10 Best Escape Proof Dog Crates for Escape Artists (Reviews) in 2022

You ever experience a situation where you come home after a long day at work and have your dog greet you at the door.? Ever he spoils all of your costly belongings and creates a mess that will cost you and take time to clean. Or you ever receive complaints from neighbors that all day your Fido create problems for them?

Coming home and find that your four-paws family member escaped his crate and expectedly destroyed the crate, it’s a really frustrating situation for most dog owners. If you are dealing with any of such situations and want to keep your pup confined, you need the Best Escape Proof Dog Crates for Escape Artists who can take care of pup when you are not around.

Escape-proof dog crates are strong and durable enough to keep the escape artists confined because they are made for a special purpose. In this article, we also review top-rated dog crates, and our list includes:

Sr.ProdcutMade of
1MidWest Homes for Pets Dog CrateSquare Steel Tubes
2HAIGE PET Heavy Duty Dog Crate Square Steel Tubes
3LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage Square Steel Tubes
4ITORI Heavy Duty Metal Dog Cage Kennel Steel wires, Steel Tubes
5Sliverylake Dog Cage Crate Kennel Steel Tubes, Wire Mesh
6FURUISEN Escape Proof Dog CrateSteel Tubes, Wire Mesh
7Homey Pet Stackable Cage for Escape ArtistSteel Wires, Steel Tubes
8JY QAQA PET Folding Metal Crate KennelSteel Tubes, Wire Mesh
9KELIXU Crates for Large Dogs Square Steel Tubes
10PARPET Heavy Duty Empire Dog Crate BestSquare Steel Tubes

In case you own an escape artist and in the absence of the quality option, you will stay in fear about his escape and chewing of a bunch of stuff. Most of the dog crates in the market are considered standard and escape-proof, but real escape-proof crates are made only from the steel bars, wires, tubes are used in the construction of these crates.

The strong and reliable options cost more, and they are strong enough to hold big and muscular dogs. A dog can bend the steel wire crate and destroy the plastic crate, but steel structures are made to withstand such dogs’ pressure. Train your dog for crates. It will help you a lot and pay attention to keeping the space in the crate clean to avoid ticks and fleas.

If you own a dog whom nothing can stop from escaping, then under-listed crates are ideal for you. Surely after reading our complete review, you will find the right option for yourself.

10 Best Escape Proof Dog Crates for Escape Artists

escape proof dog crate

1. ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

best dog crate for escape artist

  • 20-Gauge Steel Cage, reinforced with 5 gauge 0.5 inches diameter tube.
  • Extremely strong, Structure is made to last and withstand the pressure of most energetic dogs.
  • Removable casters, engineered for easy rolling.
  • Floor grated with tray, cleanup is easy with this ProSelect.

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate is an extremely safe dog crate for escape artists, its available in two sizes capable of keeping confined the most energetic and active dogs. Engineered with the strong reinforcement bars that keep it in shape when an escape artist put all of his efforts to make a way out.

We believe that it’s the only cage in the market forged with 20 gauge steel and reinforced with ½ inches steel tubes. This sturdiest and most durable dog cage is also easy to clean and wash due to the floor tray. Virtually indestructible, incredibly easy to use, make for quick in-out and extraction, will stand up to an amazing amount of abuse.

Such heavy cages are hard to move because they weigh more, but the problem is solved with Proselect by adding a removable caster that you can use for easy rolling, and when stability is needed, you may remove that. Changing location when the casters are on is easy and takes only a little effort. A strong dog and the toughest abuse cannot damage and de-shape it.

escape proof dog kennel
  • Strong & heavy-duty latch to prevent any possible escape.
  • Two latches on the door, for an added security door, are equipped with two latches.

The stout dual door latches, which are virtually indestructible, heavy-duty, and welded with the frame, are designed to keep the dogs confined until a human hand unlocks the latches. 

A high-grade hammers stone finish makes this crate rust-resistant and durable.

