing bag. The tiny and sharp teeth maintain your puppy’s fur marginally for a precise, rapid, and quick cut.

The unique ergonomic design makes it easy to handle and use. The curvilinear finger bottoms may also hold your finger to control the strain after trimming. The sharp, tiny teeth fit the hair ever so slightly for a quick and accurate cut.

Also, the golden shade Adjusting Knot can be adjusted to control the scissor dull and sharp.


  • Easy to use.
  • Ergonomic handling design.
  • It comes with a rounded tip.


  • Ideal to groom small dogs.
  • For large dogs its only good to trim hairs on face and legs.

5. AEXYA Premium Dog Grooming Scissors

Key Features

  • Bonding – With these great scissors, you can enjoy a fantastic bonding with your dog.
  • Long-lasting – These scissors are long-lasting and are likely to stay with you for years.
  • Suitable for small or large dogs – These scissors are ideal for smaller large dogs.
  • Length – the length of each scissor is 7.0 inches.
  • Material – Each scissor is made of stainless steel.

As a dog owner, you are likely conscious of finding ways to take the best care possible of your cherished pet. With many dog breeds, choosing appropriate care for these comprises grooming.

While you can pay a grooming service to get this done for you, it is often better for dogs to groom at home.

Additionally, as soon as you learn the appropriate methods to groom, you can spare a good deal of money regularly to the groomer.

The AEXYA Premium Dog Grooming Scissors Kit has the following items: a grooming comb, thinning shears, and curved scissors. This set also has a storage pouch.

The blades on these shears are made from high-quality stainless steel made to stay sharp through several applications.

Premium scissors grooming set helps you groom your pet like a professional.

All grooming scissors and combs are made up of a fully stainless-steel body to keep it in use for a long time with no decay and no rupture; the blades of scissors are incredibly sharp lasting with flexible screws. It is possible to use the grooming set on small or onto big dogs.

You’re going to get a bonus, a beneficial cleaning cloth to maintain these grooming tools in great form.


  • These scissors ensure professional level grooming.
  • These are comfortable to use on every breed.


  • Not a cost effective solution

6. Sonnyridge Professional Grade Stainless Steel Grooming Scissors for Dogs

Key Features

  • Material – the scissors are made of superior stainless steel.
  • Rounding tips – These scissors have rounded tips for maximum security.
  • Long-lasting – because of the material, these scissors will last long.
  • Length – each scissor is 6.7 inches long.
  • Easy to use – These scissors are especially useful to trim the hair near paws, ears or eyes.

If you’re a professional groomer or a dog owner, you’ll require the best professional dog grooming scissors to trim or give complete comfort to your dog.

If you want to buy a satisfactory scissors kit without needing to spend tons of dollars, then you have to select Sonnyridge’s professional-grade stainless steel grooming scissors kit.

Unlike ordinary scissors, these are blades that are made from high-quality material. The materials used to create its edges are both powerful and superior quality stainless steel.

The scissors have rounded tips for maximum security – you don’t need to worry about damaging your pet, incredibly close to ears and eyes.

You can use this item both in your home and in your professional salon; they’ll remain nice and sharp after being utilized for a long time.


  • Great Quality
  • Easy to use.
  • Best for both home and professional use.


  • Best to groom small and medium sized dogs, not good for long fur dogs.

7. Mangostyle Cat Dog Curved Grooming Scissors

Key Features

  • Length – Has 7 inches in length.
  • Material – Perfect dog grooming scissor has stainless steel in the material.
  • Comfortable to use – the scissors are incredibly comfortable and ensure great bonding with your pet during grooming sessions.
  • Sharp but safe blades – Blades are sharp but safe enough to use on smaller or larger dogs.
  • Professional level grooming sessions – With these scissors, you can enjoy professional level grooming sessions.

Depending upon your dog’s size and coat type, a visit to your dog groomer can be quite pricey. If you would like to groom your dog at home, read along.

Possessing a fantastic set of dog grooming shears is among the proprietors of those vital things who opt to groom your home.

These seven-inch direct shears are made from stainless steel to reach precise and professional apparel. They are sharp, value for money, and comfortable for extended intervals.

All these are also suitable for all individuals, as its rubber comfort rings are removable. It also includes a snap-shut case to put the shears away in a secure location when not being used. There’s also a curved variation for all those challenging to reach areas with its angulation’s assistance. Additionally, curved grooming shears are fantastic for shaping small areas like the tail, face, and nostrils.

These scissors have high-quality stainless steel and Coated Titanium for durability and fashion, ensuring durability.

These have a soft shield user-friendly handle. Here we expect your search for professional dog grooming shears will be over as we listed all of our top preference above.


