Dogtra Pathfinder Mini GPS Track and Train Dog Collar Review

Dogtra Pathfinder mini is a cost-effective solution to expensive problems. Dogtra is offering this GPS track and train equipment at half the price of most GPS dog collars.  They build it to work with your cell phone, which means you can use your cell phone to track and train your dogs.

It works even out of the GSM area and where the cell phones are not working because it is not dependent on your cell phone service. Once installing, the app consumes some data but thereafter, It uses offline maps and connects with the handheld device VIA Bluetooth, and it is fully compatible with google maps.

It always downloads the required maps in advance and works well offline because its functionality fully depends on the GPS. The offline mode is easy to use and will not consume much space on your phone.

It is unnecessary to use your most updated phone; you may use a spare phone to connect as this system only needs the GPS and maps of your phone, and you can update maps where you find the internet.

The Dogtra Pathfinder Mini dog collar will keep you updated about the dog’s positions, Barking, and direction along with distance. This all information helps you to measure the performance and time and next plan of action.

You also can mark the property boundaries and other areas you do not want your dog to enter with the Geo-Fencing feature of Dogtra Pathfinder Mini. This is a great feature to use at your farmhouse and even at your home. Because of this system’s range, Geo-Fencing of large property such as farms becomes possible with this system.

Another special feature of this system makes it even better while using this system. The hunters can share the dogs with other hunters, which makes hunting in a group easier. Just keep it with you and turn on the GPS when required.

It takes less time to sync the positions, but it’s better to start it 5 minutes before when you need it.

Dogtra Pathfinder Mini reviews

System Specifications:

  • GPS Connector weight: approx. 4.3 oz.
  • Collar weight with Transceiver: approx. 7 oz.
  • Collar length without Transceiver: 28″
  • Collar length with Transceiver: 26″
  • Smart Phone Not included

What's New in Dogtra Pathfinder Mini

Features of Dogtra Pathfinder Mini App

  • Control all tracking and e-collar functions from your smartphone.
  • Installation of the app will consume some data but thereafter, no cellular data required to use.
  • Compatible with iOS 8.1 and up and Android 4.3 and up, which means it works well with all modern phones.
  • Expandable to 21 dogs, you may buy a basic package with one collar, but you can later expand it up to 21.
  • Compatible with both Pathfinder, Pathfinder TRX, and Pathfinder MINI.
  • Fully compatible with google maps detailed satellite and terrain views by Google Maps along with offline map mode.
  • The two-second update rate for greater tracking accuracy even when you are tracking 21 dogs at a time. 
  • Map zoom capability for superior tracking detail, which makes locating easy.
  • Dog icons indicate when your dog is on-point, treed, or running, which makes it easy to understand and find dogs’ current status.
  • Custom alerts for dog actions using pop-ups, sound, and vibration, fully configurable.
  • Tracking Only competition modes with verifiable data, which is also recorded for later use.
  • Geo-Fence and alert options let you customize boundaries and receive notifications; even Geo-Fencing of large properties becomes possible with this system.
  • History playback on your smartphone and computer.
  • Easy location sharing for dogs and dog owners helps hunt in groups, and this feature makes collaboration easy.
  • 100 levels of Momentary (Nick) and Constant stimulation.
  • Non-stimulating tone.
  • You can update your app whenever you connect with the internet.

Features of Dogtra Pathfinder MINI E-Collar

  • 3/4″ orange collar strap fits an 11-22″ neck.
  • Fully waterproof.
  • Low to high power stimulation.
  • 100 levels of stimulation.
  • Rapid charge Lithium Polymer battery.
  • Rechargeable with user-replaceable batteries.
  • Secure contact point covers for competition use.
  • Transceiver dimensions: 3″ x 1 1/2″ x 1 5/8″.
  • Collar strap dimensions: 3/4″ x 28″.
  • 3.5-Hour Rapid Charge Batteries.
  •  Approved for UKC events.
  • 4-Mile Range.
  • Available in colors Orange, Green, Black, and Blue.

Stimulation and Batteries


  • 100 levels of stimulation adjustable on your smartphone.
  • Level up and down buttons plus slider control.
  • Momentary “nick” mode.
  • Constant mode.
  • Non-stimulating tone feature.


  • Lithium Polymer batteries.
  • User-replaceable.
  • 2-hour rapid charge.
  • It comes with a splitter cable and charger, allowing you to charge both the collar and handheld simultaneously.

When you are in the field, you need reliable dog training and tracking system which can perform in every weather condition. But unfortunately, the higher price is a restriction in getting g the right solution to keep an eye on your pet. Dogtra pathfinder mini solves this solution; it’s available at a reasonable price and suitable to track more than two dozen dogs at the same time.

Moreover, the application makes everything simple and super fast and enables many options that are not possible with the remote.

The Dogtra pathfinder works as specialized training and tracking system for your dog, and we recommend it because of its capability to track and train in all terrains.

It connected quickly and easily with any smartphone and Bluetooth connectivity in a range of 33 feet of GPS connector receiver. At the same time, allow tracking the dogs for up to 9 miles. The receiver’s weight will not bother, and you have to keep it with you all the time during your track and train missions. The sole function of a compact receiver is to provide connectivity for the smartphone application.

You do not need cellular data, so it also works where your phone signals do not work; either you are on hunting grounds or in the middle of the woods, it will keep tracking the dogs. Collars and receivers are both fully waterproof so that you can get into the water on hunting grounds, and your dog can follow the target in the water without any worries.

What's Included in the Package

Pros of Dogtra Pathfinder Mini

Drawbacks of Dogtra Pathfinder Mini

Frankly, we did not find any functional or technological drawback in this equipment, under listed, are the precautionary measures for a user,

This is the most advanced track and train technology that comes right into your mobile, and this feature makes the whole work so easy. Every person is familiar with mobile apps and can configure them easily. Moreover, tracking and trading with the touch screen device create really fun and whole even remain in your device as recording so later on it serve for evaluation and better planning. 

From geofencing to tracking options, no competitor is offering this diversity and features. It’s a complete system that is designed while keeping in view the modern-day requirements.

Dozens of other features make it better than competitors. We highly recommend this device for tracking, training, and Geo-Fencing.

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