10 Best Dog Seat Covers for Leather Seats in 2022 (Review)

Traveling with the dog is becoming more common nowadays, whether it’s a short car ride in the town or a long-distance road/adventure trip; the dog makes an excellent passenger as they are part of the family. Dogs love to sit in your lap to enjoy fresh air and drive. Either you want to share every ride with your pooch or occasionally or regularly. It’s essential to protect the luxurious leather seats from the sharp claws of dogs and messes that they create and it’s not possible without the best dog seat covers for leather seats.

It’s always nice to have a friend to keep you company when you are driving. This can result in your car upholstery suffering badly.

Best Dog Seat Covers for Leather Seats

A Dog Seat Cover for Leather Seat is an essential dog accessory to buy because it can protect the leather seat from the dog. Investing in the best car seat covers for dogs means you can protect the interior from the dog and also save time on cleaning your car’s interior after traveling with a dog. Let have a view at our quick list:

Sr.ProductTypeUniversal Fit
1BarksBar Pet Front Seat CoverFront/BucketYes
2VIEWPETS Car Seat Cover ProtectorBench Seat Cover
34Knines Front Seat Cover for DogsFront Seat
4Hammock Convertible Seat CoverHammock/Convertible
5Kurgo Bucket Seat Covers for Dogs Front/Bucket
6Deluxe Quilted Dog Car Seat CoverBench/Liner/Hammock
7Doggie World Leather Seat CoverHammock American Cars
8Meadowlark Car Seat Cover for DogsFront/BucketYes
9Elegance Linen Bench Seat ProtectorBench Seat Cover
10Knodel Hammock Dog Seat CoverMulti Style

A little dirt may not create any cleaning challenge for you, but surely the dog’s hair does. Your dog may scratch the interior, and repair costs you thousands of dollars. It is one of the best investments for those who love to travel with dogs and want to keep the leather seats protected.

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1.  BarksBar Pet Front Seat Cover

best dog seat covers for leather seats
  • Universal fit.
  • Tripple Layered Waterproof PU to ensure comfort.
  • Made with high quality, heavy-duty polyester.
  • Featured with a quilted pattern for luxury.
  • Budget-Friendly.
  • Anti-slippage rubber at the back for a sturdy fix.
  • Made to last, tested to withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Easy to install and clean, the cover is machine washable.

BarksBar Pet Front Seat Cover can save your leather seat from spills, dirt, hair, and other messes that your dog may create. BarksBar manufactured it with triple waterproofing protection that ensures the moisture does not reach the leather seat. It is an inexpensive cover that is waterproof, tear-resistant, chew-proof, and tested for all seasons. We found that it is scratch proof, and when we compare it with other costly options. We were amazed that it is durable enough to withstand any harsh conditions. Even extra chewers cannot damage it.

If your dog sheds a lot, then BarksBar seat cover is a solution. It’s the best seat cover for dog hair; you can easily vacuum hairs on it. It is not extra-large but made in a way to fit every vehicle out there.

BarksBar Pet Front Seat Cover is a machine washable solution, so if your dog sits in the car with dirty paws, that does not bother you anymore. Most buyers like this cover due to its quilted pattern that provides a luxurious look and comfort to your dog. Its color will not bleed even in the harsh weather. The wet walk of your dog will not be a problem anymore with BarksBar dog seat cover.

To ensure your dog has a safe surface to travel, it’s engineered with the headrest install strap, which can be fixed sturdy with the buckle and seat anchoring point at the bottom. Everything is easy, and it just takes half a minute to install it. BarksBar makes the best seat covers for trucks, cars, and any vehicle you think. The spotlight product is a universal fit that you can use with the front seat of any vehicle.

BarksBar Pet Front Seat Cover completely covers the seat, so it protects every corner of the seat, and it remains stable during a journey. We believe that it becomes an attractive addition to the interior of your vehicle. It is comfortable and looks great; this is why we recommend it most as the best dog seat cover for car leather seats.

Drawbacks, it only covers the single front seat, not suitable to use without limiting your dog to the front seat with a leash or harness. Because if your dog keeps visiting other places in the vehicle, then it will not solve the problem.

