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dog shampoo that smells good for a long time

Do your dog smell? Or you feel unpleasant when you go near to your dog? And you may feel unwell when you spend some time with your four-legged furry friend because of strange smells coming from him? Maybe there is a case you think he is getting smells from other dogs? If this is the case, then you need a dog shampoo that smells good for a long time to keep your dog fresh as well as to prevent bad smells that bother you and other family members.

It’s nearly difficult to company a dog who smells, maybe there is a case you do not bath your dog for multiple weeks. So he starts feeling, but it’s natural with some dogs, they smell because they remain indoor. Or get wet outside, and even when they play around, they catch smells and toxins that penetrate in their fur and start spreading smells.

The dog shampoos that smell good for a long time are made to clean the dog well and leave their scent in their fur that remain there for days, and whenever someone goes near to dog, he can sense that smells and feel good about the dog. It also gives a clear signal about your love for the dog.

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5 Top Dog Shampoo That Smells Good for A Long Time

To figure out and to find out what works best, we tested and reviewed dozens of products, but hardly we find only a few of the below-listed shampoo that smells good and their smell last for a much longer time.

As we find these shampoos for every need may are heavily scented that might tempt you to bath your dog more often. While your dog may actually need less bathing. Keep in mind these shampoos made with artificial fragrances that may contain chemicals that can harm if you own very sensitive dogs or a dog who has very sensitive skin.

Before selecting a dog shampoo that smells good for a long time, you need to pay attention to the ingredients, and if you find any that can harm your dog and you are known to that, well, prefer to search for another shampoo.

Most of below listed shampoos are made with the natural ingredients, we focus and list the shampoos which are free from harsh chemicals.

1. Wahl 4-In-1 Calming Pet Shampoo


  • Made for Professionals: smells good for a long time, give more baths, recommended by vets and groomers.
  • All Life Stages Shampoo: it can be used for all life stages; either you own a puppy or an old age dog friend, you can use a single shampoo for all dogs at home.
  • Real Calming formula: this lavender-scented dog shampoo is great for cleaning dirty coats and cleaning the dog from germs as well as soothing for long to short coats.

This natural dog shampoo is the best-selling shampoo out there; we give it first spot because of its free form harmful ingredients and all types of chemicals that cause allergies and skin diseases. The light scent that smells good and lingers after the bath. It’s a bio-grade and cruelty-free as well as highly recommended for cleaning, conditioning, detangling, moisturizing coats, and for keeping your dog fresh and non-smelly.

There is another reason that convinces us to recommend it most, that is the price; yes, its priced reasonably and available and two sizes. It’s formulated to clean the thick lather and keep your dog looking and smelling clean.

Professional groomers like this shampoo most because it gives more bath as compared to the ordinary shampoos. The formula makes this cleaning shampoo goes for a long way and it features to provide rich leather that’s easy to rinse off.

It’s not only good smelling it’s also capable of freeing your dog from allergies even the severe allergies that golden doodles suffer most of the time.

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2. Lemongrass USDA Certified Organic Dog Shampoo


  • Certified Organic: it’s among only 2% dog shampoo’s, which are certified organic shampoos for four-legged friends.
  • Improved Formulation: its most dependable dander reduce hypo-allergenic shampoo for itchy/allergic and sensitive skin.
  • Natural Flea Treatment: protect against fleas naturally; it has organic coconut oil and organic lemongrass, which typically protect against insects.

We human beings long to spend time with you four-legged family members, especially when we are in a fun mood or while enjoying any outdoor activity. But the situation becomes challenging when we encounter the strange smells coming from the dog. Applying chemical-based formulas to get rid of such odors and to keep your scent for a long time can worsen the problem further.

We recommend the product in the spotlight, which is made with 100% non-toxic natural ingredients and always produced in small batches to ensure quality. It’s free from preservatives that cause allergies and any form of chemicals.

Artificial and toxic chemicals can be very dangerous for dogs and 4legger knows it well. They do not compromise on the health of dogs this is the reason in this formation the replace many chemicals with the citrus. 4legger is safe for newborn pups as well as for old age buddies.

It provides a lush and shining coat that its scent remains there to soothe you and your dog for a much longer time.

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3. Natural Dog Shampoo with Colloidal Oatmeal


  • Colloidal Oatmeal Shampoo: used for sensitive skin and extreme hypoallergenic conditions, known good for dogs as well.
  • Jojoba as Ingredient: it made with natural ingredients, and jojoba is an example of it that combat skin irritation as well.
  • Lavender Essential Oil: it not only good smelling, yet it’s a proven calming formula that soothes your dog.

Dog owners usually rush to clean the smell with the most chemically made shampoos that are effective and quick. But in reality, such shampoos can damage the skin and coat as well. At the same time, on the other side, natural formulation always protects the coat and skin as well as prevents allergies while combating with natural oil’s support.

A dog shampoo that smells good for a long time can be made of the natural ingredients as we can see in the “HONEYDEW Dog Shampoo”. It’s a clinically proven formula that has extra strength and can clean the odors and keep the fur scented for a much longer period.

We also like it because it’s a tear-free shampoo for pets, extremely gentle and effective as well as free from all types of irritants. It’s a certified organic shampoo for dogs that is above the GMP standards and most importantly it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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4. Vermont Soap Pet Magic Dog Shampoo


It is a very simple formula that is free from additive which can cause serious skin damage and allergies to dogs. It is simple, effective yet a scented formulation, its scent remains active for a much longer time. This dog shampoo is USDA approved and comes as concentrated pet shampoo that acts as a pure gentle castile soap.

You might not become satisfied with the real packaging because it’s a simple bottle, but believe us in this bottle, the real product is praiseworthy. Dogs should be bathed every month to remove accumulated toxins that probably make them susceptible to disease. While on the other side, excessive bathing and improper cleaning products remove natural oils, which are necessary for dogs to have good skin and coat.

Vermont Soap Organic Pet Shampoo is free from all types of synthetic fragrances, colors, chemical detergents, and antimicrobial preservatives. This is the reason the shampoo in the spotlight reduces sensitivity reactions greatly.

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5. Lillian Ruff Dog Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioner Deodorizer

It is a gentle and effective shampoo that can be used for deep clean; yes, for a gentle deep clean because it made with the lavender and coconut oil that not only cleans the toxins but also removes the bad smells and its fragrance remain in the fur for a long time. While on the other side, it’s even beneficial for the prevention of fleas and ticks due to these two ingredients.

Dogs usually suffer from skin irritation that can become worse if not treated on time. The shampoo in the spotlight is an excellent solution for irritation and skin allergies. It moisturizes the skin and leaves a soft layer of natural oil on the fur that keeps the dog happy and dispense scent for a much longer time.

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When it comes to dog shampoo variety of options are available in the market that can be used to clean the dog but finding dog shampoo that smells good for a long time is really difficult. If you notice that you can find well, we only consider shampoos made with natural ingredients.

The shampoos made with natural ingredients do not clean the natural oil layer from the skin and coat as well that helps to keep the dog happy and prevent bad smells for an extended time. As well as natural ingredients, keep the dog skin healthy and promote good smells.

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