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Doggy Door for Large Dogs

Owning a dog and caring for it is no easy task. Some have even said that it is just a tier below parenting a human child. It is always helpful for dog parents to find tips to help their dogs stay safe and comfortable. One excellent way to do this is by installing doggy doors for large dogs.

Raising any dog can be challenging, but it can extra challenging raising a giant breed dog. Apart from the typical difficulties, another problem that might arise is finding a doggy door that fits them.

The Best doggy doors for large dogs make it easy to cross from either side without any hurdle, especially without bending down and without rubbing with door walls. It has an easy-to-open mechanism and the right height and width.

Many manufacturers do not even bother to make doors for these large breeds; they’d rather make doors for small and average-sized dogs.

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This post will discuss the best doggy door for large dogs, looking at the things to consider when buying one and recommending three of the best options on the market. We would also provide some tips on how you can keep your dog inside without a doggy door.

Doggy doors also make it easy for trained dogs to look outside and keep an eye on security-related issues.

Doggy Doors & Your Dog

While a doggy door might seem to be nothing more than an easy passageway for your dog, it is more than that. Several benefits come from installing a doggy door in your home. Here, we will see some of them.


A doggy door provides loads of comfort for your dog. If your dog feels like passing waste, it can be hard to hold it. If you are away at work or someplace else, the dog might have to hold it until you return. However, with a doggie door installed, the dog can go out to do its business even when you are not around. It also lets your dog leave and come in with ease.

More play and Exercise

With free access through the doggy door come more avenues for play, exercise, and mental stimulation. As long as the yard is secure, your dog can have a fun-filled day playing in and around the house without needing your help getting past the door.

Lower risks of accidents

A doggy door lets your dog enjoy the outside world while you aren’t around. If it were cooped up in the house all day, it could lead to boredom, which is sometimes responsible for destructive behavior.


Since the doggy door grants access to the dog, you can sleep in longer and do other things other than playing doorman to your dog.

What to Consider When Buying a Doggy Door for Large Breeds?

After considering the benefits of getting a doggy door, how can you determine which model to buy? Let’s see some of the essential factors that would affect your choice.


This is arguably the most important factor that would affect your choice. Before buying a door, you must be sure that it is big enough for the dog to pass through comfortably. Thus, measure your dog before making a purchase.

When choosing the size, consider the flap size and not just the fact that the door is labeled “Large” or something like that.


Many dog parents worry that if they buy a huge dog door, it would be easier for intruders and other animals to crawl through. That is why you must consider the security of the door. Electronic doors are excellent because they come with security features that prevent anything other than the dog from passing through. They have sensors that relay information, either from the dog collar or microchip and RFID signal.

Since these doors are large enough to accommodate even kids, it is important to have child-lock features. Thus, you can lock the door to prevent anything from getting through without your approval.


Buying a doggy door requires that you or a professional install it. You can buy models that are made to be fixed into the door. Other models are wall-mounted. So you might have to make modifications to a wall. Weigh the two installation methods and decide which one you are more comfortable with and that you can afford.

1. Best Doggy Door for Large Dogs

This door ensures complete convenience and security for you and your dog. It is specially made for large dogs, and that is why it comes with a strong, sturdy frame that can easily carry the weight of up to 125 pounds.

The door uses RFID technology. Hence, the door’s sensor reads a pre-programmed code to allow the dog to enter and leave the house freely. The collar key is waterproof and lightweight. Thus, it is comfortable for your dog to wear and durable.

It is similar to an electronic garage door during use and functions as a security door when locked. This unit is also highly energy-efficient and saves up to a tenth of your energy bill.

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2. Top Rated Doggy door for Large Dogs

This next model is activated by an Ultrasonic collar and is an excellent option for large breeds. The unit features a directional sensing system that ensures that it only opens when the dog directly approaches it.

There are also four modes to choose from that control access to the door. It is one of the strongest and most durable doors on the market today with its bulletproof, super strong panel. Since the panel is air-tight and doesn’t swing, you don’t have to worry overmuch about intruders kicking it down or other animals entering unauthorized.

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3. Ideal Pet Patio Door

The Ideal Pet Patio Door is another door we are sure you’d love if you have a large dog. It comes with a sturdy frame that can withstand the weight of your big dog. It comes with three color options that you can select from.

One feature that we love is the weather-strip design. This feature ensures proper insulation of the home, even in harsh weather. It works using a magnet mechanism. Thus, it remains closed whenever it isn’t in use.

Overall, this unit is one of the best doggy doors for large breeds on the market right now.


Tips to Keep Large Dogs Contained Without a Door

If you do not have a doggy door, letting your dog run amok in the house asks for trouble. He might destroy your furniture and drop wastes all around the house. This section will see practical ways to keep your dog contained in the house without it causing a ruckus.

Schedule Playtime

You can draw up a schedule of playtime for your dog. If your large dog loves playing with other dogs, you can introduce them to a canine companion. These interactions are effective ways to dispel the dogs’ energy and reduce boredom.

Play Indoor Games

Playing indoor games can help your dog remain happy despite staying indoors. You can play fetch down the hallway or engage the dog using interactive toys. The extra stimuli will ensure that your dog remains mentally alert despite staying at home almost all day.

Create a Safe Space

Inside the house, you can create a dog area for it to relax and have fun. This can be a soft surface to sleep on or a basket of chew toys for it to play with.

Establish a Routine

A routine is important for dogs that depend on you for bathroom breaks. Keeping feeding and bathroom times consistent will reduce discomfort and can lower the risks of accidents.

Final Words

As you can see, there are plenty of options available for anyone looking for the best doggy door for large dogs. These doors come with features that would make your dog more comfortable and enhance your convenience. Under-listed considerations also help to keep your dog calm and contained.

  • Establish a routine
  • Create a safe space
  • Play indoor games
  • Schedule playtime

Be sure to consider the essential factors discussed in this post before deciding on which model to buy. Surely in this way, you can get the best doggy doors for large dogs.

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