5 Best Extra Large Dog Crates for Great Danes (Reviews)

You own a Great Dane and want a crate for him to keep him confined but not finding the right size and worried either you find the right product or not? It really a tough job to find extra large dog crates for Great Danes because there are only a few models, and large crates are not marketed by manufacturers aggressively, so no one knows about them. Finding the right size giant breed dog crate can be tricky. Normal size crates and easy to do like many choices are available that is economical, but buying a large breed dog crate involves a substantial budget, so making the right decision is essential.

A Great Dane is simply an unforgettable dog breed. You will get to know about the canine royalty once you see a Great Dane closely, and you will forever remember the experience. This breed is known for the affable, gentle, and mature personalities, either a puppy or a young dog. They are well-spirited. Here in this article, we cover some of the fundamental things that will help you decide about the crate and list the best available options for Great Danes. Our list includes:

Sr. ProductMade ofHeight
1MidWest Homes for Pets CrateSteel Wires mesh45 Inches
2SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog CrateStee bars54 Inches
3SportPet Designs Plastic KennelPlastic, steel wire33 Inches
4SMONTER Crate Newly Designed ModelSteel Bars39 Inches
5DogGoods Foldable Travel KennelFabric, Steel Rods34 Inches

What is the size of Great Danes?

Before buying a crate for a Grate Dane, you must know how much taller your dog can grow, and while keeping considering the maximum size, you can make your decision. Great Danes are not small dogs. They grow quickly in the puppyhood years. If your dog is a crossbreed, then he can be a smaller one depending on the gender. Below table contain the average size of pure breed Great Danes:

Male Great Dane 30 – 34 inches 120 – 200 lbs
Female Great Dane 28 – 32 inches 99 – 130 lbs

The Great Danes took 18 months to reach their full height. When you are buying a crate for your puppy, follow the maximum height to avoid any inconvenience.

1. MidWest Homes for Pets Crate

great dane travel crate
  • Giant metal cage crate ideal for Great Danes.
  • Features top pin assembly for sturdiness.
  • Made with durable material.
  • Easy to remove plastic tray makes cleaning easy.
  • Mesh design keeps the dog ventilated and allows clear visibility.
  • Comes with one year warranty.

MidWest Homes for Pets Crate makes a size that is ideal for Great Danes. This crate is specifically designed for large dogs, and it provides ample room to move freely inside the crate. This frame is 45 inches high, while the maximum height in Grate Danes is 34 inches, and this case is the side and long enough to accommodate.

It comes in two models one is a single door, and another one is a double door. Each of its doors is equipped with three secure slide-bolt latches. The two-door model allows accessing the cage from the front and side, making it easy to use at multiple places.

It features four rubber roller feet to protect the floor, and a plastic tray, which is a leak-proof pan, makes cleaning comfortable and fully washable. This ginormous dog crate utilizes drop-pin construction to ensure maximum durability to safely and securely handle large dogs like Great Danes.

Midwest Homes always built dogs create with extra care and use durable material in construction with no exception. Innovation is the key to success for them. Like in this crate, they use L-Bar on the top. This bar reinforces the crate’s side panels for an extra layer of durability to keep the Great Danes confined and secure. You will appreciate the safety features of this XXL dog crate.

This XXL dog crate is built with durable mesh metal to keep the large dogs secure. Great Danes are usually calm and gentle dogs. They do not try to escape, but they cannot make their way out from this XXL crate even when they are hyper.

Another feature that we like most and make this XXL extra-large dog crates for Great Danes durable is its rust-resistant e-coating finish. This coating makes it safe, pet-friendly and gives it a beautiful look. Midwest offers these crates with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Drawbacks, not suitable for extra anxious dogs.

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2. SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate

great dane dog crate
  • Suitable for Great Danes, 54 inches overall height.
  • Durable, heavy-duty frame and locks to prevent escape.
  • The three-door design makes it easy to access your dog from front and top.
  • Featured with four wheels which make shifting easy.
  • The steel frame is rust and corrosion-resistant.
  • Plastic trays easily come out and washable.

SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate is 54” high in its center and large enough to accommodate Great Danes. It is a sturdy dog crate that is made for large rowdies. It makes a spot on our list because of its material and construction; the steel tube bars are strong enough to hold the anxious dogs. You will like the three-door design that makes it easy to access the door from the top and front.

When you need to serve your door or pat him, you can use the top door. A small door on the front side can be used to feed your dog. And to make the cleaning easy, it is equipped with a durable plastic tray that is washable and replaceable.

Its heavy-duty steel frame is strong and durable enough to keep the big dogs confined. Basically, it is made to keep the Anxious dogs confined. Every try of your dogs to escape from this sturdy cage remains to fail because it is equipped with an upgraded anti-escape lock. It is a heavy cage, and to make shifting easy, it is equipped with four high-quality easy-rolling wheels.

So, a single person can move it, and it’s easy to assemble. We recommend it for Great Danes; it will serve you for life.

Drawbacks, nothing found not to love.

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3. SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels

great dane crate
  • Large size traveling crate for Great Danes.
  • Overall height is 36 inches, and it can accommodate dogs with 33 inches height of approx. 130 lbs.
  • Equipped with tie-down wholes for bungees required by airlines.
  • The mesh design allows proper ventilation and clear visibility to dogs.
  • Sturdy, durable plastic construction, wheel snaps for on and off as needed.

SportPet Designs Plastic Kennel is an extra-large dog crate for traveling. It is an airline-approved crate that is equipped with bungees to tie. Its plastic shell and mesh design make it an excellent product that can be used for Airline traveling or car rides. The durable plastic shell can withstand any impact or human error. When you go in the car with your dog, a distraction from the dog becomes hard to handle, but when you use a crate to keep him confined, such a crate keeps him safe and secure and also eliminates distractions.

You can keep it on the front seat on the floor or bat back seat and even in the cargo area. It’s large enough for Great Danes. Its overall height is 36 inches, while a dog with a height of 33 to 34 inches can stay comfortably inside this crate.

SportPet Designs Plastic Kennel features removable wheels that you can use as you feel convenient. Moreover, it is a great crate to use at home for your Great Dane’s specific place and keep your dog confined when you have an event at your home. Visiting the vet becomes easy when you have this crate.

Its mesh design allows the pet to see outside, which helps him deal with the anxiety, while on the other side, this mesh design allows air to flow freely in the crate and keep the space well ventilated.

Best extra-large dog crates for Great Danes are hard to find, and we give a spot to this one because it is an ideal pet gear for Great Danes. They will love to travel in this gear. Moreover, during travel for your loved ones’ safety, it is necessary to keep them confined in a crate. It is made to last for a long time and comes with the manufacturer’s warranty, so your investment remains secure while buying this product.

Drawbacks, Only suitable for travelling and to keep the dogs confined for a shorter time.

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4. SMONTER Crate Newly Designed Model

dog crates for great dane
  • Large dog crate with 39″ height.
  • Finished with non-toxic pet-friendly material.
  • Features welded reinforced steel for maximum security.
  • Easy to clean and easy to move.
  • Bite proof and easy to clean.

SMONTER Crate Newly Designed Model is made as a bite-proof cage with its Y-style design. It is made of steel, and steel bars are used to reinforce the frame and eliminate any escape chance. This heavy-duty dog crate is made for extra anxious and large rowdies. It is an ideal crate for Great Danes because for your calmer pup, it is multi-layer hammer tone coated that makes it pet-friendly and stands up to the scuffs and scratches as well as rust.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The right option for extra chewers and escape artists. It is reinforced and welded from all the key points that make it a strong and sturdy dog crate for large Great Danes.

