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We all know that owning a pet is the best feeling in the world and pets in our home become a family member and everyone takes care of them, they remain center of attention for all and especially during the activities with the kids. Pets are the best companion either you are carving for real affection of need company on the walk, in all situations your pet always stand as a four-legged friend.  

Just imagine you return home or wake and find your four-legged friend missing, in such time you will make your best efforts to locate him and will search each and every corner of the house but cannot locate your loved one.

You keep searching without any clue like you will check the neighbors and place where most of the time you found him, and one step ahead you will start asking for help to friends and family also on social media. Pets like dogs and cats have a natural habit of nomadic out and visit the place where no one thinks about, today we are sharing a pet tracker with you which can track and locate the missing pet and also can monitor the activities.

Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker Free of Monthly Fees - GPS Tracking Collar for Dogs and Cats & Pet Activity Monitor - Includes Care Membership

Using the pet tracker is an effective and easy way to keep an eye on your dog anytime and anywhere and  there is no need to pay subscription, while using Findster Duo+ pet tracker and activity monitor you can locate your pet with ease,

Connect with Maze

Findster Duo+ is a GPS pet tracker that comes in two models which communicate with each other through maze technology, one module if for your four-legged friend which you can connect with his collar and one if for you which you must keep with yourself while tracking. These two modules can communicate with each other up to 3 miles in a plan terrain.   

Easy Tracking

Install the Findster app in your mobile and start tracking your four-legged friend. This app will show you the real-time location of your pet and your own location so you can exactly know where your pet is. You can monitor in the real-time and it will create a safe zone around your pet while walking and when your pet leaves the space you will be notified in real-time.

Anywhere Use

You can use this Best dog GPS tracker anywhere means indoor and outdoor even it a really good for hiking. Its tracking range is different with respect to the environment but this Best dog GPS tracker will inform you when you dog is crossing the limit and going outside of coverage area.

Effective Range of Findster Duo+

Technical Specifications

    • Weight: 0.8 oz, 21 grams
    • Recommended for pets above 3.5kg, 8 lbs 
    • Dimensions: 0.5 x 2 x 2 inches
    • Waterproof Immersion 1m depth, 3ft
    • Totally Shockproof
    • Smartphone App: iPhone 5+; iOS 9+; Android 5.0+


    • Up to 0.5 Miles in very dense areas
    • up to 3 Miles in open field 
    • Current range record is 10 KM in open field

Battery Life

    • Rechargeable battery
    • Last for 12 hours while Hiking
    • Up to 3 days on the normal walk of 30 minutes daily
    • Up to 7 days at home, no GPS usage, only activity monitoring
    • Simultaneously charge both units: can charge 3 devices with one charger at a time

Other Features 

    • High Precision GPS
    • Maze Technology
    • No sim Card Required 
    • No data or subscription fee required
    • RGB LED for connection Status
    • Can track up to 3 pets
    • Work everywhere, any country, even off-grid
    • Realtime alerts
    • Optimized for walk and activity monitoring
    • Provide geofencing support 

The effective range of this Best dog GPS tracker varies with respect to the surrounding and environment like in the dense area its effective range is 0.5 Miles approximately 0.8 KM while in the plan and ground it can track up to 3 miles, in the most recent tests it tracks up to 10 KM.

If you have to choose the best dog GPS tracker on the basis of maximum range then Findster has no competitor in the market. Even it work off-grid that means you can use it anywhere in the world to track your pet.

In most of cases, you can expect a range of 0.5 miles means 0.8 Km approximately as per our finds during Findster duo plus review we find that its effective range never decreases from 0.5 Miles

No subscriptions

This device tracks your pet with the GPS and maze technology and for this purpose, it uses the GPS of your mobile, both of the modules remain connected with each other and mobile. there is no subscription or monthly fee associated with this device usage. 

Real-Time GPS Tracking

When you need to know the location of your pet or want to track live while walking or on hiking then turn on the GPS tracker and you can see the position of your pet on your mobile in real-time and position update on mobile in real-time so you can follow your pet.

