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It is essential to keep our pet save specially as a family member but its not possible until we contain them and mark boundaries for them. In Garmin delta inbounds review we will look into depth the pros and cons of Garmin delta inbounds which is a pet containment system as well as a pet activity monitor with the effective range of 2 Acres. It can be used for up to two dogs and this is an advanced system which allow pets to return without receiving correction. It intelligent electronic can detect the reentry of poet and do not deliver correction.

The Device

You will love this device it is stylish and small in size but provide all the functions which a g wireless fence system and good in monitoring activity.

Garmin Delta Inbond Review

The rechargeable battery of the device can last for weeks but on active monitoring it reduces it time, it can easily cover the area of 2 acres which is approximately 150 feet.

This pet containment system is highly portable, you can carry this system with you anywhere either you are on vacation or you are enjoying camping with your furry friend it will keep you worry free and will protect your dog. This system can be expanded to two dogs. In our garmin delta inbounds review we look on each aspect of this system, so let’s have look on features first,

Garmin Delta InBounds Wireless Fence Collar

key Highlights 

    • This is a compact design collar with most comfortable design
    • The width of strap is ¾ inches and it can fit o 23 inches neck maximum
    • Battery timing is up to two weeks
    • Shot and long changeable contact points
    • Conductive plastic contact points for more safety
    • Changeable collar bands
    • Electronics can fit to any collar band with the width of 1 inch.
    • Water resistant up to one meter
    • Bark limiter function
    • Non-replaceable lion batteries

Garmin Delta InBounds Containment System Transmitter

Key Highlights 

    • Maximum effective range is 150 feet which is approximately 2 acres
    • Durable, lightweight and highly portable transmitter
    • Can be used to boundary at any place like at your vacation house, while camping with your dog and anywhere with small stay.
    • Additional AA batteries can be used to extend the working time.
    • Advanced electronics allow a pet to return without correction
    • Water resistant up to one meter
    • Range reduced in dense areas

Containment System Smartphone App

Garmin Delta Inbond Review

In fact, it is the app of this pet containment system which make it more popular among people as from the app it become easy to keep an eye on the pet and activity monitoring with the alerts in real time become possible.

There are many other features which become possible with this app, this small system become really powerful combined with app. It is a reliable and fairly well laid out app which is fully customizable, it connects with the device through the Bluetooth and populate data on the screen. You can control all the functions of the device from the app that is really an added advantage of this app. To make this system more better they are continuously update their app.

Key Highlights 

    • It comes free with system
    • It monitors the dog activity
    • It is possible to configure containment setting from the app
    • Smart phone will act as remote transmitter
    • From app keep an eye on boundary breaches and receive alerts
    • Bark limiter bark odometer can track the barking activity.
    • Keep away tag to warn your dog early

Pros of Garmin Delta InBounds Containment System

    • Small and lightweight and portable pet containments system to be used anywhere
    • AA batteries can be used to enhance the working hours of transmitter, when in field
    • Dog collar batteries (Lithium ion) lasts up to two weeks which will provide a worry-free vacation or camping and even when you are at home you do not need to charge the batteries so often
    • It maximum range is 150 feet’s which is approximately 2 acres, but do not consider it two acres at the one side, in round radios it can cover up to two acres means one acer at the single side
    • Two types of contact points make the use of this system easy either with the long coat dog or short coat dog, you can change long and short contact points as per your need
    • Built-in bark limiter no-bark function which is fully customizable from the app, you can set the correction level as per need and temperament of your dog and can transmit a warning manually
    • Electronic device can fit to any collar strap which is 1 inch wide
    • Transmitter can be used with two collars means this system is extendable up to two dogs, you can customize the both collars separately and can establish communication simultaneously and separately, that make the job easy.
    • Multiple color bands are available which makes this system easy to use with two dogs.
    • From your mobile phone app, you can control the STIM, tone and vibration from level one to ten and separately for each dog.
    • It offer full activity monitoring with states and you can know that when your dog is active or inactive and can plan the walk on the basis of recorded activity and also can set reminders for activity so it is highly customizable activity monitoring app.
    • Bark limiter is fully automatic and configurable, bark odometer is there to figure out barking behavior and control with different corrections.

Cons of Garmin Delta InBounds Containment System

    • Not good/recommended for training purpose. The transmitter which use Bluetooth connectivity are not reliable for training and this system is using Bluetooth to connect the transmitter and mobile app.
    • Collar batteries are non-replaceable, means you have to buy a new collar, when the recharging cycles are finished.
    • Do not offer all the facilities of E-collar
    • Only a limited information is available on the manual
    • Difficult to initialize and connect with collar
    • Do not work well for small houses
    • Range reduced in dense areas
    • There are lot of complains about the corrective action of this device.

We believe that in gadgets and in electronics chance of improvement always remain there, in the last months app is updated and in the new sales there is no complain so Garmin is making efforts to make this system better and pet friendly. In this Garmin delta inbounds review we put all the pros and cons in front of you along with all features, if you still have any questions then please do not hesitate to ask us in the comments.

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