Just imagine how hard it will be for you to bend your neck and scrunch your shoulder to eat. When it’s for dogs, many of us are in the view that it’s natural for them, but many medical experts are in the belief that it put pressure on the neck, neck muscles, particularly as well as on joints. Picking the food from the floor level may not bother your dog at an early age, and when they are young, but a prolonged practice surely will make them suffer when they are old. For duty dogs who have to do a lot of work all day, eating from the floor level adds more work pressure. To avoid all of such issues, you need to offer your dog food in the elevated dog bowl stand. So he can eat comfortably and can enjoy his food.

A best-elevated dog food stand offers a dog to pick the food from the raised bowl easily without putting any pressure on muscles and joints and keep the falling crumbs and spillovers contained with raised lips that make cleaning easy and ultimately there will be no mess at eating place.  Our resource of elevated dog bowls for large dogs is an elaborative one that you must consider if you have a large four-legged friend at home.  During our research, we consider a lot of options and reviewed many, and top three choices are listed below:

Pet Zone Adjustable Elevated Dog Bowls
Pet Zone Adjustable Elevated Dog Bowls

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Platinum Pets Modern Double Diner Feeder
Platinum Pets Modern Double Diner Feeder

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SPOT Hi-rise Single Elevated Dog Bowl
SPOT Hi-rise Single Elevated Dog Bowl

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An elevated dog bowl stand looks ordinary and straightforward equipment for dogs, but it offers a lot of benefits that are not possible to get with any other equipment. For your dog, if you buy an improved version that your dog needs to feel comfortable while eating, then before purchase, you need to pay attention to the quality, usability as well as size. 

Determining the Correct Height for a Dog Food Bowl

It matters a lot because a lower one may not suffice the purpose, and heightened may create difficulty in eating. There is a simple guideline measure your dog till the lower area of the neck, which should be the maximum height of the bowl stand. Or you may measure your dog in a standing position from front paws to the height of shoulders and then subtract 6 inches from the total height. Dogs should be able to eat without lowering their necks or stretching them upwards, in a normal standing position. The top of a dog food bowl at the correct height should sit level with the dog’s lower chest so that he can pick up from the bowl with ease.

elevated dog bowl stand

What Features To Consider When Buying A Bowl Stand


You must follow the height measuring guide to find the exact height that you need for your pup only if you are buying a dog bowl stand for a fully grown dog. If you own a puppy or a dog that is still growing, then you must choose to buy a dog bowl with adjustable height. Even if you are not sure about the height of your dog, you can buy an adjustable option so you can adjust the height that you need for your dog. The heightened wood bowl stands are also available in the market, which comes with a storage option.  

Raised Side Walls 

Raised lips will keep the stuff Contained inside while eating the food your dog may spread the food and crumbs all around, but a dish with raised lips keep the stuff inside. Your dog can pick that up as well as you can drove back to bowls. If there is a spillover of water or wet dog food that will remain on the dish due to its raised edges and can drown back to the bowl. It’s the most prominent feature that will reduce your jobs, and there will be no mess of mealtime.

Non-Skidding Feet 

Your dog can move around the bowl stand if you do not pay attention to this feature, and you may need to pin the stand in the corner. Anti-skidding feet of bowl stand keep it firmly in one place, and it becomes hard for the dog to play with it and move it easily. Anti-skidding feet will save you a lot of time as well as they will save a lot of messes. Usually, manufacturers use rubber and foam layers to prevent skidding.

Non-Flip-able Bowls

When your dog pushes the bowl stand aggressively, that might flip the stand and result in the waste of food, and ultimately water will create a lot of mess to clean. Just use a precautious approach and find a non-flip-able bowl stand that can stand firm. Usually, an option which is a little bit heavy and manufactured with ample space between legs. As well as look for silicone seals to keep the bowls fixed inside the dish. Rubber tabs on the space of the bowl help to fix them properly prevent possibilities of bowl flipping.

Floor Mat

We consider it an additional measure, no matter which bowl stand you choose, but a change of mess always remains there, and you can eliminate that with the floor mat. Leakage from the dishes and crumbs, as well as water drops that come from the mouth of your dog, can still create a cleaning job for you. A mat is an option to deal with these problems as well as it also solution to skidding.

While on the other side, it will protect your floor from scratched and slobber splashes, you may buy it separately from the bowl stand while taking the exact measurement. 

Single Bowls As Solutions 

If you own a premium water solution for your dog like a raised water fountain, then do not need to add a water bowl. Because a raised water bowl cannot be an alternative of a water fountain or any other premium water solution. If this is the case, then you can buy a single raised bowl to use for food only. Or when having more than one dog at home, then surely you get a multi bowl stand where each of your dogs has a separate bowl for food.

What Types of Styles Are Available?

A variety of options are available you can have style dozens of manufacturers are making hundreds of styles, surely you will find one that suits your home decor. Here we list some of the best available styles:

Health Benefits Of Elevated Dog Bowl Stand

A best dog bowl stand surely can provide comfort and opportunity to your four-legged friend to eat his meal easily and it will eliminate all of the discomforts, some of its core benefits are:

  • An elevated dog bowl stand will improve body posture and comfort
  • Prevent dogs from laying down to eat
  • Slow down speedy eaters
  • Make swallowing easy
  • They are functional
  • Easy to clean and easy to fill up
  • Creates less mess, Keep Your Dog’s Eating Area Cleaner
  • Food remains hygienic in raised bowls 
  • Easier to Fill and Maintain
  • Stylish and Elegant

In general, this is the easiest to make eating time comfortable for your dog, and it will automatically eliminate any discomfort if your dog has while eating from the ordinary bowls. We recommend it most because it slow down eating and its possible to use slow eating bowls in these stands. The majority of these bowl stands comes with raised lips that keep the messy stuff contained and it’s possible to drag them again into the bowl easily.

We recommend you to observe your dog while he is eating from the ordinary dog bowl, you will notice that he will raise his mouth up while swallowing the food, this is a discomfort that you can relieve with bowl stand. You can simply place your existing bowls on these stands especially with those which do not come with a complete set of the bowls.

These elevated dog bowl stands are not limited to use for food only you can use them for water and even for wet food, or maybe for everything that you serve to your dog.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we elaborate on a lot of things, that will help to make a mind that what type of elevated dog bowl stand you need. As well as we list many top-rated and stylish options and we can hope that one will suit your style. Do not fall for fancy and low-quality products because that will increase your jobs instead of bringing convenience in your life.

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