Extend Joint Care for Dogs, Review of Supplement for Good Health

Extend joint care for dogs

Dogs enjoy family member status in the united states; with this status, many of the things associated with their health are changed dramatically. Like the overall care and their old age look after. What their ancestors were getting in the wild is not possible in a household environment. This is the reason many new diseases and problems take birth. Joint issues are one that nearly every dog suffers from; some get caught at a young age while some suffer from it in old age.

In this piece of content, we review one of the renowned joint problem solutions known as extend supplement for dogs. It got attraction very quickly after its introduction, which convinces us to look at this product in depth.

Extend Joint Care for dogs is a non-prescription dietary supplement formulated with active ingredients to improve healing and strengthen the joint’s health in dogs.

Nourish Heal And Strengthen Joints

It is exclusively formulated for every age dog, either you own a large breed dog or a small toy breed; this dog supplement can be a solution to give relief from joint pain. Many of us are given the supplements only when our dogs suffer from a severe problem that is not the right approach. Here extend change this thinking and make a product that can be used in early years to strengthen the joint, so your dog remains safe from joint pain in his young and old age.

Extend Joint Care Dog Supplement Review

It can help nourish, heal, and strengthen the joints, cartilage, and bones of aging dogs. We recommend it most because there is no age or breed restriction, made with natural active ingredients which safe to feed at any age and can be beneficial for any size dog. 

Repair and maintenance of cartilage are the main focus, and the purpose of this formula in the spotlight is to provide the natural building block for growth.

When we dig deep, we find that it’s a formula that lubricates the dog joints, it’s fast, and it’s effective. As soon as you start feeding this supplement to your dog its starts working and lubricate the dog joints. This practice and nature soothe the joints and relieve the pain, and its other ingredients provide energy to dogs that strengthen the joints and keep the dogs safe from further pain. 

We all know it well, and the lubricated joint is less prone to future breakdown, and this lubrication makes the movement of joints pain-free and easy. We recently discuss high-calorie dog food supplements that you can also use along with this product for your dog’s overall good health.

Extend Dog Supplement Ingredients

Extend joint care dog supplement is made with very few carefully selected active natural ingredients. A perfect combination and ideal ratio make this formula perfect for pups of all breeds and ages. The ingredients which are responsible for strengthening, healing, and nourishing a dog’s joints are:

  • Glucosamine HCL
  • MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)
  • Collagen – Type II Chicken
  • Ascorbic Acid

Glucosamine HCL is a natural compound (amino sugar) found in the cartilage – the tough tissue that cushions joints. Orally taken Glucosamine HCL is generally safe and helpful to cover the deficiency of natural compounds and relieve joint pain. Knee, hips, and spine, and all other joints need this natural compound, as first ingredient.

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) is used to get relief from joint and muscle pain; it’s a popular dietary supplement naturally found in plants, animals, and humans and can be formulated in labs, usually comes in powder form. It is widely used in alternative medicines. It also reduces inflammation and boosts immunity. Well, there are many other health benefits of the ingredient. In dogs, it’s mainly used to soothe joint pain, reduce inflammation, speed up the recovery, and to reducing stiffness.

Collagen – Type II Chicken is a nutraceutical ingredient derived from chicken sternum cartilage. Orally feeding a dog is beneficial for joints. Basically, it turns off the T-cell attack to structure protein collagen type 2 in the cartilage.

Ascorbic Acid is Vitamin C; everyone is aware of this ingredient’s benefits; here in this supplement, it is used for cartilage health and joint pain.

All of the above-listed ingredients are naturally found in the dog’s body. Here, what extends comes with a supplement formulated with the ingredients that already exist in the do’s body. This natural formula will enhance the presence of these ingredients in the dog’s body, and ultimately that will start working for the betterment, recovery, and relief.

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Dosage of Extend Joint Care for Dogs

There are many reviews and opinions available on the internet where people, dog owners especially advise to increase the dosage for better and quick results. We do not recommend higher dosage practice; if you feed more supplements and your dog’s body remains unable to absorb the supplement, that will be wasted.

While on the other side, a higher dosage may lead to side effects that will need a vet to cure.

Here we like the approach of Extend. They make a pack of 30 dosages that will last for 30 days for most of the dogs, while for small and toy breeds, it’s good to take a start from the half dosage, and for normal size dogs, you can feed one regular dose daily.

For large dogs like great Danes or dogs who weighs more than 80lb, you may increase the dose, but we advise to take a start from the single-dose and wait for the results up to 20 days, and if not satisfied and you do not see the symptoms of betterment, you may increase the dose to one and a half.

Extend joint care for dogs may not work if you are already using another supplement and at its maximum dosage. You need to understand that if you feed a supplement with a 500mg dosage daily, you may not get results with 300 mg on another supplement. 

If this is the case, you need to decide the dosage on your own while considering the previous supplement’s dosage. But if it’s just a new start, then just follow the Extend guideline of dosage.

Extend Dog Supplement Free Trial?

No Trials – you can buy a month supply in the shape of a full pack. We always do not recommend trials. The reason for us is apparent, and tests offered in the reduced quantity are not enough and do not last for the time, which is necessary to see the results. Like in any supplement product for initial results, our dog may take 15 to 30 days, and trials are only possible for a maximum of a week.

No manufacturer provides trials for a month. So, to get results and provide relief to your dog, buy a full month supply to get desired results.

Taste And Smell

It’s a meaty flavor supplement that your dog will never reject, but it’s not a product that can increase hunger and entice your dog to eat more. If you are buying it to attract your dog for the food, hen it’s not made for this purpose but will definitely make your dog food delicious. Pups will love this flavor, and they will never reject to eat.

Apparently, there is no smell for a human being, but dogs may sense it; as we wrote earlier, they will eat it happily.

Extend Dog Supplement Side Effects

There is no known side effect of this supplement, but if your dog is suffering from any other serious disease, you need to consult with the doctor first or follow the Extend instructions. If you are shifting from other supplements to Extend, then you may see some downside in the health of your dog.

Because others provide and suggest a higher dosage while Extend packed the supplement in quantity, which is typical for a dog.

While shifting from another supplement to Extend, you may see a downside for a week or two, but your dog will start showing good symptoms after this time, and recovery in your dog will last for a long time. Use the recommended dosage and prefer to feed this supplement in routine. 



Final Thoughts

Extend is not quite new in the market; their products are available since 2014, and they are top-rated in this category. We recommend this product mostly because it’s a quite natural product, and all of the ingredients used in this supplement are naturally present in the body of dogs. Consider our review seriously and start feeding extend joint care for dogs to your dog for at least one month.

We are sure after this time, you will never leave this supplement, and you will start enjoying the company of your dog.

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