3 Best Dog Teeth Cleaning Tools of 2021

dog teeth cleaning tools

Maintenance is a prerequisite to retain the beauty of any elegant thing. We take a bath, comb our hair, change attire, and visit the salons to keep us in a pleasing shape. The same is our dog’s case; how do you expect a nifty dog sans caring about the grooming? Obviously, it would help if you had dog teeth cleaning tools.

In the dog grooming domain, the essential and the foremost one is the proper cleaning of the teeth line. The doggy has an exquisite eating choice and invites a barrage of bacteria to enjoy a feast deep under the teeth cavities. The accumulated tartar looks nasty and might be life-threatening for the dog in some worst-case scenarios.

A prudent pet owner always acts proactively against the periodontal disease.

Next, a question arises about which tool to be used for deep cleansing of the pup’s teeth. There are various items available in the market, and we have selected the best brand for a satisfactory dental cleaning.

The best teeth cleaning tool for the dog of late is the Mothermed electric dog dental cleaner. What helped the Mothermed to touch the pinnacle. Let’s delve into the details.

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1. Mothermed Dog Tartar Cleaner Electric Professional Teeth Polisher

teeth cleaning tools

Key Features

  • Electric cleaner-cum-polisher – Mothermed is powered by cutting-edge electrical technology and ensures way better results than manual toiling.
  • Four different brush heads – it comes with four brush heads to entertain all the dog breeds.
  • 3 cleaning modes – The three different cleaning modes provide the opportunity to clean as per tooth condition and tartar accumulation.

Technology has been outclassing mundane manual processes in almost every genre of life. Pet grooming is not an exception. The brands that incorporate the technology aspect in their products always snatch victory from rivals’ jaws.

Mothermed has solidified the confidence of the customer base by always making an extra mile effort. The Mothermed dog teeth cleaning tool is an electrical miracle product. The electric cleaner is aesthetically and finely built with a durability endorsement.

The electronic gadget is shockproof and ensures maximum safety. It is our first recommendations in dog teeth cleaning tools.

Also, it is handy to be used on a commercial and domestic basis. The cleaner comes up with four different heads to apply as per the teeth requirement. The headers are easy to be replaced and applied to the teeth line.

Furthermore, Mothermed is also equipped with three different pace settings. The frequency is set to align with the intensity of the tartar. Soft for sensitive doggies, medium for routine brushing, while strong for tough tartar.

Another key aspect that helped Mothermed in ruling the roost is the inclusion of a powered battery. The battery-charged hassle-free cleaning spruces up the teething in a go.

The stubborn stains on the dog’s teeth have always been a problem for the pet owner. Trouble ensues, especially when you adopt a stray orphan canine. High-handed treatment may cause irreparable damage to the feeble dog, so you must tread this delicate path with utmost care.

Mothermed is the best choice in this scenario; the cleaner wipes out all the nasty stains with a magical healing touch. The Mothermed cleaning tool removes the stains and polishes the uneven surface of the dog. This exciting feature is not available in any other contemporary brand.

Besides, the teeth-friendly silicon brushes are eco and bio-viable. The swirling frequency of the silicon brushes rips the plaque off. The best part is that this cleaning procedure does not harm the teeth’ shape and natural enamel.

Mothermed cleaning-tool is not an exclusive product, and any toothpaste can be applied to the swinging heads. Another exciting offer is zero injury assurance from Mothermed Cleaner. If silicon heads touch the gum line, an iota of damage does not occur. The safety of the dog is first and foremost for this top brand.

The good aspects of the Mothermed dog teeth cleaning tool are infinite. Space constraint does not allow for detailed elaboration. Cutting the long saga short, Mothermed is up to now the universal best-proven teeth cleaning tool for dogs due to its state-of-the-art qualities and concomitant benefits.


  • The electric cleaner is the best tool for hard rock tartar.
  • USB and battery-generated power cleaning do not put a strain on the cleaner. 
  • The polishing improves the smoothness of the teeth.

Mothermed cleaning tool is comparatively analyzed with the other popular brands in this genre. The juxtaposition of the second and third best dog cleaning tools would help you justify the pick of Mothermed as the best.

