10 Best Extra Large Dog Water Dispensers (Reviews) in 2022

Water is essential, and living creatures need water, including your four-paws furry friend. Dogs need plenty of water to drink continuously, and you may need to fill their water bowl twice or thrice a day. It necessary for their crucial internal organs and also keeps them fresh. 

When you have a large dog at home, that means he needs a lot of water, and you may need to fill the water bowl multiple times a day

Most importantly, you cannot skip a refill. Such a schedule may disturb your job and outside visits. To deal with this situation, we list the best extra large dog water dispensers so once filled, and you can stay out of home and can focus on your work without any worry.

Best Extra Large Dog Water Dispensers

Snacks and meals are easy to schedule, but water cannot be. To prevent dehydration, your dog needs water when he wants and when he needs to drink that. 

It’s necessary to make sure that water remains available to your pup all the time. Water dispensers are great options that make sure your dog has access to water all the time. Due to their large capacity, you don’t have to worry about the refill; well, they need fewer refills. Our list includes:

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Some quality options are also available that are designed to improve the quality of water by eliminating waterborne bacteria. Below we discuss each item in detail to support your selection and decision-making. We recently published a review of the ten best dog backpacks, and please also check out our guide on When Does a Yorkie Stop Growing?. Let’s move to the detailed review of dog water dispensers:

1. Extra Large Dog Water Dispenser

  • Capacity – 6.5 Gallons, made for all-day use to keep furry friends safe from dehydration, durable manufacturing serve you for many of coming years
  • Auto Dispenser – Yes, no mess, no stress best product for extended water supply ideal for multiple pets
  • Gravity flow technology, easy to assemble, easy to clean waterer for your four paws family member, will save you from rushing to fill the water bowl
  • 100% safe and BPA free design, safe water container for your dog, keep water inside until your dog needs that, it also looks stylish

Critter Concepts Large Dog Water Dispenser is an industrial-grade product designed to keep the dog owners worry-free when they need a solution for the whole day to provide fresh water to large dogs. It’s an ideal solution for pet parents who have multiple pets at home.  Large dogs need plenty of water and refilling their bowl with water, again and again, is a hard job and becomes more stressful when you are on the job, and the water bowl is empty at home.

It is the only product in its category that is large enough and dispenses water automatically and all it does without electricity. You are at liberty you can place it at any suitable corner. All of the common problems like a blackout, coming home late, and forgetting to fill the bowl will be solved with this automatic waterer. 

Plenty of water remains available for your pets through Critter Concepts Large Dog Water Dispenser. Its gravity flow technology only serves water from inside when your dog needs that, so the supply inside will remain safe, and no puppy will remain thirsty. This is a long-term solution for your four-legged fluffy friends and an investment that will make you proud.

It’s a sturdy, anti-fall, spill-free waterer designed for pet-loving families and those who want to solve all waterer issues in a single investment. It’s equipped with locking wheels, which makes it easy to move even when it’s filled, so you can easily change the location. It’s a great addition to any puppy-loving home décor, an indoor, outdoor patio made with pet-friendly material.

2. Biggest Dog Water Dispenser

  • Capacity – 4 Gallons, made to slowly dispense water for a long time when the dogs need that, ideal for dog parents with a busy schedule
  • Automatic dispenser – Yes, it depends upon the gravity flow system and is equipped with a charcoal filter to provide freshwater to dogs. 
  • An Eco-friendly product, made with a material that is safe for pets and durable to stay in shape for many coming years
  • The top jar opening, make the filling easy, and cleaning of the jar also becomes hassle-free because of the wide opening.

Petmate Mason Replendish Waterer is made for busy people who cannot refill daily or can follow a strict timetable to refill the water bowl. It amazingly can store 4 gallons of water in its top open jar; for a single dog, this quantity is enough for a week, and for multiple pets, it can last for several days. So late, coming home and going outside with no fixed time to come back will not leave your dog thirsty.

Its gravity water flow system provides water to your dog when he needs that, and freshwater remains inside the jar that means most of the water remains safe. During our review, we find that many customers express that it’s the most easy waterer to clean just because of its wide opening and bottle material.

Its equipped with a charcoal filter, which is an added advantage for your dog that he will be fresh and clean water every time. We figure out that it’s ideal for busy dog parents because it requires fewer refills. Another feature that customers notice most is the mason-inspired design of the jar; the base is designed to stay sturdy on the floor and designed to pick up easily.

