5 Best Dog Lover Gifts for Him

dog lover gifts for him

Does your better-half adore dogs? Do you want to gift something special for his birthday or any special event that justifies the love for their pets?

Whether your best friend, brother, colleague, or boyfriend, gifting something for dog lovers can be a confusing shopping spree. If your guy-friend has it all, selecting the right gift might be a hassle you wouldn’t want to get into.

So, to make things easy for you, we have narrowed down some of the best options that will help you pick something your dog lover friend would cherish.

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Buyer’s Guide: Steps to Select the Best Dog Lovers Gift for Him

Before you narrow down your choices when gifting dog lovers something unique, here are some factors to help you invest better.


Dog lovers, be it male or female, loves the concept of personalization in anything product they own related to the animal world. This helps denote their love for their pets. Everyone has their unique taste & likes. In this case, research is very important.

It would help if you learned more about your friend’s choices, such as their favorite colors, lifestyle, and dog breeds they adore.

Personalizing their gift with something they love adds a charm to the product. For example, if you plan on gifting a photo frame, your gift would become special if you add your pet’s picture inside the frame.

Make sure this gift can easily fit into their lifestyle.

2-Toys and Supplies:

We all know those additional expenses we bear from purchasing toys and supplies for pets. But, we surely cannot deny this joy to our adorable pets. So, if your friend has recently brought home a pet, they will surely love a gift with supplies and toys.

This will help save up on a lot of additional expenses while your friend basks in the ray of happiness that shines on their pet.

3-Occasion-based Gifts:

If a big festival or holiday is coming up, sorting gifts for your dog lover friend can be a bit easier. There are dedicated sections in the market and online portals that list gifts specifically meant for the holidays.

So whether it is a stuffed dog toy dress as a cute Santa or some dog-friendly candies decorated in the colors or Christmas, anything could be a wonderful gift for your friend.

4-DIY Gifts:

What is better than creating your gift from scratch? A DIY gift for your dog lover friend can be something they will love to work on. For example, you can get them a customized puzzle with their pet’s picture.

Or maybe you can gift them a DY dog house that can be built from scratch.

So, let us check out some options for your dog lover friend.

1. Silicone Molds for Ice Cube

Gifts don’t come with a price tag, but this doesn’t mean you should spend a fortune on them. The next time you plan on gifting something to your dog lover friend, this economical gifting option would be a perfect choice. They can enjoy a chilled drink with friends on the weekends while these cool-looking ice cubes float on top.

The product is light in weight and can even be carried around for outdoor camping trips. It can be an amazing conversation starter for housewarming parties, Christmas, or even on birthdays.

The silicone material is easy to use and highly pliable for creating perfect shapes. However, it would help if you kept in mind that silicone fresh out of the box might smell slightly. So, it is important to wash it properly before using it.


  • Created from 100 percent food-grade and non-toxic silicone
  • Creates 9 ice cubes per batch
  • Cubes can easily be removed without struggling
  • Dishwasher-safe design for easy cleaning
  • It can be used to make tasty dog-shaped treats for the pet


  • The size of the dog cube is a tad on the smaller side
  • Cubes created aren’t transparent when added to the drink

2. Rustic Dish Towel

Dogs are notoriously popular for following you all over the house and even in the bathroom. But, if your friend loves the presence of their dog even in the kitchen, this rustic dish towel could be a precious addition to the space. Encoded with a creative message, this dishtowel will get your friend in the mood for singing the song, “Every breath you take, Every move you make”.

This dish towel by Kathy is made from eco-friendly and breathable cotton soft on the skin. Available in a range of colors, you can gift this dishtowel in a design and quote that you know your friend would adore.

So, bring a smile to your friend’s face every time they watch your gift in the kitchen.


  • It fits perfectly into a dog-themed décor
  • Features cheeky messages and hilarious or sentimental graphics for dog lovers
  • Side seams are sewn perfectly to ensure the threads do not come off
  • Available in a bright range of colors
  • It can also be used as dog napkins for pets that drool a lot


  • Even with varieties, design cannot be customized
  • Material is a bit on the thinner side

3. Word Box Sign

There is that regular welcome, and then there is a welcome with swag. If your friend is a dog lover, why let those regular, old signboards wreak havoc to the ambiance. Instead, be the change and gift your friend the word box sign by Kathy that mimics their emotions and love for dogs.

Featuring sarcastic, hilarious, & heartwarming quotes, this word box sign is the perfect gift for your friend’s housewarming party. For example, the box says “Dogs Welcome—People Tolerated”, which could be a sassy element to place on the desk by the door.

The word box comes in a range of quotes. So, you can select one that fits your friend and his love for the dog the best way.


  • Edges are sanded down to ensure it doesn’t poke the hands
  • Features wire handles to help to hang on the door
  • Features cute ribbons added to the wire that creates a gift-like vibe
  • Made of wood that gives in a rustic feel to the house
  • Sturdy quality with a thick design


  • It cannot be placed outdoor without sealant spray
  • Some paint might come off from the letters

4. Fuuny Dog Wine Glass

If your friend is an avid dog lover who loves to sip in the wine after a long day or on weekends, the Witsy Glassware Wine Glass is the perfect mix of both. The glass features quirky quotes in a novelty wine glass design packed in a cute gift box, while the glass is protected with colored wraps to avoid breakage.

So to say, the package emits the perfect gift radiance right from the start when opened. The glass stemware is crystal-clear and features a unique design to wash in the dishwasher.

Printed and manufactured in the United States, this Wine Glass for dog lovers is the perfect example of quality and sturdiness.


  • Serves as the best Christmas or birthday present for dog lovers
  • Features bubble wrap that is colored to represent the perfect gifting vibe
  • 12 ounces capacity can carry enough wine in one pour
  • Individually packed glass to prevent breakages
  • Fired ink to ensure optimum design durability
  • Dishwasher-safe design for easy cleaning convenience


  • The connection between the stem and the glass can be flimsy
  • A bit smaller for regular wine consumers

5. Scented Dog Candles

We do adore our dogs but don’t we loathe those nasty farts let out by our pets after a big meal? So, why not gift your dog lover friend these funny scented dog candles that add a beautiful smell to the room. Made of soy wax, this dog-scented candle comes in a range of scented options: mango, orange, and goji berry.

The best thing about this scented dog candle is that it is safe for use around pets and isn’t toxic in any way. This soy candle is 100 percent natural and infused with high-quality fragrance oils.

In addition, the dog candle is large enough to last 50 to 60 hours and can be placed in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or practically anywhere your dog frequents.


  • Hand-poured candle for superior finish & burn
  • The scent fills into the room fast enough to get rid of any bad odor
  • It doesn’t contain any paraben, paraffin, metals, or artificial colors
  • It consists of braided cotton wicks featuring paper core
  • The jar can be reused or repurposed once the wax completely burns off


  • A bit on the smaller side than traditional scented candles
  • Print might get smudged from high heat

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While each of these products is unique and makes up for the best gift for dog lovers, the LYWUU Daschund Dog-Shaped Silicone Ice Molds are the best from a budget perspective. Moreover, they add so much fun to your drinks and punches.

No doubt it would be loved by your friend the moment they receive it. These gifts are safe for use around the pet which makes them an ideal gifting option.