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Best Electronic Doggie Door

With the best electronic dog door, you do not have to get up in the middle of the night or stop whatever important thing you are doing to let the dog out. It gives your dog access to the yard without stressing you. There are many models available on the market right now, and this can make it challenging to choose the best electronic doggie door for your active dog.

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Well, we realize this, and that is why we have provided this post for you. How can you choose the right model? What are the benefits of an electronic doggie door? These are some of the questions we will answer in this post. We will also provide you with our top picks.

Keep in mind training your dog to use the electronic door in the right way will help you a lot; so when you install a door, train your dog well, so he can understand when to use it how to use it.

Benefits of Electronic Doggie Doors

Electronic doggie doors offer plenty of benefits for you and your dog. Let us consider some of them.

Benefits to You

Convenience: Electronic doggie doors are one of the investments you’ll make that ensure your convenience. With this door installed, you do not have to wake early just to let your dog out. Say goodbye to playing the doorman for your dog. If you work long hours, you’d want some peace when you get home. These doors allow you to rest some more.

Door Protection: Many dog owners complain about how their dogs leave the house, damage the door. Well, if you have an electronic doggie door installed, you will not have to worry about damaged doors anymore. With this door in place, your dog would not scratch or bang the door whenever it wants to go out.

Lower Risk of Accidents: The electronic doggie door gives your dog all the freedom that you allow. The dog can leave the house whenever it wants to—no more irritated dogs running around between your feet just because it wants to go out and urinate.

Safety for You and The Dog: An electronic doggie door comes in handy in emergencies. For instance, if there were a fire incident in the house, your dog would be able to escape via the doggie door. Without the door, you’d likely have to get the dog and escape together, which might reduce your chances of survival.

Benefits for Your Pet

Your dog also enjoys certain benefits.

Comfort: The door lets your dog leave the house whenever it wants to pass waste. Dogs might feel cooped up inside the house, and the electronic door offers a way out in literal terms. With more freedom, you might observe better pet behavior in your dog.

Exercise: Dogs need exercise. This usually involves walking, running, and playing. They might not have enough space for all that inside the house. But with the electronic dog door installed, they can get the right level of exercise that they need outside.

Mental development: Freedom to move around the yard can stimulate the dog mentally. It encounters smells, sights, and sounds that cause mental development. And a smarter dog would be more responsive to commands and would love you more.

Cures boredom: A bored dog might resort to destructive ways of channeling pent-up energy. But with this electronic door, your dog can spend all that energy running around the yard and having a good time.

Features to Consider When Buying a Doggie Door

As you head out to buy an electronic doggie door, there are several factors that you must consider. We will discuss these factors in this section.

  • Size: Your dog’s size is an essential factor that would affect your choice of the electronic doggie door. While some excellent models come with all the features you might want, they might be too small for your large dog. Therefore, before deciding on which door to install, measure your dog accurately. Regardless of the door’s fancy features, if it is too small for your dog, it would be completely useless.
  • Sensor Type: If you have implanted a microchip in the dog, it would be prudent to choose a doggie door with a microchip-enabled system. If the dog is not chipped, then you might consider other types of sensors. You can choose from RFID, ultrasonic, and magnetic sensors.
  • Placement: Where will the doggie door be? Will you install it through the door or the wall? Each of these installation points has advantages and disadvantages. For one, a door-installed doggie door would be relatively easy to set up. The wall-installed option, on the other hand, would require more effort.
  • Dog Frame: You can select between a plastic frame and a metal frame. A plastic frame is ideal for small breeds. Metal frames are stronger and are excellent for larger breeds.

1. PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor

This electronic doggie door from PetSafe is an excellent choice for several reasons. For one, it is straightforward to install. A fully automated door, this model has all the hardware you need for installation in the package.

It features a pet tag that allows only your dog to pass through the electronic door. Additionally, it lets you customize the entry and exit, and you can automatically lock the door whenever you want.

Since it is an electronic door, it is only normal to worry about power consumption. Thankfully, this model runs on batteries, so you do not increase your energy bills.

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2. Review of Best Electronic Dog Door

If you have multiple dogs, then you will likely love this model. It comes with a memory that can contain 32 different dogs or pets.

Just like the PetSafe model above, it runs on batteries, so you do not have to be bothered about energy consumption. These batteries can last for up to a year before they need replacement.

It is designed to work with microchips implanted in your dog. This is a safer option than using RFID dog collars because the chip cannot be removed to access your home. The downside of this model is that it is only made for small breeds.

Other than that, it is a reliable and affordable doggie door that you and your small dog would love.

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3. Top Rated Electronic Dog Door

With this model, you get almost everything you’d ever want in a doggie door. It is a wall-installed model, which means you might have to do more to get it installed, but the benefits you get outweigh the stress of setting it up.

The Pet Power door comes in either medium or large.

Some of the best features include a 4-way access control setting, a directional sensing system, and a deadbolt lock to add a security layer against unwanted elements.

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4. Electronic Dog Door for Sliding Glass Door

If money is no issue and you want an electronic doggie door that offers plenty of impressive features, then you should consider this unit.

It is secure and convenient, giving you a 4-lock system to keep the door in place until your dog passes through. It is activated via the microchip implanted in your dog. This, you do not have to worry about any tags getting lost or stolen.

This unit is one of the few options that can accommodate different dog sizes durably. With its sturdy construction and lock system, it keeps out any unwanted animals and intruders.

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5. Ideal Pet Products Designer Series

If you have a large dog, then this unit is just what you need. It comes with a big entrance that can carry dogs of up to 120 pounds without sustaining any damage.

Despite the large size, it is pretty easy to install. It also comes with child-safety features. Thus, it won’t close if there is an obstruction.

With the foam molded plastic frame, this unit holds up well and is still excellent to use in chilly weather. The dual flap system and the brushed weather stripping also make it comfortable for your dog to use.

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Getting the best electronic doggie door is a good investment. It keeps your dog happy and active while ensuring your convenience. We hope that this post helps you to choose the best one for your canine companion.

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