50 Best Dog Harnesses for Running & Walking (Escape Proof, No Pull)

Best no pull dog harness

Dog harnesses are multi-purpose tools when used to their full potential. The best part of harnesses is the no-pull function when teaching your do to walk on a leash properly, without pulling.

Unlike collars which can cause injuries to your dog’s neck and throat by focusing all the pressure on one area, harnesses disperse the pressure points throughout the trunk of your dog, preventing injury.

There are generally two leash loops on many harnesses; one on the chest of the dog, which prevents pulling by making your dog automatically turn around if they pull ahead, and the other loop is on their back and is perfect for walking your dog once they know how to walk properly on a leash.

No-pull harnesses come in various styles, designs, and colors, so you’re sure to find one that is the perfect fit for you and your dog. However, to make it a little easier for you with all the choices, we looked at which no-pull harness is best.

Below you will see our top choice, followed by four runner-up harnesses that just as easily could have taken the top spot.

  1. Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness
  2. BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness
  3. Bolux Dog Harness
  4. PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness
  5. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

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10 Benefits of Using No Pull Dog Harness

When it comes to controlling your pet dog, using a no-pull dog harness works much better than a neck collar. Put, no-pull dog harnesses offer several advantages and benefits compared to neck collars. You may have noticed that your dog has a chronic tendency to tug on his leash because he wants to break free.

Pulling or tugging on the leash is an issue that numerous dog owners have to put up with, especially if their pets tend to be aggressive and undergoing training. It’s miserable to note that several dog owners, to tackle the pulling issue, use choke collars that hurt the pets considerably. Dog owners who have upgraded to a no pull dog harness from a neck leash have found that the former facilitated better control.

On the other hand, a no pull dog harness features a “press and lift” mechanism to softly yet firmly grip your dog’s neck whenever he tugs at it. The harness’s innovative design not only discourages dogs from pulling at it but also causes minimal to no pain whenever they tug.   

1. Safe for Dogs

A dog collar, by its design, sits more tightly or firmly on the dog’s neck. For this reason, the dog owner has to be very careful while fastening the collar around the canine’s neck. You’ll need to attach the collar in such a way that you can slide in a finger or two easily in between the leash and the dog’s neck.

And if your dog is not well-trained, he’ll always try to release himself from the vice-like grip of the collar. Every attempt to escape from your grip can prove to be remarkably risky for your pet, especially when you’re walking the dog on the kerbside of a thoroughfare.

Once your dog breaks away from you, it’ll spare no effort to put himself out of your sight. You can get around these problems if you use a no-pull harness instead of a dog collar. How a no-pull leash is designed, the harness fastens to the dog’s body more scientifically, making the canine feel comfortable and safe.

The no-pull harness secures your dog’s body in a way that covers almost his entire torso, including his chest, front legs, and shoulders. So the grip’s force or intensity is spread over a larger area rather than being concentrated on a single section. Hence the dog feels extra comfortable when he advances, and you also don’t have to hold the lanyard too tightly for maintaining control.

2. Provide Better Control

Escape proof dog harness

If you’re a pet German Shepherd Dog or Labrador, you usually find it incredibly difficult to control the dog on most occasions. You’ve experienced more times than the number that the dog desperately attempted to break free from your hold whenever it was excited by a stimulus.

You also found it strenuous to make the dog walk alongside you, mainly when you were in a dog park or strolling on the pavement juxtaposing a busy highway or street.

If you find it problematic walking your collared dog, you’ll see for yourself the convenience of using a no-pull harness. A no-pull harness furnishes you better steering control since the leash clips at the front. You have difficulty controlling your dog due to its flat profile, lending the animal a new stable center of gravity.

This makes it easier for the dog to make you lose your balance when the harness is clipped at the back of the dog’s neck. In sharp contrast, the no-pull harness keeps the tugging focus close to the axis of the center of gravity of the dog. No wonder a no-pull leash enables you to exercise better or higher control over your dog.   

3. Reduce the tugging tendency

Taking your dog for a long walk to keep him in good humor should be a walk in the park. But with a choke collar around your dog’s neck, a simple step can quickly turn into a tug-of-war. With a collar fastened to his neck, the dog exerts control over his master instead of being the other way around.

And once the dog is convinced that the neck collar allows him to have greater control, he’ll continue to pull. However, you can discourage such an attitude or behavior if you replace the dog collar with a no-pull harness. The harness is tethered to a clasp or fastener on the dog’s nape somewhere in between his shoulders.

Therefore how a no-pull harness is attached to a dog averts the canine from pulling you in the forward direction. 

4. Eliminates risks of trachea

The collar exerts a massive strain on the canine’s neck and nape every time you tug at the strap attached to the collar. If you keep pulling at your dog in this way, there’s every possibility of the dog suffering from a grave neck injury. More often than not, such damages are not detectable right away, and the dog may not have any pain sensation.

Nevertheless, the neck injury could aggravate in due course, with the dog gradually experiencing discomfort and pain. Trachea and neck injuries are more common in small dog breeds as their bones tend to be more delicate than larger breeds.

This is precisely where a harness comes in more handy as it shifts the strain or tension from the neck and disperses it over a much larger area.

A collar also increases the risk of constricting a dog’s trachea or windpipe as it is strapped quite tightly around the neck. A prong or choke collar could lead to breathing problems in small dog breeds as it squeezes the paratracheal region.

Hence swapping the dog collar with a no-pull harness is always advisable for making the dog feel relaxed and safe.

5. Averts the occurrence of  Ocular Proptosis

A good number of dogs that have a collar fastened around their necks suffer from ocular proptosis. Ocular Proptosis is a condition where the eyeballs seem to stick out of their sockets, making the dog’s eye bulge outwards.

Using a collar (that causes undue strain on the neck area) usually leads to the occurrence of this condition.