Activity Monitoring

This is a perfect Paw Tracker, the whole day activity of your pet come in your tabs and can figure out how much he need mroe, you can se the walk time and Paw Tracker  tracker will guide you when to end the walk and set reminders for you to go for walk with your four-legged friend.

No Cell Coverage Needed

No need to worry about the signals and network specially when you are out of home with your dog. This Best dog GPS tracker work absolutely without cell coverage as it use GPS and MAZE technology. So even you wnet out of coverage it can exactly guide you about the location of dog. 

Track up to Three Pets

The basic package comes with two modules one for you and one for your pet. But you can purchase additional modules to track all of your pets. Best dog GPS tracker support up to 3 pets, means from a single app you can track three pets that is really an added advantage.

Fully Waterproof

This best GPS dog tracker is fully waterproof up to 1 meter. Dogs always enjoy the liberty to play with water and swim, so there is no need to worry for the same moisture will not make its way to electronics of this device. So your dog can enjoy at bay and can swim anywhere. Both modules are waterproof.

Well, Findster Duo+ is a perfect device for piece of mind and most advance and reliable pet tracker to use either indoor or outdoor, simply attach the device to the collar and start receiving location and activity information on your mobile in real time.

Findster Pro+ App

Findster app is a professional tracking app we test it during the Findster Duo+ reviews and found it free from glitches and work fine with all of the mobiles there is no hard and fast requirement for this app because it is a lightweight app. it can run on any smartphone. It is available for iPhone 5+; iOS 9+; Android 5.0+, you can adjust the warning and alerts as per your own need, in total it is a fully customizable app this is the reason we rate is as Best dog walking app. This app is a perfect walk for a dog app as it complete track the walk and record that. That walk for a dog app triggers a notification if something is missing from the activity. Let’s have a look at its features, 

Realtime Alerts

Findster app trigger real-time alerts that will help to stay informed, all of its alerts are customizable and you can set the way of alert as per your wish. No belated notification with Findster app it keeps you informed about the activity and location in real times which makes it Best dog walking app.

Virtual Fences

Findster app offers to mark the virtual fence and every time when your pet goes near to it and cross the limit it will trigger the real-time alerts and inform you in a timely manner. But there are some limitations to use this function like the minimum range is 55 yards that means only it will work when your pet crosses the limit of 55 yard which is not suitable for owners with small houses. On the other side these devices only work with the mobile phone when you move away from your home at that time you may not receive the alerts and fencing options will not work.

But when you are home and especially for the night it is really good to activate the virtual fence option and get alerts when your pet cross that or goes near to it.

Virtual fencing is a fully customizable feature you can mark the safe area and red zones, your pets can move freely in the safe zone and when they move in the red zone you will be notified in real-time, other than the minimum requirement you are free to set boundaries and  danger zone within the full limit of this Best dog walking app.


This options of Findster app makes it possible to share the whole statistics with others like family members or any. The other person will install the same app and you will authorize that, he will start receiving the same statistics which you are receiving. Note that this feature will only work with the access of internet.

Activity Leaderboard

Findster app will record the activities of your pet and will compare it with the similar pets and other categories and record the needs from day to day and on the basis of statistics if trigger alert of your pet needs, and daily task requirements. It will not let you forget about an important need for your pet.


Well this is the best feature of dog walking tracker and it is similar to radar, with the help of the map in the Findster app you will get the distance and direction to find your pet, so you never lose your pet again. It keeps the record of tack means the way that your pet chooses to go there, and even can track from distance. You will love this feature intact this is the one that makes it best Pet Tracker.


This advanced walk for a dog app maintain history and place and activities which you can check at the spare time and can visit the same place again, it also helps you to know which place your pet visit more in last month and even in a year. No need to record anything manually Findster app will keep a record of every walk and visit.


There is an opportunity to compete with other users and earn badges this will increase the activity level of your pet and also will help you keep your dog happy and healthy.