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2. HAIGE PET Heavy Duty Dog Crate

  • Heavy-duty frame with a non-toxic finish, secure and safe for your pup.
  • Stong & Durable corrosion resistant steel use in construction.
  • Lockable wheels, that make rolling and 360° rotating easy.
  • Escape Proof locks on the door with safety buckles.

HAIGE PET Heavy Duty Dog Crate is made for dogs who are hard to confine, and if you own one, then it’s the ultimate choice for you. It’s equipped with a removable slide-out floor tray that makes cleaning easy, and even a kid can change its location or rotate it 360° because of its rotating lockable wheels.

Corrosion-resistant steel and non-toxic finish are the things that make it ideal for crate escape-proof crate to be used outside. Harsh weather will not damage it and chew, and claws remain ineffective on the strong and durable metal crate. The design is straightforward to put together, needing no tools.

Its equipped with patent heavy-duty locks that securely can keep your pet confined especially when you are not around; galvanized strong square tubes are durable and thick as well as wear-resistant to prevent any possible escape. This long-lasting cage is a real lifesaver, and its narrow bar spacing makes it safe for small and large paws.

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3. LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage

  • Home Style, equipped with three-doors and easy to access pet feature.
  • Durable frame, corrosion-resistant frame is made to serve for many of coming years.
  • Pet-friendly, non-toxic finish not only keep the meta safe from harsh weather but also health-friendly for dogs.
  • Removable floor tray that will take care of all fallen food and excrement.

LOOKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage is hard to damage choice for your dog. Even his hard efforts and excessive chewers cannot make their way out. Most of the customers like “its two doors” one is located at the top, which makes access to pets easy and hassle-free. If your dog tore many kennels and crates, this would become a lion cage for him.

You can pat your dog without bending, and one small door within its main door makes it easy to provide water and food to your pup.

The dog owners who own escape artists can trust in this cage, as it’s completely escape-proof. No rust is a major feature of this crate; tubes adopt precise spray paint technology, its plastic tray is not easy to damage and slid out comfortably. It can stand up to frequent use.

We believe that it’s a complete package that brings many conveniences, like its special tray makes it easy to clean, with wheels it can be rotated 360° easily button press lockable door that will keep the dogs confined.

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4. ITORI Heavy Duty Metal Dog Cage Kennel

  • Escape proof made for the intelligent escape artists.
  • Two Doors for easy access to the dogs.
  • Multi-layer hammer tone coating makes it pet-friendly and rust-resistant.
  • Durable and easy to clean, equipped with tray and wheels.

ITORI Heavy Duty Metal Dog Cage Kennel has all the features of escape proof dog crate. If you own a dog that breaks out the cheap wire cage, you will eventually need to consider this strong, durable, and budget-friendly option. It’s an amazing den on wheels to prevent mishaps.

Designed and engineered for challenging pups, its 20 gauge steel frame will not allow dogs to make a way out. While on the other side, dual door and dual lashes design increase the safety and security, and life of the crate. 

It’s manufactured to ensure that your pup remains confined when you are not around. It has casters, and two of them are lockable that can be used for stability to bring more convenience. This safe, secure, and escape-proof cage also comes with 30 months worry-free warranty, so your investment will remain secure at this time.

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5. Sliverylake Dog Cage Crate Kennel

  • Made for large breeds, it’s a durable and strong steel cage for energetic dogs.
  • Comfortable floor for dogs, it meshes floor is easy on paws.
  • Escape-proof door, equipped with two sturdy locks.
  • Caster and Plastic Tray makes rolling and cleaning easy.

Sliverylake Dog Cage Crate Kennel is an easy to assemble escape-proof dog kennel that can hold you a dog who can make his way out from strong and durable kennels. Its structure and steel frame can withstand the pressure of most energetic dogs.

It’s designed to deal with anxiety and storm issues, so you can say that it’s a new market type. Square bars are uses to prevent deformation, and their finish is rust-resistant, a super durable crate that is hard to break. Efficient, affordable, and durable design that is built of steel and made to last.

Equipped with four casters that are removable for added stability and can be used for easy rolling, these casters’ lockable features will prevent any accidental move. Many customers express that it’s easy to move and clean and its door is the ideal one to prevent any possible escape.

