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This small Alpha Garmin device is a solution to many expensive problems and is a must-have any dog owner who enjoys being outdoors with his four-legged friends and for supporting dog owners.

The combo package of Alpha Garmin and TT 15 comes with all that you need to operate the device. You can add collars, later on, to extend the working with the number of dogs.

Earlier to Alpha Garmin the bet seller was Astro, Garmin improves the GPS features of best selling and to make it better and perfect for track and train they combine the functionality of the best tri-tonics dog training collars.

There are many significant improvements in Alpha Garmin Like faster GPS update rates, glove-friendly touch screen, enhanced battery life, rescue mode to secure dogs and owners, buddy tracking mode for group hunting, tracking enhanced to 20 dogs, and a new innovative feature of direction option in the compass screen.

Tracking ad training becomes easy with Alpha Garmin

Tracking ad training becomes easy with Alpha Garmin due to its user-friendly interface, it comes with a touch screen instead of old toggle buttons/switches. Which makes easy o select the dog and working simulation level.

No Doubt Garmin Alpha tracking system is all of one combination of bestselling devices. Combining two devices into by Garmin leads to a piece of gear which is good enough for all-purpose.

Fortunately, the Garmin Alpha Tracking System is more than a GPS tracking system. This single system will save you a lot of money and time. Let’s have a look at the systems and capabilities of Garmin Alpha Tracking System,

Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle, Includes Handheld and TT 15 Dog Device, Multi-dog Tracking GPS and Remote Training Device in One

What's New in the Garmin ALPHA?

Other Features of Garmin Alpha 100

Garmin Alpha 100 Handheld GPS

This is the most superior track and train system which is made Garmin until now and in the industry, it is top choice for trainer, hunter and individual dog owners who love to go outside with their dogs this system offers a lot of benefits like,

GPS Features

Remote Training Collar Features

With the additions of a e-collar you can use this the handheld Garmin Alpha 100 for the training of your dogs, it gives you a lot of more functions and you can train 20 dogs in a single time, may add other compatible collar which are less costly.

With this handheld you can create your own Tri-tonics e-collar or a custom setup that suits your needs and requirements, and this whole setup is cost effective.

ALPHA Handheld Dimensions

    1. Weight 8.8 oz.
    2. Height 9.5 in. (standard antenna)
    3. Height:18 in. (long-range antenna)
    4. Width: 2.4 in.
    5. Depth: 1.4 in.


Additional GPS Features

    1. High Speed USB mini-B connector
    2. Rugged IPX7 waterproof standards
    3. Quad helix GPS antenna
    4. Removeable VHF antenna
    5. Micro SD card slot
    6. Stores 1000 waypoints, 50 routes and 10,000 track points
    7. Area calculation feature


Charging Clip

    1. Comes with a snap-on charging clip w/ dual lead charger
    2. Charge a collar and handheld at the same time.
    3. RED light = collar is charging.
    4. GREEN light = when fully charged.


Handheld Battery

    1. Rechargeable 3.7v Li-ion
    2. Runtime: between 16-20 hours


E-Collars: What’s in the Garmin ALPHA?

  • You get a ‘$500 e-collar’ for only $250 more than the Astro
  • Reinforce known commands, Stop problem behaviors / break trash.
  • Train ANY dog from the most stubborn to the most sensitive.
  • Rechargeable batteries that have a long run time and charge quickly
  • 3-buttons instantly selectable at the transmitter
  • 18 levels of continuous/momentary STIM
  • Audio Tone
  • Non-stimulating Vibration
  • Expandable to 20 dogs.
  • A touch screen replaces multi-dog toggle switches and intensity dials —
  • Customizable — set multiple specific stim types and levels for each dog
  • Access custom settings immediately, easier and faster than manual controls

Garmin TT15 Collar (Mini & Standard)

Garmin TT15 mini and TT15 both are most advanced dog collars for training and for hunting. In these there are a lot of improvements in these collars which are worthwhile and makes these fully functional for multi-purpose use,

garmin collar

ALPHA TT15 Collar Dimensions

    1. Weight: 10 oz. with collar strap and antenna
    2. Height: 1.75 in.
    3. Width: 3.5 in.
    4. Depth: 1.85 in.
    5. 1″ wide collar strap

Collar Battery

    1. Rechargeable and user replaceable Li-ion battery
    2. 24 to 48 hour run time depending on update rate

Collar Battery Runtime:

    • ~24 hours with 2.5 second update rate
    • ~34 hours with 5 second update rate
    • ~38.5 hours with 10 second update rate
    • ~42.5 hours with 30 second update rate
    • ~48 hours with 120 second update rate

Waht's included in the package?