3. Large Capacity Dog Waterer

  • Capacity – 5 Gallons, made to provide high-quality water to your dog, any standard mineral water bottle can be used, made for convenient use.
  • Auto dispenser – No, it can have a large amount of water that you can use over several days, but every time you need to fill the water bowl manually.
  • Easy to use and clean, with straightforward mechanism it’s easy to operate even kids can fill the bowl with water and cleaning is also easy as you may change the mineral water bottle after few days.
  • Made with quality material, it’s made to last and the separable bowel is easily washable whenever you want.

PAP Pet Water Dispenser is a reliable manual solution to provide plenty of water to your dog, in fact, it’s designed to get free from the duty of refilling and to provide clean mineral water that you cannot allow your dog to waste. So every time you need to fill the water bowl manually and only to the extent that your dog can drink to save water. It’s easy to operate and any standard mineral water bottle can fit this setup.

The feature that we like most is its separable water bowl that you can wash daily to keep clean to get the maximum benefit of fresh water for your dog. Many dog owners love this product because its made with quality plastic and equipped with a durable knob which is long-lasting easy to open and close and even you can adjust it on slow pouring of water when needed. It is an ideal 5 gallon dog water dispenser.

Drawbacks, the Water bottle is not included in the package, needs to use the knob to fill the water bowl every time.

4. Large Dog Auto Waterer

  • Capacity – 3 Gallons, crafted with PP plastic that is durable and easy to clean, ideal for keeping your pet safe from dehydration, ideal for single and multiple pets.
  • Auto Dispenser – Yes, it’s a gravity-fed design, an automatic watering system for your dog; keep water in the bowl at a specific level.
  • The recessed handle area makes shifting and lifting of the waterer system easy and hassle-free; the stand is made to stay stable on the floor.
  • Antimicrobial material, which is more pet-friendly and provides protection from bacteria and germs.

Flexzion Pet Water Dispenser Station is an ideal solution for multiple pets and large dogs; It is made to provide an uninterrupted water supply continues to all of your pets. It’s lightweight and made with antimicrobial material, and you can use it outdoor, indoor, or at any convenient place where you need it. Lightweight and durable are the features that make it a viable option for those looking to invest once.

There are hundreds of satisfied people out there who bought and showed their complete satisfaction regarding this product’s working and quality. The feature that we like most is the anti-skidding feed that keeps it sturdy fixed at one place, and dogs cannot move it. It is one of the best large dog water dispenser.

It’s definitely a choice for those who own large dogs and cannot provide water on regular intervals and remain worried to fill the bowl. With a single dog, it can last for a week, and even more so, once filled, you can enjoy your own routine.

Drawbacks, Its bottle is hard to clean after some time, it starts getting yellow, and it’s costly.

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5. Big Dog Automatic Waterer

  • Capacity – 3 Gallons, made to hold 3 gallons fo water to accommodate large and multiple pets, keep you worry-free in your busy schedule 
  • Auto dispenser – Yes, slowly fill the bowl, and a single refill can last for many days for a dog. It can serve as a single water station for more pets.
  • Design that everyone loves, its bottle is made with crystal clear material, and the base looks shining. Both are easy to attach. 
  • Free of harmful chemicals, made with pet-friendly material bacteria and harmful germs cannot penetrate the water, every time your dog will get fresh water.

Petmate Pet Cafe Waterer is an ideal solution that can dispense water slowly to provide water to your dog. We like its design most it looks elegant, and its base is designed with handles that make lifting and shifting easy. It looks different from other water dispensers, you can see the dispensing area, and it provides you a clear view to see where cleaning is required.

Bottle and stand are easy to clean as the bottle’s mouth is a little wider and provides ample space to use any brush for inside cleaning, but it’s still bottle style. There is another reason to include it in our list, that is its price. It is reasonably priced in this category and provides all of the benefits that one looks for.

Drawbacks, the bottle is hard to clean even it has a wide opening but still needs some special brush or chemical to clean inside.

6. Large Automatic Dog Waterer & Feeder combo

  • Capacity – 2.5 Gallons uses gravity mechanism to ensure a continuous supply of water Feeder Capacity 12 pounds. 
  • Auto dispenser – Yes, it is designed to keep your dog safe from dehydration, suitable for multiple pets and large dogs.
  • Removable parts and wide mouth design, make a filling and cleaning easy for dog owners and serve the right amount at the right time.
  • Side cut-out handles, which are specially designed to lift off the water from the floor with due care, Base is made with high-quality plastic material.

AmazonBasics Self-Dispensing Gravity Pet Feeder and Waterer is a cheap but most effective solution available to pet parents. This combo cost under 30$. Cost is a prime reason this product makes a spot on our list. You will get a waterer and feeder at this cost, which is made with durable plastic and can serve you for a long time.