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6. FURUISEN Escape Proof Dog Crate

escape proof dog crate

  • Double door design makes access easy.
  • For medium and large dogs, a durable and strong cage for large breeds.
  • Ideal for aggressive canines, escaping efforts cannot de-shape the frame.
  • Lockable wheels to keep the cage stable at any place.

FURUISEN Escape Proof Dog Crate is made particularly with the heavy-duty steel frame that is an ultimate choice to keep the dogs confined comfortably. The feature that we like most and makes it a long-lasting steel cage that will serve you for many of the coming years is treated with corrosion and rust-resistant material to ensure that your investment remains secure for a long time.

We keenly examine the cage during our review and found that each of its bars is perfectly welded from all sides, which makes the construction strong.  We had a look at its features and came away with a clear appreciation for its quality.

Doube door design is a feature that large breed dog owners want most because it makes it easy o groom the pet with ease of access, and you can directly interact with your dog without bending or going to knees. The grate design at the bottom keeps the floor clean while allowing the small pieces of dirties to the dropdown. An easy slide-out tray is another feature that most customers like.

best dog crate for escape artist
  • Double lock at the front door for maximum security and to prevent escapes
  • Stong and innovative locks that need human hands to open

You are buying to prevent any possible escape, and locks are the main pillar that keeps your dog confined, and this cage is equipped with locks made to stay closed until a human hand unlocks them.

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7. Homey Pet Stackable Cage for Escape Artist

escape proof dog kennel

  • Stackable design, easy to accommodate more cages at smaller space.
  • Collapsible, easy to set up, and easy to store.
  • Feeding convenience, equipped with feeding door for hassle freed job.
  • For medium and small pets, made with durable steel tubular bars and wires.

Homey Pet Stackable Cage for Escape Artist is the best escape-proof dog crate for dogs up to 100lbs. Its made with convenience in mind and the design allows keeping more cages and pets in a single/small space. It’s stackable and has a lot of space inside. If you own small and medium-sized dogs, then you can accommodate more than one in this cage. This crate’s design is ingenious. 

During the construction, the manufacturer ensures no sharp edges harm your dog, and all of its wires are welded in the middle of sidebars to provide a smooth and unharmful surface. Asa complete unit, it’s painted with a new type of material that will keep it secure and safe in harsh weather and make it pet-friendly.

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8. JY QAQA PET Folding Metal Crate Kennel

best escape proof dog crate

  • Made with steel bars, chewing on your dog will not damage the cage.
  • Folds flat for easy storage and transportation.
  • Easy to clean and move, equipped with floor tray and casters.
  • Two-door design with strong latches, for increased security and easy access.

JY QAQA PET Folding Metal Crate Kennel is made for everyday use either you need a crate to potty train your dog or need to keep your large pup confined. It can serve you in many ways. We recommend it most to reinforce house rules and boundaries. For the pups who make a way out from cheap and poor-quality crates, it is a lion crate for them that spoils all of their escaping efforts. 

Visibility and ventilation are also kept in mind while designing this steel crate for dogs. It provides clear visibility and allows air to flow across, which also helps keep the anxiety in control. It will become a personal den-like space for your pet that he can call his own. All you need is to add a soft bed inside for his rest.

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9. KELIXU Crates for Large Dogs

best dog crates for escape artists

  • Safe and Reliable made for most aggressive dogs.
  • Superior Quality, thickest tube bars are used in construction.
  • 2 Plastic trays for easy cleaning.
  • Lockable casters to make rolling easy.

KELIXU Crates for Large Dogs is for you; it’s an effective and trustworthy solution for your dog. This is a crate that will keep your dog confined when you are not around. The upgraded version is made with more thick steel and also has upgraded locks.

This user-friendly design is easy to assemble, capable of saving from any mess that your dog creates at home when he is alone. It is a quality that you will surely trust detachable tray makes garbage collection from the cage easy and convenient. 

