White German Shepherd FAQ: 30 Things to Know

German Shepherd FAQ

The White German Shepherd (WGSH) was first bred in Germany. It is also known by many other names including the “Deutsche Dogge”, “Albino Giant”, and “Himmelhunds”. The White German Shepherd has been recognized as a breed since 1885, though it took almost 20 years before they were finally accepted on the global stage of dog breeding.

WGSHs have only been exported to North America within the last 50 years so there aren’t many of them in existence yet. This is why you won’t find many purebred puppies for sale that are specifically classified as this particular breed unless you go to Germany or Russia. Due to their rarity, these dogs are considered a “designer dog” and therefore do not have set breed standards in place for them.

Is a German Shepherd a Good Family Dog?

This is a great dog for the entire family. They are extremely loyal, as well as very protective of their loved ones. This makes them an excellent option for single people and families with children.

However, you should know that they can sometimes be aggressive towards other dogs that they don’t know.

## What Is the Difference Between White German Shepherds and Black German Shepherds? These are just color variations of the same breed of dog. The white variation developed during World War II in Germany but has since spread to many countries worldwide.

One interesting fact about this breed is that it will take on any color markings that its mother had while pregnant – not just black or brown!

How to Train Your White German Shepherd?

Training this dog is actually quite easy. This is because they are brilliant animals – which means that they pick up new tricks rather quickly and easily.

And if you want to ensure success in training them, always start with positive reinforcement training methods. This includes treats, praise and love.

Where Do White German Shepherds Come From?

This breed originated in Germany in the early 20th century. However, it wasn’t until genetics testing was used to advance this breed that they became known as white GSDs.

In fact, at one point, there were many different colors of German Shepherds; but today, only this variation remains.

Is a White German Shepherd Rare?

No, they are not. In fact, they seem to have grown in popularity over the years. Admittedly, they aren’t as common as their black counterparts, but that is true of any color variation.

Does My German Shepherd Shed?

If you want a dog with an exceptionally soft coat, then this might be the breed for you! It will also need regular brushing and grooming to keep its fur looking beautiful and healthy.

Another thing worth mentioning about these dogs is that they can get pretty large, so make sure your house has plenty of space for them to roam around in.

What Is a German Shepherd Dog Used For?

These dogs are often used to guard people or places because of their keen sense of hearing and smell. They can also be trained to help the blind. These are such smart and loyal dogs that they can make a perfect fit for very many households.

What Is the Average Life Span of a German Shepherd?

The average life span of this breed is somewhere between 8 and 10 years, but it does depend on any health conditions that may develop in later life.

Therefore, it’s recommended that you take your dog to see its veterinarian for regular check-ups to ensure it stays healthy as long as possible.

Am I Allowed to Own a White German Shepherd?

If you want an adult dog, you will need to check with your local authorities about their restrictions on owning dogs from this breed. You will likely find that there aren’t any restrictions in place, but you never know.

How to Choose a German Shepherd Dog Puppy?

There are many things to consider when looking for a good dog breeder, and there is always the possibility of finding one online. It’s important to see that they have been accredited with their local kennel club to know you are getting your dog from a reputable source.

You should also ask about their process for choosing dogs as puppies; and any genetic testing methods they use. It’s recommended that you get your puppy at least six weeks old before taking it home, so be sure to check all of this information out beforehand!

How Much Are White German Shepherds Worth?

White German Shepherds cost anywhere from $500 to $2,500 each. Of course, if you purchase a show-quality dog that has competed in shows and won awards, then expect to pay more.

However, even dogs not competing in shows can be worth quite a bit of money because they are rare pets and hard to come by.

Our White German Shepherds Hard To Care For?

In most cases, white German Shepherds are just as easy and simple to care for as their darker counterparts. If you’re purchasing one that hasn’t been properly cared for already, however, be prepared for some extra work on your part such as bathing (to remove any chemicals/pesticides/dyes from the coat), nail clipping, etc.

If you purchase a dog that has been well cared for and is already housebroken, it will be much easier in that department.

Do White German Shepherds Have Special Coat Issues?

The white color of the coat causes special considerations to be made when grooming your dog. For example, you’ll want to make sure that there aren’t any ticks or fleas on them before they go swimming, or they could get infected even though your pooch doesn’t go outside very often at all.