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2. VIEWPETS Car Seat Cover Protector

protective car seat covers for dogs
  • Universal fit bench car seat cover protector.
  • It saves leather seats from the messes of your dog.
  • Perfect for kids who love to play at the back seat, protect from Juice, mud, etc.
  • Waterproof and completely scratch-proof.
  • Featured with non-slip mesh at bottom and side flaps.
  • Equipped with 2 straps, 2 anchors, and elastic straps around corners for a sturdy fix.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.

VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector is the highest rated product in this category, and its features are unmatchable within this price range. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector keeps the dust and other mess of your dog up off your back seat. It is a budget-friendly back seat cover for leather seats. It is made to fit most of the regular bench seats of large and small vehicles like trucks or cars.

Like it can fit GMC Sierra, Toyota tundra, SUV, Cordura, jeep wrangler, grand Cherokee, Subaru Crosstrek, dodge ram 1500, Nissan Rogue, Honda Crv, Subaru outback, mini cooper, Halfords and any vehicle with the standard bench seat.

The fabric of the perfect seat cover from VIEWPETS covers each inch of your leather back seat that needs protecting. It’s featured with the font and side flaps that protect from the residual wear and tear from a frisky pup. It provides full coverage so you can keep multiple pets with you. Even when you need to transport pets, you can do it without worrying about your leather seas.

Made to be removed quickly like when you need to accommodate the human passenger, you can unzip the slits in the cover and slid a seatbelt through, no need to remove the entire seat cover.

VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector is your definite need if you own a dog with a weak bladder or a nervous dog. Don’t you worry, it’s waterproof, it will not allow the accidents to make their way to the luxurious leather seats. Rest easy knowing your fancy leather seats are safe, VIEWPET best car pet seat cover is also scratch proof, sharp claws and teeth of your dog cannot damage it. For easy dog drive, the VIEWPET seat protector is the best alternative to the back-seat hammock cover for dogs.

The combination of high-quality construction and great competitive price make it difficult to beat. It is strong enough to protect your leather seats. It is padded to provide comfort to your dog and designed with colorfast technology that prevents colors from leaking in hot weather conditions. It is the right choice to protect the interior of your vehicle.

Drawbacks, nothing found not to love.

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3. 4Knines Front Seat Cover for Dogs

dog seat covers for leather seats
  • Classy, high-quality 4Knines product.
  • Universal fit.
  • Made with luxurious and quilted materials, designed beautifully.
  • Made to last a lifetime.
  • Unique silicone non-slip backing and quilted top.
  • Free of Azo dyes and heavy metals, colorfast high temperature rated material.
  • Featured with sturdy seat anchor.
  • Equipped with clips and reinforced headrest strap for a quick, sturdy, and easy install.
  • Easy to clean with a moist towel or damped cloth.
  • It comes with a satisfaction guaranty and lifetime warranty.

4Knines Front Seat Cover for Dogs Make a spot on our list because of its quality stitching, class, and material used in its construction. Our best four paws friend loves to go for car rides, and we want to protect the luxurious leather car seats from their messes. If you want a classy seat cover to protect your leather seats instead of a standard product, then the 4Knines dog seat protector is the best choice for you. It protects the seat from muddy paws, claw marks, flying fur, unexpected accidents, etc.

4Knines Front Seat Cover for Dogs with the non-slip backing and soft padding is designed to provide comfort to your dog and to prevent dirt and moisture seeping through. During the review, we found the material used in this classy cover for seats in the car is not used in any competitive product in the market. Dog proof seat covers of 4Knines are made to last for life and stitched to fit on any size front seat.

Its nonslip silicone backing one anchor point, and buckle and reinforcement headrest straps make it snuggly fixed, and the dog can rest on it without fearing slippage.

4Knines Front Seat Cover for Dogs protect the seat from getting dirty with the dog messes. It is the most durable seat cover on the market that can serve you for life. With the cotton padding and colorfast polyester backing, it’s only in the market tested for extreme temperature and ultra-comfort of your dog.

Well, If you are looking for classy and touch seat covers, we recommend it as the best pet seat protector for leather seats. It comes with a no-hassle 100% satisfaction guaranty and a lifetime warranty, so your investment will remain secure for a lifetime.