  • Alpha 100 Handheld
  • Rechargeable li-ion battery pack
  • Belt clip
  • USB cable
  • 5″ standard and 13″ long range handheld antennas
  • TT 15 GPS dog device
  • User-replaceable Li-Ion battery pack (rechargeable)
  • BRAIDED STEEL VHF 18 1/2″ Standard Collar Antenna
  • BRAIDED STEEL VHF 22 1/2″ Long Range Collar Antenna
  • AC adapter
  • Vehicle charger
  • Charging clip
  • Split adapter cable
  • Short and long contact point sets with wrench
  • Non-stim plug
  • Field bag
  • Owner’s manual
  • 1 year BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription
  • 1 year Garmin warranty
  • User replaceable black collar strap

It does not matter where you are either running through the wilderness of in a park at smooth terrain, alpha dog tracker handheld system with the range of 9 miles allows you to track and train your dog from just a single screen.

With the update rate of 2.5-second alpha dog tracker will keep you informed about the actions and positions of your dog, so you can keep eye on your dogs when they are not within sight and can instruct them accordingly.

Alpha dog tracker comes with the TOPO 100K maps which are already loaded into the handheld device, which make it possible for you to work at any anywhere in the country.

Which collars are compatible with Garmin Alpha 100?

There is an option to buy the handheld device without collars as it works with few other 2 other collars. But for best results, it is recommended to use Garmin Alpha tracking collars.

Because Garmin Alpha tracking collars are made especially for this Alpha Garmin handheld device and with the update rate of 2.5 seconds these alpha tracking collars keep you updated about the direction, positions, and activity of your dogs.

These are fully compatible with the device and this is the reason combo is being offered by the Garmin.

Garmin Alpha collars which are compatible with the handheld device are available in two variants, the functionality is same in both, the first one Garmin Alpha collar standard TT 15 offer range of up to 9 Miles while the second Garmin Alpha Collar TT 15 Mini offers the range of 4 Miles.

So, we find that range is the basic difference between these two and both are available on the same price. Astro also works with this handheld on the Alpha mode (special configuration and software update required).

It is highly recommended to use Alpha collars as track and train dog collars.

Will the Garmin Alpha Track the DC50 Collars?

Every professional is recommending to use alpha collars as track and train dog collars to get best results, but the question is there either the earlier collar DC50 collar work with alpha Garmin handheld device?

From the Garmin site, the answer is very clear and it’s big “NO”. it is clearly mentioned on their side that DC 50 is compatible with Astro 320 and Astro 430 handhelds only and its clear from them it does not work with another model of Alpha handhelds.

So here Garmin alpha tracking collars should be the first preference for the hunters. With this modern technology, it is best to use compatible collars only which work well in all weather conditions and anywhere either in a forest or plain terrain.

There are some tricks available by professionals to connect and the DC50 collar from the Alpha 100 handheld device but it is not recommended from our side. We are only in view to use Garmin alpha tracking collars for best results.

Even when other then the tracking you need to train your dog or need geo fencing Garmin alpha shock collar are best. The simulation which is possible on Garmin alpha shock collar is not offered by any other collars. Alpha Garmin collars are multipurpose collars.

Product Comparison of Garmin Alpha and Garmin Astro

Garmin Alpha 100 is offering state of art technology and features, and it is leading the market with this release. The Garmin Astro is a good tracking device but there are many other features which makes Alpha 100 a superior track and train system.


    1. GPS + E-Collar) Track and train system along with Geo Fencing capabilities
    2. Includes Tri-Tonics electronic dog training technology
    3. Price is higher than the Astro
    4. Track and train up to 20 dogs
    5. Cannot track handhelds
    6. It has 100 ID tracking codes
    7. Starts from 2.5 second update rate
    8. It has 34 hours battery run time


    1. (Only GPS) Only a dog tracking system.
    2. Does not include Tri-Tonics
    3. Cheaper than Alpha
    4. Track only 10 dogs
    5. Cannot track handhelds
    6. It offers only 50 ID tracking codes
    7. Starts from 5 second update rate
    8. It battery offer 22 hours run time.

