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You are worried about the complaints of neighbors and also from locating your dog every evening, or your dog charges the people passing through. Definitely, you need to install the best fencing to keep the dog in the house. Fencing not only keep your dog confined. It also protects him from the strangers and if you install the garden fence as the last boundary for your dog then along with keeping your dog confined it protect your garden from the other pets and children. It’s hard to find the best fencing to keep dogs in for the garden because a lot of variety is available in the market, we outline some of the guidelines to buy the best fence Like:

Size of Fence

If you own a large breed dog then surely you look for the fence with the maximum height, we recommend buying anything above 40” is enough to hold the storing and energetic dogs. But if you own a small or medium-size dog, then the height of 30” inches is enough to keep him confined. Height is the main feature that helps to keep the dog confined, and it also eliminates the chances of any outside breaching.

Material Used in Construction

Prefer to buy a fence made with iron or steel. Your dog and environment challenge the fence, again and again, a fence made with strong and durable material can withstand the pressure of the most energetic dogs and extreme weather conditions. Poor quality plastic fences are also available in the market that is cost-effective but not durable enough to sue for a long time. So do not buy anything made of plastic if you are looking for a

Final Finish of Fence

The fence outside remains exposed to weather conditions and may become prone to rust. But the chance nearly decreased to zero if you buy a powder-coated fence to secure your garden and keep your dog confined. Finish also matter a lot because the fence becomes a part of your garden if it is not good looking then you may not want to use it for a long time and you may return it.

1. Yaheetech Heavy Duty Fence

best fencing to keep dogs in
  • Heavy-duty foldable fence
  • Can take any shape, and reduce or increase the length
  • Powder Coated Iron Panels
  • Made to last, rustproof and weather-resistant
  • Made with rounded edges to keep your pet safe
  • Featured with grounds stakes to fix sturdy on the ground
  • Easy to install and transport

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Yaheetech Heavy Duty Fence is available in different heights and sizes. You can choose one concerning the size of your dog and your need. It is a fence that is made to last for many of the coming years. Powder-coated material is rustproof, and extreme weather cannot damage it. It can be high enough to confirm the good jumpers inside, and it’s a good product to use for multiple pets. It is highly portable, and this feature makes it possible to transport this fence anywhere you want, and even you can configure it with fewer panels.

It is featured with the hinged door and door latch for easy entry into the area. The panels equipped with the metal stakes which make the panel arrangement easy and take the only minutes to set up. You may use this fence for camping while transporting a few panels with you.

Yaheetech Heavy Duty Fence is large enough for your dog to play inside freely; it can be used as a wall with a door and with wall mounting hardware you can fix it permanently. It is a multipurpose fence that can keep your dog safe and secure. When unassembled it fold flat that makes the transportation comfortable and not tool required for the job.

Drawbacks, not suitable for tiny size dogs because of door lip as small dogs cannot cross that.

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2. Zippity Outdoor Garden Metal Fence

Zippity Outdoor Garden Metal Fence
  • Powder-coated iron material, come with three years warranty
  • Easy to remove and install, simple stake insertion installation
  • Perfect to use temporarily or permanently, can be reused many times.
  • 37 inches high when installed
  • Fully scalable, you can add more panels to increase the length

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It can be used to make a wall of your yard or to mark the boundary at any place, and it can effectively contain the dog inside. The good thing about this fence is it’s easy to install and remove, and you can carry it anywhere you want because it’s lightweight and compact when uninstalled. Its 42 inches tall but when installed its exact height is 37 inches, if you insert the stakes accurately in the ground which are 5 inches long. Perfect for garden and small pets. Its mesh made to keep the small pets inside.

Drawbacks, Rubber mallet required to install it properly, not recommended for large energetic dogs, you may need an additional door.

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3. YARDGARD Galvanized Welded Wire

YARDGARD Galvanized Welded Wire
  • It is galvanized before welding
  • Made of steel
  • Crosswire for added strength
  • Multipurpose can be used to confine small dogs or to protect the garden
  • All wires are trimmed flush, uniformed edges
  • Durable and weather-resistant, made with 16 gauge steel
  • Easy to install, can also be used for composite bins

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Usually, people think that wire can hurt the dogs, but YARDGARD Galvanized Welded Wire is per friendly, and it cannot hurt any pet. It is a perfect solution to confine your small dogs. Made with steel and easy to fix features make it an excellent choice among owners who want to protect their gardens as well as want to keep the pets confined.

Drawbacks, Additional hardware is required to install like poles and clamps and other things; it’s only suitable for small dogs.

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4. HopeSun Decorative Fence

HopeSun Decorative Fence
  • Perfect for large dogs, 44 inches high
  • Featured with double protection, Galvanized and powder coated
  • 30 minutes install, insert stakes into the ground for installation, easy to remove
  • Fully scalable, you can extend it to the length of your garden
  • Can be used as one sidewall
  • It’s a multipurpose fence kit

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It is the most stylish and durable product on our list. We found that most of the dog owners are using it to cover the yard because it offers a permanent solution to keep the dog inside the house. It can confine the large and most energetic dogs. Large dogs cannot jump over the 44 inches high fence. Double protection means it will serve you in many of the coming years, and your dog will learn to respect the barrier and stay inside without making any effort to breach it.

It is scalable. You can order additional panels if you need to extend the length of your fence and you can make a separate area for your dog while using this fence. The good thing about it is, easy to install, and uninstall. We recommend using a rubber mallet to fix it correctly on the ground. It is a fence that we recommend most because it can withstand the pressure of most energetic dogs, and harsh weather cannot damage it. You may remove it if needed to install somewhere else temporarily.

Drawbacks, you may need a door additionally, rubber mallet required to install it.

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5. XCEL – Black Steel Fence

XCEL - Black Steel Fence
  • Galvanized inside, double powder-coated outside
  • Easy to install design
  • 5 ft high, compact design, easy to transport
  • Scaleable, you can increase the length while buying more panels
  • Made for the security and beauty of your garden
  • Comes with 10 years manufacturer warranty
  • Money-back satisfaction

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If you want a permanent solution then XCEL – Black Steel Fence is for you. It is made to last for a lifetime, and this is the reason the manufacturer is providing a warranty of 10 years. Double powder-coated means it is well protected against rust and weather. It is featured with a secure snap assembly design that also enables you to assemble it in a matter of minutes. It is a costly option but a permanent solution.

Its 5 ft high that means your energetic and large breed dog cannot cross it and you should not expect any breaching from outside.

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Dogs naturally love to socialize and play around. It’s a reason hard to keep them confined, especially when there is some other likely dog is around, or they love to visit the neighborhood. We recommend buying Yaheetech Heavy Duty Fence because it can take any shape or can be used as a wall. It is an effective fence for small, medium, and large size dogs. It’s available in different sizes and lengths so you can buy one as per your needs.

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