Why My Dog is Shaking Head After Ear Plucking?

dog shaking head after ear plucking

Ear plucking is a common procedure for dogs, but it can be very uncomfortable.

If your dog shakes its head after you’ve plucked its ears, they’re not just trying to get rid of the pain. They get some relief in this way, and they also want to make sure nothing is attached or stuck to their ear.

Let’s find out why the dog shaking head after ear plucking. There can be several other reasons that might not consider like:

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An Allergic Reaction To The Cleaner

An allergic reaction to the cleaner used for cleaning your pet’s ears might be another reason. Sometimes, pets are sensitive to certain chemicals found in cleaners or shampoos.

As a result, they can have a bad reaction, including shaking their heads and scratching their ears.

Some Dogs Are Just Naturally Shakers

Some breeds shake their heads without any reason. You can’t blame them for it because they are just trying to get some relief. For example, Bulldogs are known for doing this.

Foul Smell In The Ears

If you have just cleaned your dog’s ears and the foul smell persists, then there is something wrong with the cleaning method you are using, or your pet might have an infection due to some bacterial or fungal activity.

Your Dog Is Tired Of Ear Cleaning

It is possible that your dog got tired of the ear cleaning session, which is why it’s shaking its head. It can also signify that you’re doing something wrong during ear cleaning.

You should pay more attention to your dog and learn how to clean its ears the right way.

Ear Mites Or Ear Infection

Ear mites can also be why your pet is shaking its head after you’ve cleaned its ears.

If there is an ear infection, the dog will start scratching or rubbing its head to ease the pain or itching caused by the infection.

Inappropriate Plucking Method

If you’ve plucked your pet’s ears in the wrong way, it can make them want to shake their heads. Because when you’ve pulled or squeezed too hard at the ear, they will get painful, but it will also make them want to shake off the pain.

Ear Plucking is a common practice but not an easy one, so we advise you to first ask the vet for some advice on how deep or hard you should pull on your dog’s ears.

Until next time, keep shaking those heads!

Prior Infection

If the ear has not yet completely healed, your dog might be shaking their head to ease the pain of an infection.

It would help if you asked your vet about what could have caused this infection and how you can ensure it doesn’t happen again.

You are Using the Wrong Cleaner

A wrong type of cleaner or one that is too strong for your pet’s skin can cause an allergic reaction. In addition, it might lead them to shake their heads excessively.

Scratching Or Swelling Near The Ears

Your dog’s head shaking might be due to an infection or swelling near their ears. You should carefully check for wounds, lumps, bumps, or infestations around their ears and face.

It is a good time to visit the vet so they can assess your pet and tell you what you need to do next.

 Natural Response to Tickling sensation

Dogs, just like humans, enjoy being tickled! Your dog’s head shaking might be their way of telling you to stop. If you try to clean their ears for too long, your pet will get bored and give up on you.

Poor Handling

Sometimes dogs shake their heads because they are scared or anxious about the whole ear cleaning process.

If your pet is afraid or worried about it, you should ask for some help from a friend or family member to help handle your dog while cleaning their ears.

Or perhaps try doing this another time when they are more relaxed and in the right mood for it.

Ear Problems

If your dog is shaking its head excessively after ear plucking, or if they are scratching their ears a lot or even tilting their heads to the side, then there might be an ear problem going on.

This is a sign that you should take your pet to the vet for an examination and some tests.

How do I get my dog to stop shaking his head after grooming?

If you are concerned about head-shaking due to grooming, you should take your pet to a veterinarian. There are many possible causes of shaking your dog’s head after ear plucking.

Since several conditions can cause it, you must get an examination from a veterinarian to be sure what the problem is and how to treat it.

Is it normal for a dog to shake after grooming?

Dog shaking after grooming is normal in some cases, but if your dog goes to extremes, it might be a symptom of an underlying health issue that requires veterinary attention.

Don’t expect them to sit there patiently when you are done grooming or cleaning your pet’s ears.

It isn’t natural for dogs to stay still while being handled, and if they feel uncomfortable or threatened, they will try to defend themselves. It might make them shake their heads, and you should respect that and let it be.

What does it mean when my dog’s head shakes?

There are many causes for shaking your dog’s head after ear plucking. It could be a sign of an ear problem, fatigue, stress, or sickness.

If your pet shakes its head during the grooming process and doesn’t know why we suggest you visit a veterinarian to ensure that they get the proper treatment and medicine.

How can I soothe my dog’s itchy ears?

If your dog is scratching their ears a lot, there could be an infection.

Therefore, you should carefully check for any wounds, lumps, bumps, or infestations around their ears and face to see if they are the source of your pet’s discomfort.

What is shave shock in dogs?

Shave shock is a condition that affects certain dogs who get groomed with the help of clippers and may result in head-shaking after ear plucking.

If you notice your pet suddenly become anxious or stressed when their grooming session begins, it might be shaved shock. It may also suddenly start scratching its ears excessively.

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How often should you clean dog ears?

It would help if you cleaned your pet’s ears regularly. If their ears are infected, it could be damaging both to the animal and cause them pain in the long run.

You should also pay attention to whether or not they need cleaning if there is heavy wax in there, excess dirt, excessive head shaking, or other symptoms you can’t seem to figure out.