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Dogs are athletes by nature; they can quickly jump from any heightened place without necessarily hurting itself. Using stairs and jumping repetitively will not negatively impact the health of dogs. But if you have an over-weight dog, tiny friend or a puppy then you will need a ramp, especially when you have steep stair at home then you need dog ramps for steep stairs that make it easy for your dog to visit the places they like. There are not special ramps available for stairs. Generally, these are made to be used for any heightened area like vehicles, boats, etc. You need to choose any that can reach the hight of your stairs. In this article, we evaluate some of the best options available.  

We recently reviewed portable dog fences for camping, if you love camping with your furry friend then one will help you to keep your dog safe out there.

1. PetSTEP Original Folding Pet Ramp for Steep Stairs

best dog ramps for steep stairs

This fold, stow and go ramp is made with the plastic only that makes it lightweight and it comes with five years warranty that means your investment will remain secure for this time and you can enjoy using this ramp. It provides unparallel stability and portability. You can use this heavy-duty dog ramp for multiple purposes like for stairs at your home, for your vehicles and boats. It is an all-weather product that is another added advantage.

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Rubberized Surface, it is featured with a rubberized surface that provides anti-slipping walk up and down. Perfect to use in all environment because its rubberized ridges provide tractions in all situations.

Non-slip Grid, this multipurpose ramp is equipped with the rubber feet’s and grids that holds it sturdy when fixed, so do not worry for a collapse.

Fold in half, Strong enough to hold the large breed this is the reason it is made with two pieces only and can be folded to store and carry. Comes with a built-in handle which makes the job easy.

Advance Composite plastic construction, it is lightweight and durable because they make it with the composite plastic that is known for its durability. Even your dog’s scratching will not harm it. Composite plastic is also easy to clean; you can use damped cloth for cleaning.

Industry-Leading Weight Capacity, it is made to support up to 500lbs, and this is the only one in this field that budgets friendly and can support a maximum weight of 500lbs. You may use it for multiple pets at the same time.

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2. Good Life Dog Ramps for Steep Stairs

Good Life Black Non-Skid Pet Ramp Ladder Small to Large Dogs Cats, Plastic Supports

If you are looking for a solution for your tiny four-legged friend then this ramp is a perfect choice, it provides all the features that as you are searching. it is featured to use for stairs, beds, vehicles, and boats. It is a vet-recommended product for small breeds suffering from joint and hip problems.

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Side safety, it is made in way to provide side support as your dog will not slip from this ramp its sides offer extra support to keep the dog on-ramp.

Ideal for small dogs, it is easy to carry and used anywhere, and its rubber non-slipping feet makes it capable of being used at any surface.

Durable and portable, it is not a folding ramp, but it’s lightweight and durable, made with durable plastic to serve your dog lifetime.

Maximum Weight Support, it can hold up to 150 lbs that are right enough for multiple small pets.

3. Pet Gear Travel Lite Ramp

Dog ramps for stairs

With the Sparta X surface, your pet can access the areas that they like most. It is a highly portable ramp that you can use for your steep stair and vehicles. Along with more excellent stability, it also offers a wider area for your pets.  It makes walking up and walks down easy for dogs of all ages.  

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Crafted with Sparta X surface, it is soft and removable like for cleaning you can remove this mat. The material of this mat is easy on paws and make it possible to use these dog ramps for steep stairs in any weather. Moreover, it comes with a pressure-activated grip that is very effective in providing sure-footing.

Highly Portable with Raised Edges, a built-in handle to fold it quickly, seconds required to fold it and make a portable piece to transport anywhere. Raised edges of these dog ramps for steep stairs help the pit to stay on the ramp and avoid the side slipping.

Tri-fold, with just a press of handle, you can fold into three pieces, and that takes less space and make it comfortable to carry and store.  

Lightweight and durable, made with high quality and durable material, it will serve your pets forever, and even a child can carry it because it weighs only 15 pounds.

Weight Support, use “Pet Gear Travel Lite Ramp with supertraX Surface for Maximum Traction” for dogs of up to 200lbs. In the review, we find that many buyers get it for their multiple pets, 200lbs means multiple pets can use this ramp at the same time.

4. Titan Ramps for Steep Stairs

Dog ramps for steep stairs

If you are satisfied only with the right materials that can guaranty a long life, then this is an ultimate product for you, Titan Ramps makes best dog ramps for steep stairs. This product weighs only 13lbs and tri-foldable so, it is highly portable you can use it for step stairs and can carry it. Material is good enough to use in any weather.

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Made with Aluminum and Grid Plastic, it is durable enough to serve your dog for life, your dog’s chew and scratch habits will not leave a mark on it. Grid plastic makes it long-lasting and beautiful to use anywhere either on steep stairs or vehicles.