Drawbacks, Classy but costly as compared to other products in this category

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4. Hammock Convertible Seat Cover

dog seat covers for cars without headrests
  • Hammock Convertible dog seat cover for leather seats.
  • Standard size to fit all vehicles out there.
  • Featured with easy to convert option from hammock to standard bench seat.
  • Flaps to protect car doors.
  • Two waterproof layers with the top 600D oxford water-resistant coating.
  • No needle hole for moisture to make its way to leather seats.
  • Built-in velcro openings for seatbelts featured with a non-slip surface.
  • Easy to clean and install.

Vailge Hammock Convertible dog seat cover is made to protect leather seats from dogs effectively. It is authentic protection against mud, scratches, water, wet dogs, drool, dander, and hair. It makes sure the stuff and messes of your dog never touch the leather or upholstery of your pristine backseat when protected by the product like Vailge hammock convertible dog seat cover. The heavy-duty cover is also comfortable for your dog with the padded surface.

The rear seat protector from Vailge comes in a standard size to fit in any vehicle out there; it is a combo dog seat cover and car hammock, convertible easily within seconds, and with minimal effort. It makes it easy for your dog to get in or out of the car; side flaps protect the interior of doors from the sharp claws of your dog. Vailge Hammock Convertible dog seat cover is the best choice as a crew cab truck split rear seat cover, you can use it for full-size trucks.

It designed to fit in all standard size cars, SUVs, and trucks. It works as both a bench seat cover and a hammock-style cover. It is made for extra protection of your seats and your dog friends.

The front side of the cover that comes behind the front seat act as a barrier so your dog cannot distract you while you are driving. Due to its zipper, this luxury dog seat covers can be opened half so your dog and a passenger at the back seats can travel together. It is easy to install and easy to clean.

Finally, if you are looking for a dog seat cover waterproof & hammock convertible, then the product in the spotlight is the best choice for you.

Drawbacks, all of its layers joined with heat pressure without any whole, and this is the reason when a single scratch keeps damaging it until it reaches the stitching. It is not durable enough as compare to other products on the list.

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5. Kurgo Bucket Seat Covers for Dogs

dog seat covers for leather seats
  • Universal fit.
  • Made to slip over the entire bucket leather seat for full protection.
  • Ideal for protecting both sides of the seat, front and back.
  • Featured with pipe panels, fully waterproof and stain resistant.
  • Large bottom pocket to store multiple items.
  • Equipped with staps to keep the seat secure.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty, your investment remains secure for life.

If you want to protect your car seat from a best four-paws friend, then Kurgo Bucket seat covers for dogs are the best choice for you. The cover in the spotlight is made to protect the seat from both sides front and back. It equipped with a large pocket on the front side that can be used to carry accessories, food, and treats of your four-legged friend.

Kurgo Bucket Seat Covers for Dogs are soft padded and super durable and sure to stand up to scampering. It can cover sharp claws and drool while allowing the human passengers to ride with a little bit of extra comfort while sitting on the same cover when your pooch is not traveling with you. It’s easy to clean. It would be best if you had a wet cloth to clean it. The auto seat cover of Kurgo is water and stain resistant and made to take on dirt; its pip panels are made to hold the dirt and water from falling on to the carpeting.

If you have a dog who loves to ride in the front and you love to keep your pooch with you on every trip, then the best pet seat covers for leather seats is the solution for you. It protects your leather seat against all messes of your dog.

Pet seat protector for leather seats from Kurgo is a budget-friendly product, and it protects from corner to corner, and it covers the headrest of your seat. For a sturdy fix, it equipped with the straps around the seat and under the seat, and its no-slip bottom allows your dog to perform his activities freely. The majority of Kurgo products come with the lifetime warranty, and back seat dog cover for leather seats also does. Your investment remains secure for a lifetime.

Drawbacks, it takes some time to fix. You are advised to clean water with cloth or towel when there is a mess on the seat. Otherwise, it will drop on the carpet in efforts to remove the cover to clean the mess.