It’s an Amazon basic product, comes with one year Amazon limited warranty. A food-storage hopper with an extra-wide mouth and a removable lid is an advantage that you will definitely love, and a water bottle with an extra-wide mount is easy to clean. On the other side for secure placement, it’s equipped with anti-skidding feet/rubbers that can hold it even if your dog tries to move that it will be hard for him, and due to its Easy-grab, side cut-out handles, you can change its location easily because you can lift it with the right grip.

Drawbacks, bottle, and stand both are very lightweight.

7. Big Dog Automatic Steel Waterer

  • Capacity – 1 Gallon, enough for a day or two to keep the dog safe from the thrust, can be used for multiple pets at home.
  • Auto dispenser – Yes, keeps the level constant in the bowl so that water remains available to your pets all the time.
  • Made of steel, Mason jar s made of steel that is easy to wash and long-lasting; your dog cannot damage them. 
  • Curved steel base and decorative smoke-colored bottle make it an easy-to-lift waterer and stylish piece for your home.

Petmate Stainless Steel Replendish Waterer is different in its kind. Its bowl and stand, which is combined to make a base station, is made of steel, claws and scratches of your dog cannot damage this steel. It’s also easy to clean. You can use ordinary kitchen soap and or any other solution to make it germ-free and clean. Steel skid easily on the plain floor, making it sturdy in its place; it comes with rubber feet that help keep it in one place.

Made with BPS-free material and the decorative smoke-colored bottle makes it an elegant piece inside your house. We find that its bottle easily fixes into the base during our physical testing and review without any spilling and locks well. If your pet tries to displace the bottle with his force, then all of his efforts remain useless.

Another feature that people like most is, the base station is dishwasher safe that allows quick cleaning.

Drawbacks, steel becomes more cold or hot in extreme weather and changes the water temperature inside.

8. Large Dog Auto Waterer - New Design

  • Capacity – 1 Gallon, a stylish and innovative design that every family member will like, automatic water supply without electricity.
  • Auto dispenser – Yes, it keeps providing a fresh system to your dog day and night based on a natural gravity system.
  • Made with food-grade material, non-toxic material ensures your dog’s safety and keeps the water fresh inside the jar.
  • Humanization design, does not only look great but is equipped with one additional spring valve system to prevent large spillovers after tripping over.

Old Tjikko Water Feeder for Dogs is an automatic water feeder that works without electricity or power. Its designs look different from other products in the market. The first feeling that comes after seeing it is it’s an electric device, but it’s not. It’s a simple gravity-based water dispensing system for dogs manufactured with quality food-grade material to keep the water fresh inside and outside in the bowl.

It’s not large enough, but it contains enough water for a large dog to consume in two days, so when you are making a trip plan, you may remain busy, then you can fill it up fully and stay worry-free from providing water to your dog. 

A bottle with a wide opening is easy to clean and assemble as well, and it comes with a spring valve system, which prevents overflow and large spillage. 

Drawbacks, small size suitable for a maximum of two days supply.

9. Easy to Move Dog Self Waterer

  • Capacity – 2.5 Gallon, designed to keep your pet hydrated, easy to lift design can be moved indoor or outdoor. 
  • Auto dispenser -Yes, based on a gravity system and made of durable BPA-free plastic and locks in place to help prevent knock over and spills.
  • Stainless steel bowl inside, that is easy to remove and clean and durable enough to serve in for the longest time.
  • Easy to disassemble and clean, stainless steel bowl is dishwasher safe, and the bottle can conveniently be washed from inside.

PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station is a completely different design and every person who sees it for the first time will definitely ask about it, its a combination of newly designed water storage bottle and base stations. Both are optimized to lift easily, and the steel bowl inside the base makes it more secure to use for dogs of all ages. 

It can hold plenty of water for a single dog can last up to a week; ideal for multiple pets at home, available in different sizes so you can choose appropriately. Made with durable BPA-free plastic, more hygienic, and a pet-friendly option for your four-legged friend. We are sure you and your dog will love this product.

The reservoir has a wide opening at the base, making it easier to clean with a brush; the steel bowl inside the plastic base is also removable so that you can clean and easily. We recommend it for household pet parents who cannot follow a strict schedule to fill the waterer.

10. Best automatic dog water dispenser

  • Capacity – 4 Gallon, made to dispense filtered and freshwater for a prolonged time, pet-friendly material keeps the water safe inside.
  • Auto Dispenser – Yes, based on the gravity mechanism, keep the water level constant in the bowl so your dog can have water when he needed.
  • Highest sold item in its category, and this is a product that is sold most and has thousands of satisfied customers out there.
  • Easy to clean Antimicrobial material, which keeps the water safe and prevents germs and harmful bacteria from making their way inside.