Textured surface, Grid Plastic, the main cover to walk textured with the beautiful design that gives it extra strength and offers better grip to your pooch. Easy on paws and your dogs will never slip from this material.

Highly Stable, once you fix it at a place it will never skid from there, made with the high-quality fat rubberized feet that give enough strength to remain stable. It protects ramp from sliding during use.

Lightweight and one hand open, we all know that aluminium products are always lightweight and durable, to keep the weight within the limit sustainable grid plastic is used. Just a press of handle opens it and just seconds required to fix it.

Maximum Weight Support, aluminium, and grid plastic jointly can hold up to 180 bonds; you can use this ramp for the extra-large breed and multiple small pets.

5. Travel-Lite Tri-Fold Pet Ramp

Travel-Lite Tri-Fold Pet Ramp

All-weather soft to touch dog ramps for steep stairs from Pet Gear has all the features that one dog thinks. It is a light, compact design that is suitable to use for steep stairs and vehicles. It will allow your dogs to visit the place in your house that they love most. Perfect to be used for senior and disabled dogs.

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Removable and machine washable carpet, you can clean the carpet even for more cleaning you can wash it in the washing machine that is a great advantage and helps you to keep your dog ramp fresh like new.

Tri-fold with a built-in handle, its handle makes it easy to carry and fix, ramp into three-piece means it will take less space when you carry it in your vehicle and when you store it. Especially its size is right to place under the seat in your vehicle.

Lightweight with rubber grips, rubber grips are used to makes it sturdy when fixed; these feet support dog ramps for steep stairs to not skid in any situation. Even when your dog jumps and runs on it, it will not leave its place.  It’s easy to store, and even skids can fix it.

Weight Support, it can hold maximum 200lbs dogs. You can use this ramp for multiple pets as well as for large breeds.

6. Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp 71 Inch

Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp 71 Inch Long Extra Wide Portable Pet Ramp for Dogs/Cats up to 200lbs, Patented Compact/Easy Fold with Safety Tether

If you need to use dog ramps for steep stairs in the low light, then you must go for reflective options, this is a durable reflective ramp that will make it easy for the dog to find the way up and down, in the nights and low light. Its reflective material makes it superior to others. On the other hands, it is a stylish and lightweight product for your four-legged friend.

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Reflective Material, this is the feature that you love most as when there is a need to use the ramp at the back of the vehicle in poor light it remains visible to pet and you as well. Even if at home you need to place in the low light area you can use it with no worries. Reflective material used to guide your pet up and down. It is featured with the side safety reflectors that make it easy for dogs to find this ramp in low light.

Slip-resistant, it provides sure footing for the walk up and down, provides maximum fraction to the paws, so they never slip and once fixed its rubber feet makes it sturdy, and it holds its grounds.

Compact and easy to fold, it’s featured with an easy to carry built-in portable handle, its easy to fold and unfold. Even kids can do the job because its lightweight enough.

Maximum Weight Support, it is made for 200lbs dogs, and if you have multiple dogs at home, you can use this ramp at stairs for all of your pooches and other pets.

7. Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp

PetSafe Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp, Standard, Portable Lightweight Aluminum Dog and Cat Ramp, Carrying Case Available

In our recommendation, this is the strongest and long-lasting, multipurpose dog ramp. If you have an extra sizeable four-legged friend, then this is an ultimate choice for you, as it is a wide ramp that can support up to 400lbs weight.

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Telescoping dog ramp, it allows dogs to access heightened areas and vehicles safely. Without more pressure on joints, the telescoping feature makes it easy to fix it and carry it. This feature makes it lightweight too; total weight is 13lbs.

Aluminium and Plastic Design makes it stylish and highly portable, it takes only a little space and can be placed under the seat of your vehicle. These materials considered more durable as compare to others, and this is the reason it supports the most maximum weight.

High Traction, provides maximum traction for steep climbs and its rubber feet make sturdy when fixed. Meanwhile, it’s easy on paws, and it gives comfort to your dog.

Ultra-stiff design, from all of the available options this is the most preferred design for dog lovers.

Easy to clean, with ramp carry case and side door adapter, you can wipe it with the damped cloth, and it comes with the carrying case which makes it easy to store and move. Side door adapter makes it easy to use with the use for side doors of vehicles.

Maximum weight support, it is a piece that can support up to 400lbs; these are the most reliable dog ramps for steep stairs.

8. LAZYMOON Folding Pet Dog Ramp

Sandinrayli Folding Pet Dog Ramp Car Ladder Stairs for Puppy Old Dogs Arthritis Joint Pain

Allow your dogs to access heightened areas through LAZYMOON ramp; it is a perfect solution to access furniture, upper portion, and vehicles. With rails on both sides, it provides all the features and support that your pooch needs. It can be fixed on the stairs and excellent solution to move anywhere. In our list a budget-friendly option too. It’s featured in with the textured surface that is easy on the paws and make walking up and walking down easy on the ramp.