When you are buying such system, it is best to buy most updated and advance system for your track and train works, as you may need to purchase the enhancements with the old systems like for training. But when you buy Garmin Alpha 100 you buy all that you need for your hunting and training.

With the training capabilities of alpha tracking system bundle, you can customize everything. The use of alpha tracking system bundle makes you enable to work with up to 20 dogs at the same time which will save you precious time and money.

Garmin alpha bundle best price is $ 799.99 in this price you can get either the TT15 standard collar with 9 miles range or TT 15 Mini collar. We call it Garmin alpha bundle best price because in just $200 additional you are getting a dog collar which is most advanced and can be used for Tracking and training. While additional collars are available at $ 299.99.

The Base Camp Feature

If you are working on the professional level, then you will love this feature of the Garmin alpha dog tracker and trainer. The Garmin alpha base camp software lets you plan your work journey, you can make your journey more adventurous with the help of this software because you can visualize the maps and set your track and figure out what you will exactly need on that path.

The BaseCamp software displays topographic map data of your expected hunt or training area on your laptop or computer, which includes evaluation profiles and contour lines.

While using the Garmin alpha dog tracker, you can view the data on BaseCamp Software in 2-D and 3-D. It also has a feature to transfer the images to your device when it is connected with the BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription. Frankly, with this feature, Garmin Alpha dog tracker makes the job easy.

Basecamp software allows you to customize your trip and monitoring in many ways like you can create specific routes and waypoints. And the other one that we like most you can create the boundary where you want your dogs to travel and can get that on your mobile device. It will enable the system to alert you when you or dog pass that limit.

The usage of the Garmin alpha dog tracker gives you peace of mind as you can correct your dog; they cross the limit. Garmin adventure is an app that comes with BaseCamp through this app you can share your events with others.

BaseCamp act as a central control for your whole campaign especially the rescue teams with a lot of dogs and group hunts, you can load the software into your laptop and can track up to twenty dogs or buddies.  

This software in your laptop and handheld device both work without the Internet and once installed, you can track dog and buddies up to nine miles.

Many people name it GPS Alpha because the earlier system Astro was knowing for the best GPS dog tracking system and that capabilities are enhanced into this system along with E-collar function. Which really makes it perfect GPS Alpha for the hunters and trainers.

GPS alpha 100 helps you to train your dog with the convenient as the E-collar functions are fully configurable and due to use friendly interface its easy to access the commands buttons. You can send commands to each dog separately through the safe and effective system. It offers 18 levels of momentary and 18 levels of continuous stimulation and plus audio able tons and last but not least the vib command. So, it gives have all the tools which a trainer need, it will save the cost and time because simultaneously you can train 20 dogs.

Garmin Alpha 100 Essentials and What we loved

Garmin Alpha 100 track and train system offer a lot of features and benefits and it not possible to discuss of those in a single article, here we list the most important ones whichrequired for hunting and training.

Do We Think It’s a Worthy Investment?

There is no doubt that Garmin alpha bundle is the most innovative and competitive product in the market with the advanced handheld device and reliable dog tracking devices. Garmin alpha bundle is engineered for perfect tracking and training and engineering genius behind it combines tracking and training efficiency into one device without compromising the functions and effectiveness.

Moreover, the range that it is offering is not effectively possible with other devices. You know that in technology a need for improvement always remains there, but at this moment it is a perfect gear for tracking and training. The Garmin alpha bundle makes the hiking and hunting with dogs easy even if you are not a professional hunter or trainer.

Great reception capacity

If you are professional hunter, trainer or related to rescue then you will love this feature its reception if awesome even in the woody area and forest it can easily locate the position of your dog. The location pointed out on the map as the red arrow with all other information.

Groundbreaking Tracking and Training Capabilities

Alpha tracking system bundle comes with the all of maps which you need, Maps of all states are pre-loaded in the handheld set and you can change with a just swipe, note that these are detailed maps with roads and railroads and rivers with all information. Overall, 100 maps from 50 states are pre-loaded into the device.

With an alpha tracking system bundle, you can see where your dog is located and where you are on the screen which makes the whole job easy. And the waypoint marking feature makes it easier to move forward and backward anytime. With alpha tracking system bundle waypoint options, you also can mark the position of your vehicle, so you get to know how far you are from your vehicle.  