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6. Deluxe Quilted Dog Car Seat Cover

Deluxe Quilted and Padded Dog Car Seat Cover with Non-Slip Back Best for Car Truck and SUV - Make Travel with Your Pet Always an Option - 3 Sizes and Colors (Black, Grey, Taupe)
  • Made to travel without dog mess.
  • The multipurpose seat cover can be used as a cargo area liner.
  • Made with Water Repellent Quilted fabric.
  • Soft, Padded, and fully Washable.
  • Universal fit can be used with any vehicle.
  • Equipped with adjustable straps, buckles, seatbelt holes for the sturdy fix.
  • Perfect to transport kids after swimming.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Non-slip back and it is Fully washable.

If you are looking for two in one pet seat cover reviews, then Deluxe Quilted and Padded Dog Car Seat Cover are for you. It is made to serve in multiple ways. It is a bench seat protector and a convertible hammock style seat cover and can be used as a cargo area liner in large vehicles.

Where it can cover up to 51” area in length, it does double duty as a non-slip grip bench seat cover, which can be converted into a hammock style to get the benefit of a front barrier to stop distraction or a cargo area liner.

If you need to accommodate human passengers on the back seat, then you can transfer the cover into the cargo area to accommodate your dog there.

It is made for extra coverage; this is why we recommend it as a hunting dog seat cover because it can accommodate multiple large-sized dogs. It has flaps on each side, covers the entire floor, and covers the back of the front seats. It is a reason Deluxe Quilted Dog Car Seat Cover is a perfect seat protector for hunting dogs. If your puppies distract you a lot during the drive, then this cover’s barrier is strong enough to keep them confined in the back seat.

It is a quilted bench seat cover that is comfortable enough for dogs. Either they sit on the leather seat of your vehicle or the floor. Deluxe Quilted Dog Car Seat Cover is durable, washable, padded, a good water repellant quilted fabric, and soft enough for the comfort of your dog.

It is made to protect your leather seats and interior from unwanted scratches, hair, dirt, mud, slobber, grass, food, and pee.

It offers a lot of benefits that we cannot list all here, but the last is worth to mention; it is machine washable. Just put it in the washing machine to refresh it, and even if it stinks, you can give it’s a wash. Get this cover to enjoy more adventures with your dog.

Drawbacks. Not suitable for small vehicles, warranty information is not clear.

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7. Doggie World Leather Seat Cover

dog seat covers for leather seats
  • Highest protection for your leather seat covers.
  • Safe, secure, and comfortable for dogs during the ride.
  • Multiple straps to attach with the headrest for sturdy.
  • Made with the best waterproof material.
  • Easy to clean, machine washable cover.
  • Perfect sizer for American cars.
  • Featured with free seatbelt and luxury storage bad.
  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guaranty.

We all know well trail running, long walks, hiking, and traveling with dogs reap many rewards, but muddy backseat, snagged and scratched seat, a blanket of dog hair, to the smell of wet dog is not among them. The fur of your dog can get into every nook and cranny, and toenail can scratch your leather seats, and their musky smell makes sure every passenger knows you have a dog.

Doggie World Dog Car Seat Cover is a hammock style cover that is a non-slip, wraparound cover that can protect your vehicle from your pooch.

The material is rated 18om nonporous, and highly durable to last for many of the coming years. Silicon backing, stretchable straps, and its equipped with seat anchors also to make it non-slip and snug fix. Side flaps, seat belt opening, and hammock options make it an elegant looking, hygienic, and fully functional backseat cover for your car.

Harness and seat belt adapter area included for the safety of your dog. It is a custom made dog car protection to deal with every mess of your dog.

It is made as a universal fit and cannot rip off easily, it proves to be durable, its tube-like anchors keep it in place when fixed adequately. Doggie World Dog Car Seat Cover solved all the problems of the owner who likes to bring their pet along on trips. So, when you have dog car protection installed, there is no need to worry about the spilled food or scattered crumbs and even dog’s drool.

Keeping the automotive clean is the basic aim of the manufacturer and they are doing it well with such products.

Premium, advanced, proofed Doggie World Dog Car Seat Cover is one of the best car seat covers for dogs. Its hammock style adds comfort for the dog and acts as a barrier for the front seat that can help you deal with your dog’s distraction. It can keep your pooch limited to the back seat, so he does not jump on to the front seat.