It is good enough to provide arthritis support and will give free pain comfort to your dog. Lightweight and easy to carry. Easy to carry when folded and take less space in your store.

9. Atoz Create Bi-Fold Pet Ramp

dog ramps for steep stairs

Atoz Create the manufacturer of this ramp is know for quality and only offering few durable products, it is a reflective ramp for your pooch, its side safety reflective allow the maximum visibility to your four-legged friend. Reflective safety always guides dogs to take safety walk on the ramp.

Bi-fold lightweight and durable ramp for dogs is made with high-quality plastic and best for mobility issues. High traction surface is easy on paws and its not-slipping on the ground. Easy to unfold and store, take only a limited place in your store and handle makes it easy to carry.

10. Bonnlo Heavy-Duty Aluminum Dog Ramp

Bonnlo Heavy-Duty Aluminum Dog Car Ramp for Large Dogs up to 250lbs, Portable Folding Skidproof Pet Ramp for Car/SUV/Truck, 15inch Wide

Made with the heavy-duty aluminum and it can hold up to 250lbs that is enough to serve a large breed dog. It is featured with the rubber feet and this is also featured in with the non-skid walking surface. No assembly required to fix this ramp. It is a compact design that can fit under your seat of car and you can use it for stairs. It is easy to clean ramp and available in different sizes.

Buyers Guide

What features to consider in a Ramp?

Once you have decided you are buying a dog dog ramp, under listed features will help you to narrow down your options.

Need for indoor use, outdoor or both

If you correctly choose an option it will save you money, like the ramps that used for indoor are different in material as compared to ramps for outdoor use, the ramps that made for outdoor use usually made with the Aluminum, steel, and iron. While indoor dog ramps made with PVC or furniture grade material in a combination of aluminum and steel.

Basic Purpose

Is it only needed for the steep stair? If you buy it carefully while considering all the options and usage, then you can buy one that you can use for multiple purposes. Like you can use that for care, SUV’s and boats. It is good to buy a multipurpose ramp because these are tough ones and last for years so you can use them anywhere. Versatile dog ramps are also easy to carry and store that is an advantage.

Height to reach

It is also essential to know that what height you want to achieve, the good ramps support up too many feet but with the increase in the height of ramp the budget will also increase. It’s better to measure the height to stay specific in your requirement, the height you consider will be the maximum height you can use the for smaller heights.

Maximum weight to support

As you increase in weight, the budget increased, ramps for large dogs are made with more durable and hard material to support heavyweight. When you are buying a multipurpose dog ramp consider all pets (all at your home) then take the weight of the most massive dog. Maybe a lightweight ramp support your heavyweight dog, but it will reduce the life of ramp. For the security of your money, you need to consider maximum weight. We recommend to buy a ramp that maximum support up to 150lb that is right enough for your children even if they start playing that wouldn’t damage the ramp and in future, if you get home a large dog, then you can use the same ramp.

Easy Assembly

It is necessary to consider especially when you buy a multipurpose dog ramp, when you purchased to fix the dog ramp on specific steep stairs there you do not need to assemble and unassembled same again and again, but you will need to assemble and disassemble a multipurpose one again and again. An easy to assemble ramp will take you less time when you use that with cars, SUV, and boats.

Easy on paws

A rough and soft surface is safer for the dogs, we experience that when you buy a ramp when do not have any extra rough material on it that is a hard one and dogs start avoiding that ramp. Other reason that that become cold in winter and hot in summer, so it does not remain comfortable for paws and dogs decided to avoid that permanently. In such a situation, you will need to fix a rubber or some other sheet on it to make it comfortable for your dogs. But if you buy a ramp that is comfortable on paws, you can stay worry free.

dog ramps for steep stairs

Temporary or permanent

For temporary usage prefer to buy a foldable dog ramp, and for continuous use, you can buy a non-foldable and furniture grade dog ramp which remain fixed at your steep stairs.

Folded and Store Option

A dog ramp is a few feet long; that means you cannot place it anywhere unless it gets smaller. An excellent foldable dog ramp takes less space and its always easy to store them, this is the reason we advise to buy a foldable dog ramp that you can carry in your vehicle and also can place it your store at home. If you buy a smart one, you can store that under the car seats that makes carrying easy.


Usually, the foldable dog ramps are highly portable, if you buy a dog ramp that is easy to fold and no tools are required to assemble, that is ideally a portable dog ramp.


It’s directly connected with the quality, like if you are buying for permanent indoor use, then you can buy a furniture grade dog ramp or one that made with wood or any other furniture material. But for outdoor use, you need to a sturdy material that can hold and also make sure that it has grips on both sides that make it easy to fix at one place.