2. Mind up dog mouth care finger toothbrush

dog teeth cleaning kit

Key Features

  • Easy breezy – Cleaning, with the help of the MIND UP dog tool, becomes a piece of cake. You need a thumb and index finger to do the trick.
  • Rosy touch – The MIND UP cleaning glove bestows a heavenly touch on the canine’s delicate gums and teeth.
  • Biosecure and eco-friendly – This innovative product is viable for the dog and the surrounding environment.

MIND UP dog teeth cleaning tool has been snatching the lion’s share since its inception by a Japanese company. This glove brush’s popularity compelled us to have its analytical review with the champion product; otherwise, the built of the MIND UP tooth cleaning tool is entirely unconventional.

When it comes to the formation of the cleaning tool, MIND UP and Mothermed are poles apart. MIND UP reminds us of medieval times when animals were groomed in this manner. A glove is wrapped up on the thumb and index finger, and the cleaner uses his senses and energy to do a 360° cleaning.

On the contrary, Mothermed is a 21st-century wonder doing all the delicate tasks in one fell swoop. No physical maneuverability is required to clean the rusting teeth of the dog. Your maid technology is ever-present to serve you.

The MIND UP glove brush’s fabric material can be frayed up easily, while Mothermed is far more durable, reliable, and intelligent. It makes spot-on dog teeth cleaning tools because of their uniqueness.

In short, MIND UP is a simple thumb-cum-finger glove to massage every tooth of the dog. The competence here lies with the cleaner. This exercise needs time, expertise, and dedication.

Technically, there is no competence match of Mothermed with the MIND UP cleaning tool, but MIND UP could still be an excellent isolated choice for budget buyers.


  • Ideal for home groomers.
  • Suitable for aggressive dogs.
  • Budget-Friendly.

3. Dog Toothbrush Stick

dog teeth cleaning tools

Key Features

  • Interactive chew toy – PetEvo is an interactive and engaging chew toy for the dog; this ensures an indirect cleaning process.
  • Natural rubber – The chewing toy is made up of natural rubber. The rubber is non-toxic and viable for the dog.
  • Cream flavoring – The PetEvo chewing tool is blended with taste buds relishing cream flavor to spur the dog’s sucking.

Interactive chew brushes are best for busy pet owners. It would help if you placed it before the mongrel, and the fun starts right away. The dog chews the brush, and backhand cleaning occurs.

PetEvo’s dog teeth cleaning tool is aesthetically pleasing for both the dog and pet parent. The cucumber-shaped brush is a high-end design wonder. Mothermed is also a beautiful product, so the comparison of look draws between both rivals.

As per a Kennel Club study, “more than four hours of scavenging by the dog in a day may inflict harm to the gums and jaw bone.” Constant chewing of the PetEvo brush may brighten the teeth but, on the other hand, put stress on the inner mouth. On the contrary, you use Mothermed specifically for the very purpose of teeth cleaning, no labor for the Labrador.

Chewing PetEvo’s creamy chew brush would be a fun ride for the dog. At the same time, the buzzing noise of Mothermed might be bothersome for some sensitive dogs. PetEvo is also a class apart from the champion because of its good usability regarding the product effect over pooches.

PetEvo may come up with unexpected wear and tear because of the aggressive biting. This is not the case with Mothermed. Another facet where Mothermed props up as the winner is the cleaning domain. The nibble cleaning is not as nifty as the regular operation clean-up by Mothermed.

This is a traditional style stick on our list of dog teeth cleaning tools, usually dogs like it most and always want to keep it in the mount, and chew.

PetEvo is also an affordable choice for potential buyers, but you must consider your dog’s nibbling aptitude before buying. If the dog is indifferent towards the toy cleaner, then all the good qualities of PetEvo would go in vain. Conversely, Mothermed is an all-time universal cleaner.

So, Action Speaks Louder Than Words!

The picture is self-explanatory, you have gone through the forte of each product, and the sight stops at the first champion – Mothermed cleaning tool, but if you are inclined towards the second or the third-best, then the other two are also cost-effective and viable brands.

In short, all three cleaning tools are quality products, but Mothermed is the king of the dog cleaning ring. The choice is purely yours. Just make sure the dog teeth cleaning tools you buy are easy to use and your dog likes them.

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