Activity Monitor

This feature of Paw Tracker keeps you informed that how much you do walk today and what are the further requirement. It collects all information about walk and exercise and compare it with the pre-defined and daily routine and then trigger alerts.

Virtual Leash

In fact zones and virtual leash is the same thing when you are on move and you set a virtual lead at the findster app it will notify you when your dog crosses the set limit distance from you.

Findster Duo+ do not need internet to figure out the exact location but when you take a start you need it for at least 20 seconds just o get the correct starting point at GPS and then if you are continuously walking then prefer to connect with the interne after two hours this will fetch the exact location and provide you more accurate alerts and paths.

Findster duo plus review we test this device for five hours in the bunchy area with two of our pets and find that it exactly work well up to 2 miles this was the maximum limit that we test, and our other findings are,

Battery Life

This device has really good battery life especially when the GPS is turned off and its only working on activity monitoring while on the outdoor GPS like in the hiking company claim it 12 hours, we test it for continuous five hours in the bunchy are and and there was enough juice left in the battery after five hours. 

Effective Range

During Findster Duo+ review we test it for maximum range of 2 miles in a bunchy area and it works well, in five hours we do not lose location for even a minute. The company claims the range of up to 3 miles and we are convinced that it can go beyond 3 miles.

100% Waterproof Durable 

both of the modules of GPS pet tracker are made with durable material and environment will not put any effect on these their shape color and functionality will not be affected due to weather and environment.

During the Findster Duo+ reviews​ we go through the whole manual and did not find any restriction of use in special weather or environment. Both modules are IP67 standard means they are waterproof till 1m water depth. This will give your dog the liberty to play with water, rain, and swim. 

Track Three Pets from the Same device

You can add pet tracking modules even after the basic purchase and it is really an advantage as most of us have multiple pets at home like a dog and a cat. Findster app makes it possible to track both from the single device. It will also work as a pedometer for dogs and other pets. When you are curious about the health and daily requirement of your dog at that this pedometer for dogs and other pets will bring exact statistics on your tabs.  

Easy to Track Dogs

When you are tracking your dog at that time Findster app show you exact location and distance but most of the time you have to update your location manually with the button on the right corner of the app. The app has to update the location of two modules so update your location frequently when you are tracking your dog. GPS button allows you to manually update your location.

There is another special feature if you press the GPS button it will update your location automatically in real-time and swivel around the map as you take turns and move forward.

That really makes the chase easy and hassle-free for even novice dog owners. We often conduct pet tracker reviews but this one was special as this is the most sophisticated device that we review. So, in this pet tracker review, we consider every benefit twice either it can give benefit to users of not.  

Who Can Use Findster Duo+

This dog walking tracker and activity monitor is specially made for the outdoor use, people love to go outside with their pets. When pets are off-leash they become naughty and it’s hard to find them. This GPS dog tracker which also work as dog walking tracker make this task easy for a dog owner as it shows exact location and distance along with the path which dog take to go there which makes locating your dog easy, well this paw tracker is perfect for

    • Household pet owners who want to keep an eye on their pets
    • People who take dogs along with them for hiking
    • For people who travel to far off lands with their pets especially dogs
    • People who go out for adventures trip
    • Those who love to walk with dogs


Cons of Findster Duo+

      • The app has to update the location of two modules one of your pet and at of yours, that is sometimes really heck, especially at the time when you choose to update your location manually during tracking.
      • Virtual shield limit is minimum 55 yards.
      • Communication range can be interrupted in the metropolitans. 
      • On GPS active tracking findster app will quickly dry up your mobile battery as it uses GPS all the time.  


In the technical gadgets, the chance of improvement always remain there, This California based firm make its name in this market the, this product came in 2017 and gain a lot of success because it was the only one without monthly fees.

This GPS pet tracker offers a lot of benefits at a fair price which is not possible anywhere else. It is recommended for all pet owners, as per our view it is a must-have product for all pet owners. But keep in mind just a dog tracker is not enough you need to train your dog well to follow the boundary instructions.

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