In this regard, using a no-pull harness tends to be safer for your dog as it minimizes the chances of Ocular Proptosis.

6. Handy for training puppies

You can bet your dog will respond to your training instructions with greater earnestness when you use a no-pull harness instead of a collar. A no-pull harness is undoubtedly one of the best training tools when it comes to training a dog right from the puppy stage.

A puppy behaves very much like a human baby and has to be handled with care during training sessions.

A dog collar could prevent the puppy from walking or running around comfortably without straining his neck. A harness makes the pup feel more comfortable and relaxed while you try to train and socialize him.

7. Makes dog confident

A no-pull harness fastens the leash or girdle to the dog’s chest through a loop at the front. This stimulates the dog to walk alongside you, thereby offering you more leeway in controlling your dog. 

8. Effective than a neck collar

Collars, especially prong collars, cause a painful sensation as they pierce the skin making dogs feel uncomfortable and unpleasant. Sooner or later, dogs start to associate a trigger or stimulus (like other dogs or strangers) with pain, ultimately causing behavioral problems.

Front attaching no-pull harnesses come to your rescue (as well as the dog) when you try to conduct behavioral training.

9. Greater comfort

No pull harnesses tend to be much more comfortable for dogs in comparison to collars. You’ll come across different types of harnesses crafted from high-quality materials that make them breathable and lightweight.

Your dog may not even feel that he is wearing a no-pull harness, provided you strap it properly.

10. Versatile and stylish

Nowadays, you’ll come across a wide variety of no-pull harnesses, both in terms of brands and designs or styles. Some harnesses slide through the dog’s head and fasten around his chest area, while others need to be clasped by making the dog lift a front limb.

You can choose from a range of styles, including the freedom harness, the wonder walker, and the easy-walk harness.

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How to Measure your Dog for Harness

No pull Dog harness for runners

Measuring your dog for harness will save you from future turbulence; imagine you randomly order a dog harness, but when you receive it, it does not fit properly, and hence and another stage of return and wait for starts from here. You are ordering a product that means you need that product, so getting the right dog harness that fits properly can save you from the future from product return and wait.

Here are six simple steps to measure your dog, its easy to move on step by step, and while following this method, you can get the right fit harness for your dog. Here these are:

  1. Get a cloth measuring tape and marker.
  2. Make your dog relax and ensure that he/she is standing on four legs while distributing all of his weight on four legs in a straight position; it will be helpful if your get help from a friend to hold your gal while you measure, but only if you feel necessary.
  3. Please measure your dog’s circumference at his chest, pay close attention to it as its most important dimension you need for selecting the right fit for your dog. Draw the measuring tape around the torso of your dog just behind his front legs, and back up to his withers on the other side. It would help if you pulled the tap snug.
  4. Repeat the third step thrice, as dogs do not stay still, and meaning three times eliminates all the doubts.
  5. For some harness designs, you also need to obtain the circumference of your dog’s lower neck. Measuring the dog’s neck at the lower side will also give your idea about how long the front straps should be; it is the area where the dog usually wears a collar.
  6. Remember the two-finger rules. There should be enough room for you to slip your fingers underneath the harness, just like a proper collar fit. 

Once you measure your dog, then you can start searching for the right harness, whatever style and color you choose, to make sure you are buying the right size while keeping in view the two-finger rule.  A proper fit will not only keep your dog comfortable but also save you from returns and wait. Here are two crucial tips that will also help you to find the right size:

No Guess Work; we advise you to do not solely rely on the weight of your dog, this guesswork based on the weight may work sometimes, but it will not give you an exact measurement that you need, especially for the deep-chested dogs. Like every Newfoundland and Great Dane, as well as Basset Hond, has a different chest.

Consider weight gain and growth are also mandatory. If you own a growing dog and are still gaining weight and not fully grown, you need to consider his maximum circumference of the chest that he will have when fully grown. It will save your investing again and again. Choose a harness that will comfortably adjust to your dog’s smallest and largest girth measurement.

When Not to Use No Pull Dog Harness

A dog harness is equipment that does not have any negative side at all, but there are some conditions when vets advise not to use a harness for dogs:

  • In severe Skin conditions: do not use a dog harness when your dog is suffering from a skin disease or even a common skin problem as harnesses have maximum contact with the skin that can further escalate the problem.
  • Suffering from Stomach issues: it not only distributes the pressure evenly on the chest but on the whole body, and a dog who is suffering from stomach problems cannot bear this pressure happily.
  • A dog suffering from Leg Injuries: it’s not advised to use the harness for dogs suffering from leg injuries.

We believe that a dog owner knows their dog well and can certainly decide when to use a dog harness and not appropriate for him. For a healthy dog, a harness provides effective and better controls compared to collars, but when your dog is suffering from some health issue, it is better not to use it for your dog’s well-being.

1. Best No Pull Dog harness


  • Easy to put on and take off, and most adjustable harness.
  • Available in various sizes and colors.
  • Made of breathable all-weather mesh.
  • Equipped with two D-rings and one buckle.

Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness enjoys the first position when it comes to no pull dog harness; it’s the most sold harness in the online market, one that is trusted by thousands of dog owners to get complete control over their pups.

We give it the first spot on our list because it deserves it; it’s available from 9.5 inches chest size to 23 inches chest, so whatever breed of your pup is, it’s available for him. The reason for keeping it at the first spot is available colors; yes, its only no pull dog harness that is available in 29 colors; whatever style you like for a dog, you can have that. Other core features are:

  • Three Innovative Safety Features: Hook and loop fastening is amazing; buckle and double D-rings work together to provide three-layer security to the dog. It gives the ability to entirely control the dog in every situation and stop his pulling effectively.
  • All-Weather Breathable Mesh: More importantly, it’s an all-weather mesh that your dog can wear either its summer or winter; it’s lightweight and ideal for a walk all-around year. Reflective bands
  • Reflective Straps and Futuristic Clip: Reflective bands on the harness keep the dog visible in low light, and its easy-to-tie clip makes it easy to wear a vest harness.

