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What is a dog proximity shock collar? It is a collar that provides an electric shock to the dog when he breaches the boundary limit, invented to keep the pets contained in a specific area. A GPS-based proximity shock collar can work on its own. Still, others need a base station, either a wireless station that controls collars with the electromagnetic waves or a station with an invisible underground wire fencing system. So there are three types of proximity collars.

dog proximity Shock collar

Basically, all of these systems are used for fencing a property, either it is a large one or small. A proximity shock collar is also known as a dog containment system and fencing system either based on the GPS, Wireless or Wired, buried underground. The required budget and installation are different for all of this system, but usage is nearly the same.

These systems provide shocks to the dog through a collar that forces the dog to stay within the boundary. These three systems also make a short dangerous area where a warning is delivered to the dogs.

The modern proximity shock collars are equipped with three functions: a beep, vibration, and shock, and the first two are used to provide warning and become the ultimate solution when a dog is fully trained and saves the dog from shocks.

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GPS Proximity Shock Collar

The GPs technology has become the norm, whether its t track your four paws friend’s fitness or to get his precise location through the app. The GPS proximity shock collars depend upon a GPS positioning system that connects with the satellite. You can access the data through the app, and it is possible to get a real-time pinpoint location.

From the application, you can mark a boundary for your dog, and when he becomes near to that, he will get a warning, and on the crossing, he will be punished with the static correction, and you will also get an alert on the app. In the GPS category, AngelaKerry Wireless Dog Fence System with GPS is a reliable and cost-effective solution. GPS does not rely on the internet, so it works everywhere. Just like every technical system, it also has some pros and cons that are:

Pros, It works best with large properties. You can use the GPS collar where it’s hard to install other fences or not permitted. Ideal for the areas where other fencing systems are unpractical due to terrain. It provides the exact location and activity report. Through the app, multiple people can access the data. No need to buried wire or install a wireless base station. The collar can be fully configured, and alerts can be set from the app.

Cons, Short battery life and it’s ideal to form circular boundaries not perfect for irregular properties. Satellite connectivity always costs recurring charges on a monthly basis, where you have to pay subscription charges.

Wireless proximity Shock Collar System

Commonly it’s known as a wireless dog fence or wireless dog containment system. It consists of a base unit and proximity dog shock collar, base unit emits electromagnetic waves, and you can adjust the strength of that waves from the base unit that describe the distance covered.

When the dog with the matched collar penetrates the danger zone that always comes before the definite boundary, he receives a warning from a base station through the collar. On the crossing, he starts receiving electric shocks. Consider our review of 10 top-rated wireless dog fences to know more about these devices.

In this system dog, the collar proximity sensor remains connected with the base unit for instructions. These systems are top-rated nowadays because it comes with many convenient options like:

Pros, easy to install, highly configurable offer many additional benefits, no additional cost in shape of subscription. Can use a single base station for more pets while buying/adding more collars to the system. These systems are budget-friendly, and any novice dog owner can easily use them. Collars are individually configurable.

Cons, not suitable for training purposes and not a good choice for irregular properties.

Wired Proximity Shock Collar System

In this system, wires are buried around the property or around the area that needs to be fenced that wires are connected with a base that electrifies it. As a result, this wire produces electromagnetic waves. A collar proximity sensor can detect waves and trigger the stimulation accordingly. This is the most reliable dog pet fencing system that provides exact boundaries and is most reliable. We recently reviewed 10 top-rated electric dog fences, and the article will help you understand these products better.

The wires can be buried under the ground up to six inches and remain invisible and the dog collar works fine each time your dog goes near to it. It also has pros and cons like other systems.

Pros, its ideal of irregular properties, can add unlimited collar work for dogs and cats, cost-effective solution for multiple pets, the range can be extended, collars are configurable individually, collars come with all of three basic functions.

Cons, not easy to install its installation take time, correct the dogs on reentry too, maintenance is also tough need to check all of the buried wire when it is damaged or broken from somewhere.

Best Proximity Shock Collar

1. Extreme Dog Fence (Wired)

Extreme Dog Fence - Second Generation -2019- Standard Grade (Essential) Kit Packages
  • Most cost-effective and most reliable 2nd generation wired dog fencing system, durable and extendable up to 6 acres.
  • Support unlimited collars can control multiple pets, waterproof and submersible, and the dog can enjoy his liberty within the area of the fence.
  • 20 gauge high tensile wire is durable and weather-resistant.
  • Equipped with additional features like a wire break indicator, it comes with one year warranty that can be extendable to five years on registration.

Extreme Dog Fence (Wired) is a most trusted fencing system with a dog proximity Shock collar. It is capable of keeping the dogs contained. The collars compatible with this fencing system are individually configurable, so you can provide different stimuli to each pet when he tries to breach the boundary. It’s equally effective for all size dogs of all breeds.

Weather is not a condition for this system. It’s made to perform even in the worst weather. Collars are durable and equipped with long-lasting, quick rechargeable batteries.

2. PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System

PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System – from the Parent Company of INVISIBLE FENCE Brand – Above Ground Electric Pet Fence
  • Portable wireless dog fence with an effective range of 1/2 acres, the transmitter can be placed indoors.
  • Allow static-free reentry, no wires to bury, easy to install, and easy to use.
  • Collars are waterproof, individually configurable, and equipped with long-lasting batteries.
  • One transmitter can control unlimited collars that mean you can add multiple pets.

PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System is a complete portable wireless system, the receiver comes with a battery and can be used occasionally on vacations or on adventure sites as well as during camping.

In a house, you can allow your dog off-leash liberty it’s easy to install, and flags that come with it make the training easy and its collars that are configurable are adjustable to fit any size of the dog. For a collar, a single recharge lasts for two months.

3. AngelaKerry Wireless Dog Fence System with GPS

AngelaKerry Wireless Dog Fence System with GPS, Outdoor Pet Containment System Rechargeable Waterproof
  • Equipped with innovative positioning technology, work can monitor 800 yards from the center point.
  • More accurate and stable as compared to radiofrequency based fences.
  • Ideal for outdoor use, equipped with a security feature to keep the dogs safe from excessive shock.
  • Equipped with seven sensitivity levels where beep is triggered as a warning, then followed by a static correction in case the dog does not follow the command.

AngelaKerry Wireless Dog Fence System with GPS is a complete solution to keep an eye on your dog and correct him when he breaches the boundary limits. Its working radius is adjustable from 20 meters to 800 meters, and it can cover a maximum of 496 acres in the circular. You need to select the range and then the center point. Usually, it automatically selects the center point where you turn it on and then start sending corrections when your dog crosses the boundary.

The maximum error that you can expect is 5 meters and it’s stable enough as well as collar is waterproof and it works in any environment.

Final Thoughts

Before buying any dog proximity Shock collar you need to consider your requirements and possibilities, most dog owners do not need a portable fence and if you are one then you must look for easy to fix options that can work smooth.

If you own a large house with a yard and you can bury wires and it’s allowed in your locality/society then a wired fence system is the most stable ad accurate dog containment system.

If you cannot burry the wire then the wireless system is an option for you. If you travel a lot with your dog and you need a system to use in multiple places then you can buy a GPS system these systems are not like wired and wireless systems for those who provide more options come with a monthly fee that will be an addition to the monthly bill.

We recommend considering the wired fence system first.

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