We recommend it for escape artists because its front door and frame are strong to hold the pups inside, and all of their efforts cannot free them from the cage. The new design locks on the door can only be opened with a human hand.

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10. PARPET Heavy Duty Empire Dog Crate

escape proof crate

  • Made for Ultimate performance, constructed with strong metal bars and welded with durable material.
  • Extra strength and safety, stress points are welded for powerful protection.
  • Strong metal tray that is also colored with a similar finish.
  • Swivel casters with rubber that are lockable and allow easy rotating/rolling.

PARPET Heavy Duty Empire Dog Crate is a heavy-duty dog crate that we recommend most because it’s a cost-effective option that is also priced carefully. Its reasonable choice makes it a crate the dog owners love most, and this is why every customer who bought this product until now loves its quality because what they are getting against their money is really worthwhile.

Its high-grade hammer tone finish makes it an ideal piece to use outdoors; harsh weather and escape artists cannot damage the cage. On the other side, heavy-duty, strong welds and dual latches make it a crate to trust.

The sturdy steel structure is easy to set up, and its two latches on the front door prevent any possible escape. Quality casters make no noise when moving, and your pooch will feel safe inside this crate.

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best crate for escape artist dog

Escape-proof dog crates which are made with steel are the most durable style out of the bunch. A good variety is available in the market that is made to last and constructed as well as reinforced on key points that keep them in shape for many of coming years.

  • The metal crate provides airflow and clear visibility, some of available with solid walls. We recommend buying mesh-style crates that are also helpful to manage anxiety at the dog’s end. Pooches feel more comfortable when they can see around, and minimum visibility always brings some challenges. 
  • Fixed and folding options are also available if there is a need to transport the crate in the future, then I prefer buying a folding crate instead of a fixed one. If you own an aggressive pup, he needs more security adn a holding crate is not suitable for such dogs, so the dog’s temperament also matters in selecting the right crate. Permanent fixtures are good if you need to use them at a specific place.
  • Lockable castors are important because such crates are heavy. It’s nearly impossible to lift and move them without rolling wheels, and wheels without locks/breaks will further make the stability questionable. I prefer buying one with wheels that have locks.
  • Secure latches, for many breeds and brained dogs, it’s easy to manipulate the latches. So if your dog is more brain surgeon than trap-jaw, he may futz with the latch mechanism until he uses his brain to open the lock. Clumsy and random attempts work some time better for dogs, and they become quick to open the latches after a few tries and practice. So you need to pay attention to locks as well. Prefer locks that are impossible to open without human hands.

Frequently Asked Question

Why Invest in an Indestructible Dog Crate?

It is a question that you may ask yourself, and even you can expect some of the family members, deciding about an escape-proof crate means you are going to spend a handsome amount, and you may think twice about your decision. But the product that you will get will give you peace of mind. It will keep your pet confined even he is an escape artist and energetic enough to tore the crate into pieces. Secondly, the escape-proof dog crates are made with durable material like steel, and they are durable enough o last for many years, and quality always costs more.

Do extra strong dog crates last longer?

Yes, they last for many years because all of the real escape-proof dog crates are made of steel, and a good rust resistance finish keeps them unharmed in harsh weather, and they last for years.

Basically, these crates’ construction is much stronger than other plastic and wire mesh crates. They are suitable for Houdini hound to small pups when you need them something tougher.

Are escape proof dog crates are safe for dogs?

The four-legged family member can feel safe inside because they are made to prevent escape and keep the dog comfortable.

Why escape proof dog crates are bigger?

No doubt these crates are safe, a real escape-proof keep your pet confined any chance of possible escape which can become life-threatening for him too will be eliminated. Just make sure that the floor is easy on paws. All of us want to keep our beloved pets okay and want to avoid terrible situations.


Every dog owner knows his dog best. First, you need to figure out whether you really need an escape-proof dog crate or a normal crate to be a good choice for your dog. But if your dog damages the ordinary crates, then surely you need escape proof dog crate, and the most recommended one is PARPET Heavy Duty Empire Dog Crate; it has all the capabilities that one looks for in a crate for escape artists.