Sizing directly does not correspond to the dog’s body, but it’s imperative to know the pet weight, breed, and chest size before buying a dog harness; in this way, you can buy the best fit. We trust to place at number one, and we are sure it will solve most of your everyday problems that are related to pulling.

Innovative design makes it an ideal to reduce chafing significantly; non-stiff edges and ultra-fine finish are the two most important features which make it secure for small and large dogs. At last, it’s a solution that is priced reasonably.


2. Top Rated No Pull Dog Harness


  • Equipped with a sturdy handle for control.
  • It has front and back rings for leash attachment.
  • Neck and chest girth are fully adjustable.
  • Breathable and comfortable padding inside to prevent chafing.

BABYGIRL Big Dog Harness is no pulling adjustable pet reflective harness made of Oxford material, and it’s ideally designed to get control over the large dogs. We recommend it for great Dane, Saint Bernard, golden retrievers, and all other similar-sized pups. To make sure you are buying the right size for your four-legged friend, you need to measure the widest part of his chest. Some of its silent features are:

  • Choke Free: It’s a choke-free solution for pulling pressure because it distributes the pressure evenly to the body that prevents choking and pulling. This big dog harness is an all-in-one package.
  • Quick Snap Easy to Wear Buckle: Yes, it’s equipped with easy to deal quick snap buckle, making it easy to put on and take off.
  • Fully Adjustable: Neck and chest straps are fully adjustable to give a proper fit.
  • Easy Grap Handle: When the moment comes where you need to get control over your dog quickly to stop him from charging, the handle helps you a lot. It sturdy and features D-ring for leash attachment.

If you are probably looking for an ideal solution, it will allow you to help and control your dog. You can comfortably go on a walk in the evenings; the reflective straps will keep your dog visible in low light.

We recommend it because it is made of breathable material that is soft and easy for dogs and lightweight and sturdy—designed with breathable mesh lining and soft sponge padding plate to prevent any possible injuries to provide protection as well as comfort.

The neck opening is adjustable, and buckles are higher up instead of directly behind the dog’s legs. There are no stiff edges that can chafe, and more importantly, it’s available at a reasonable price.


3. K9 Grade no pull harness for dogs


  • Extremely sturdy.
  • The chest is fully adjustable.
  • Very easy to fit and adjust.
  • Machine washable.

Bolux Dog Harness is a super comfortable dog harness for small dogs as well as large dogs. Most dog owners recognize it as a small dog harness. If you own any small breed dog like Yorkie, Chihuahua, Pug, Cockapoo, Chinese crested, Shihpoo, Shih Tzu, Russell terriers, Aussie, schnauzer, Maltipoo, or Jack Russell, then surely can get this harness for your dog.

The rugged nylon handle is a feature that does not allow you to enhance the distance from your dog when you grip. It provides you full and effective control over your four-legged friend.

Multiple sizes are available with 12+ colors, and from 10 inches to 30 inches chest size, its core features are:

  • Real No Pull Dog Harness for Walk and Running: Its front strap that comes at the front of the chest right below the neck is quite wide and padded, one that distributes pulling pressure evenly to prevent choking, tugging, and pulling.
  • Fully Adjustable: it features an adjustable chest strap with an easy snap on the buckle that allows you to move the body parts freely and make the harness a customized fit.
  • Designed for Outdoor Safety: Obvious and keep the dog’s sage at night thanks to its reflective straps.

It is a customized fit, if your dog grows a little, there will be no need to change the harness, so it’s a cost savior, and its durability makes it a one-time investment solution. We recommend it for hunting, outdoor adventure, hiking, training, walking and running.

If you often visit crowded areas, it’s a product that we recommend most; its secure D-ring attachment and sturdy handle make it a high-end harness. Moreover, you can match your style as 12+ styles are available.


4. Best Dog Harness for Running


  • Durable nylon webbing.
  • Extremely durable and secure.
  • Front and top leash attachment points.
  • Equipped with a soft training handle.

PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness is an upgraded version that comes with a mesh pocket, no choke front lead, and many other features that make running and walking easy. Its padding makes it a comfortable harness for small and large dogs. It’s available in five sizes and 12+ colors, as well as one that is attractive and long-lasting. A few of its features are:

  • Choke Free: A front lead dog harness that features two sturdy metal leash attachment points, both of these points are reinforced with webbing.
  • Made for Relaxed Walk: it discourages pulling and allows the dogs to walk comfortably, innovative design dispenses the pressure immediately.
  • Mesh Padded: Breathable non-toxic mesh padding gives dogs a relaxing feel while walking and running even during adventure trips.
  • Safe and Adjustable: It no only provide maximum comfort, but it also provides extra control through the handle and leash attachments, it also works as a belt loop. It is equipped with 4-way adjustable straps that make it a real customized fit.

If you want minimum bulk with maximum dexterity, then it a product that is made for you. Two buckles on the belly and one easy snap buckle on the neckline make it easy to put on and put off—no need to adjust the harness on every use.

We recommend it as a convenient solution for a small and large dog, it offers versatile use and has a leash attachment arrangement on the front as well as on the top side. It prevents slipcovers and available at a price that everyone can afford.

We recommend it because it’s a well-built harness with adjustments point at the right place that does not hinder the natural movement of the dogs.


5. Traditional Dog Harness No Pull for Large Dogs


  • Equipped with four adjustable straps.
  • Soft padding inside to keep the dog comfortable.
  • Reflective trimming.
  • Adjustments ensure a perfect fit.

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness is a no-pull design to make walking and running easy for dogs and their owners. It safe and designed to have better control over the dogs. We found that the design turns the dog around whenever he or she tries to pull. If you continue using this harness sooner or later, your pup will learn not to pull.