Petmate Replendish Gravity Waterer is a product that does not need any words/review and introduction. This is the highest sold product, and pet parents who bought this product until now are completely satisfied with this product. It’s a simple and most trustworthy option available in the market, which comes with the flag of amazon choice. It can hold up to four gallons of water that is more than enough for a week.

We recommend it for pet parents who have multiple pets at home; in this product, they will have a single water station for all of the four-paws loved ones. It’s easy to assemble and clean. Whenever you refill, you can wash the bowl easily, its lightweight and durable, so there is nothing not to love. 

It is also a priced product very reasonably, and no competitor in the market offers such a quality product. Buying this product will not disturb your budget, and it will serve you for a longer time. 

In case your dog is barking a lot and creating a situation to deal then offer him plenty to water to stay hydrated and look for a bark stopper that can keep him quiet.

extra large dog water dispenser

Most of the manual and automatic dog waterers which run without electricity are very simple in nature, and there are very few things that matter. It would help if you considered these. Please choose the right option to keep you worry-free and provide fresh water to the dog when he needs that.

No need to get in-depth detail of everything to make it simple we discuss only the relevant things here. 


It matters because capacity will allow you to fill water and directly reduce the number of refills. A healthy large dog can maximum consume one gallon in two days. So if you can manage to refill anywhere between two days, this capacity is good for you.

Otherwise, look for anything that can store 2.5 gallons or more water because it will give your the liberty to fill once a week, and you can enjoy your time. 

It is the biggest advantage of water dispensers because they can continuously provide water because of their reasonable capacity. You are advised not to compromise on the capacity above.

We listed dispensers with different capacities so you can choose while keeping in view the number of pets at your home and refill frequency that you can follow.

Bowl Size

Your pup needs plenty of room to lap the water up. The bowl should match your dog size. Before buying anything for the large dog, you need to make sure that either it can fit or not.

Large dogs need a large bowl so they can drink water easily. It’s simple to take your feeding bowl’s size and look for similar capacity, and your dog will feel comfortable while drinking water from there. 

Some of the breeds dunk entire muzzles into the water while drinking water, so the bowl’s depth also becomes a matter of consideration. We believe that the size and depth of the bowl also affect the cleanliness of the water.

Bigger and deeper bowls are good for large dogs.


Plastic is the cheapest material in the market, and you can get a waterer made of plastic for under $20. It has advantages on the pricey side, but it’s not a good choice on the quality and durability.

The waterer’s lifespan depends on the material used in construction, and cheap plastic reservoirs can last for weeks only because your dog can easily damage that.

Plastic waterers are only good for well-behaved dogs. If you select a dog water dispenser made with plastic, then make sure it’s free of BPA and other harmful chemicals.

Chemicals from the dispenser can dissolve into water and contaminated water and cause serious health issues to deal with. Allergic reactions and dry noses are some common examples.

Steel-made options are also available like we list some above side, they are a little costly but save to use and easy to sanitize. Steel material doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. While on the other side their lifespan is longer as compared to plastic-made dog waterers.

Other than plastic and steel, ceramic-made products are also available, but usually, we do not recommend that because they are hard to move, weigh more, and it isn’t easy to wash them. 


It’s also a matter of consideration, especially when you offer him and water from your tank or that is not tested to be safe. While you are offering the same water you are drinking, you may look for an option without a filter.

You may choose this option for extra care, but it unnecessary to offer mineral water or the same other family members are using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

A dog water dispenser is not a technical device, but it is hard to make at home. We believe that it will cost you more if you try to make it at home while buying a good product online is cost-effective and easy as well as these products are long-lasting.

You need a cleaning brush and a liquid cleaner to perform this job, we advise you to please not buy any special accessories for its cleaning. You have anything in your kitchen, just become a little innovative.

Final Thoughts

To make the above listed of the ten best water dispensers for large dogs, we consider more than fifty products and read nearly 3500 comments and reviews. Then, we reach our final selection and make a list of the 10 best waterers that can be used for large and multiple dogs.

Before selecting any of the above-listed products, just visit your requirements and budget, and then you surely can find the right product for you.

We recommend Petmate Mason Replendish Waterer most because it’s the best that we find, reasonably priced, and offers all the benefits that one needs. Its capacity is great, and its bowl is large enough for giant size breed dogs.

If you are using a product and completely satisfied with that, then please share that with us.