All the functions and features which you can expect for a Geo-Fencing system are offered by Garmin track and train Alpha 100 so when you buy this system there is no need to buy a separate Geo-Fencing system for your dogs.


You can select the limit of the radio in the yard and when your dog crosses the limit it will warn you with the proper alert and you can take your measure. A hunter can set the radios as per his gun limit and a trainer can set as per his activity. This is a feature which will not allow your dogs to go far from the field that you set.

This single alert will work for all of the dogs and you can set two alerts with the different range like first for 100 yards and second for 200 yards so when you are in birds and your dog run you will stay updated about his distance too and can use it to limit the area for dogs.

Running Pointers / Directional Arrows

When you come on the compass screen, it shows an arrow pointing where the dog is in relation to your own location, it also show distance and also show an icon if your dog in on move, but you cannot see the direction he is moving in.

Rescue Mode

This is a new feature which makes the you trip more secure; this is the not the default mode of device. But the battery of your device remain less than 25% it changes the mode to default and you can turn it on at your own anytime, it will turn on the update rate to 2 minutes that will save a lot of battery and if you are in a condition of lost dog you will get another 12 hours to locate your dog.

Hunter and trainers know that missing a dog is more frustrating and finding a missing four-legged friend is a difficult and time-consuming task. With rescue mode you will get 12 more hours to search for you dog with the accurate location.

Collar Lights

Lights are built in the collars and can be activated from the handheld; this is a new feature on the Garmin Alpha is collar lights. You also can configure these lights as a solid light, fast flashing or slow flashing. Especially these lights are helpful and increase safety if you are running dogs at night especially when the dog gets out on the road. this is an added feature of gamin alpha bundle. 

What We Didn't Dig as Much

The update rate of 2.5 seconds

The update rate of 2.5 seconds is not real but in actual this device is faster than the Astro that is really an advantage. When you are holding, the handheld that means you are seeing the real-time positions of your pups which is great. There is no reason to show unsatisfaction on Garmin alpha bundle due to update rate.

Size of screen

Nowadays we feel comfortable with the 6” display of our mobiles so when we have to work with 3” we did not feel comfortable there is a need for improvement. The small screen is causing a problem for many but most of GPS dog trackers come with this standard size so professionals are OK with it but others are not. It is also hard to operate for visually impaired persons.

Full touch screen

When you are on the hunt in a bunchy area or in a forest there if a bunch touch to your mobile screen it can change the setting, which may cause a problem for you, there are specific complaints about this. There is a need to improve it and make it possible to lock just like smartphones to keep it protected and safe.

Too many features make it complicated

Yes, there are dozens of features loaded into the small device with three inches display, a professional need the same but it confuses the new ones. So, it suggested reading full manual and practice at your home before getting in the real world. Especially the new one need to understand the difference between training and hunting features.

Recharging function

This is the are where the real improvement is needed, for professional it is not unusual to lose contact with his dog’s collar while charging the collar for next trip or to continue the trip, and reprogramming required after every charge. This is a tedious process even for professional especially when you are in the middle of a job.


It is not a cheap solution, you are paying a hefty price so think again before buying this Garmin Alpha Bundle. And again figure out what are you really need of this track and train system and is it offer all the benefits which you are looking for?


In actual working with the Garmin Alpha 100 Track and train can be a real pleasure and treat. It made the job easy. It offers superior features which are not offered by any other competitor, its extraordinary GPs capabilities allow to work with the dogs for up to 9 miles. This is really an awesome range for hunting trading and Geo-fencing and you can communicate with your dogs in this range.

One-year free subscription of Birdeye Satellite Imagery is another added advantage and it is possible to continue this subscription, we loved this service because it provides a realistic view of dogs surrounding and provide maps in real-time with all information. We are sure that there is no other or improved device enabled software on the market to competing this feature.

Rescue mode which enables the battery saving mode on both handheld device and collar is equally impressive and a solution to costly and time-consuming problems.

While depending on the Garmin Alpha 100 track and train system you will never lose your dog. You can share the whole adventure with your friends through Garmin Adventure app, this will save you a lot of time as you do not need to do extra work for sharing your whole story.

In the technical devise and software’s room for further improvement always remain there so you may find something similar which needs improvement. Until now as per our review, Garmin Alpha bundle is a great and unmatchable offering but a bit expensive.

We hope that you enjoy our review if you have any question please do not hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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