  • Soft Padding Inside: it has soft padding inside, and all the material Is breathable, which keeps the dog comfortable either it’s an adventure trip or a running.
  • Ideal for Large Dogs: designed for large dogs, available from 20 inches to 40 inches chest side, so it’s really for strong and stubborn pups.
  • Premium Quality Materials: Oxford quality material is used in its construction, and its webbing makes it a real, long-lasting harness even when used for stubborn dogs.
  • Day and Night West: You can keep it on your dog for long hours, even for days, and its reflective straps will enable you to see your dog even from a far distance when it’s night or low light.

It’s a traditional style, no pull dog harness made to prevent choking and any harm to your dog. The soft, breathable padding makes it a harness that snug fit and, at the same time, keep the dog easy.

We recommend it for a more enjoyable walk and running and adventures; you will be amazed by it when you use it for adventure trips. It has two leash attachments, one on the front side at the chest and one on the top side to support jogging and hiking.


6. Best Dog Harness for Runners


  • 4 adjustment points.
  • Light loop attachment feature.
  • Reflective trim and durable V-ring.
  • Wide range of colors and sizes.

RUFFWEAR – Front Range Dog Harness is the most secure dog harness in the market; dog owners trust the manufacturer as they are producing quality products for pets for a long time. Just a little practice makes your dog familiar with this harness, and he will understand that pulling is not more of a good idea.

  • Durable Shell Fabric: Reinforced webbing loop, light loop for the beacon, and more durable shell fabric make it a perfect harness for everyday jogging, running, walking as well as adventures.
  • Rings on Chest and Back: It features a strong aluminum V-ring on the back that can hold the dog in the worst charge and allow to relax walk once the dog is trained.
  • Reinforced Webbing Loop on Chest: It always redirects the dog that pulls on the leash.
  • Proper Fit: Its four points of adjustment makes it a harness that snug fix, foam padding inside turn it to comfortable to wear.
  • ID Pocket: A pocket designed to keep the dog’s information on the backside of the harness.

We recommend it as the most secure harness that is available in multiple colors and sizes. Even you can buy XX-large and XX-small sizes. It will virtually put an end to pulling and make the dogs walk nicely. It’s effortless to put on a harness that has multiple connections.

To outing your dog in a real comfortable way and to stop his pulling before everyone, you must have a product in the spotlight.


7. Best Dog Harness to Stop Pulling for Small Dogs


  • Keeps pressure off the dog’s neck.
  • Large color selection.
  • Perfect for smaller, stocky dogs.
  • Easy to put on and take off.

Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color Harness is the most lightweight solution on our list, available in multiple sizes and 12+ colors. We give it a spot on our list because its matching collars and leashes are available. There is one downside that some owners might consider a valuable feature.

Its chest strap is no adjustable, and they kept it to snug it. So make sure you measure your dog well before buying this option. Other features are:

  • Not Stretchable: The harness will not stretch itself; it is made to stay in shape for years.
  • Eco-Friendly Buckles: Buckles, which are made of eco-friendly material, match the color of webbing.
  • High-Density Webbing: Polyester webbing is not only durable but also thick enough to hold the pressure of the dog and wouldn’t tear off with time.

We recommend it for small and medium-sized skinny dogs who do not have any stubbornness at all. Its lightweight and is made to keep the dog in control. Designed for everyday wear, it features adjustable polyester webbing and equipped with quick snap closure and a strong D-ring.

To keep your furry friend visible in the dark, it has reflective straps stitched with the webbing.


8. Best Escape Proof Dog Harness


  • Adjustments ensure a perfect fit.
  • Great for small and medium dogs.
  • Keeps pressure off the dog’s neck.
  • Well padded to reduce chafing.

PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness is a colorful and sturdy solution designed with 2 leash attachment points and easy control handle that you can quickly grip when needing control over the dog. It features an ergonomic design that evenly distributes the body’s maximum past to prevent choking and chaffing.

It comes with reflective stitching that keeps the dog visible in nights and low light; this added visibility keeps the dog owners free from worries. Like on roads, drivers can see the dog, and owners can see them from afar.

  • Metal Leash Attachments: Metal leash points make sure to keep the dog in your control, and the thing that we like most is reinforced webbing to make these points secure enough. Where the front clip stops pulling and the back clip allows the relaxed walk to dogs.
  • Made of Oxford Material: This high-quality material is scratch-resistant and super easy to clean; it’s machine washable and quick to dry.
  • Non-Toxic Mesh Padding: It’s soft, breathable, and safe for pets, as well as provides maximum comfort during exercise.
  • Padded Handle: Yes, this is the only one where the top easy grip control handle is padded to make it’s soft for the human hand to grip; soft filling makes the handle feels good.

We recommend it for small and medium-sized dogs based on its quality, sturdiness, comfortability, and four-adjustable straps that make it a snug fit for all. Its lightweight, durable, and designed with minimum bulk.

It’s an all-weather dog harness that can be used in harsh weather and running and walking; freezing temperatures will not damage or harden it.


9. Best No Pull Harness for Dog Walking


  • 4 Adjustable points.
  • Alloy hardware.
  • Extremely Sturdy.
  • Great for medium and large dogs.

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness is a mole vest designed to cover most of the chest and front body area. 1050D nylon is used in its construction with PU water-resisting coating. Soft padding ventilation and alloy hardware make it ideal for medium and large size dogs.

  • Strong Buckles: 2 located on the shoulder side that bear more pressure when the dog pulls are tested for 1000lb weight, while the other two made to take the burden of 250lb.
  • Real Escape Proof: Features two individual components that can be put together, and four-point adjustability helps make it a snug fit.
  •  Effective Safety Control: No pull leash connecting point at the front side; take the dog’s legs off the ground when he exerts pressure.
  • Well, Sewn Handle: Tough and large enough stitching make it a sturdy solution, so from this handle, you can grip when there is a need to get full control of your dog.