It comes with 100% satisfaction and money back guaranty, so your investment remains secure while investing in this product.

Drawbacks, it only a hammock style seat cover, cannot be folded to half to accommodate one human passenger, and cannot be used as a bench-style cover only.

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8. Meadowlark Car Seat Cover for Dogs

kurgo loft dog hammock seat cover
  • Universal car bucket seat protector.
  • Allow stress-free to travel with your pet.
  • Built to last for a lifetime with the four layers of quality material.
  • Fully waterproof with the PVC layer inside.
  • Non-slip backing and anchors at the bottom for a sturdy fix.
  • Comfortable and stylish buckle seat cover.
  • Easy to install and clean, machine washable.
  • Come with a lifetime money-back guaranty.

The bucket seats have a different profile than the regular seat covers. If you search for a plush, luxury, and non-slip cover that fits snugly, then Meadowlark Car Seat Cover for Dogs is the best choice for you. It’s a top-rated heavy-duty seat cover that can be fitted to the bucket seats of small cars and even large trucks. It’s a perfect universal fit to protect your leather seats from dogs.

It comes with two gifts; one is a headrest cover to protect the headrest of your leather seat. Because dogs never stay smooth, and they might try to chew the headrest. The second one is a seat-belt that is included for your dog’s safety during an accident and sudden braking.

Meadowlark Car Seat Cover for Dogs is robust than may others and stay firm when appropriately fixed. It stands up to the toughest messes and solves the problem of ending up with too little or too much coverage due to the design of bucket seats. Dog seat covers for bucket seats from Meadowlark are made to protect the leather seats from every mess that dogs can create.

The materials combined make this bucket seat cover for leather seats soft, water, and scratch-resistant as well as a non-slip cover. Customers who bought this seat cover found that their old seat covers flimsy and worth nothing.

The genuine buyers quickly discover that Meadowlark Car Seat Cover for Dogs protected their leather seats and from all sorts of accidents, and this is the reason it selected as AmazonBasics.

The most important feature/benefit that this product offer is its lifetime money back guaranty; your investment remains secure for a lifetime.

Drawbacks, you may find it large for a small vehicle, made with standard seats in mind, it can fit any seat, but it remains a little loose on smaller seats.

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9. Elegance Linen Bench Seat Protector

dog seat covers for leather seats
  • Universal fit can be used with any vehicle out there.
  • Made of Quilted Microfiber fabric.
  • High-quality breathable weave fabric.
  • Convertible to dog car barrier.
  • Easy to install and uninstall, take only one minute.
  • Allow dogs to keep performing normal activities.
  • Easy to clean, just damped cloth to clean, machine washable seat protector.

Elegance Linen Bench Car Seat Protector is available in two colors. You can buy your preferred color to match the interior of your vehicle. It is made with a waterproof backing thanks to the several layers of material that safely trap liquids. We found that the waterproof layer does not wear off with the count of time because the areas that have to endure the most use are reinforced with the quality material additionally.

Its non-slip bottom holds it firmly in its position. This non-slip grip bench seat cover is made not to fade or bleed. Elegance Linen Bench Car Seat Protector is a quilted bench seat cover entirely safe for dogs and does not contain any azo dyes or heavy metals.

It will fit most of the vehicles out there and can be used as hunting dog seat cover, can be used as hammock style cover, or to cover the back seat only. It is equipped with reinforced headrest straps that will not breakdown in sunlight.

IF you want your dog to travel in luxury, then Elegance Linen Bench Car Seat Protector is a great choice for you. Reinforcement at critical areas increases the durability of the cover and makes it a long-lasting backseat pet cover. It provides excellent protection against all the messes that your dog can create and keep your backseat protected.

It comes with a money-back guaranty and free returns that are the advantage of buying this product.

Drawbacks, Do not cover the floor, suitable for gentle behaving dog only.

