3 Best Electric Toothbrush for Dogs in 2022

electric toothbrush for dogs

Electric cleaning tools for a dog’s oral hygiene are battery-operated, rechargeable devices that help with brushing a dog’s teeth. These devices are useful for treating oral problems such as tartar-build up and plaque. An electric toothbrush for dogs is the only device that makes the job easy.

These include many tools such as electric toothbrushes, electric dental scalars, and calculus removers.

Such devices make oral hygiene relatively quick and hassle-free and eliminate manual scrubbing and cleaning. They can be a handy tool for dog owners as getting the perfect clean can be very challenging with manual brushes.

7. Benefits of Dog Electric Toothbrush

1. Quicker

It’s no easy task to get your dog’s get its teeth brushed. They don’t like the sounds and the sensation it gives. For this reason, when it comes to cleaning your dog’s teeth, you would want to be as quick as possible. You would also like to cover a lot of areas in a little bit of time.

With an electric cleaning tool, you get more strokes and vibrations per minute than you would with a manual act of cleaning.

Therefore, you can get done with cleaning in a matter of minutes, and then your dog can freely go about its day. So with an electric toothbrush for dogs, you can groom your pet daily.

2. Controlled Cleaning

With electric cleaning tools such as electric brushes and electric dental scalars, you often get multiple settings to set the speeds and vibration types. With tools built specifically for dogs, you get speed settings and stroke lengths that have been engineered with a dog’s comfort and compatibility in mind.

For this reason, electric cleaning tools make a more effective and accurate measure to counter hygiene problems. These pre-set settings also ensure that you don’t go too slow to be ineffective and neither too fast to cause any discomfort.

3. Treat Stubborn Issues

Dog electric toothbrushes incorporate a high level of vibrations and speed that can break down even the oldest and most stubborn tartar build-up. You can’t achieve this with a manual cleaning brush, no matter how much pressure you exert.

Moreover, the brush heads on the cleaning tools such as an Electric Dental scalar have a textured surface. This surface is essential to weaken the grip of tartar and plaque.

4. Better Coverage

We manually cannot exert the optimal pressure and movement needed to clean a dog’s mouth thoroughly. Brushing your dog’s teeth is only helpful when you do it entirely and cover all the areas from the front to back.

It is essential to reach every single tooth and clean them from all sides. This is because having even a few dirty, tartar-ridden teeth can cause pain to the whole gum and spread the disease everywhere.

It’s impossible to do this manually as you can’t reach every tooth from every angle. This is especially true for the teeth at the back, as they can be the hardest to achieve with your dog continually trying to get away. A cleaning tool’s rotations and specific movements let you reach even the farthest spots.

5. Prevent Future Health Problems

You can freely use the electric dog devices whenever you need to. This way, you can avoid any future problems. When done manually, you can’t reach all of the dog’s teeth. If you are really quick, the best you can do is clean only their front teeth in 2-3 minutes.

An electric tool lets you clean up the teeth from the front and back that too from any angle in as little as 2 minutes, and that’s the beauty of it.

6. Home-based Alternative

Electric teeth cleaning tools can be a great alternative to much-despised visits to the vet. Having the right teeth cleaning tools means you can deal with any oral hygiene problem at home, whether it’s tartar buildup, stubborn plaque between the teeth, bad breath, or yellow teeth.

You won’t be needing to take your dog out to a groomer every other week, which can also be very expensive. We are very sure that an electric toothbrush for dogs saves you tons of money when you groom your dog at home.

7. Availability

It’s not realistic or even financially feasible for most people to take their dog to a groomer upon every new oral health issue that arises. You can clean your dog’s teeth more frequently when you have the right tools at home.

Having electric tools is not only a hygiene facilitator but also an excellent long-term investment. Over time they end up saving you a lot of money. After all, there are only enough times you can take your dog to a groomer.

But with the electric tools, you get to clean and shine up their teeth every day!

1. Mothermed Dog Tartar Cleaner Electric Professional Teeth Polisher 

Key Features

  • A perfect dental grooming tool – this one is ideal for the dental grooming of your dog because of the exquisite built and functionality.
  • Cost-effective – this electric tool will ensure that your dog is no longer having any starter without you having to pay a hefty amount to the pet.
  • A sharp brush head – the sensitive brush head will allow you to remove the tartar more effectively.

This isn’t only an electric toothbrush but a full-fledged dental grooming tool for home use. Dogs are more prone to getting tartar build-up than humans. What makes tartar incredibly problematic is that it builds upon the gum line. Mothermed Dog Tartar Cleaner is our first recommendation.

The tartar drives your teeth further from the gums, which means your dog’s teeth roots will no longer be under the protection of gums, and the result is excessive sensitivities to hot and cold food. Not getting the tartar removed in its earliest stage only leads to it hardening up even more.

Very old and stubborn tartar will only make it painful for your dog to chew their food. And that’s not even the worst thing; tartar removal from a dog groomer can cost you some pretty hefty amount.

And this is no short-term cost as tartar is inevitably always going to come back. This toothbrush is a handy little tool that is also very affordable.

Moreover, because of its high-quality design, you get the level of cleaning that is as good as the one you would get from a groomer or vet.

The brush features quick brush heads that let you easily break down any tartar or plaque build-up without putting in too much time or effort. It can remove even the most stubborn tartar build-ups.

You would want to keep your dog’s visits to the groomer minimal because your dog is more likely to trust you than the groomer guy at the end of the day. With this toothbrush, you can remain assured that your dog will not act up or keep running away as it does on its grooming visits. The brush comes with four different brush heads, which let you clean all spots of a dog’s mouth, and each brush specifically targets a unique problem.