We recommend it because it’s made of nylon webbing thread, and its alloy hardware is long-lasting as well as four adjustability points enable it to make it proper fit. It’s not unlike other dog harnesses that features plastic buckle and fewer adjustment points.

A dog cannot snap off from this harness.


10. Positively No Pull Harness


  • Strong plastic buckles.
  • Wide range of colors.
  • Great for small, medium, and framed dogs.
  • Good for dogs with sensitive skin.

Eagloo Dog Harness is available in four sizes and 5+ colors; it is designed with two metal rings and an easy gripping handle. As well as it has reflective material to keep the dog visible during night walks. If your dog’s chest is anywhere between 17 to 34 inches, then this harness can be the best solution for him.

  • Ideal Harness for Summer: It’s a minimalist design that di not cover the chest as a whole so the dog can enjoy the weather as well; this feature makes it an ideal harness for summer.
  • Zinc Ally Rings: Alloy hardware is considered best when it comes to durability and sturdiness; its hardware is in zinc color, which gives it an elegant look.
  • Safe and Comfortable: Nylon webbing and reflective material make it durable and provide great visibility.
  • Sturdy Handle: handle for the looping seat belt can also be used to stop your dog from charging; you can quickly grip this handle to get effective control of your dog.

We recommend it because it’s easy to wear and a breathable solution for the dog. It can be more useful in the summers due to its design and material. Its adjustable straps on the chest and neck allow it to fit properly. We found it perfect for daily walks, running as well as adventure trips. Your outdoor fun time will be more joyful when you can control your dog.


11. Best Harness for Small Dogs

Auroth Tactical Dog Harness is a sturdy no-pull solution that comes with comfortable padding and four adjustment points. It’s a design that allows maximum mobility and not hinders the natural movement of the dog. 900D nylon and sturdy stitching make it ideal for hard to control and remain in a challenging mood.

  • Mole System: Mole strip is sewn on both sides that allow carrying gears in training; this feature makes it perfect for hunters and service dogs.
  • Metal Leash Attachments: Two metal leash attachments on the front side and one at the backside provide a secure area to connect the leash.

We give it a spot on our list because its breathable padding, material, and adjustment points make it the right fit for all types of dogs and are used every season.


12. Best Chew Proof Dog Harness

PUPTECK No Pull Dog Harness is a simple solution for those who do not want to put bulky harnesses on the dogs. Collar and leash in the matching colors are also available separately. This is an excellent harness with a pretty bright design, the best dog harness for medium to large build.

  • Easy to Put On and Take Off: This simple dog harness is quite easy to use, and it’s a solution that does not require any time to put on your dog; it also features quick-release buckles.
  • Safe and Sturdy: It made of pet-safe material, two sturdy D-rings, and plastic closures.

We recommend it only for the trained dogs, as these are simple straps, and a stubborn dog who pulls a lot may get hurt due to these straps, while the case is the opposite for well-behaving dogs. It’s durable and made with premium material throughout.

Remember that it may not offer the precise control that a dog owner needs for training. Not perfect for escape artists, they surely will get out of this harness easily.


13. Best Dog Walking Harness No Pull

WINSEE Dog Harness No Pull is a brand; it comes with a matching lockable dog collar with adjustable neck girth. Available for small as well as X large dogs, it covers a much wider area on the chest side that provides more effective control while distributing the pressure evenly.

We like the position of its handle, yes, it’s designed at the back-closing strap, and when you grip, it put pressure at a sensitive point which helps to control the dog easily.

  • No, Pull Choke Free: Quick-snap buckles and safe lock aids to prevent pulling and its design that distributes the pressure evenly on the chest.
  • Proper Fit: Four adjustable points allow you to fit it properly on your dog so he cannot escape from the harness.

If you regularly walk with your dog, you surely need a solution to get better control over your four-legged companion, who pulls a lot and makes things unfavorable for you. The spotlight is made of 1680D oxford fabric, which is chew resistant and prevents tearing up.


14. Best Rated Dog No Pull Harness

Kurgo Dog Harness is an ideal pet walking harness from a reputable manufacturer. It comes with a dog seatbelt teether, so no additional hardware or accessory is required to keep your dog safe in your car. Available for small, medium, and large dogs.

  • No Pull Training Clip: A leash attachment at the front side can be used to stop pulling.
  • Everyday Harness. Quick-release buckles, lightweight, easy to take on and take off, suitable for walking, jogging, running, and adventures are some features that make it a real everyday dog harness.

The manufacturer claims it a true fit smart harness, and we are convinced with this claim. Until now, we do not find any claim that a dog escapes from this harness.

We found two amazing features that we should mention. The first one is its leash attachment pint located on the chest. Unlike other harnesses, it’s located a bit lower on the chest side, which makes it easy to stop pulling, and the second one is its back-leash attachment point located at the belly strap. This leash attachment point distributes the pulling pressure evenly on the whole chest and allows easy walking.

Kurgo offers a lifetime warranty for this product.


15. Best Dog Rear Lift Harness

Downtown Pet Supply No Pull Dog Harness is an attractive and colorful solution, ideally designed for those who always want something really nice and good-looking for their dogs. It had only one closure a the top side and a single leash attachment point right with the buckle, Velcro attachment also features the closure, but that is not sturdy enough to hold the pressure of dogs.

  • 12+ Colors: Available in a wide range of colors that make it easy to match your style.  
  • 5 Sizes: style is not only limited to small dogs, but it’s also possible for large pups; but this harness is also available in five sizes.

It comes with triple security features where the double stitching, Velcro closing, and metal D-ring make it sturdy, durable, and useful while still not a good option for all dogs.

We recommend it only for trained dogs or for well-behaving dogs who do not pull, you may use it for small dogs, but due to lack of front leash attachment point, it’s not good for medium and large dogs and for those who pull.