It can also be difficult to keep the mud out of their fur, which is why many people opt for trimming it more frequently than they would a darker-colored dog.

Can I Spot Train A White German Shepherd?

With proper training, most any breed of dog can learn to go outside and do their business in one designated area.

However, this is much easier with dogs with dark or at least some color variation on their backside. It can be much more difficult for white dogs that don’t have any color on their rear end to tell when they need to go out, so a certain amount of “spot training” might be required.

Are White German Shepherds Good With Children?

White German Shepherds are very good with kids, but like all breeds, they must be raised with children to know how to act around them.

They have a natural protective streak that can cause them to accidentally hurt a child in their zeal to protect, but proper training as they are growing up will help alleviate this problem.

Additionally, these dogs need regular exercise, and if left without it, they can become destructive or, worse yet, aggressive so their exercise needs should be taken into consideration as well.

How Big Do White German Shepherds Get?

White German Shepherds are massive dogs, just like their darker counterparts, so make sure you have the room for one. Like their dark counterparts, they can hit an adult height of 24 to 26 inches and an adult weight of anywhere from 85 to 100 pounds.

So if you live in a small apartment or house, make sure that you can handle an unaltered dog before you get the pet.

What Is The Lifespan Of A White German Shepherd?

The average lifespan of a white German Shepherd is generally the same as their darker counterparts.

You can expect to have an average dog for around 10 to 12 years, with some living up to 14 or 15 years with proper care and nutrition.

Why You Shouldn’t Get a German Shepherd?

Some dogs aren’t meant to be pets. White German Shepherds are one of them. This is because they have a very high prey drive and can do significant damage to animals that don’t present a threat.

For example, your dog may kill other neighborhood cats or small pets, which you wouldn’t want it to do. ## Pros of Having a White German Shepherd

White German Shepherds can make wonderful pets, especially if they have been properly socialized and trained from a young age.

They are very smart and like to please, which makes them good at learning tricks or commands. It is also easy to notice when they need food or water, which makes their care much easier than some breeds.

With proper care and training, White German Shepherds can make wonderful family pets. They are very smart, active, loving, and of course, protective – just like their darker counterparts.

However, they do require a fair amount of grooming which you’ll have to learn how to do yourself. However, the time you spend will be well worth it as long as they are with the family.

Are German Shepherds Aggressive?

The term “aggressive” is often misused when describing dogs, which leads to a lot of confusion. Dogs that are aggressive towards other animals or people usually have a genetic predisposition to the behavior.

While it is true that the younger they are spayed or neutered, the less likely they will be aggressive, there’s no guarantee that training will correct any aggression issues, especially if they are older.

What Do Most German Shepherds Die From?

The most common cause of death for German Shepherds is cancer. However, this disease can strike at any age, and it also doesn’t have a measurable life expectancy because it can happen at any time.

Other causes of death include kidney or liver failure (also fairly common) and injuries (such as car accidents).

Are German Shepherds Indoor or Outdoor Dogs?

German shepherds will do well both inside and outside, but they need proper shelter for outdoor living as they are adapted to this.

Will a German Shepherd Attack an Intruder?

If the intruder is looking to cause harm or damage, then yes, German shepherds will attack. If they see a stranger in the house, they’ll think of them as intruders and even attack in this situation because of their protective nature.

This potential problem can be remedied by socializing your dog as early as possible with different people with different temperaments.

Will My White German Shepherd Shed?

White shepherds shed a lot because they have thick double coats to help protect them from extreme temperatures.

This can be controlled by regularly grooming, especially during shedding and leaving their furlong so that it doesn’t need trimming.

Is it Better to Have a Female or Male German Shepherd?

Either can be great, but there are some differences. For example, males became dominant and protective at early ages, while females tend to be more gentle.

Females will also produce puppies if they become pregnant as soon as they reach sexual maturity, around the age of two.

A male won’t become an adult until after 24 months, and then he’ll need to be neutered to avoid unwanted puppies.

Can a German Shepherd Kill a Pitbull?

The answer to this question is yes if they were in a fight. It’s important to socialize your German shepherd so that it doesn’t attack other dogs without provocation. Even unprovoked attacks can be dangerous though, as Pitbulls are known for their strength and tenacity.

Are White German Shepherds Aggressive?