SMONTER Crate Newly Designed Model is shipped partially assembled. Open it and fix some screws will give it a shape. You can remove the wheel if needed, but we advise you to equip it with wheels because wheels make it easy to move as it is a heavy crate and not possible to move without wheels for a single person. Its removable plastic tray helps you catch the fallen from the dog, and you can clean or wash it, also available separately if more needed.

Its doors are secured with the anti-collision door locks to percent any possible escapes, and it comes with three years manufacturer warranty.

Drawbacks, Strong but Costly as compared to other crated in this category.

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5. DogGoods Foldable Travel Kennel

what size crate for a great dane
  • Foldable, collapsible dog kennel for traveling, camping, etc.
  • The portable dog crate is made of durable fabric.
  • Iron frames make it secure and safe to use in traveling.
  • Water-resistant, waterproof, soft fleece inside.
  • Features stylish roll-down blackout sheds.

DogGoods Foldable Travel Kennel is made for large dog owners who love to travel with their dogs. It is a crate to keep the dog confined for a short period and to keep the dog limited during a ride and can be used as a cage on camping. It can be a private place for your Great Dane at home. It makes a spot on our list because of its strong frame and design. A portable and collapsible dog crate comes with free storage and a carrying bag. Take only a little space when folded.

Use it as a dog crib to give your puppy a restful sleep in your home or keep it in your car to stop distraction and for the safety of your dog. The waterproof and water-resistant fabric is fully washable, and its inside is soft enough for the dogs to feel comfortable. We recommend it for Great Danes because Danes are calmer dogs and stay quiet when confined.

You will like most of its folding blackout sheds that can be used to allow your dog to have a clear view of the outside and stay connected with over. When you an on the camping or hiking and even on the hunting site, you can use these sheds to blackout to control your dog.

Drawbacks, Cannot be a permanent cage, good to use for temporary and travelling needs.

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Extra Large Dog Crates for Great Danes FAQ

How to measure the size of Great Dane?

It is not easy to find extra large dog crates for Great Danes because they are big and hardly fit in normal and large crates. It’s essential to measure your dog’s size before buying a crate if you are buying one for your adult dog. But if you own a puppy, then follow our Great Dane size guideline. Here is a simple procedure to measure the size of your pup:

For height measure from the top of head to floor (keep the margin of at least two inches)
For length measure from nose to tail (keep the margin of at least five inches)
For Width, measure the widest part of your dog (keep at least 10 inches in margin)

What is Crate Size for Great Danes?

We recommend buying a crate of 54,” but the real problem is this size is hardly available in the market. We select a few that are large enough to accommodate Grate Danes. You can buy the above-listed dog crates with confidence

Are wire crates are strong enough to hold Grate Danes?

Basically, great Danes are calmer dogs, and they do not try to escape as others do, so if you can find a good wire dog crate as we listed at number one, then you can have that for your dog. Wire Crates are good for Grate Danes.


The dog lovers who own Great Danes prefer to arrange all of the comforts that this calm breed needs. It is a lovely dog that is easy to train and easy to command. Usually, as compared to other large breeds, Great Danes are quiet and loving dogs due to their size; they need everything big to make them comfortable.

The height of pure breed is bigger than most breeds, which is really a challenge. If you cannot make a crate on your own for them, buying a crate for them from the market is costly and hard to do. We give standard measurements that you must follow when buying a crate for a Grate Dane puppy and if you have a fully grown dog, then measure your dog as per our instructions to avoid and replacement and inconvenience.

We list some of the best extra large dog crates for Great Danes. These crates are large enough to accommodate these big dogs and durable enough to serve for many of the coming years. Just outline what you need and think about your budget, and choose the right crate for your four-paws friend. While selecting these crates, we read hundreds of Great Dane owner’s reviews to find what suits these dogs and in which crate they feel comfortable.

It was hard to make a final decision because a crate for Great Dane cost more because of size and quality. You can confidently choose any of the above-given crates for your dog.