16. Harness for Dogs that Pulls

BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness is our favorite, and I’ve actually ordered multiple for my Labrador Retriever, getting his first one when he was a puppy and larger ones as he’s grown. This harness is great for so many reasons that you, and your dog, will appreciate.

Puppies and excited dogs tend to pull on the leash when out for a walk if they haven’t been taught proper leash manners. Having a harness with a front clip will help teach your dog not to pull.

When your dog pulls on the leash, the front clip’s design will have your dog automatically turn back towards you. After a while, your dog will learn that by pulling on the leash, they are not getting to where they want to go and will eventually stop trying.

The premium quality materials used in making the harness are very comfortable for your dog, making them feel snug and secure while also allowing air to flow through the padded mesh to keep them cool.

With four fully adjustable straps, you can ensure that you get the proper fit every time, even for a growing pup. The double, quick-release buckles will make you feel good knowing that the harness is extra secure so that your dog can’t escape out of it. At the same time, you can get your dog out of the harness quickly when needed.

17. Didog Soft Flannel Padded Dog Vest Harness

The Didog Soft Flannel Padded Dog Vest Harness is weatherproof and is suitable for all-season wear. So, no matter the condition outside, you can be assured that this harness will be able to keep up with your lifestyle. This is doubly important if you live in northern areas where the temperature can drop quite a bit; the buckles will not crack or shatter due to the cold.

Safety was also at the forefront in the design of the Didog Soft Flannel Padded Dog Vest Harness, with reflective stitching and a sturdy top handle so that you could have extra control of your dog when needed or in a crowded situation.

Didog Soft Flannel Padded Dog Vest Harness provides you with a measuring guide to ensure that you get the right size to fit your dog appropriately. Also, they offer instructions on wearing and sizing the harness to get the best fit possible for your dog.

18. Best Dog Harness for Small Dogs

You may be wondering why you would need a tactical harness for your dog. It really should be called a practical harness. Voyager Step-In Flex Dog Harness is an excellent option if you enjoy hiking or will be out for long periods.

The hook and loop straps allow you to personalize the harness in multiple ways by adding on badges or pockets. The straps on the back of dogs make it easy to attach additional things with the dog harness.

As well as carrying things that you would need if you went for a long walk or were just out shopping for the day, your dog could carry a collapsible water bowl and treats for themselves as well.

The hardware on this harness is made of metal instead of plastic and can withstand 250 pounds in proof-load testing. The reinforced stitching on the nylon adds to the harness’s durability and high-quality standards.

Touted as escape-proof, Voyager Step-In Flex Dog Harness is also a no-rub, so it will not irritate your dog. The design was created by putting two separate components together to create a sturdy harness in the perfect fit for your dog.

19. TIANYAO Dog Harness No-Pull Dog Vest

TIANYAO Dog Harness No-Pull Dog Vest is a company that has been around for several decades, producing top-quality pet products. TIANYAO Dog Harness No-Pull Dog Vest was no exception when it was created 15 years ago by a veterinarian.

This harness is unique from the others on our list, not only due to the absence of any padding or mesh but also because it only has one leash loop, which is at the front and is in the Martingale style.

Martingale collars are trusted when it comes to training dogs, and some animal shelters and charities will only use the Martingale style, as they deem it the safest option. The PetSafe Deluxe Easy Walk Harness is the first time I’ve seen it used in a harness.

While the harness may be strapped only, this doesn’t mean that it is missing out on comfort for your dog. The straps are padded with neoprene to prevent irritation and from the straps digging in.

This harness is great in hot temperatures as it covers less of your dog, keeping air flowing freely around them and keeping them cool. The harness is also highly reflective, keeping you and your dog safe in low-light situations.

20. Best Dog Harness for Pulling

Barkbay’s No Pull Dog Harness was built to keep up with you and your dog, no matter how active and adventurous you are. This high-quality, durable leash was built for everyday use.

The harness is constructed with No Rip Nylon and anti-chafe padding to ensure lasting comfort. The multiple points of adjustment will ensure an almost custom fit for your dog, for another way to make them feel comfortable and secure.

With the metal leash attachments on the back, top easy lift handle, Your dog can have a lot of fun in a whole bunch of situations, such as the snow, at the beach, or hiking through the woods with the all-season, weatherproof nylon, and anti-rust hardware that will keep up with them throughout their adventures.

Top Anti Pull Dog harness

Chai’s Choice Best Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness is marketed as an “adventure sports harness” which is durable and escape-proof. This harness is great for your dog, no matter their size or breed.

The no-pull front leash attachment will help give you better control over your dog, while the back leash attachment helps distribute pressure evenly, preventing choking in your dog.  The leash attachments work the same for all no-pull harnesses.

The premium nylon used in the harness construction is what makes it durable through consistent use and wear. The same fabric remains soft against your dog’s skin and is optimized for airflow, creating a comfortable solid harness for your dog.

No Pull Dog Harness Review

ThinkPet Reflective Breathable Choke Ventilation Harness is a different product made with highly breathable material and an ultimate solution that does not restrict the dog’s natural movement.

Unlike most harnesses that are reflective, ThinkPet’s harness has highly reflective stitching as well as seams for an all-around body reflection, providing more safety for your dog in the dark.

The comfortable padding and webbing straps give a snug fit allowing your dog to feel safe and secure. The four points of adjustment allow you to adjust as needed, providing the perfect fit for your dog. For some breeds, you will only need one size to see them throughout their life.

Best Harness for Pitbulls

ThinkPet No Pull Harness is a genuine adventure sport harness; it’s sturdy and made to last in extreme weather and extreme sport conditions. Ideally, it can be used for medium and large dogs can be easily adjusted for even extra large and healthy dogs. You can use it for hiking, hunting, training as well as sports.

Made of premium material; Yes, 600D high-density nylon material is used in its construction, making it robust against wear. It features EVA and sponge inner layer of soft mesh that is highly optimized and considered best for skin ventilation.