  • Comfortable to use.
  • These are designed ergonomically.
  • Suitable for home-usage.


  • Not comfortable for long grooming sessions.

8. Purple Dragon Professional 7.0 inch 4PCS Pet Grooming Scissors Kit 

Key Features

  • Perfect for a thick coat If you want to trim your dog’s thick coat, then these scissors can help you better.
  • Comfortable on the skin – Blades are sharp but safe and are incredibly comfortable on the skin.
  • Silent grooming – Kit also includes a silencer that ensures silent grooming for your pet.
  • Length – The scissors are 6.7 inches.
  • Material – These are made out of high quality Japanese stainless steel.

There are plenty of options available while purchasing daily functions professional dog grooming scissors in the industry right now. In case you are confused about which you go for, you’ve landed on the right page.

The Purple Dragon Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Kit is straightforward and comfortable to deal with.

The Purple Dragon professional dog grooming scissors Kit is perfect for trimming ears, ears, collar, sides, and combing through a long, thick coat and calms pets.

The blade’s borderline is equally polished, using the out-curved arc design to increase the shears’ shove to make the cutting simpler and more comfortable. With a thoroughly crafted apparent hint of Japanese stainless steel enamel, the thinning scissors are sharp and don’t clip the shaggy hair.

All these dog grooming scissors possess a silencer involving the handles that means silent grooming of your sensitive cat or puppy, less frightening for your pets.

The shears are created by high-quality Japanese stainless steel with 62 HRC high hardness. Therefore the scissors are sharp and durable.


  • Suitable for all breeds.
  • Extremely comfortable with pets.


  • Not found anything shaky.

9. TIJERAS Down -Curved Chunker Shear

Key Features

  • Professional level grooming – Best choice if you want to go for professional-level grooming at home.
  • Easy to use – Ensure happy bonding with your dog.
  • Optimal control – Finger rest ensures optimal control.
  • Length – The shear is 7 inches long.
  • Material – Made of stainless steel.

In case you thought you could buy a pair of scissors out of the local Office Depot to cut your dog’s hair, you were sadly mistaken. It would help if you had specific scissors to trim your dog’s hair, and they need to get an exact sharpness to cut through the most matted tangles.

The TIJERAS 7 Inch Dog Grooming Scissors ought to have the ability to handle its purpose and responsibilities efficiently. The daring expert dog grooming scissors include cushioned finger holes and other finger rests for optimum comfort.

The muffler prevents unintentional clamping of palms and dampens the sound of the scissors handle hitting every other sharp stainless steel blade to reduce cleanness and just without yanking the pet’s hair.

These are perfect for advanced texturizing, thinning, and blending; super nice teeth won’t leave marks or harm your pet’s hair.

Designed for your trimming, thinning, pets hair cutting shears are convenient and straightforward to use with your pet grooming.


  • It is meant to last long.
  • Extremely comfortable on all breeds.


  • Cannot be used as stand along grooming scissor

10. Top Rated Pet Grooming Scissors 

Key Features

  • Japanese stainless steel – Pet Magasin store’s scissors are made up of Japanese stainless steel. The steel is rock hard and knife sharp. Japanese steel is not rusting and durable. The sharp edges remain razor-sharp all the way long.
  • Ergonomic design – These scissors are handy to use. Moreover, they have an ergonomic design.
  • Two in one – Available in a set of two. The small one is trimming the inner, shorter, and delicate hair while the larger one is used for general trimming. The duo helped cut all the unwanted fur hair in one go.

Man and dog are the companions of thick and thin time. We bathe in water whenever we want. We dine out, visit salons, and lavish feasts. But it is incumbent upon us to treat our fur babies with the same protocol. The dog cannot keep itself tidy on its own. The unwanted grown hair spoils the sweet countenance of the dog. So we must trim the unwanted hair at the earliest. It is super easy to cut all the unwanted hair with Magasin store’s professional grooming scissors. The Pet Magasin Store’s scissors are handy and comfy. You need not spending a bit too calories on this quick task.

The often occurring problem in scissor usage is its handling problem. Uncomfortable design is a lurking problem for the handler as well as the subject of the scissor. Design is improved in Pet Magasin store’s scissors, and a new time tested feature of ergonomic is included herein.

Pet Magasin store’s scissors are durable and can be used for a very long time. The long-life duration is equally efficient and up to the mark.

The scissors are lighter in size compared to the other contemporary products. Also, the ergonomic design of Pet Magasin Store’s scissors is aesthetic and pleasing to the eye.


  • Suitable for all pets.
  • Comfortable on the skin of a dog


  • The lack of expertise could incur cuts and bruises on the dog’s epidermis.

