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doggie door with collar sensor

If you are a homeowner turning to Smart technology in and around your home, why not let your dog enjoy Smart technology too? You can do this with the best doggie door with a collar sensor.

The best doggie door with a collar sensor automatically opens when the door senses the dog with a collar and allows the dog to in or out, keep you safe from opening the door for your dog again and again, and restrict the entry of other unwanted four-legged guests.

If you have an adventurous dog, a quality doggie door with a collar sensor offers plenty of conveniences. These doors come with plenty of unique features ranging from weatherproof construction to impact-resistant frames and easy installation.

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With these doors, your dog can walk in and out of the house when it needs to while remaining within the safe confines of the compound. It doesn’t suffer any more frustration trying to get your attention because it wants to do its business outside. Train your dog first because, for trained dogs, these doors are blessings.

Getting this door will improve your dog’s experience in your home – and also benefits you! This post will discuss various aspects of this technology, including how it works, the benefits, negative sides, and recommend three of the best options on the market right now. This will be an interesting read that will give you more insight into a technology that improves your dog’s standard of life.

How a Doggie Door with Collar Sensor Works

A doggie door with a collar sensor works similarly to how your garage door works. The door opens or closes using a signal and sensors by communicating with the sensor in the dog’s collar and the door.

The sensor in the collar receives signals from the sensor in the collar and automatically allows your dog to leave or enter through the tunnel. Let’s see some of the technologies that are further employed in the dog collar.


Many dog owners choose to implant their dogs with microchips. On the other hand, others are content with installing these microchips on the collar of their dogs. Either way, when the dog comes near the dog, the microchip is ‘read,’ and the door opens. A microchip is pretty handy because it prevents access to intruders and other animals.

Direct Sensing

This technology makes using a doggie door convenient for you. It opens or shuts the door as soon as the dog walks up to the door. Some models offer you customization options that let you lock or open the door for a period.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

This technology sends a signal to the sensor on the door. The sensor can be built into the dog’s collar. It is highly secure because it only allows dogs with a specific RFID to pass through.


Some dog collar sensors work via magnetism. Some use magnets to pull a lever in the doggie door to open or close the door. This type of mechanism is excellent because you do not need any batteries. Others work by creating a magnetic field in the collar key. Unlike the other mechanism, this needs batteries to operate.


Some dog collar sensors use high-frequency volume to communicate with the door. They can be used in a wide range and often require batteries to operate. They are also quite durable and compassionate.

Benefits of Doggie Doors with Collar Sensor

Getting a doggie door with a collar sensor is beneficial to the dog and the owner. Here, we will consider the biggest benefits that come from getting this type of door.

  • Peace of Mind: With these doors, your dog doesn’t require your help to leave and enter the house. It can do so easily without disturbing you.
  • Security: A doggie door with a dog collar gives you more security. Since the dog has the microchip or sensor in the collar, it is the only animal authorized to pass through the door. Intruders would be kept out as long as they do not have the microchip or dog collar. You don’t have to worry about other animals, perhaps your neighbor’s dog or cat sneaking into your home.
  • Easy to Use: These doors are pretty easy to use. As they work automatically, they open or shut the door whenever your dog leaves or enters the house.
  • Weatherproof: Most of the best doggie doors with a collar sensor come with weatherproofing. Therefore, apart from preventing intruders from getting into the house, they also secure the house from weather elements. This is something that you wouldn’t find in typical dog doors.

1. Best Doggie Door with Collar Sensor

This model uses Ultrasonic technology to activate the door. Unlike the typical FRID-activated door, the Power Pet Electronic door is completely directional. This, it will work only when your dog directly approaches the door. The benefit of this is that the door doesn’t open whenever the dog happens to be around the door.

Apart from that, this unit offers you four different customization options that you can use to determine how the door works. Importantly, in the context of this post, it is completely compatible with ultrasonic and multifunction collars.

Secure, weatherproof, and relatively affordable, the Power Pet Electronic Pet Door is one of the best electronic doors with collar sensors available today.

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2. Top Rated Doggie Door with Collar Sensor

The Solo Pet Doot with collar sensor comes with complete automation that makes it an ideal choice for you and your dog. The door is available in up to ten different sizes, so you can find one that will certainly suit your dogs’ size.

The door allows you to let your dog out without having to act as a doorman yourself. Unlike some of the others on the market, it works via a magnetic tag system – therefore, you do not have to bother about batteries. Thanks to this, it is lightweight on the collar and comfortable for your dog to wear.

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3. Perfect Pet All-Weather Dog Door

This next model is a durable dog door with plenty of useful features. While it is slightly more expensive than your typical dog door, it offers excellent value and lasts for a long time.

It comes with a collar sensor that allows your dog easy access in and out of the house. Additionally, the door is made of weatherproof materials that make it great to use regardless of the weather. On the technical side, it features four useful operational modes.

Overall, with its dog collar sensor, sturdy build, energy efficiency and all-round weather use, it is one of the best dog doors with collar sensors you can buy.

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Cons of Dog Doors with Collar Sensor

Like other gadgets the automatic doggy doors with the collar sensors also has some negative side, before buying you have to understand these as you buying convenience but not the perfection, here are some:

The collar can be misplaced…

Perhaps the main downside of this type of dog door is that it is attached to a collar. Thus, it can get lost or stolen, which will deny your dog access through the door.

Only good for well-behaved dogs

You should only consider giving your dog this type of access in and around the house if it is a well-behaved canine. If not, it might try to run off, disturb the neighbors, or cause havoc in other ways.


If you add a doggie door to your door, you might have to completely replace the door if you do not want the doggie door anymore. If it is a wall-installed model, apart from being costly to install, you cannot renege on the construction once it is done.


In this post, we have given you three of the best doggie doors with collar sensors you can choose from. When choosing, note the operation mechanism and select that that gives you the most convenience and peace of mind.

Consider the price as well, although you don’t want to choose a doggie door so cheap that it is made of flimsy materials. Consider the size of your dog as well since these doors come in different sizes.

We hope that this post helps you choose wisely whenever you decide to get a doggie door with a collar sensor.

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