They can be aggressive if they’ve been allowed to be dominant or aggressive, but they’re mostly affectionate and friendly. They need socialization with other dogs and humans as a puppy or while it’s still young enough.

This will help ensure that it doesn’t grow up to have problems around other people the way some breeds of dogs can.

How Can You Tell if German Shepherd Is Purebred?

They’re purebred if they have a long coat, stand at least 23 inches tall, and weigh 85 pounds. There’s also a breed standard for the German shepherd, which explains how to tell if it’s purebred.

You should find this information when looking for one of these dogs because you’ll want to make sure that it’s not a mixed breed.

Is it Cruel to Keep a German Shepherd Outside?

A White German Shepherd is not as suited to being outside as her colored kin, but some people keep their GSDs outdoors.

The key question here isn’t whether or not a purebred dog can live comfortably in the great outdoors; neither is it whether or not an outdoor environment is humane for any dog given the right circumstances.

Do You Need a Backyard for a German Shepherd?

As with most dogs, White German Shepherds will benefit from the mental and physical stimulation provided by a backyard.

Therefore, when choosing a home for your White GSD, be sure that you have enough space for them to stretch their legs and move freely.

Will a German Shepherd Protect You Without Training?

At some point in your search for a GSD, you may have read or heard someone say that German Shepherds will protect you without training. Some Shepherds do indeed make great watchdogs because of their instinct to protect others, but that’s not the whole story.

Anyone who expects a German Shepherd to protect them without proper training is going to be sorely disappointed.

What Is the Best Breed of German Shepherd?

There is no such thing as the “best breed of German shepherd”. Every White GSD has different traits and abilities, but many people agree that certain dogs are more suitable for certain jobs than others.

Do German Shepherds Like to Cuddle?

While it’s true that the GSD loves to be close to their people, they are not cuddly dogs.

This is something you should keep in mind if you like having your dog in bed with you on a nightly basis.

Are German Shepherds Good Family Dogs?

German Shepherds make great family pets. They are known to be great with kids, but you should always remember that any dog might bite if provoked.

This includes your White GSD!

Should You Buy a Purebred or Mutt?

There has been much debate about whether it’s better to buy a purebred German Shepherd or adopt one from a shelter. While there are some reasons to consider each option, it really comes down to what you’re looking for in a dog.

The bottom line is that no matter the breed of dog you choose, they will be grateful for your affection and love.

Do German Shepherds Like Other Dogs?

It’s not easy to say whether or not a German Shepherd will get along with other dogs. You’ll have to do some research and determine what you want from your dog before making that decision.

Are German Shepherds Easy to Train?

A German Shepherd is not easy to train. Many people have this misconception because certain things come naturally to a GSD, such as herding and protection work.

At What Age is a German Shepherd Full Grown?

A German Shepherd is not considered a full-grown dog until they are about 2 years old.

How Much is a Full Blooded German Shepherd?

A White German Shepherd can cost as much as $2,000 when purchased from a local or regional breeder.

How Do I Know If a German Shepherd is Male or Female?

You won’t tell whether a GSD is male or female until they reach sexual maturity, which is usually around 6 months of age.

At this point, if your dog has not been neutered or spayed yet, you should do so immediately.

Can You Have Two Male German Shepherds in One Home?

As with most animals, it would be best if you only had one male White German Shepherd in your home at a time.

This is because multiple males may fight for dominance, and one will likely become stressed by the presence of other males.

Should I Have My Dog Spayed or Neutered?

The decision to spay or neuter your dog is entirely up to you, but it’s something that you will want to consider carefully because it can have long-term consequences for your pup. While neutering will prevent them from reproducing, there are behavioural changes associated with this procedure as well.

Do German Shepherds Like Water?

If you own a White German Shepherd, then you already know how much they like water! Some dogs don’t just love swimming but taking baths too, although this isn’t recommended.

Do German Shepherds Like to Swim?

If you’re planning on taking your dog white German Shepherd swimming, then you should be aware of the fact that they can almost certainly swim, but most dogs won’t do this voluntarily unless you teach them what it is and reward them when they go in.

However, with a little bit of time and patience, your dog will love going in the water with you!

How Do You Know if a German Shepherd Likes You?

You will be able to tell that your dog likes you if she is happy and welcomes you into her home with excitement.

On the other hand, if a White GSD has been mistreated or neglected, then she may not show much emotion upon meeting you for the first time.

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