11. Professional Pet Grooming Scissors with Round Tip

Key Features

  • Comfy dimensions – Chi-buy scissors are available in spacious sizes of 6.70″ x 2.6″ x 0.43″. The dimensions are best for hassle-free hair trimming.
  • Material – This pair of scissors is made out of quality stainless steel.
  • Suitable for stubborn dogs – Considered as the best scissor for stubborn and novice dogs. Rounding tips help in the safe execution of trimmings.
  • Safe to use – Chi-buy scissor is safer to be used around-ear and nose.
  • Quality level grooming – You can get a quality level growing with the help of these scissors.

Your dog is a precious asset, and you cannot, and should not, hand this priceless gift of nature to the grumpy and indifferent professional groomers. Let us prune, clip, and trim our beloved pets at home with Chi-buy pair of scissors’ extra care. Chi-buy scissors are an apex edition of the trimming gadgets for your dog.

Chi-buy professional pet grooming scissors are specially designed for novice dogs. Rounding tips help in safe grooming sans any fear of bruises. From our list of professional dog grooming shears, we recommend this one most for new groomers.

The pair of scissors is made up of pure stainless steel. The steel is long-lasting and firm. This feature makes Chi-buy scissors a competent choice for the customers.


  • High-quality blades ensure tangle-free pruning.
  • Suitable for all breeds.


  • Dog skin is delicate and thinner than a baby’s. So it needs a long, intricate procedure of bathing and blowing dry before pruning the dog’s fur. This is a time consuming tedious task.

12. 7.0in Titanium Professional Dog Grooming Scissors

Key Features

  • Meticulous – Meticulously crafted teeth of the scissors delicately cut the fur hair.
  • Perfect angle – The standard angle of 25 degrees extends the tip deep into the fur without causing any harm.
  • Does not require regular polishing  – The scissors of Kingstar do not require frequent polishing and grinding. The laminated polished surfaces are maintenance-free.
  • Length – Each scissor is 6.7 inches long.
  • Material – The material is stainless steel.

The dress is a representation of your personality to strangers. This gives the first impression. This is why you seek better to better high-end attire at the exorbitant costs but have you ever thought about a poor soul with you? Your dog is not a child of a lesser god, but unfortunately, it cannot change its dress fur. The only thing that makes it smart is the delicate trimming of the existing coat with Kingstar’s 7.0in Titanium pet grooming pair of scissors.

A sharp convex edge design builds Kingstar 7.0 inches Titanium pet grooming scissors. The design is evaluated and tested through a rigorous procedure. The sharp edges are protected by convex curves and make the scissor customer’s first choice.

The texture and tone of the scissors are alluring and elegant. The black colour is decent and stainless.

Kingstar scissors are composed of 6CR stainless steel. The 6CR quality makes the steel resilient and a perfect fit for trimming and pruning the dog’s hair.


  • Premium solution to groom dogs.
  • Extra durable as well as comfortable handles.
  • Designed for long grooming sessions


  • Kingstar scissors are not viable for color-blind persons as it’s jet black blades are easy to discern into a dog’s thick black fur.

13. ELMA ALMI Dog Grooming Scissors

Key Features

  • Silicone technology – Trimming dog hair with ELMA ALMI is safer owing to its silicon technology. Silicon is free from rust, clipping, tangles, and knots.
  • Durable – The scissors are durable and valuable.
  • Available in four variants – The scissors are available in four variants and equally helpful for straight, thinning, curved, and grooming shears.
  • Length – the length of these scissors is 6.7 inches.
  • Suitable for all breeds – These scissors are ideal for all species.

Grooming can be horrifying for your pet.

It may remind it of some bad past experiences of bruises and cuts. You need not bother. ELMA ALMI pair of scissors has solved this bottleneck. Premium silicon blades have replaced traditional steel shears. The silicon blades are viable for puppies as well as adult dogs.

ELMA ALMI pet grooming scissors are designed with premium quality silicone tips. Silicon is an innocuous and razor-thin metal; the element is recommended to be used in high-end trimming products. Silicon is also heat-resilient. It does not morph under heat stress.

ELMA ALMI scissors are equipped with a cutting-edge design, which ensures a thin shear around the legs, nose, ear, eyes, and the body’s delicate parts.

The scissors are provided with a bonus item of bath brush and right-hand glove. A gentle bath before and right after the pruning will make your dog a happy companion.


  • Long-lasting
  • Suitable for all breeds.


  • Pink rings on the curves of scissors might be funny for some artistic souls. Except for bad coloring choices for some only, the scissors do not have any prominent flaws.
  • Silicon is an expensive element, and if it breaks once cannot be molded again. The only option you would leave up with is to replace the pair of scissors with a new team.