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10. Knodel Hammock Dog Seat Cover

dog seat cover with door protector
  • Universal zipper hammock with side flaps.
  • Provides maximum protection of your car from any liquid, dirt, scratches, hair, or mud.
  • Designed with heavy-duty 600D oxford fabric.
  • Featured with 4 adjustable headrest straps and non-slip backing, 2 seat anchors.
  • Easy to clean and vacuum.
  • Easy to install and uninstall.
  • Comes with a money-back satisfaction guaranty.

Knodel Hammock Dog Seat Cover is a useful rear seat cover with door protectors. It is an XL dog seat cover that can protect your leather seats from the doggy mess. It is very easy to install and has multiple options for a sturdy fix. It is made to withstand the pressure of large dogs and can be cleaned with the vacuum or damped cloth, and to refresh it; you can pop it in your washing machine.

Knodel Hammock Dog Seat Cover has useful hammock attachments that will protect the rear of the front seat. It contains zips on all sides, so if one feature is not required, you can fold that, and even it can provide an opening to the front seat. When fully installed, it acts as a barrier for the drive to stop distractions from dogs.

It is made from durable and colorfast material and tested for hot weather, free from toxic chemicals. Its quilted top layer is non-slip and waterproof backing that will not let the moisture seep through.

Knodel Hammock Dog Seat Cover is suitable for large vehicles and small ones, and you can accommodate multiple hunter dogs on it. This is extraordinarily tough to transport dogs with large claws and protect your leather seat from any damage that might occur when you are on the road. The full hammock can protect the whole seat and act as a barrier to stop distractions from the dog while keeping the dogs safe and secure during a ride.

Drawbacks, Too large arrangement for a single dog, good to use for multiple dogs or suitable for long trips.

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Dog Seat Cover Buyers Guide

It’s not easy to choose the best dog seat covers for leather seats because various options are available in the market, making it hard to choose a perfect choice for your vehicle. We figure out some of the essential things to consider while buying a dog seat cover for your leather seats:

Selection of the Right Type of Seat Cover

There three basic types of seat cover to choose from like,

  • Front/bucket seat cover, this seat protector for dogs used to protect the front seat in most vehicles.
  • Back seat covers, it used to protect the back seat and do not cover the carpet/floor in the back.
  • Dog car hammock, it’s another common type to protect leather seats; it covers the whole back seat area, and choices are also available to protect the doors’ interior.

First, you need to decide what type of dog seat cover you need, like if you always travel with your dog and allow your dog to sit on the front seat, then the bucket seat protector is for you. This car seat protector covers the front seat in full and prevents any damage to the seat.

If you want to keep your pet in the back seat and stop distraction from your dog, you can choose a hammock style that acts as a dog car restraint. And if you have a well-behaved dog, then you can buy a bench seat cover.

Vehicle Type

It also matters a lot; you must choose the style while considering the vehicle make. Some dog car seat covers are ideal only for bench seats, while some are universal that can fit any back seat.

Some are specifically made for trucks. We include only universal fit seat covers in our list that you can buy with confidence. Bench seat covers are only advised when you have a vehicle with a bench seat.

Dog Breed

It’s simple if you own a large size dog then prefer to buy a large seat cover that can protect all of your seat or back area.

Use of Seat Cover

If you need a dog seat cover for occasional use, like to visit the vet or on a trip, then prefer to buy a cover that is easy to fix and remove. But if you prefer to keep your pooch with you on every trip and adventure, then buy an option that fixes sturdy and can protect your leather seats on the long trips, so you do not need to readjust the seat protector every time you two get into the car.

Material and Construction

I prefer to buy a dog seat cover for the leather seat, which is made with quality material and consists of multiple layers to protect your leather seat. The thickest and durable it is, the more protective it can be.

Before use, let it give a try and test for waterproofing. Its stitching should be strong enough to withstand your energetic dog.

Dog Car Seat Cover FAQ


In this article, we cover all types of seat cover, which comes as a universal fit; figure out what you need for your vehicle and pooch; we recommend reading a complete buyers’ guide to know what you need for your companion. Our recommendation for bucket seats is BarksBar Pet Front Seat Cover and Kurgo Bucket Seat Covers for Dogs.

While for a back seat, we recommend a Deluxe Quilted Dog Car Seat Cover that can stop all of the messes reaching your leather seats.

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