The padded and sturdy handle is easy to grip and comfortable to hold; it is made to stand against powerful pulls. It is available in 10+ vivid colors that make it more attractive for dogs. Full-size reflective material is another feature that makes it different from other harnesses.


Most Comfortable Dog Harness

Soft Mesh Dog Harness is made for puppies and small dogs; it’s a product that is designed to provide more comfort while walking. On one side, it’s not a real no pull dog harness, but when it comes to small dogs, it’s best.

It features only one leash attachment point that is at the backside, the harness itself is strong enough to hold the pressure of small dogs, and its innovative design dispenses the pulling pressure evenly on all the chest that keeps the dog safe.

While keeping in view the temperament and skin conditions of small dogs, the manufacturer only uses polyester and breathable air mesh material most comfortable for furry friends.

It will be easy to match your style as it is a dog harness available in multiple colors.

voopet Service Dog Harness

Voopet Service Dog Harness is designed to provide emotional support during strong pulls breathable and breathable pet halter, constructed with polyester and other breathable materials. Due to its futuristic design, traction pressure is evenly distributed to the body, prevent choking and chafing.

We recommend it as an all-weather dog harness to keep the walks more comfortable and provide protection to your dog.

Reflective identification and durable nylon cloth give it the visibility that keeps your dog visible in low light. While wearing this luminous effect harness, your dog can enjoy his liberty. More importantly, it’s adjustable on all sides.

It’s completely scratch and chews resistant as well s abrasion-resistant, a durable and lightweight solution that will satisfy your need.

BINGPET Soft Mesh Dog Harness 

BINGPET Soft Mesh Dog Harness is a flexible solution for small four-legged friends who pull a lot and need a halter that will not harm them. Small dogs are tough to handle as you cannot use ordinary and standard-made harnesses because that can harm them.

The spotlight is made of small dogs, thanks to its breathable and soft material, which is made with polyester and fully breathable. It features a quick-release buckle and adjustable chest belt.

You can take your small furry friend with you on walking, hiking, and adventure trip; it maintains your dog’s natural movements. The available color selection makes it easy to choose the style that matches other accessories.

Which No Pull Dog Harness is Best? (The Buyers Guide)

Many first-time dog owners may think that dogs automatically will walk next to them when they take them out for their walks. Any experienced dog owner knows that this definitely isn’t the case and that you need to teach your dog how to walk on a leash properly.

Puppies and excited dogs tend to pull on the leash when out for a walk if they haven’t been taught proper leash manners. Teaching your dog how to walk on a leash is almost always done with a no pull dog harness if you train your dog yourself.

So, how do you know which no pull dog harness is best? We’ve broken down the different aspects of harnesses that you should look at when purchasing so that you can make an educated decision on which harness is best for you and your dog.

Purpose of No Pull Dog Harnesses

no pull dog harnesses

Dog harnesses are multi-purpose tools when used to their full potential. The best part of harnesses is the no pull function when teaching your do to walk on a leash properly, without pulling.

Unlike collars which can cause injuries to your dog’s neck and throat by focusing all the pressure on one area, harnesses disperse the pressure points throughout the trunk of your dog, preventing injury.

There are generally two leash loops on many harnesses; one on the chest of the dog, which prevents pulling by making your dog automatically turn around if they pull ahead, and the other loop is on their back and is perfect for walking your dog once they know how to walk properly on a leash.

No pull harnesses come in various styles, designs, and colors, so you’re sure to find one that is the perfect fit for you and your dog. However, to make it a little easier for you with all the choices, we looked at which no-pull harness is best.

Types of Harnesses with Respect to Usage

There are several different types of harnesses on the market, and there’s a good chance that you will have more than one style for your dog. Even within the No Pull Harnesses, there are several different types.

  • Basic Harness: The most basic harness is the strap harness. This one is exactly as it sounds; it’s just webbing or other material without extra padding or material covering the dog’s chest or back. These harnesses are great in the summertime or areas with hot temperatures as there is less material, there is more airflow to keep the dog comfortable.
  • Padded Harness: Another type of a no-pull harness is a comfortable fitting harness, with padding and/or meshes material around the chest and back. These harnesses are great for dogs who are perhaps a little shy or nervous. By having the material snuggly fit around them, your dog will feel safer and calmer.
  • Tactical Harness: Next up, we have the tactical harnesses, which are great for outings such as hikes or other outings in which you will be gone for a little while. The tactical harnesses cover the dog’s back. With the added hook and loop pieces situated throughout the fabric, you can put different accessories, such as pouches, on the harness’s vest portion. This will allow you to have your dog carry small items such as your phone, ID, money, treats, and water.
  • Sports Harness: Another category of harnesses is sport harnesses which may look like harnesses from other categories but are generally made with more durability to keep up with an active dog. Some sport harnesses are made for hiking, swimming, playing in the snow, etc. Many of the sporting harnesses will have double or industrial stitching in addition to the stronger fabrics.

All of these harnesses come in the no pull variety, meaning that they will have, at the very least, a leash loop on the front of the chest to control the dog’s movement back towards you when they start to pull on the leash. Most harnesses will have an additional leash attachment on the back of the harness, which is perfect for when your dog can behave properly on the leash.


Several different materials can be used to create no pull dog harnesses, depending on the style of harness you are looking at. When it comes to materials there are generally three areas of different materials per harness:

  • Straps – these are the pieces of nylon webbing that are generally about an inch or so thick that go around the dog to clip into the other side.
  • Hardware – this includes the leash attachments, buckles, and adjustable sliders. The hardware on a single harness may be made of different materials; the leash attachment could be made of metal while the buckle is plastic.
  • Vest – No all harnesses have vested, such as a strap harness, but most have some vest or padding.