14. Petsvv 3 Pack Dog Grooming Scissors with Safety Round Tip

Key Features

  • Safety around the tip – The safety round tip is a nice feature that makes the scissor a helping tool. There is no fear of cutting or bruising accidents.
  • Perfect fit – Ideal tool for shearing silky legs and ears.
  • Length – Pets scissors have a cool, spacious dimension of 7.4×1.5 inches.
  • Material – These are made of stainless steel.
  • Suitable for all breeds – These are suitable for all species.

If you are a professional groomer, then you have to deal with hundreds of innocent pooches. They come and go, but the real struggle lies on the shoulders of the groomer. Shearing with uncomfortable designs can fall you prey to chronic back, wrist, and muscle aches. Pets pair of scissors are highly recommended for professionals.

Petsvv scissors are designed in an up-curved manner. The unique design helps a harmless shearing.

These dog grooming scissors are adorned with rubber rings; the rings help in a firm grip on scissors’ hands. The design is a typical example of small scale engineering classics.

You might have been offended many times by the usual Kich-Kach sound of a pair of scissors. The blades are adjusted with a screw in such a manner that Petsvv scissors are mute and comfortable to the hands, eyes, hair, and ears.



  • Scissors are highly not recommended to be placed in hot water. Even scorching sunlight can make it super hot, hot enough to see the delicate dog’s fur.
  • Petsvv scissors’ unique rubber rings get dirty quickly and need a wash while constant washing will be rust-prone.

15. Dog Grooming Scissors Kit with Round Tip

Key Features

  • Sharp and precise – iSeaFly scissors are sharp and precise. The quality design has ensured zero maltreatment to the precious animal’s skin.
  • Durable – Functionally durable, whereas the sharp blades are comfy and nifty.
  • Easy Handling – The spacious design of iSeaFly scissors helps in easy handling.
  • Length – 5.5 inches.
  • Material – These scissors are all about stainless steel.

iSeaFly pet grooming pair of scissors is made up of high-quality stainless steel. The steel is durable and comes up with precise swords.

iSeaFly scissors’ kit is available with five essential accompanying items: straight scissor, curved scissor, thinning scissor, pet comb, cleaning cloth, and leather case (black). It is a complete package of professional dog grooming shears.

These scissors are equipped with special rubber pads. The rubble pads act as a muffler pad and do not scare the dog-like in the case of electric clippers.


  • These scissors are suitable for all breeds.
  • You are likely to have a bond with your dog while grooming.


  • The blades may require regular polishing and grinding to keep the scissors in shape.
  • Rubber pads fray after prolonged usage, and you will have to replace it. This may cost you heavily.

16. LILYS PET 7″ Right-Handed Pet Round-Tip Curved Scissor

Key Features

  • Material – The 4CR stainless steel makes LILYS scissors durable and maintenance-free.
  • Mute – Mute but dexterous.
  • Colour – The silver color is shiny and glittering. After a long time of use, the scissors still shine at the end of the session.
  • Ultra Safe – LILYS scissors are ultra-safe for your pet companion. LILYS knows the man-dog bond well and acknowledges that the pet parent’s little bruise on the dog could run down a lifelong relationship.
  • Length – 7 inches long.

Can you imagine, God forbid, a bloodletting, bruised, nervous dog? No compassionate sentient could even imagine this goose bumping scenario. But this is not a myth or a scene from sci-fi. The same is happening now and then during the amateur trimming of dogs at home through a crappy pair of scissors.

You may, and will, keep this horrific incident at arm’s length by buying LILYS pet store’s professional grooming series of scissors. Thank Heavens!

LILYS pet store scissors are specially featured with round tips to trim with safety. Safety is a must when dealing with delicate fur boys.

These pet store scissors are made up of durable 4CR stainless steel. The steel is of premium quality and fades away the chances of a broken pair of scissors.

LILYS pet store scissors are available in a spacious size of seven inches. The size is comfortable to handle with a pair of scissors.


  • A suitable fit for all dogs.
  • These scissors ensure easy trimming.


  • LILYS scissors are for right-handed people. Left-handed people might have trouble handling this.
  • LILYS pet grooming scissors require proper lubrication to work well; negligence may render your pair of scissors dumb.

17. RUBOLD Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set

Key Features

  • Durable – RUBOLD scissors are durable and rust-free. This durability makes it a top choice for customers.
  • Easy to use – Not tricky to use at all. An adjustable screw in the middle regulates the tension and ensures an easy flow of pruning your fur baby’s unwanted hair.
  • The perfect salon look – RUBOLD scissors’ work will give your dog an ideal salon look. The end product is glossy and classy. You need not wasting time scheduling appointments and paying hefty sums to the salons.
  • Material – Made of pure stainless steel.
  • Length – The scissors have a length of 6.7 inches.