Non-slip Surface

Nearly all of the dog ramps come with the anti-slip surface. The synthetic material used for this purpose. Quality ramps contain durable rubber sheet to walk, which remain valid for years, and your pet will never slip from the ramp. Moreover, such dog ramps are good enough, and even water cannot make them slippery. Do not take a risk on your pets always take a ramp for the dog that comes with a non-slip surface.

Slop of ramp

Well, this widely depends on the height of stairs or the surface where you want your pooch through the ramp. For a more considerable Hight, you need to consider a long dog ramp that can decrease the slop. It is essential to find because if ramps offer a steep pile, the dog may not use that in routine.


A variety of choice is available, and it is a cost-cutting consideration, but here we recommend not to buy anything less than 16” wide. Such width will offer your dog to move quickly, and a dog ramp with this width is always easy to fix. Most of the time, dogs use it in a hurry either they are stepping up or down.

Number of steps

If you are going to buy a portable ramp that you need to store and carry while traveling, then it is beneficial for you to buy a dog ramp with more steps. More steps will make it possible to store in less space, and you can easily keep it in your vehicle, even under a seat.

Type of Material

You are spending a handsome amount on-ramp, and durable one will offer the security of your investment. For an indoor fix your you can prefer to buy a wooden or PVC material dog ramp that will last for years. But if you are in mind to use it for multiple purposes then at first preference should be given to Steel and the iron and aluminum.


Everyone wants a piece that looks great, and when you have to fix it for steep stairs there, you need a design that matches your taste as well as with your furniture. Luckily a lot of variety is available, and you can find one that is an addition to your décor.


Whatever you buy when you decide a budget to spend that makes the option limited, and with proper research, you can find a better product that suits the budget you chose to pay.

What benefits dog ramps for steep stairs offer to dogs?

No doubts dogs are good athletes in their young age and do not bother to use stairs, but taking care is a decision which can save them from injuries and arthritis, here are some essential benefits of dog ramps,

Arthritic Support, get on and off the heightened area becomes easy for dogs; it did not put pressure on the joints, especially when the dog jumps to get off. It is tremendous arthritic support for dogs and especially for aging ones.

An easy way for Senior dogs, with the count of age dogs, start avoiding the stairs and become limited to tranquil space, it can add value in a dog’s life, and he can freely move in the house, less energy required from dog side to get on and off.

Will reduce the Injuries, most of the dogs slipped on the floor while jumping from the heightened area that causes injuries, use of the ramp is an effective solution and will reduce the wear tear expenses.

Solution for small dogs, it is an ideal support to move in all area they like for tiny four-legged friend and for puppies.

Support for injury recovery, it makes the movement easy in the time when he is recovering from injury and cannot jump, or do not have the energy to use stairs.

Support for dogs had trouble using stair, there are some does who are always afraid of stairs; it is a friendly solution for them.

Are dog ramps for steep stairs beneficial for dog owners?

Not only your dogs can get the benefit of you ramps it’s you too who get some unique benefits like,

No need to lift your dog, it will become easy for your dog to use ramps to access heightened are, and you do not need to lift your dog.

Do not need to push, if you have extra-large breed then undoubtedly you need to push him on the stairs, and that may invite some severe problems for you, after buying ramp you will be free from your duty.

No need to continually monitor your dog, when your dog is using stairs, you need to keep an eye on your dog, but with the ramp, you can stay sure that your dog will be safe.

Safety Tips When Using a Dog Ramp

If a dog scared once from a ramp, then it will become hard to train him for the ramp. A dog ramp should be a safe solution for your dog, and you need to follow safety tips.

Train Your Dog to Use Ramp

If your four-legged friend is not trained for the walk up and down then might he fall from the ramp and get injured. You need to give ample time for training until your dog becomes confident o walk up and down.

Place on Even Ground

An unstable ramp increases the chances of injuries and may scare your dog because when it falls, that is bad for the dog, it may injure your dog, and in result, a dog will never use the ramp in future so place it on a surface which is not slippery and make it sturdy before use.

Supervise in Start

In the first few days you need to supervise the walk up and walk down of your dog, this will make his confidant, and this practice will save your dog from any future surprise injury

How to avoid slipping of dog ramp on tile or cement surface?

Now, this issue fixed by most of the manufacturers with the rubberized feet that help to prevent slipping on any floor. But keep in mind an extra slippery tile floor or polished cemented floor may not be suitable for rubberized feet to hold. You need to use an old towel or carpet at the place where the feet of dog ramp will land to prevent from slipping. It sonly necessary when you are using dog ramp on the extra slippery surface.

Final Thoughts

Dog ramps for steep stairs will bring a lot of ease in your life as well for your four-legged friend. Here in this article we cover all the related aspects of dog ramps, but still if you need clarity or have any question you can ask us in the comments.  

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