The Best Extra Large Wooden Dog Crate End Table Furniture

Dog gives their best to their owners, whether it is protecting, playing showing the right path, or spending quality time outdoors. They always leave memorable moments, and in each minute spend with them, they show their affection towards owners. This is why we all love them and always want to provide them with every equipment and facility that they need, which makes them comfortable inside or outside. A Best Extra Large Wooden Dog Crate End Table Furniture is one that not only serves your four-legged furry friend but also serves you like a table.

The Best Extra Large Wooden Dog Crate End Table Furniture will keep your dog confined safely and securely, its tabletop can be used to keep your stuff, and its style will match with existing furniture. Surely it will look like a piece of furniture.

If you want to give your dog a luxury place without compromising on your interiors, then a wooden dog crate will be a final product that can satisfy your needs. These items large, even extra-large, with a stylish top and beautifully crated walls that allow ventilation and visibility so your loved one can see around what’ happened and figure out every business is ok that helps the dog stay calm.

We recently also dig out the best heavy duty plastic dog crate and list a few best available choices. Please visit to know more. Let have an in-depth review of wooden dog crates for large dogs.

What to Choose?

Obviously, the very first preference is to choose a large size dog crate near furniture grade and match your style as well as existing decor. Hundreds of products are available online as well as in an offline marketplace. But getting a most favorite product does not mean compromising on the comfort of your dog.

Yes, the comfort of four-legged furry friends matters a lot; the more they stay relax, the more they love you and keep you happy while playing with you and spending quality time on walks. The requirements are very simple, just similar to what you look like in an ordinary dog crate.

When buying a large dog crate, you must not compromise on the safety and security of your dog, and it should be your first preference. After that, you need to buy an appropriate size, a large wooden crate in which your dog can rest comfortably, should be well ventilated and allow visibility outside as well as equipped with the plastic pan.

A plastic tray or pan is a necessity to keep the doggie space clean because such trays are easy to remove and can be cleaned or washed in just a matter of seconds. 

1. Best Extra Large Wooden Dog Crate

dog crate end table extra large

Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate End Table is constructed with durable hardware and resembles teak. It’s an interior piece that will increase the interior look of your house and be a safe and secure private space for your dog. We give its first spot because of its beautiful stained and lacquered finish; it’s a high-quality mortise and tenon construction, the daily use will not harm the look and parts.

It allows ventilation through its swing-through design and will keep you worry-free from many common problems. Fresh air inside will keep the dog healthy, and clear visibility keeps the dog calm. It is also best for those who have space issues as its door rotates inside and will only space that physically it requires. Its melamine-covered MDF floor is waterproof, and for the extra comfort of your dog, you can add additional bedding. Wood and floor will not catch odors and keep the environment easy to clean. 

This easy to assemble option is ideal for dogs up to 80 pounds, and it can be used anywhere inside.

The door is equipped with a new style lock, and its top can hold the weight more than you expect from a normal table so that you can use it for your usual business.

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2. Top Rated Wooden End Table Dog Crates

xl wooden dog crate

Internet’s Best Decorative Dog Kennel with Pet Bed – Small Dog – Double Door – Wooden Wire Dog House – Large Indoor Pet Crate Side Table; os one that is sold in hundreds and dog owners show their complete satisfaction towards this wooden dog crate which is ideally made for the large dogs. It’s a decorative multifunctional option that will value your home interior; it’s equipment that can be used anywhere in the house.

Durable enough to use as a side table or end table, made with strong MDF and metal, the combination increases the strength and overall life of the product. Frankly, it’s built to last.

Moreover, its equipped with a dog bed that is waterproof and comfortable for large dogs. We recommend it to those who want elegant and expresso-looking furniture style wooden made dog crate.

Its secure locking and classy look will definitely engage your dog and give him a feeling that you care for him.

Drawbacks: not suitable for excessive chewers; it’s not chew-proof.

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3. Nice White Wooden Dog Crate End Table

extra large wooden dog crate

Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate is made with solid wood and available in five colors to match one with the existing decore easily. It’s not too heavy, but it’s constructed to last for a longer time as solid wood is used in its construction to make it durable. The top can be used for additional storage, and you can place your valuable item on the top. It’s a sturdy solution that can be used for a native feel. 

Rich finish colors not only make it beautiful but also give it a feel that your dog can sense as his own. Equipped with a lockable gate so you can rest with peace of mind that your furry friend is secure inside and he cannot make away outside. Either there is a need to confine your dog for the permanent basis of at night time even occasionally its a solution that will increase the interior look of your house.

If you have a dog who chews, then it’s recommended product from our side because he may leave some scratches on the solid wood but cannot break or damage the construction.

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4. Custom XL Wooden Dog Crate

extra large dog crate furniture

Merry Products Cage/Crate is a custom 2 in 1 solution that can be used either as a barrier/gate or a crate. It will save a lot of money you can easily set it up as per your requirements. We recommend it to those dog owners who do not need a permanent crate for inside use but occasionally need a gate/barrier for their dog to restrict his access to some of the particular areas.

This crate and gate are designed to provide your dog with a secure resting place while it also functions as an accent piece of furniture in your living room. The solid wood veneer cover on the top is designed to allow you to use a wide space to place your personal items. Turning it into a gate hardly take five minutes, and its gate is secure with a securable lock to keep your dog limited to his own area. 

Each wooden dog crate for large dogs is removable so that you can make a smaller gate. A removable plastic tray is also included in the package that will keep your floor safe from the waste of your dog.

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5. XL Wooden Dog Crate with Sliding Door

furniture dog crate large

Newport Dog Crate Kennel Cage Bed Night Stand End Table Wood Furniture Cave House Room Large Size Dark Brown is a fine quality crate end table that can be used either as a center table or as a side table.

When your dog is inside, the large space will provide him room to move freely and rest comfortably. It’s fully ventilated and allow clear visibility from all side.

A stylish end table will increase the value of your interior decor and also keep the pup happy.

6. Giant Wooden Dog Crates for Large Dogs

dog crate end table

EcoFlex Pet Crate End Table is different from others because it’s made with steel tubes. Yes, steel tubes are used to making the window openings, and the door is equipped with doubles latches to keep the pup safe and secure inside.

Easy to set up and no assembly tools required to give it a final shape.

Do Placement Crate End Table Matter?

Countless dog owners think that a crate end table can be used anywhere, but truly it’s not advised ever to use it at any place. It can negatively impact your dog’s behavior when you use it in the kitchen or neat the kitchen where your dog can sense the smell of food and cannot see what is going on inside the living room while he can hear a voice coming from there.

Or putting it right in the center of the living room where everyone is chatting with each other where placing items on the center table make a sound that underneath dog can listen can feel fear.

Do not choose a place where your dog remains disturbed. You may choose a side or corner where you can place a few of your worthy interiors or items that you need less and a place where the dog can see all family members. Such a place will keep the pup calm and also will keep him near to the family member.

Keep the wooden crate end table in the passage also negatively impacts the behavior of dogs, so choose a space gently to keep your dog comfortable.

Final Thoughts

When there is a need to confine your dog inside, then a wooden dog crate can be a good solution that comes in an end table style where you can organize some of your random stuff. When we dig out in deep, we find that many custom vendors in the online marketplace are making this stuff, but only wooden stuff is not a good choice for the dogs.

Start looking for the mixed wooden and metal options and find a few outstanding options listed above for your considerations. Consider your existing furniture style and size of your dog to finalize a good option for your dog.

Dog love crates, and obviously, the wooden crates are the most premium options available in the market.

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