An unkempt dig gives a bad name to the owner as well as the whole pet tendering family. But not anyone can afford the daily trimming of the pet from high-end salons. It may turn your budget upside down and, in worst cases, may fall you into the deep abyss of dirty debt. The viable, cost-effective solution is to make a one-time investment and order an efficient and durable pair of scissors from the RUBOLD store. After having this dainty item, you can prepare your baby pet at home. Love with less spending is love without worries.

RUBOLD store scissors are equipped with the quality feature of extended figure holes. To make it super comfy, the holes are also overlapped with rubber rings.

The pair of scissors is made up of pure stainless steel. The steel helps in fine modelling and crispness of the shears. Stainless steel is also a durable and heat resilient item to be included in pruning things.

A stud of rubber is installed at the long ends of the scissors to make it bump-free. The rubber number helps with seamless pruning and sophisticated cutting.


  • These scissors are easy to use on every breed with caution.
  • The handling is pretty easy, and there is nothing technical about it.


  • The finger holes are tiny, and the thumb rest extension may cause bothersome design for rookies.
  • A pair of scissors is not accommodative for bulky people.

18. LovinPet Pet Grooming Scissors Professional Dog Grooming Shears

Key Features

  • Adjustable screw –    The pair of scissors is fitted with an adjustable screw, the screw releases tension and keeps the scissors up for cutting.
  • Handy to use – Lovinpet scissors are handy to use. The ergonomic design is so elegant that the continuous use of ten hours would not feel you tired. Lovinpet scissor is a top choice for professional groomers and salon owners.
  • Available in different sizes – The seven dimensions are ideal for trimming the delicate inner hair of the eyes, nose, anus, and ears.
  • Length – The standard size is 6.7 or 7 inches.
  • Material – The scissors are made of stainless steel.

As per research by the American Psychologist Association, pets, including dogs, are afraid of mingling with strangers. If this meet-up imposes on them, the ramifications are horrifying. Your dog may lower self-confidence and go through anxiety disorders. In short, your best companion will have a broken personality.

Do you want this? Obviously, as a conscious pet parent. The answer is NO.

Be away from all these worries and look into the Lovinpet one-in-all grooming scissors to groom your dog in salon-style with the same acquainted hand touch.

Lovinpet pet grooming of scissors is modeled on a foolproof round blunt tip. The tip ensures minimal pruning-related incidents. The round end is universally secure and applicable to all sorts of dogs.

The inclusion of curved scissors is a two-pronged strategy. One way, it provides security to untoward mishaps while, on the other hand, ensures neat and clean tidy cutting.

Lovinpet scissors are designed with ergonomic design and handy resting stud. These features make it user friendly and swift.


  • Designed for professional groomers
  • Comfortable handles.
  • No need to sharpen the blades for a long time


  • Cutting air will reshape the pair of scissors badly. This caution must be taken.
  • The scissors are for left-handed use. Right-handers can not use it properly.

19. Poetry Kerry high-end Professional pet Care 8 inch pet Scissors 

Key Features

  • Suitable for thin shearing – The 25 teeth scissor is highly recommended for thin shearing. The scissors can cut down the hair thinner than a needle.
  • Length – Spacious eight-inch size is comfy and a perfect fit for all the professional pruning, trimming, and clipping solutions.
  • Ergonomic design –
  • Poetry Kerry’s ergonomic design has a unique thumb resting place, which reduces the stress on the back, neck, jaws, and wrist.
  • Material – Mighty stainless steel is the material for these scissors.
  • Suitable for all breeds – These perfect scissors are ideal for all breeds.

The ever-increasing problem with dog grooming scissors is that it’s loose-fitting. The shearers rough up as each other muddles through, and you are left with discrete parts of a pair of scissors. Loose-fitting is a very common problem with dog trimming scissors.

Poetry Kerry professional pet grooming scissors store has tried to fix this lacuna and come up with Japan sink screw setting. This clamping enhances the scissor’s rock hard. The pair of scissors by Poetry Kerry ensures against accidental slippage, crapping, and tangling. Poetry Kerry is a reliable name to be entrusted.

Poetry Kerry professional pet grooming scissors are composed of high-end premium quality 440 C Black Steel. The steel is durable and highly flexible. High quality black professional dog grooming shears.

Japan sink screw fitting provides a tightening grip to the pair of scissors. There is no fear of losing and breaking. The classic setting ensures a competent tool for professionals and household pet parents.

The pair of scissors is made up of a unique ice calcined amalgam. Drilling and silencer design features shoot it to the top rung of high-end customized products.


  • You can get quality level grooming with the help of these scissors.
  • The pair are not harsh on the skin, and dogs are more likely to feel comfortable during grooming sessions.