Each of the sections has very different materials depending on the brand and style. One area that is mostly consistent throughout no-pull harnesses is the straps. Quite often, these are made of polyester or nylon. The material is durable and works perfectly for what it’s needed for, so there’s no sense in changing. Some harnesses may add neoprene or another padding to the straps for added comfort for your dog.

Hardware is one of the areas where you’ll start to see some change. The majority of buckles, for example, are made of plastic. However, with tactical harnesses, they are most often made of metal. Leash attachments almost always are made of metal, whether it’s an alloy or stainless steel.

Not all metals are created equal, and some will rust, so if you plan on having your dog in the water or snow, make sure that you get one that won’t rust. The adjustment sliders can be either plastic or metal, and it depends on the harness itself for which you’ll get.

The vest of the no-pull harness is another area where you’ll see a lot of variation with materials. While many are made with a nylon or polyester base, you’ll also see breathable mesh and different paddings, such as neoprene, used. Some vests are even made with cotton; however, these tend not to be as durable as polyester and nylon.

Just like the type of no-pull harness you are using, the materials you want to look for may completely depend on what you plan on using the harness for, in addition to the no-pull function. The environment in which you will be in will also play a major factor in deciding.


No two dogs are the same; even within the same breed, you will get dogs of all shapes and sizes. Because of this, harness sizing is critical. Having an ill-fitting harness could be a major safety issue for you and your dog.

Like clothes for you and me, different brands fit differently even when they both show they are the same size; the same goes for dog harnesses. Most companies will provide you with a sizing guide, showing you exactly where to measure and how.

Not all no-pull harnesses fit in the same way or buckle in the same way, so that you may have different areas of measurements from your dog based on particular harness styles. This is another great reason that each company has its own fitting guides.

Most harnesses come in several different sizes, some ranging from X-S to XXL. Even within a particular size, most harnesses have multiple areas where you can adjust the sizing, creating an almost custom fit for your dog.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when choosing the perfect no-pull harness for your dog. There may not be just one that fits your lifestyle, so you may find yourself purchasing multiple.

Knowing what to look for in a harness and how you want to utilize it will help you decide what is best for your furry friend. If you live in a hotter temperature, you’re going to want to ensure that you have a harness that has good air quality. If you live somewhere wet, you’re going to want to make sure that the hardware won’t rust.

There are so many factors that go into deciding the best harness for your dog. You can see that it’s definitely not a one size fits all area. The best no-pull harness for your dog may be completely different than the best no-pull harness for my dog.

Also, no harness does everything you want it to, so you’ll probably want to have more than one, depending on the situation, activity, and environment of any given day.

How to Put a No Pull Harness on a Dog?

best dog harness

It takes only a few seconds to put on the harness when you follow a step-by-step procedure. Different types of harnesses prerequisites to be put on in different ways. At first, we lean the step-by-step guide to putting on the standard dog harness that has a loop around the ribs and one loop around the neck. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Please keep your dog calm and allow him to stand on four legs and squat behind your dog.
  2. Slip the standard dog harness on your dog’s neck while positioning it in a direction so that the D-ring comes rightly on the back. Here it would be best if you made sure that the wider loop goes first.
  3. Slip the legs of your dog in the harness legs hole.
  4. Buckle the harness; if you face difficulty, then lose the straps.
  5. Once you buckle up, you need to make it a proper fit while adjusting the straps.
  6. Make sure you follow the two-finger rule; in this, you should be able to slip two fingers underneath any strap.

Step-in Dog Harness is a little bit different from putting on. The only difference between the standard harness and step harness is that the former forms rectangles around the dog’s legs while the other forms triangles. Let’s move on steps involved:

  1. Lay the harness on the ground in a position where buckles should be on the D-ring top.
  2. Place your dog’s front feet in two triangles while holding him from the backside.
  3. Pick up the harness and buckle up.
  4. Adjust the harness while keeping in view the two fingers rule.

The front clip dog harness is equipped with the clip at the front side, which comes at the chest when it’s buckled up. It’s specifically designed to discourage pulling. Some of these come as standard dog harnesses, and some are made as a step in a dog harness. Just one additional feature is added in the shape of the front clip.

During our review, we found that some of the front clips dog harnesses are different from standard and step-in harnesses that involve a different method to put on because there is no divider in the legs. Here are the steps to follow for such type of harnesses:

  1. You kneel to the right side of your dog.
  2. Put the loop of the harness over your dog’s head; make sure the metal ring comes on the dog’s chest.
  3. Fasten the belly strap.
  4. Adjust the harness while following the two-finger rules.

You may buy a harness that is tricky to put on. If this is the case, it’s better to look for the information flap or a manual that comes with the equipment. Surely it will make the job easy for you. If it would not help you, then you should ask the manufacturer for the tutorial.

How to Make Your Own No Pull Dog Harness?

In case you are a pro who knows the exact measurements of harness, you can make one on your own, but it’s not simple to make, so we do not suggest trying it at home; a standard harness is not costly equipment everyone can buy it. We recommend buying a cost-effective option instead of making one at home.

Can You Leave a Harness on a Dog All Day?

Yes, you can; if you buy a breathable dog harness, you can keep that on for the whole day but prefer to use it only when required, like when you are leaving for an adventure trip, walk, or for running. Using the equipment only when it’s required safe dogs from unexpected events.

Wrap Up

There are many different no-pull harnesses on the market for your dog, no matter what size or breed you have. We showed a variety of types here in hopes that you will be able to find one that suits your needs.

We mainly focused on the practical parts of the harnesses; however, each of our favorites does come in various colors, and in some cases, patterns, as well as sizes. These features will allow you to customize your harness even more.

Harnesses are a great way to teach your dog to walk properly on a leash by not pulling, but they are also great for other activities with your dog, such as hiking, swimming, and jogging. The best part is that you can feel confident knowing that you prevent injuries by allowing the pressure to disperse if they do end up pulling.