You also get the option to set the speed as per your dog’s cleaning needs and also ensures that you don’t accidentally go too slow or fast. With all these features, it easily scrapes off all the coarse texture and tartar to give a smooth gum line.

Overall, you keep your dog away from not only the awful tartar build-up but also from yellow stains, coarse teeth, and the plaque stuck in between the teeth.


  • It is practical and fast.
  • A cost-effective option for everybody.

2. Purelemon Electric Dog Tartar Cleaner Teeth Polisher

electric toothbrush for dogs

Key Features

  • A pet-friendly electric toothbrush – the sensation of this toothbrush is very mild, and that makes it pet-friendly.
  • High-speed strokes and rotations – the brush has high speeds strokes and rotations to be done with dog dental hygiene in a matter of minutes.
  • Easy on the dog teeth – the electric device is accessible on the dog teeth.

Your dog will always create trouble for you when cleaning his teeth, sometimes making it completely impossible. But that doesn’t mean you can leave it on its own. You also can’t wait for the perfect day to brush your teeth when it is in a good mood.

You have to do it frequently and sometimes even urgently. Your dog is entirely dependent on you for his oral hygiene, and you have to be creative and quick.

Speed can make all the difference between easy and difficult cleaning. This toothbrush lets you clean your dog’s teeth thoroughly in only a matter of minutes because of its high-speed strokes and rotations.

The Purelemon Electric Tartar cleaner offers quick cleaning with multiple strokes and vibrations every second. If you’ve been trying out brushing your dog’s teeth, you are probably already familiar with how hard it is to keep them still.

Dogs don’t like a brush in their mouth, and they will try everything to escape from its torment. This scaling brush can do multiple rotations in only one second. 

You’d have to be lucky to get anywhere close to 200 strokes in a minute if you were to do it manually. It has 3 speed and rotation settings that let you match the speed with the level of cleaning and force needed.

It’s also essential to have a brush head that will fit in and offer comprehensive coverage. This brush has a head size of 1.33 inches, which is the perfect size for a dog’s mouth and can be used on small and big dogs.

Moreover, its small weight lets you handle the brush quickly, and you can easily move it through your dog’s mouth without any trouble.

Overall, you get a dog-friendly brush that is suitable for frequent use as it is not coarse or damaging in any way.


  • Easy to handle because if it’s a small weight.
  • It is not coarse or damaging for the dog in any way.

3. Xianggu Pet Teeth Polisher, Electric Dog Tartar Cleaner

electric toothbrush dog

Key Features

  • Soft silicone body – the electric brush has this smooth, silicone body that is gentle on a dog’s teeth.
  • Four stainless steel heads – the electric brush has four stainless steel heads to clean the teeth in 4 different ways.
  • Useful for tarter – the brush is handy for tartar build-up.

There aren’t many electric brushes on the market that keep a dog’s sensitivities and gum’s nature in mind. An efficient dental scaler that works for you would not work for your dog. And let’s not forget to factor in that dogs always keep moving their heads when getting their teeth cleaned. This only means more chances of the brush getting hit on its gums or teeth too harshly.

You need to buy a soft and supportive brush that prevents any of these instances. The Xiang Pet’s tooth polisher does just this. The brush is made with a soft silicone body that is smooth and gentle on the mouth and prevents injuries. It is the most durable and versatile option on the electric toothbrush for dogs list.

Its mild and harmless build let you clean your dog’s teeth without any worries about damage or bleeding.

It also has four stainless steel heads for different types of cleaning needs. The brush heads are made of stainless steel, which ensures long-term use and remains resistant to any corrosion.

The stainless steel means the brush will remain durable and can be stored easily without it becoming abrasive over time. Overall, you get a challenging build and high-quality material that will allow you to use the brush as frequently as needed without it deteriorating in quality and also leave your dog’s teeth smooth and shiny.


  • A smooth and shiny surface for perfect holding.
  • A budget-friendly option.

4. LAOZZI Pet Electric Toothbrush Tooth Stains Removal

electric dog toothbrush

Key Features

  • No harsh sensations – this electric toothbrush for dogs does not have any hard feelings. It is accessible to the dogs.
  • Prevents tooth decay and gum disease – because of the significant speed, this electric toothbrush prevents tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Suitable for tarter built-up – the brush is a practical choice for the built-up tartar.

Some blind spots cannot be cleaned with a bristle brush, whether manual or electric. Lots of plaque and bacteria are often residing within these spots between the teeth.

Not cleaning these leads to cavities, tooth decay and can cause gum disease, which can be challenging to treat and cause much pain and discomfort to your dog. Moreover, if you are wondering why your dog’s breath is still wrong even after using toothpaste and brushing its teeth thoroughly, then this sneaky plaque may be the real reason.

Plaque is often one of the main reasons your dog’s breath smells terrible. The LAOZZI pet electric toothbrush gives you four brush heads that let you reach these blind spots from any angle.

And the thin and sharp brush head lets you clean this plaque and bacteria. It also quickly breaks off any tartar build-up within the teeth. It features quick and fine brush heads that let you clean even the deepest and narrow places.

Overall, this one gives you a significant amount of coverage and ensures a thorough cleaning preventing long-term health issues.


  • Effective from plague.
  • It reaches down to narrow gums.

Final Words

If you want nothing but the best, our first choice makes an excellent overall purchase that won’t disappoint you in its efficiency and outcomes. But you also get impressive durability and quality with our next pick as it packs many useful features together.

Overall, we have mentioned and refined the list of electric toothbrushes for dogs with nothing but the most helpful tools available in the market. You can go with any of these without any worries about their build and functionalities.