  • The handmade ice calcined amalgam may melt in higher temperatures. Although it is not commonly occurring, the pair of scissors will be of no use in this exceptional case.

20. HASHIMOTO Curved Scissors for Dog Grooming

Key Features

  • Well balanced Handle – Well-balanced handles enable you to hold the scissors easily
  • Stainless steel – The material is all about stainless steel. Blade construction is carried out with stainless steel to keep them sturdy and sharp.
  • Length – The length is around 6.7 inches or 7.5 inches.

In case you are looking for a fantastic choice for your dog grooming, this Hashimoto curved scissor is a perfect choice. Hashimoto scissors are available in different sizes. Hence go for the one that is perfect according to your finger size. It is the most effective and sharp scissors for cutting your dog’s hair.

Hashimoto curved scissors are responsible for making your dog more attractive and beautiful. Plus, scissors are an excellent choice if you are not willing to go to the grooming center.

The curved scissors are made with 400C stainless steel ensuring sturdy construction and sharp blades. The best thing about this scissor is that it is entirely handmade to offer you a perfect product. The curved edges will never give your dog any cuts or scratches. Plus, the cryogenic material will never let Hashimoto scissor get dull.

It comes in two sizes. i.e. 6.5 and 7.5 inches, so go for the one that fits appropriately in your fingers. You do not need to trim hairs before cutting them, as the scissors are sharp so they can cut longer shears as well.


  • It is an inexpensive choice compared to other choices
  • The curved edges protect your pet from scratches


  • You might feel that blades are becoming dull over time.

21. MaoCG Dog Grooming Scissors Set

Key Features

  • Innovative design – Innovative design provides maximum comfort.
  • Circular tips and damper pad no fear of scratches allow you to trim and groom your pet conveniently without blemishes.
  • A complete kit – A complete kit contains one straight scissor, one thinning scissor, one up-curved scissor, one down-curved scissors, one comb, one piece of cloth, and one storage kit.

It is mandatory to groom your pet on and off for its better well being. If you do not afford the visit to the vet, you should purchase this MaoCG dog grooming scissors set. MaoCG grooming kit is an excellent choice for everyday use. Let’s dig into its in-depth features.

This is a complete safety kit to make sure your pet will get no scratches or cuts. The rounded curves and adequate size are excellent for cutting hair from the nose, close eyes, and ear. 4CR stainless steel construction with titanium coating makes the accessories robust, shiny, and smooth.

Rounding tips and muffler padding will keep your pet calm, and you can quietly cut hair. Although there are no color options in this kit, its performance is beyond your thoughts. Straight scissor is for thinning hair from flat surfaces and sensitive areas such as the nose, ear, and close eyes.

These scissors do not produce any noise, so your dog will not even feel what’s going on its back. Plus, be mindful that you are cleaning the scissors after every use to keep it hygienic and extend their lives.


  • Sharp and well-made blades are best for both curly and straight hair
  • Extremely durable and highly protective


  • Sometimes scissors do not stay in place.

22. Number-One Pro Premium Pet Grooming Scissors

Key Features

  • Nice adjustments – The set has a Better adjustment for completing any grooming style of your pet
  • Material – Stainless steel construction gives an accurate performance and smooth finishing
  • Effortless grooming – Shape cutting edge offers effortless and easy cutting

When you are willing to groom your pet on your own, your foremost choice should be the best stainless steel grooming set. It is suggested that you should opt for the one with sturdy steel construction and smooth titanium finishing. Let’s move towards the number-one pro premium grooming scissors.

This grooming kit comes with several accessories like cutting scissors, thinning shears, curved scissors, and grooming comb. For phenomenal performance and comfortable use, all the accessories are made with stainless steel material.

The knob adjustment is responsible for even trimming on sensitive parts as well. All the accessories are made in such a way that you can use them with both your hands.

With a sharp cutting edge, you will trim your pet’s hair with ease and within no time. It fulfills all the pet grooming needs.


  • An excellent choice for both newbies and professional groomers.
  • It is easy to clean these number-one scissors.
  • Most aesthetic professional dog grooming shears.


  • Some people claimed that the blades are not sharp.

23. LIVINGO Professional Pet Grooming Scissors

Key Features

  • Safe and clean grooming – Smooth grip handles for safest and clean grooming
  • Lifetime warranty – Warranty, it comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Convenient to use – Round scissor tips for convenient usage and scratch-free grooming

If you are a pro and your old kit is not working now. So you might be looking for new grooming scissors. Here is the best pick from LIVINGO. This comes with all those overwhelming features that you might be craving in your previous grooming scissors. LIVINGO is not only a brand its a trend with phenomenal products.

This livingo kit is dedicated to providing you with high-quality and comfortable grooming. The smooth edges and finishing make it a perfect choice for professionals. All the kit accessories are made of durable stainless steel, which is way better than casual stainless steel. Blades are coated with titanium for smooth finishing.

The entire set contains two grooming scissors, which are sharp and sturdy for extended use. Softly rounded tips will never give your client any cut. Also, the attractive design and lifetime warranty is something you should love a lot.


  • An excellent choice for trimming around the eyes and ears
  • Convenient to use and clean


  • Blades can be dull after prolonged use.

24. 8.0 inches Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set

Key Features

  • Premium level construction – Better constructive material ( stainless steel ) is used to make them a premium choice for professionals
  • Aesthetic – Aesthetic look quill attracts everyone towards it.
  • Perfect kit – The accessories list contains one straight scissor, one thinning scissor, one curved scissor, one chunker, one cleaning cloth, and one kit.

Here is another pick for professionals. This is the advanced choice for professionals out there. As grooming kits have their life, and once it ends, you cannot use them further. So purchasing a one with extended life is an intelligent choice. Hence, let’s dig deep into the smirking grooming kit.

The edge lines of the scissors are evenly polished to provide your pet with the safest grooming. The thinning scissors are sharp enough to cut the hair properly without disturbing your pet. The curved edge will help groomers to cut the hair effortlessly. 6CR stainless steel construction is responsible for robust accessories.

Its innovative design will fit into your fingers easily, plus you will feel comfortable while holding it.


  • Incredible shears in this price range
  • An excellent choice for big dog owners


  • The handles are a bit small for fingers.

25. Dream Reach 7.0 Inches Professional Dog Grooming Shears

Key Features

  • Innovative design – Innovative design embeds the newest features in the scissors
  • Improved technology – enables to use the scissors from both hands and both sides
  • Material and length – The material is all stainless steel and the length is 7 inches.

An advanced grooming accessories kit is here on our list. Dream reach grooming kit is useable for both dogs and cats. This dream reach contains all those overwhelming features that you were craving in the previous products.

These are lightest in weight and give a feel as if you are carrying nothing in your hand. The flat blades will never hurt your pet, and it is its distinguishing characteristic. One can use these scissors from both sides and both hands.

All accessories are seven inches long. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty, so use them and give your pet a new look.


  • Incredibly sharp blades and an excellent choice for professionals. 
  • A decent stylish look


The thinning pair is fewer sharper than other accessories.

26. GEMEK Pet Cat Dog Grooming Scissors

Key Features

  • Material – Heavy-duty high carbon stainless steel construction
  • Coating – Titanium coating over all accessories
  • Length – 7.5 inches length of all accessories

When you think of your pet’s grooming at home, the foremost thing is a reliable grooming kit. A kit that is not only easy to use but affordable as well. To some extent, it is misunderstood that the products that come at low prices have low quality. To clarify this misunderstanding, we are here with the phenomenal GEMEK grooming kit.

You might get everything in this GEMEK grooming kit that you were craving in the previous grooming kit for your pet. 

The heavy-duty carbon stainless steel construction ensures that all the accessories in the kit are sturdy and robust to cut your pet’s hair. To make it look, shiny accessories are coated with titanium. Mainly, this GEMEK grooming set contains a grooming comb for removing tangles, curved scissors, cutting scissors, and thinning shear.

You can use this kit for both straight and curly hairs as the scissors have a smooth touch, so your pet will remain calm, and it will not get any scratches moreover, as the blades are coated with titanium so they will never get rusty.


  • Blades are smooth enough to avoid cuts
  • Rust Free blades
  • Ideal professional dog grooming shears for small dogs.


  • For some, the blades are not adequately sharp

27. J-Bonest 8PCs Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Scissors

Key Features

  • Polished Edges – Evenly polished edge lines of the blades
  • Material – Titanium coated stainless steel construction with Convex arc design
  • Length – 7.0 inches comb, 6.5 inches thinning shear and curve scissors, 5.5 inch and 4.5 inches straight scissor. 

Your dog needs grooming at least once a month. In case you cannot take him to the professionals. Here is another pick with an affordable price range and overwhelming features. The J-Bonet dog grooming kit stands at the top in the line of the best grooming accessories for pets.

There are no color choices for this grooming kit. But this J-Bonest grooming kit comes with eight different accessories. The added accessories and features are something that you should never overlook. It values your money, and all the accessories are aesthetically built to give your pet a new look.

All the accessories are made with stainless steel to offer you an unbeatable kit. The edges of the scissors are evenly polished for smooth finishing so that it would offend your dog. The coating is mainly done by titanium material to give it a shiny look with better performance. The convex arc design of the scissors is responsible for a firm grip.

In this J-Bonest dog grooming kit, you will get 7 inches to comb to remove the tangles, 6.5 inches thinning shears and curved scissors, 4.5, and 5.5 inch straight scissors.


  • Easy to use
  • Round curves will prevent scratches


  • At times, hair gets folded but do not cut.

Professional Dog Grooming Shears Buyer’s Guide

Every product is not made equally; quality, design, and material vary from product to product. Before buying professional dog grooming shears, you need to consider a few things like:

Consider Coat of Your Dog

Long dog grooming shears are needed to trim the heavy and thick fur, while for a fine and thin coat, a 5.5 inches scissor does the job best. For household dog groomers, small scissor provides excellent grip and also enable one to trim accurately.

Small shears provide better control and put the least amount of strain on hands, so, during grooming, you will not feel tired, and you can finish the job efficiently.

When it comes to professional groomers, they use large shears on the body of dogs and smaller ones on the face and legs. The right size is the key to get a smoother appearance.

A shear up to 6.5 inches is considered a small shear, while anything above it to 8.5 inches is considered large; keep this fact in mind.

Type of Scissor

It is also a serious thing to consider a regular scissor deemed necessary to dog grooming, but when there is a need to clear the matted hairs and bulkiness, you need another type of shear. That is called thinning shear made with one straight blade and teeth on the one side.

These chunkier scissors are used to reduce the bulkiness of hairs and to give fur a smooth and look; moreover, these scissors are known best to make the fur easily manageable.

If, until now, you do not invest in the dog grooming equipment, then buying a grooming kit that comes with all necessary tools can be a good idea.

Right Size

For new groomers, a scissor up to 5.5 inches is considered best, while professionals always depend on the large one that can cut more in a single snip.

Size matter; because a smaller scissor is relatively easy to handle, and you can snip in a written way and only cut that hair that you planned to cut. While large ones may create challenging situations and new groomers, usually hurt their dogs with large shears.

Blade Quality

Blades of professional dog grooming shears can be sharpened with the blade sharpening stone, but for a home, the user it’s not easy. We advise looking for shear with high-quality blades that can last for a longer time. So you will be safe from sharpening hassles.

Decide b/w Rounded or Sharp Tips

It is directly related to the safety of your dog; professionals get a grip over new scissors easily, and they can maneuver them as they want. So, edges of scissors do not count for them, but it does when it comes to new or domestic dog groomers.

Inadequate handling of scissor with sharp edges can really hurt your dog and groomer need to stay cautious while grooming legs and face especially.

For new groomers, we suggest to get shears with rounded tips, while professional know how to use them both of them.

Ergonomically Designed Handles

We strongly recommend selecting only the shears with ergonomic handles that are more comfortable than the traditional handles.

This feature will reduce fatigue during a long grooming session and also prevent any slipping during the session.

Key Consideration

  • Scissors are good for quick trim.
  • Do not forget to brush your dog before your start trimming.
  • Clear the tangle and matted hairs first.
  • Always cut in an appropriate direction while following a line.
  • Pay attention to dog’s tailbone while snipping around tip.
  • Reduce your sniping speed while giving shape to ears and face.
  • Always keep the scissors parallel to the dog’s skin.
  • If it’s first time take a start from short blades scissor.
  • Keep curved shears curve with dog’s body.
  • For long fur use long length scissors.


How to cut dog hair with scissors?

At first you need to brush your dog to clear the tangles and knots especially in the areas where fur in long. If the dirt is accumulated in the hairs then give him a wash before getting in. Start from the top of head and then tips of the ear and move forward to neck, chest, legs and sides step by step. The tail comes in the end. Now its time to brush your dog again to see final look.

How to groom a dog at home with scissors?

Grooming a dog at home require all tools, once you have tools ready follow the above listed steps.

What is most affordable grooming Shear?

TIJERAS 8.0”Professional Dog Grooming Scissors is most affordable onw when we compare its price with expected life.


As a home dog owner, when you groom your dog at home, make sure that your angle blades away from the body of a four-legged furry friend. It helps you to prevent accidents, lightly use your scissor over the loose hair. To reduce bulkiness, you can use thinning shear for short bursts.

We highly recommend always take breaks to look at what you have done until now and where you need to focus more. Less is more; yes, always cut hairs while keeping this fact in mind, and it will help you give your dog a look that dog deserves.

When it comes to good grooming, it worth spending money on quality shears; not everyone has a budget to pay for top-notch options; this is the reason we are asked after about affordable grooming shears. Professional dog grooming shears can be bought in less!

Instead of spending several hundred dollars on a single shear set, you can buy above listed affordable ones, and buying shears separately sometimes saves a lot of money.